Mix recordings into a musical set

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If we are not talking about personal listening to musical compositions, but about group listening, in this case it is not just high-quality sound that comes first, but playback that is not interrupted by pauses.

Next time you gather your friends and have a party, be sure to try apps that mix selected songs without pauses.

The most famous of these programs is djay Pro for iPhone (749 rubles). Free counterpart. Pacemaker Music.

It’s enough just to create a playlist from your favorite recordings, connect your iPhone to louder speakers and turn on the automix.

Such applications are especially relevant for the holidays, and before the New Year they need to learn how to use them 100%.

Choose high quality Apple Music

By default, in the Settings menu Music Cellular Data, the High Quality option is disabled. This makes it possible to listen to music from Apple Music even in an unstable mobile Internet and consume a minimum amount of traffic.

Nevertheless, if we are talking about improving the sound quality, then all Apple Music users should definitely try to enable the same “High Quality”.

Even more or less stable 3G is already enough for playing tracks from a streaming service, LTE in general with a head. But in this case, the traffic will fly away almost 3-4 times faster, so it’s better to think about unlimited.

5 Great Ways to Improve iPhone Sound Try it!

Apple devices have always delivered balanced sound to suit the vast majority of music genres. However, not all users are satisfied with it.

If you’re one of those looking to improve the sound of your iPhone music, these tips are just for you. We’ve put together some of the simplest best practices to help you get more out of your music.

Adjust the equalizer for your headphones

Many third-party applications (the same Flacbox) will give you access not to a simple, but to a multi-band equalizer for 10 “tracks” with a preamplifier and a whole fan of pre-prepared settings-presets.

It helps you customize the sound for your personal sense of beauty: get the most out of your headphones or iPhone speaker.

The only pity is that Flacbox and similar applications cannot access Apple Music.

Listen to uncompressed audio. Yes, that’s how you can

In 2018, users are still divided into two types: the first souls do not like streaming services like Apple Music, but the latter continue to advocate audio recordings without compression.

If you are thinking about improving the sound quality from your iPhone and you are not critical of using Apple Music, try the Flacbox app (free purchases).

With this program, you can open almost any music file on your iPhone. To do this, you don’t even need to download it. you can use cloud storage, a computer connected to Wi-Fi and PowerDrive flash drives.

Use FLAC files for maximum playback quality. Some argue that today the difference between compressed and uncompressed music is almost impossible to hear, but this is by no means the case.

Customize playback in Music

In the menu “Settings” “Music” “Playback” you can work with three items:

“Equalizer”. you can experiment with this item, depending on the equipment that you use with the iPhone:

iPhone 5/5s/5c: No Sound on Games or Videos? NO PROBLEM!

  • Low is great if you are using Airpods.
  • “Late Night” will increase the playback volume through the speakers.
  • “Loudness” flattens the sound along a “equal loudness” curve, and this improves it at low volumes.

Use Volume Limit if the source you use most often does not play well at maximum. Otherwise, disable.

Volume Correction aligns the level of the current song with the previous one. To make each song play more emotionally, it is better to turn this setting off.

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Steps to set up iPhone to connect to 3G

This section will walk you through a step-by-step description of how to put 3G on an iPhone:

  • you need to open the settings section by clicking the “Settings” button on the main desktop;
  • in the menu that opens, you need to go along the chain of tabs “Basic”. “Network”;
  • for the lines “Enable 3G” and “Cellular data”, you must set the switches to the active state (one).

Note! For some cellular operators, the smartphone may not have settings for connecting to third generation networks. In this case, you need to contact the nearest office of communication services and enter the necessary data in the section “Cellular data transmission network”.

How to enable 3G on iPhone

Today the Internet has become an integral part of the modern world. It is an affordable and inexpensive method for finding information, participating in social communities, communicating, watching videos, movies, listening to audio tracks, and finally, accessing news feeds. Simply put, the Internet today is a powerful mass media, and you can use it both on a PC and on a smartphone.

