Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, everything is arranged differently from the previous three browsers that run on an identical engine.

    When a notification about access to the camera appears, click “Allow”, and if you want to continue using the webcam on this site, first check the box next to “Remember this decision”.

turn, sound, web-camera

If you have previously blocked the camera for this URL, the blocked icon will immediately appear in the address bar next to the lock. By clicking on it, you can turn off the temporary blocking by clicking on the cross.

And in the “Settings” you can only manage the list of addresses for which its use was allowed or prohibited.

To do this, go to “Privacy and Security” and in the “Permissions” block open the “Settings” of the camera.

Search the list for the required URL manually or through a search. Change its state if necessary and save the changes.

Enabling webcam access permission in the browser

Google chrome

In the most popular web browser Google Chrome, the operation can be performed in different ways, and below we will tell about each of them.

Every time you open a page of any site that implies the operation of a webcam (or exclusively when calling a function on this page, for which the webcam should be enabled), the browser must display a corresponding notification under the address bar. The user can only click on “Allow”.

If you do not have such a window, there may be 3 reasons for this: you have previously blocked this notification, displaying the question about using the camera is prohibited in the browser settings, the webcam is not working properly. Let’s look at how to fix each of these situations, starting with a simple.

You can see if the notification was previously blocked by clicking on the lock icon to the left of the site address. Please note that if the page has not been reloaded, the corresponding icon will additionally be displayed on the right, which disappears the next time the page is opened. In the window that opens, you will immediately see the blocked action with the “Camera” item. Click on the value and select “Ask” or “Allow” from the drop-down menu.

Reload the page to apply the changes. After that, a notification should be displayed or the page will immediately display the captured image from the webcam. Otherwise, refer to the last section of this troubleshooting article.

Enabling site permission

    To enable the WEB-camera in advance, you can open the window for changing permissions by clicking on the icon in the address bar to the left of the URL itself. In it, go to “Site Settings”.

Find the “Permissions” block here, and in it the “Camera” item. Change the value to Allow. Be careful: the change occurs only for the current address, and not for everyone.

Enabling in browser settings

When the use of the camera is prohibited in the browser settings, using the actions from the previous methods, the user will allow only one URL to work. You can set a global value for this setting only in the settings.

    Press the “Menu” button and go to “Settings”.

In the section “Privacy and Security” you need the item “Site Settings”.

Make the state of the only available item active. Now all sites will ask for permission to use the webcam. But for security reasons, there is no parameter that allows it to be enabled without additional confirmation from the user. Below, by the way, there may be addresses for which you manually prohibited or allowed the webcam to work.


Opera is in many ways similar to the previous browser in its customizability, since both programs have the same engine. For this reason, we will not re-compose the same instructions. check out Methods 1 and 2 about Google Chrome, using one of them for a specific site.

But if you need to enable the webcam for all URLs at once, do the following:

    Expand the “Menu” with the brand button and select “Settings”.

Go to the “Advanced” “Security” “Site Settings” sections one by one.

Turn on the display of access permissions. Now, every time an application within the site requires a webcam, a corresponding question will appear next to the address bar in the Opera.

Yandex browser

Due to the peculiar interface, almost all settings in Yandex Browser differ from those above. However, Method 1 for Google Chrome is applicable to this web browser, so we will skip its discussion. But we will analyze other options entirely.

Enabling site permission

    If you need to allow only one site to use the webcam, click on the lock icon to the left of the URL in the address bar and click on “”.

Find the block “Permissions” and change the value for the item “Camera”.

  • It remains to reload the page for the changes to take effect.
  • How to TURN OFF LAPTOP MIC or WEBCAM MIC Windows 10 (Fast Method)

    Enabling in browser settings

    The previous method does not affect the operation of this function on other sites, therefore, in order to display a notification about the permission of the webcam everywhere, you need to change one of the settings.

    On the left panel, select “Sites” and on the right click on the link “Advanced site settings”.