What is mobile Internet access for? The thing is that usually a wireless hotspot with WI-FI access is used at home or in the office. But sometimes there is no such connection option, but there is a confident coverage area of ​​the cellular operator, in which case you can turn on the mobile Internet and fully use the smartphone. In order to understand how to enable 3G on an iPhone 6 or earlier, you need to understand what network subtypes exist. Three types are popular today:

  • 2G. the earliest and longest existing, today it is used to ensure the transmission of voice data, access to the Internet with its help is impossible, since the speed is calculated at a maximum of tens of kilobits per second;
  • 3G is also one of the oldest, but still in use, types of mobile networks at an average speed of up to megabits per second. This is enough to meet the needs of the smartphone user;
  • 4G (LTE) and 4G. the most modern standards that provide access to the global network at speeds up to 100 megabits per second, can be used not only on smartphones, but also to organize shared access to multiple devices.

So, below are instructions on how to switch iPhone to 3G cellular standard, for this you need to follow a few steps:

  • open the settings menu (“Settings”) and go to the “Cellular” section;
  • click on the line “Voice” (by default it should have the value “2G”) and set the type of 3G network;
  • after that you can activate the trigger “Cellular data” all in the same section “Cellular”.

Now the Internet is available on the smartphone via cellular networks of the 3G standard. You can verify this if you look at the signal quality level indicator, the corresponding 3G icon should appear next to it.

Enabling 3G on an LTE-enabled iPhone

In order to enable the Internet via 3G cellular networks with LTE support, you must complete the following steps:

  • go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gear-shaped icon, which is located on the main desktop of the smartphone;
  • select the section “Cellular”, which is highlighted by the icon in the form of a cell tower;
  • then select the “Cellular data options” menu;
  • the toggle switch opposite the line “Enable LTE” must be switched to an active state;

Note! If you specify the “Data only” item in the settings, then the preferred network for Internet access will be LTE, and for calls and short messages. 2G or 3G. If you activate the line “Voice and data”, then the latest generation network will be used for all functions.

Why exactly the “Voice” submenu includes 3G

The fact is that early iOS, up to the 7th version, had only the “Communication” section in their settings, where the only trigger named “3G” was located. Today, as mentioned above, there are more standards, and therefore Apple has improved its OS by making the menu for selecting the type of cellular network universal. Compared to Android OS, this action is similar to turning on the preferred Network on which the smartphone will work. The answer to the question why the “Voice” menu is simple: the choice made is responsible for the quality of communication.

Note! This function is convenient, especially when it is necessary to forcibly change the type of Network. This can happen when, for example, 4G is present, but the quality is 1 division. Nevertheless, preference will be given to him, while 3G has a full set of “divisions”.

Turn on, turn off and switch 3G Internet on iPhone

Today, there are several standards for cellular data transmission networks, which differ in the speed of access to the Internet and the quality of communication. The most widely used are the second generation, third and fourth, with the latter being the default. However, sometimes you need to use 3G for a variety of reasons, and then you need to make the settings manually. This article covers how to enable 3G on iPhone in various situations, as well as how to disable it, provides detailed instructions.

How to set up 3G on iPhone?

iPhone is not just a device that allows you to make calls, it is not even just a device, but also a way to highlight your image. Ability to keep up with the times. Naturally, this gadget is packed with all sorts of different possibilities and functions that allow all hobbies, and not only, to concentrate in this small plastic box (music, multimedia, games, Internet, etc.).

A rare owner of an iPhone does not use it to access the Internet, check their mail, etc. iPhone allows you to connect to the Internet in different modes, one of which is 3G. I will explain to you how to set up 3G on the iPhone in a very accessible way. But first, it’s worth learning how to set up the Internet yourself. Of course, you can contact the mobile phone stores, where they will do everything for you for money. But this article is for the independent and skillful.