    Activate the item “Request permission”. To view the list of URLs for which the use of webcam is prohibited or allowed, click on “Site Settings”.

    Troubleshoot webcam detection

    When you receive a notification that the camera was not detected, even if you have set all the permissions in the browser, check it for operability. Perhaps the laptop has a physical switch for its operation, and if it is a separate device, it may not be connected to the computer. For other reasons why the camera may not work, read our material at the link below.

    Windows 10 users should also read the following article on how to enable webcam in the operating system. This feature, set to Off, prevents the camera from working in applications, even if the camera is allowed to be used within those applications.

    How to turn on sound on a WEB-camera

    Hikvision cameras with the.S prefix in the name support audio functions that can be used to get real-time audio.

    Note: Cameras such as DS-2CD2412F-I (W) have built-in microphone and speaker, however, other Hikvision cameras need external microphone and speaker connection.

    Cameras that support audio functions (prefix.S in the name).

    How to connect an external microphone and speaker to an IP camera.

    • Hikvision cameras have a variety of audio interfaces. Below are two examples.

    (1) 21XX Network Camera. Audio interface (11).

    (2) 63XX Network Camera. Audio in (9) and audio out (10).

    • Connect microphone to AudioIn and speaker to AudioOut.
    • The microphone must be powered separately. For this, we recommend using exclusively transformer power supplies in order to minimize the noise that may come from the microphone.

    How to enable two-way audio transmission via the web interface.

    • We enter the camera through the web interface;
    • Turn on audio output and two-way audio transmission by clicking on the buttons shown below. A red microphone icon means two-way audio is on.

    How to enable two-way audio transmission via i VMS-4500

    Add camera to iVMS 4500;

    Click on the microphone to enable two-way audio transmission.

    The icon means the microphone is muted.

    How to enable two-way audio transmission via i VMS-4200

    • Add camera to iVMS4200;
    • Go to Main View. enable Audio Out. then right-click in the Main View interface and select Start Two-Way Audio.

    3.If you add NVR to IPC and this NVR is added to i VMS-4200, you need to select Start IP Two-way Audio. When you select Start two-way audio. the sound will go to the dash cam.

    microphone is not used by the program

    Go to the settings of the program in which you need to work with the microphone, and check if the right microphone is selected in it. For example, in Skype, you need to click on the button “Tools”, and then go to the section “Settings”. In the left pane of the window, go to the section “Sound settings”, and on the right, make sure that the correct device is selected in the program. Make adjustments and save changes if necessary.

    And finally

    An inoperative microphone in a webcam is a fairly common problem that many users face, judging by the number of requests on the Internet. If you already have experience of solving a similar problem before, share it in the comments.

    You will need:
    Personal computer, Microphone
    To install a webcam on your computer, you need to connect it through the connector and download the software that will be included. After installing the software, everything should work. But problems can also arise. After you have installed the webcam, try to test the sound.
    Go to “Start” first. Select the “Control Panel” tab. There you will find an icon called Sounds and Audio Devices. Open it.
    Voice parameters should be set as “realtek HD audio output”. You can also see the microphone settings there. If something is missing, then reinstall the drivers. Delete the old ones, and load the new ones.
    If you plan to use Skype, check that the microphone settings are correct there. The microphone built into the webcam always gives some glitches. If there is a driver with the camera, try to configure the microphone in it. In the case when none of the above helps, you need to start Skype using the UVC driver.
    When you connect your webcam, download the drivers for it. Next, a camera icon should appear in the “My Computer” folder. Open this icon and you will be presented with a list of settings. Select everything related to sound and click “Enable”.
    Customize the sound in the program in which you communicate through the microphone. Set the volume, speakers. When you start Skype, you will see a welcome window. There you will need to set the headset and webcam settings. Click on “Check Sound”. Three tabs should open where you check and configure the device.
    You can try to go to the “Device Manager” section. There, look for an accidental exclamation mark on the Host Bus Controls tab. Take it away.