So I want to start with the main thing. with the iPhone 3G. How to set up the Internet? First, you need to check whether your operator is connected to your phone number, the GPRSEDGE service. Now operators provide numbers to which this service is connected by default. But still, you can check with your network operator if there is a connection, if not. tell them to connect.

  • In the Beeline network, dial the number: 067409181, and an SMS will be sent in response with the settings that need to be saved.
  • In the MTS network dial one of the numbers: 0022 or 0880.
  • Megafon provides numbers with the included service.

Now we adjust the settings in the device itself: “Menu”. “Settings”. “General”. “Network”. “Cellular data network” (you may have to disable active 3G). Drive in the settings of your network operator.

  • Access point (APN). internet.beeline.ru
  • Username. beeline
  • Password. beeline
  • Leave the IP address and DNS blank
  • Access point (APN). Internet.mts.ru
  • Username. mts
  • Password. mts
  • IP address and DNS. blank
  • Access point (APN). internet
  • Username. gdata
  • Password. gdata
  • IP address and DNS. blank

We save all the settings and open the browser, in this case MobileSafari. Now let’s talk about how to set up 3G on iPhone. 3G is a network mode that will provide faster page loading speed. But, minus the mode. it sits down the battery earlier.

Configure: Menu. Settings. General. Network. Enable 3G (move the slider to the side) 3G is disconnected in the same way, just move the slider in the opposite direction until the device displays “Disabled”.

In order to enable 3G on iphone 5s, you need to go to “Settings”. “General”. “Network”. Next, move the slider to enable mode. That’s all. When 3G is on, you lose 1-2 hours of additional phone work. If after the software update the 3G slider disappeared and LTE appeared instead, then you should do the following:

Return 3g switch without jailbreak:

Download firmware 7.0.4 or 7.1 (I did it on 7.1 beta 4).

Flash the device through the “Restore” button in iTunes

As soon as the sign “Your iPhone is restored, wait.” Pops up in iTunes. “, Disconnect your phone from iTunes. If done correctly, on the iPhone after the welcome screen there will be a choice of language.

You do all the settings directly from your phone, not from iTunes. Can be restored from iCloud copy.

Refuse to update operator settings.

Installing a jailbreak will also help bring back 3G, but this is already an intervention in iOS.

Mechanical damage to the speaker

It can be damaged by sharp third-party objects (for example, a nail file or scissors in your purse) or if the phone is dropped. In any case, a speaker breakdown requires replacement. Only after that the sound will return to the device.

What to do if the ringtone on iPhone disappears

You can try to cope on your own. First, you need to inspect Smart for obvious reasons for the breakdown. If everything looks ok, but there is still no sound, restart the device. How will this help the device (for example, XS Gold):

  • the cache will be cleared;
  • temporary files are deleted;
  • OS will work again.

Reboot will help solve the problem in the list (when the OS hangs).

The next option is to send the application to the cart. For example, a tweak installed from Cydia. If the sound disappeared after installing the software, it would be logical to get rid of it. Then you will need to reboot the device and then check how the sound behaves.

Another way to “reanimate” the sound is to return to the factory settings of the smart (for example, in the 64 gig XR). To do this, go to the settings, go to the “Basic” item, click on “Reset” and click on “Reset all settings”.

Nuance: This and the next methods will lead to the elimination of all data on the phone, so it is worth creating a backup copy of the necessary information before starting.

You can also refer to the emergency mode of the gadget. Device Firmware Update. How to get into DFU is one of the methods:

Step Connect smartphone to PC and go to iTunes
Step Turn off the phone, wait for the screen to turn off
Step Hold down the “Power” button, after 3 seconds additionally press “Home”. However, Honor says that the iPhone, starting with model X, for example, Silver, does not have a Home button; instead, you need to use the volume down key.
Step After 10 seconds, release “Power”, but hold the “Home” button
Step Hold Home button until PC recognizes iPhone in DFU mode
Step A message will appear in iTunes that the program has detected the iPhone in recovery mode, here you need to click on “Ok”.