    From personal experience:
    such a problem was with a cheap (apparently fake. they gave it) camera, but with a normal one, everything worked.
    and there was also a low-power PC, overloaded with all sorts of nonsense, and could hardly pull

    In the world of innovative communication tools, the Skype (Skype) program is far from a novelty, and has already won its many adherents, whose number has been growing relentlessly for more than ten years.

    Thanks to Skype, access to free real-time communication is opened with the ability not only to hear, but also to see the interlocutor. All that is needed in order to use this communication tool is access to the Internet, the presence of an installed program, as well as a headset and a webcam.

    How to turn on sound on a WEB-camera

    Modern devices are remarkable in that they allow you to perform several tasks at the same time. So, many modern webcams connected to a computer are additionally equipped with a built-in microphone, so that the user does not need to purchase additional audio equipment. Today we will consider the problem of incorrect operation of a webcam with a microphone. when the image works correctly, but there is no sound.

    The problem when the microphone does not work on the webcam can arise for several reasons. Below we will look at them in descending order, starting with the most common problem.

    the microphone is being used by another program

    If there are other programs running on the computer that can use the microphone, you will need to close them (for example, through the “Task Manager” window, which can be invoked by the CtrlShiftEsc keyboard shortcut).

    inoperative microphone input

    Try plugging any other microphone into the microphone jack. If another microphone is not detected by the system, then this may indicate to you that the microphone input is inoperative. It is quite possible that the desired contact, for example, could move away from the motherboard. If possible, look under the case of the system unit. If there is no experience, it is better to entrust this task to specialists from the service center.

    incorrect operation of drivers

    First of all, you should suspect that the driver for the webcam, which is also a microphone, is incorrectly installed on the computer or does not exist at all. As a rule, the drivers for this device are installed automatically, but this installation does not always work correctly.

    First of all, we need to get into the “Device Manager” window. To do this, open the menu “Control Panel”, for convenience, you can set the parameter “Small icons”, and then go to section “System”.

    In the left pane of the window, go to the item “Device Manager”.

    Having opened the window we need, we need to expand the items “Imaging devices” and “Sound, game and audio devices”. At these points, you will need to check if there are any drivers for your devices at all. If so, we will try to reinstall them anyway. To do this, right-click on each device driver and select “Delete”.

    Then close the Device Manager window, disconnect the webcam from the computer, and then reboot the system. When the computer starts, reconnect the webcam to the computer and wait for the automatic installation of the drivers.

    Setting up microphone and sound

    The serviceability of the equipment and the correct connection of the microphone to the computer will determine the operation without additional adjustment. After making the connection settings on the PC, installing the necessary drivers, the question of how to set up the microphone in Skype will not appear, since the application will set by default all the parameters necessary for operation.

    Steps to take when there is no sound in Skype:

    • First, make sure that the microphone and speakers are connected to the corresponding connectors on the computer.
    • Now we check the connection to the system using the “Control Panel”, which is invoked using the “Start” menu. Go to the “Hardware and Sound” tab, select “Sound”. In the appeared settings window in the “Recording” tab, the microphone icon should be displayed. If your computer uses multiple sound cards, you must select the one to which the device is connected. In the case when the microphone is built into the webcam, select its name. Right-click “Connect”.
    • The icon for the connected speakers is displayed on the Playback tab. If the device is inactive, also select “Connect” on the icon with the right mouse button. In the speaker and microphone properties tab “Levels” of both devices should reach 100%, if not, just drag the slider to the right to the end. However, the microphone gain should not exceed 10.0 dB, otherwise it will not please with its distorted sound.
    • If the necessary system parameters are configured correctly, and the sound still does not appear directly in the application, we will consider how to set up a microphone in Skype. To do this, go to the “Tools” tab in the program, the “Settings” section and select the “Sound settings” item.
    • It is advisable to check the boxes in the appropriate places to automatically configure the speakers and microphone, and then save the specified parameters. During a conversation, the green bar of the microphone volume should fluctuate slightly, but if there are sharp fluctuations in the sound, then it is better to disable this option.
    • We launch the Echo / Sound Test Service to test the sound. Provided that all settings have been entered correctly, after the test recording, you will hear your voice from the speaker.
    • After you have set up the sound in Skype, and there is a desire to set the melodies at your discretion for a call or other Skype events, you can go to the “Sounds” tab, where you can select the desired melody from the list.

    Camera setup

    After you’ve connected your webcam to your computer, make sure Skype has recognized your device. This can be done by opening the “Tools” menu and selecting the “Options” option.

    After that, open the “Video settings” submenu, and check if the checkbox next to “Enable Skype video” is checked.

    After that, you can try to set up a WEB-camera for Skype. First, make sure Skype is properly installed and configured. Then use the option “Webcam settings”. We go into it, and carefully study the parameters, the value of which we can change.

    Thus, according to your own taste, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, as well as the intensity of the color gamut. Experiment with the settings and save the results by clicking the button of the same name.

    Sound setting

    In order to make sure that the webcam microphone is turned on and functioning properly, open the “Control Panel”. There we are looking for the item “Sounds and Audio Devices”. we click on it. Go to the “Recording” tab: here either a separate microphone, which is connected to the corresponding connector on the audio card, or your webcam should be marked as the default device. By clicking the “Properties” button, we get to the settings menu, where we are more interested in the “Levels” tab.

    This is where you can set such parameters as the sensitivity of the microphone (the “Microphone” slider), as well as “Gain of the microphone” (raise its level if you are going to speak softly). You can also use additional accessories. connect and configure headphones with a microphone, for example.

    How to set up a webcam on a computer

    In fact, choosing the right high-quality webcam, and then connecting and configuring it correctly, is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The point is that not all manufacturers of such devices develop standard software with which it would be possible to set up a web camera, depending on a specific situation. So when it is necessary, we will configure the WEB-camera directly in the program with which it works. So let’s get started!

    Improving quality

    As the proverb says. you can’t bend over your head. But why not try to get the most out of your webcam? If you want to achieve the best image quality, first of all take care of proper lighting.

    Also, make sure the camera is securely attached to the monitor.

    In addition, there is a software way to improve the quality of the picture taken by the webcam. To do this, you can use the free WebCamMax program. Therefore, you can confidently take pictures using a webcam.

    This program is useful in that it has an image enhancement function that removes the lens of your webcam. Of course, you should not expect over the result. this is just a software setting of some parameters. But it’s still worth a try, because there is not only the aforementioned function, but also many effects that can be applied when communicating with friends via Skype, ICQ, or in any other video messenger.

    How to set up sound on a WEB-camera

    The development of modern computer technology makes it possible to make a significant step in the field of communications. Now more and more people use webcams and special programs such as Skype to communicate. This is also due to the convenience of communication, because when communicating with the subscriber on the other side of the monitor, you can not only hear him, but also see him. Honor also has the important fact that communication programs connect subscribers via the Internet and this does not require a separate payment for calls.

    WEB cameras

    One of the important functions responsible for comfortable communication through the WEB-camera is the correct setting of the sound of its microphone. Many portable devices now have a built-in front-facing camera and microphone that are both customizable by the retailer and manufacturer. If the device does not have a built-in WEB-camera, now there is a wide selection of them presented by different manufacturers.

    Microphones in such devices are connected to a computer either using a single USB connector or have a separate cable equipped with a plug. Consider the procedure for connecting and configuring the microphone of this device.

    Connection and configuration

    We connect the device cable to the computer. If it has a separate cable for the microphone, we connect it to the appropriate connector, usually pink, near which its conditional image is applied.