To leave the mode, you need to disconnect Smart from the PC, press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons on the phone and release them after 10 seconds. The device will reboot and return to normal mode.

The methods described can help with software problems, but what about hardware problems? Here you can only clean the 3.5 mm jack and the outer part of the speaker from dirt. This can be done with a thin cotton swab, gently removing the blockage from the holes.

No sound (disappeared) with an incoming call on iPhone: 8 reasons and what to do

Smart phones from the “apple” brand are reliable devices, however, they are not immune from small lags in work. One of them may be the following. the ringing sound disappeared in the iPhone, that is, the call from the subscriber is in progress, while the set melody is not played. The same problem applies to SMS messages. What is the reason, what to do and where to carry the device? Below are the answers to these questions.

Software errors

Problematic utilities, freezing of the OS, and so on can lead to the fact that the sound on the smart starts to disappear. It is worth dwelling on each such problem in more detail.

Failed jailbreak

This is hacking of the smart file system. Why do users need to do this? In iOS, the cost of various software and toys is quite high, so users go to various tricks like jailbreak.

  • the warranty for the device flies;
  • applications from third-party resources can harm smart.

Unsuccessful hacking of the system leads to the appearance of errors in the OS code. Hence the consequences: there is no sound when calling on iPhone 6 or any other.

Incorrectly set iPhone settings

Problems with the disappearance of the melody may be hidden in the wrong sound settings.

How then in iPhone (for example, X Space Gray) turn on the sound of an incoming call:

Step Open “Settings” on a smartphone
Step Click on the item “Sounds”
Step Move the slider left / right to change the ringer volume
Step Opposite the “Change with buttons” item, move the slider to the right

The last step will allow you to adjust the volume level using the button located on the left side of the smart.

Installing unofficial software

You can download various programs from the App Store, transfer music and movies from the iTunes Store, system updates from the brand’s official website. All of these are trusted sources, the software is tested many times here before it becomes public.

But if you use unofficial software applications, like Cydia, and install programs from there, this can lead to incorrect work of the smart.

Nuance: if you already decided to use Cydia, you should download the tweaks recommended on thematic forums.

Possible problems from third-party software:

  • Reduces the level of protection against viruses, can “infect” the system.
  • Crashes already installed applications.
  • Difficulty updating software.

In particular, one of the side effects of installing unofficial software is that on the iPhone (for example, a 64 gig eight), the sound may stop working when you call.

Clogged speaker, headphone input

If the phone “dangles” in a bag or s, where dust particles, crumbs, etc. accumulate, then the speaker mesh and the headphone jack become clogged with fine debris after a while, which can lead to the disappearance of sound.

Tips on how to customize sound on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone volume can “freeze” at the maximum or minimum level for no obvious reason for the average user. Or there are times when the sound level is maximum, and the output volume is still less than it should be and increase, turning on or off the sound on the iPhone becomes problematic. But, there is a solution to the problem with the sound in the phone.

Instructions on how to reset sound settings on iPhone.

So, you can always manually restart your iPhone to reset the volume.

Press and hold the “Sleep” button at the top of the device for four seconds.

Move the slider on the screen to the “Slide to Power Off” position. The screen will turn off or a standby icon will appear and the iPhone will turn off.

Press and hold the Sleep button again for four seconds. The Apple logo will appear on the screen upon boot.

Check the sound level by simply playing any track (melody).

Useful Tips for Setting Up iPhone Sound.

If the problem persists, try performing a General Reset. Before factory reset, back up your personal data!

If the problem is only about ring volume, try to fix it as follows: Settings Sounds Ring

Also, the iPhone will not ring loudly if a headset is connected to it. The sound will be from the headset, not from the phone speakers.