    We check the connection of the microphone to the system: go to the “Start” menu, go to the “Control Panel” and there we find the “Sounds and Audio Devices” tab, in it we press the “Advanced” button after that the mixer for the device will open. We find the scale corresponding to the adjustment of the microphone sound, if necessary, connect it by ticking the corresponding window, and set the sound to maximum.

    Let’s set it up in the Skype program. To do this, after launching it, go to the “Tools” tab and select the “Settings” item, then “Sound settings”, after which the audio device settings window will open. If the microphone is connected via a common USB cable of the WEB-camera, then in this tab you must select “USB-microphone”. When connecting a microphone via a separate connector, there is no need to change settings.

    We adjust the microphone volume level in the Skype program. To do this, in the same tab, we find the item “Allow automatic microphone settings” and uncheck it, then move the slider to the volume level indicators by moving it with the mouse.

    To check the correctness of the connection and select the volume level, we make a test call in the Skype program

    A typical computer hard drive, crammed to capacity with photographs, movies and toys, is rarely revised to the point where enough space is freed up. It’s all to blame

    Video games have taken over the world around us for a long time. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and chop all sorts of monsters, ride a race or travel. Many games and consoles allow you to play with

    As a rule, the process of connecting speakers to a PC is fairly straightforward. As for the connection of the speaker system, in this case, a number of difficulties usually arise. However, they are easy

    Flash card, popularly referred to as a “flash drive”. it is a portable digital storage device. It is quite easy to use and suits absolutely everyone. Now, even the elderly use it.

    All Windows users are aware of the situation when, at a critical moment, a message appears that the system has insufficient virtual memory. The system then prompts you

    Setting up audio recording on DS-2CD2432F-IW camera

    Hello everyone! Today I show you how to teach the DS-2CD2432F-IW IP camera, in addition to recording video, to do the same with sound. The question only arises because Hikvision uses a codec for audio that Windows does not have. The problem is solved by programs from Hikvision:

    • VSPlayer;
    • FormatConverter.

    The programs are free, you can download them here. iVMS is used to record video from cameras.

    Configuring audio recording in iVMS

    The first thing to do is tell the camera to record sound. When using iVMS-4200, go to Remote Config, then to the Image tab.

    And we check what is indicated in the Video Type line. What We Need. Video Audio.

    The same can be done in the web interface of the IP camera.

    Now, when playing a video, the sound should be heard, but unfortunately this does not happen in any program.

    Player from Hikvision

    Windows does not have a codec for playing audio from Hikvision cameras. In order to hear it, you can use the player. VSPlayer. The download link was at the beginning of the article.

    The second way is video conversion. I’m using FormatConvert. I set the settings for the output video, I take the source data from the. Source column.

    Now you can upload a video with sound to YouTube. I liked the sound quality on DS-2CD2432F-IW, listen. Sound without processing, no noise removal and amplification.

    How internet speed depends on sound change?

    Internet speed is independent of sound. Sound and video take up part of the bandwidth, so for example, if you have a 1 megabit channel, then sound and video, depending on the quality, will take up a certain part of it.

    Denis, please tell me with three questions
    1.What bitrate is better to set on this camera. your example is 8192. my default was 4096. I experimented and set 1024. I did not notice any visible changes, but it seems that when you change the bitrate, the file size also changes. and what does this parameter actually affect
    2. VSPlayer. does not read files. writes invalid file. I can view the video only through the standard ivms4200 player
    3.on a microphone recording, audio encoding which codec is better to put. what is the best input power and whether it is necessary to turn on the noise filter

    Perhaps there is some guide for setting the optimal parameters of the DS-2CD2432F-IW.

    By 1. When there are a lot of sharp movements in the frame at a low bit rate, the picture begins to crumble. Perhaps we saw how in bad weather satellite channels are poured (pixelated) and here.

    By 2. it looks like there is no codec. I believed that the program itself and puts.

    By 3. maybe there is a difference, but I did not notice.

    another question arose where the length of the video that the camera will record is adjusted. well, so that you can break it in pieces for an hour for 30 minutes

    on the second point. at first everything seemed to work and then it stopped. I already re-set the program and still invalid

    I will not say anything along the length of the video, I did not ask such a question.

    “When there are a lot of sharp movements in the frame at a low bit rate, the picture starts to crumble.” This is a very valuable point! THANKS!

    An article on the topic of bitrate. (video examples at different bitrates).

    Good day. Please tell me when viewing the camera from your phone. Ivms-4500 program no sound when viewed online. There is sound through the computer and there is sound in the recording on the phone. Have you faced such a problem? thank.

    Good evening, Denis! Please tell me: Hikvision ds2542 cameras, Hikvision 7616 recorder, I set all the settings, there is no sound in the recording in any program, there is sound directly in the online viewing, but there is no recording in the recording! What could be the jamb?
    And one more question: when watching video from cameras on a local network, it slows down very much, artifacts start, the sound jams, when viewed directly through the recorder, nothing critical happens, that is, you can watch the main stream in excellent quality without brakes. Router tp-link 3220, PC 2-core 2.5GHz, 2giga operatives, Windows 7.
    Thanks in advance for the answers!

    How many cameras? Connected via POE switch? By sound, most likely. update the firmware. Artifacts, possibly not enough bandwidth.

    Thanks for answers! There are 3 cameras in total. I bought it recently, sort of like new firmware. Power over PoE, one camera is 3 meters, the second is 10 meters, the third is 70. This is the distance to the cameras over twisted pair. I also thought about the bandwidth, but it seems like a router has up to 150 Mbps, and three cameras cannot produce such a bitrate.

    clarifications, correct if, that. the Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2 / 8P DVR, the cameras are connected directly to the DVR. Recording on the DVR is going well, viewing from the DVR is also without problems.
    The DVR is connected to a TP-link 3220 router, there are problems when viewing from a computer (artifacts, frames drop out).

    The router doesn’t seem to be able to handle the video stream. Try to connect the computer directly to the LAN port of the DVR.

    Today I will try and unsubscribe. What do you think about the sound?

    You have a camera with the ability to record sound. In the options of the DVR, by analogy with those described in the IVMS article, there should be a checkbox for recording video sound.
    There is such a video recorder at work, there are DS-2CD2432 cameras. I’ll ask the security guards how things are with recording and playing sound. Earlier, they said with a smile that they did not write.

    I turned on the DVR directly to the PC without a router, the same picture slows down terribly, nothing else without sound, but as you connect the sound, then finally kirdyk. There is still no sound in the recording.

    It was possible to set up recording and playback of video / audio from the DS-2CD2542FWD-I (W) (S) 2.8mm camera on Windows 7 exclusively thanks to the site.
    In this case, the following software was used:
    iVMS-4200 (v2.3.1)
    VSPlayer V7.1.0Build141229

    Thank. What do you end up using. iVMS or Ivideon Server?

    I haven’t chosen yet. The main thing for me was to make sure that everything is shown and recorded with sound. Then I have to organize video monitoring at the dacha, closer to summer, and also using a minicomputer with Ubuhtu. The main task of video monitoring is to check remotely, using, for example, a smartphone, using saved records, what happened after all? That is, do not use constant video surveillance, but record by a motion detector or a signal from a detector, on the HDD.

    I also want to try to work with Ivideon through a server installed on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS. Perhaps I will organize myself by the summer.

    I plan to use 4 IP cameras from 2 to 4 megapixels, so the minicomputer is unlikely to handle it. To begin with, it probably makes sense to use 4 video cameras of the DS-2CD2532F type and a DS-7604NI-E1 / 4P recorder as the main equipment. Next, I’ll add an Asus rt n10u router and a Raspberry pi2 B minicomputer. The main selection criteria: 1) Inexpensive. 2) Any advanced user can reconfigure. 3) If necessary, you can control additional engineering equipment.