Chinese phone maker Realme, in an effort to beat the competition, has unveiled a 5G compatible mobile phone for around 146. Realme is going to use new 5G phones to increase its share in the mobile market.


I have such a problem with an iPhone. I put the phone on silent mode and my iPhone fell, and as I understood the silent mode adjustment button broke. And the phone was left in silent mode. I went into the iPhone settings, everything is fine there, but there is still no sound when you call. The speakers are all working.

Maybe in some confusing places in the iPhone 4 there are sound controls?

Help, please, I can’t walk without sound on my iPhone. Write an answer to me quickly.

A similar problem, I’m trying to figure out how to set the silent mode on the iPhone if the button is broken. Maybe there is some program to replace the functionality? Of course, it would be better to solve the problem, such as through the system settings of the iPhone.

Please advise if the following type of malfunction can be repaired. I have an iPhone without a sound, something broke during the hike, when someone calls me, I can’t talk.

My smartphone has sound, but when I shoot a video, it disappears somewhere (becomes very small) why does this happen? Tell me how to deal with sound fading?

I have such a problem with an iPhone, when I insert headphones into the iPhone, the sound becomes just awful, high voices are not heard at all, and when there are no headphones, the music plays perfectly, can you tell me what the iPhone has a problem and what to do? (I tried to connect headphones to a laptop, everything is fine with sound, maybe something happened to the input?)

Who is engaged in the repair of cell phones, please write the secret codes in the phones to restore the default settings of Apple iphone

There are no such codes! Regarding the silent mode. It is necessary to change the upper train. Speaker, speaker cable, may have come off when dropped. About the awful sound, I can suggest to put the usual headphones. If it does not help, do not fully insert the connector, if the sound is good, at least in one ear, then the top cable for replacement!

Is it possible to configure ios, or rather the accelerometer function, to increase the sound of the iphone headset speakers by shaking ?

If iPhone is muted after a couple of seconds after turning on the phone, what to do to fix the sound problem?

How to solve such problems with sound on the iPhone when you hear the calls, but when you don’t listen to music

Hello! As early as a month ago, I purchased an iPhone 4s VIP (Chinese). When typing text anywhere (notebook, SMS or browser) there are annoying clicks. So this is the actual question: Is it possible to remove these clicks? If so how?

How to get sound back on video in iPhone if you shot in silent mode?

We urgently need instructions on how to set up a multifunctional telephone set polygon 2327 pro

And why in whatsapp when you upload a video without sound to the iPhone?

Friends! I would be grateful if you could give a guide on another phone, for example, I need to help a girl figure out how to adjust the sound volume on a sonic XSperia mobile phone

Hello. there was such a problem with an iPhone. there is no music sound in the player, although when you call the phone, the music plays and sounds. the side buttons do not adjust the volume, and the headphones play music. tell me what to do.

What are the reasons on the iPhone 4, when you listen to music, it plays but inaudibly??

Why is there no sound on my iPhone when there is an incoming call? Although everything is correct in the settings.

Could you describe in more detail which loop in the iPhone is responsible for the sound. Help a lot with leadership!

One speaker in the iPhone is working, and the other is not. So the speaker that works terribly starts to hiss, freeze, or sometimes does not turn on at all. Especially when I listen to music on my phone, either with headphones or without. All repeats. I don’t understand why one speaker doesn’t work in the iPhone. Sadly, the iPhone is only a month old 🙁

I also had a problematic situation when only one speaker works on the iPhone. Now I am looking for where it is cheaper to repair an iPhone.

I called the repair shop on iPhones. In consultation I was told that it is possible that the speaker does not work due to the fact that water got into the iPhone. But, you still need to take the phone to the iPhone master, in order to specifically find the reason why the speaker broke, then they will say how much the iPhone repair will cost.

I have not yet decided exactly where you can get your iPhone repaired. If I don’t find where a good iPhone warranty workshop is, then I’ll probably have to repair the iPhone at Gorbushka or Kievskaya.

People educate how to make the sound on the iPhone come from all speakers?!

Is there a separate function or application how to turn down the sound of an alarm on an iPhone?

I have such a problem on iPhone 4. On the ringtone, the sound also works on the notification, and when you enter the music or watch clips on YouTube, there is no sound, please help me how to turn on the sound

When you call on the iPhone 4s, the sound works, but when you dial and block the sound, there is no sound, in applications it is not there either, a strange thing happens 🙁 What’s wrong with him?

And I have a problem. here you connect headphones or speakers to the iPhone and completely when you turn on the sound it plays quieter, and if you make the sound a little quieter, then the songs are played normally. How to make it play loudly through headphones or through speakers?

Why, when you talk on the iPhone, you can’t hear it, but you make it louder, it shows headphones?

When I call, I can hear but I am not, but when I turn on the speaker I can hear what to do?

Good afternoon everyone, I have a small problem with the iPhone 5c, when someone calls me and immediately the volume becomes high. Probably you need a professional iPhone setup, but I don’t know how to adjust the ringtone sound for incoming calls. A step-by-step guide on how to make an incremental iPhone call from quiet to loud would help

What should I do if there is no sound on my phone with an incoming call? Although the sound is turned on in the settings!

A moment of attention. I would like to say thank you to the developers of this site, the author of the theme, the advice with the IPhone settings really helped me, for which I want to say a big thank you.
All the best!

Well, if the iPhone shoots video and plays without sound, how to set up the sound ?

Hello and thank you very much for prompting how easy it is to adjust the sound from a mobile phone! And then I suffered for a long time when I had some kind of quiet sound in the iPhone. 🙂

When you call on the iPhone 4, the sound works, but when you dial and lock, there is no sound, in applications it is also not there, and the video is played without sound. What’s happening to him?

Hi, I haven’t read all the tips yet on your site. tell me what you can do to make the melody play louder on the iPhone when you call and how to set the volume separately for the ringtone and alarm clock on the iPhone

Hello, on my iPhone, when I adjust the sound with the buttons, it does not show the dots themselves, and when I press the button, there is no sound, although everything is fine in the settings. With what it can be connected?

Hello! My problem is that there is almost no audibility during incoming and outgoing calls. The volume was “raised” for the whole, but the problem remained. Please tell me what the problem is?

Hi there! How to restore sound on a video on your phone if you shot it in silent mode?

Guys, we urgently need a Russian-language and step-by-step guide on how to set up the functionality of the phone so that the incoming letter can be seen on the locked iphone screen and the sound alert works

I have such a problem, tell me when I add sound to the iPhone 5 in the headphones, it is not fully added, it says that the sound is added to the maxem, but you can still add but not add ?? Help?

And I lost the sound on the browser (for example, when I want to hear translations of words in English). How to fix and restore sound iPhone browser?

Hello, I have a current problem. The sound of the keys and blocking has decreased, I go into the settings, everything is normal, tell me what to do

Teach you how to turn on sound on iPhone remotely. you are welcome!

Thank you, otherwise my iPhone 4s movie loses without sound for some reason.

guys help please, my sound turns off when I make a video call on the iPhone, if I turn off the video sound appears, but when the video is turned on there is no sound, how can anyone set up? Thanks in advance)))

Thanks for the instruction on how to reset iPhone volume glitch!

I rebooted the smartphone manually and really managed to get rid of the problems with the sound, the stuck iPhone volume.

Please help me in the headphones I hear the interlocutor very quietly, but otherwise everything is clear, everything works fine. Don’t know what it is?

If the problem has appeared recently, then perhaps the case lies around the phone system. Well, as one of the intended options. After all, most people don’t think of it that way, iPhone. it is a computer that is in your hand or in your. And while it certainly doesn’t look like a home computer or laptop, as it does similar devices, sometimes you need to reboot or even reset all iPhone settings to fix problems. Before any action, as advised above, you need to back up your phone data!