    Good evening Denis), I have a question for you? My friend had a video taken from video surveillance, but there is no sound there (you could not tell if there are such programs to hear the sound from the video)

    If the camera does not record sound, then there will be no sound either.

    Such programs are expected closer to April 1.

    Tell me how to set up viewing of recorded video from an SD card on the DS-2CD2432F-I camera through the iVMS-4200 Client program?

    Take the instructions for iVMS, it has everything.

    Denis hello!
    I have a DS-2CD2432F-IW camera. I want to record video on the HDD of my computer, which is in the house on the same network as the camera. Opera. no problem. The recording is in progress. But in Live View mode, I see a very cut-down picture. When viewing the recorded file, there are no complaints. It’s okay. Google Crome. I can’t see anything in Live View. There is no picture. Access to settings in all other tabs is available. And finally “IE”. A wonderful picture, everything is regulated, but there is no write on the HDD. For example, when manually recording a picture or video, a message appears that the recording was successful. But there is nothing in the specified folder. And there was nowhere. Checked by search. Why such difference?
    I would like to use IE.
    Thank you in advance.
    P.S. Windows-7.

    Use a video surveillance program, not a browser.

    Denis, greetings!
    there is an idea to organize the recording of lectures using the DS-2CD2432F-IW camera, but I’m afraid the sound will be disgusting. Is it possible to evaporate the internal microphone by extending it with a wire and placing it closer to the speaker? maybe the hick has more suitable devices for this purpose?

    It depends for what purpose. If you record your lectures, then it is better to install the microphone on yourself and write the sound to the recorder. Video on the camera, then mix the sound with the video. You can also connect a microphone to a good camera.

    we record the video with sound to the SD card, then remotely pull the video over WI-FI / lan, edit the video, upload it to YouTube. the most important thing is that people conducting presentations are not friendly with technology, so I want to save them from contact with it as much as possible

    Try without a microphone, mount the camera to the ceiling on an adjustable bracket so that the camera can be installed lower. Check if this quality suits you.
    Ideally, a microphone, video camera and operator. What kind of lectures?

    a microphone is needed in any case, tk. voice is an integral part of the lecture, and there is no doubt about the quality of the video, had experience using Hikvision cameras.
    it is the sound quality that interests. before that there were cameras, no microphone.

    there is a camera, there is a microphone, but there is no operator. because of this, it was decided to do something based on an ip-camera.
    lectures on mlm.

    Denis, could upload the original file, from the DS-2CD2432F-IW camera, video with sound, without processing.

    There is one on my Youtube channel. Type in the search. Markevich, sound test, camera model.

    I saw your video on Youtube, from there and got here.
    but I would like to get exactly the source file from the camera.
    drop it into the video editor and look at the sound droshky.

    Got it, I’ll see, should have stayed on the PC. In the evening, if there is, I will send it to the mail.

    Denis, I didn’t receive a file from you, probably there is no source left?

    I haven’t looked yet. The computer has not included since the last comment. Will not be. unsubscribe.

    By the way, I found such a copy. DS-2DE2202-DE-W.

    SD card recording
    microphone output. just which microphone to connect to it?
    PTZ. it is convenient to fine-tune the camera while being remotely.
    zoom. as I understood only digital?

    Look for the connectors to fit. I did not look at the characteristics of the camera, everything should be there about the zoom.

    Hello, download the codecs from the official website of the video camera manufacturer and everything will be fine.

    Good day. For the life of me, but I do not have audio settings in the “Image” tab. How to remove noise cancellation.?

    I do not remember this setting in this camera. Just writes sound.