In general, a factory reset means a lot of different things. This can be a basic restart, a more complete reset, or sometimes even deleting all content from the iPhone so that it works like a freshly purchased one and / or restores from a backup.

Help me please. Son gave iPhone SE? I tried to figure it out on my own, accidentally connected, apparently, the Touch Adaptation function with sound. Now he just says something quickly when he touches it, but I can’t turn it off or go to Settings to disable this function. What to do?

This is a very useful tip, thanks! In my cases, even if the volume was turned on at full volume, the sound came out lower than I know what the iPhone is capable of. When something happened, I tried to reset the iPhone volume like this. He turned off the phone completely, and then turned it back on. After the phone has rebooted. the rebooted iPhone returned to its normal volume settings. Somehow it was.

I wonder who else besides me can hear distorted sound from the iPhone 8 speaker? Share a secret or what do you think is the best way to fix such sound problems? thank!

I am doing an iPhone reset by rebooting and resetting to factory settings. For me, holding the buttons until the screen on the iPhone goes black and the Apple logo reappears is as easy as restarting the computer after a crash. As they say, one reset will solve a lot of troubles! 🙂

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How to set up MMS on iPhone 4/5

On the page that opens, we check the correctness of the entered data. If these fields are not filled in, we enter it ourselves (we perform the same manipulations if, with the current data, MMS are not sent or received).

The data for filling can be easily found on the official website of your mobile operator. In addition, you can simply enter a request for the required information in the search engines. But, usually, the iPhone independently determines the mobile operator and automatically fills in the necessary fields in the settings for the Internet and MMS.

Manage MMS on iPhone

Everyone knows that the iOS operating system has a very simple, accessible and user-friendly interface. As a rule, even a schoolboy can figure it out. But among new users, some still sometimes have difficulties with how to deal with a particular program or opportunity on a device, the operation of which, subsequently, seems to them absolutely elementary.

The category of such features also includes such a convenient function as connecting and sending MMS from an iPhone. The main frightening difficulty for novice users is the absence of the usual “Send MMS” function, which is known to most users of ordinary mobile phones. This can be very confusing for a newbie when sending a multimedia message after buying a new iPhone.

Let’s try to figure out in this article how to make the process of sending MMS from iPhone fast and convenient.

Important Note: To use this feature successfully, you need to get the correct settings from your carrier and set them up on your iPhone.

sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

An example of setting up MMS on iPhone 5S for the mobile operator MTS

APN: internet.mts.ru
Username: mts
MMSC: http: // mmsc
MMS proxy: 192.168. 192.10: 8080
Maximum size: 512000

This was the most difficult part of the process of operating MMS on the iPhone. Now let’s talk directly about how to enable MMS and how you can send MMS messages from iPhone 4/5. And this can be done in three different ways.

sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

This method involves sending MMS from iPhone directly from the gallery.

  • Go to the “Photos” folder;
  • Click “Select” and mark the images / videos that we plan to send;
  • Click on the icon below, in the left corner and select “Message”;
  • We select the addressee, add the text and click “Send”. The images are now attached to the message and will be delivered to the recipient along with it.

Important note: Some mobile operators set a limit on the weight of the sent MMS.ok (within 1 Mb.). therefore sometimes images over 1-2 MB are not sent the first time. In such cases, after sending is interrupted, just try again. If an error notification appears when sending a photo by e-mail. choose not the actual, but a smaller size.

sending MMS from iPhone 4/5

There is another method, which, however, is very rarely used. Sending MMS directly from the “Camera”. Take a photo and click in the lower left corner on the resulting photo. The photo will expand to full screen, and an arrow will appear at the bottom, by clicking on which, you can immediately send the finished picture by MMS using the method described above.

Thus, dear reader, now iPhone 4/5 can delight you with the ability to send MMS.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.