    Denis, good afternoon. Cameras (on which both sound and video are recorded) cost DS-2CD2432F-I 10 pcs., Are connected directly to the DS-7732NI-E416P video recorder (I am silent about the street ones, because I am interested in the internal ones). The sound is written, but the quality is just awful. It is impossible to make out what they are talking about. every rustle is heard, but speech is difficult to make out. So I’m interested in how and where can I make sound recording settings for cameras? Thanks in advance for your reply. If necessary, I can send you an example of a conversation recording.

    As I understand there are a lot of noises in the room itself, I think that you can defeat them only by installing the camera directly near the main sound source that needs to be fixed. The camera will not be able to filter out noise.

    Is there too much amplification in either the microphone or the camera? Am I right in thinking that the microphone can be covered with something?

    How to Allow Your Camera and Microphone on Google Chrome

    As far as I remember in the settings, you can change the microphone gain.

    I would like to ask the professionals for help, if possible, of course
    There is a DS-2CD2132F-IS camera installed and working.
    Actually, the problem is as follows, I can not configure and / or force the iVMS-4200 Client program on the local PC to start recording the received data from the camera at startup.
    Running iVMS-4200 Storage Server.
    After iVMS-4200 Client in the wizard added the camera itself and the “Storage Server” local.
    In iVMS-4200 Client from the camera the video goes.
    But I can start recording only manually by clicking on the corresponding icon.
    If I look at the storage section, then where the quota is indicated and the rest, there are no storage devices (HDD).
    If you go directly to the camera itself, at the beginning the video goes from it, you should change the save location for the files and return to watching the video no longer. And clicking on record throws an error.
    What could be the problem or am doing something wrong?
    It’s just that I ran into this camera company for the first time.
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    As far as I remember, the recording should be on a separate disk.

    It turns out that this particular program will not write to one disc.?
    Used SecurOS Lite problems and worries gone

    It turns out that yes.
    The guys from iss have done a good job by releasing a free and fully functional version of the program for video surveillance. Now if you need to connect less than 32 video cameras, then there is a great option.
    Another plus is that the software (in my opinion) from iss will not control the region for which the camera is intended. You can reflash the Chinese camera with the latest firmware and not sweat it. Buy for Inexpensive Chinese Hikvision for Home.
    I will check the assumption in the future.

    good day.
    There is a Registrar DS-7108NI-SN / P (50-40). camera DS-2CD2420F-I (2.8)
    The camera is connected via POE to the recorder, online viewing gives a picture with sound. But viewing the archived video for some reason goes without sound. In the settings “by event”. “schedule”. in the additional settings the “audio recording” is set to “yes”, in the image settings “video and audio” is also set, but for some reason there is no sound in the archives. Tell me where and what is wrong

    Good day! Tell me what could be the problem, there is sound from cameras online, but not on recording! set audio and video in the registrar settings! you still need to duplicate in the camera settings?

    In theory, it is not necessary, the registrar itself changes the camera settings.

    Good afternoon, tell me what the problem is, there is no sound online

    Good afternoon, install the latest firmware version, write to Hikvision support.

    Good afternoon, Denis! please tell me, and the model mini IP camera Hikvision ds-2cd2422fwd-iw 2.8 mm makes it possible to listen to sound online from the room with the camera installed, and is it possible to record video with sound?

    Yes, in-camera built-in speaker, microphone, bi-directional audio.

    Hello. The ds-2cd2542fwd-is 4mp Hikvision camera is connected to the DS-7800 recorder. The video is written without sound. The settings are set as you have shown, but there is still no sound when playing from the archive and on the VSPlayer player. Through IVMS-4200 I turn on manual recording on the PC, everything is written with sound. Why does it write on the recorder without sound.

    Hello, it is better to ask the Hikvision technical support question.

    Hello! The IVMS. 4200 program slows down when switching to the main stream in full screen mode. The network is gigabit, the recorder itself works fine. What could be the problem?

    Disconnect the DVR and connect the cameras to IVMS directly, see if the problem disappears or not.

    It really helped. At least there are almost no hang-ups. And what bitrate would you advise to set for video cameras?

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