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How to turn on your smartphone or tablet

The following methods will help you start the operating system:

  • Connecting to a computer via USB port.
  • Normal system startup in the boot mode selection menu.
  • Reboot in recovery mode. Recovery.
  • Reboot from Fastboot Mode. FastBoot.
  • Loading on a set alarm.

The Motorola Razr M smartphone was used as an example. In smartphones / tablets of other lines and manufacturers, some actions will be different. Therefore, you should try each option in turn to find a working solution.

connecting the power cable or headphones

When you connect a charger or headphones, the screen is briefly backlit, which allows you to unlock.

normal system startup in the boot mode selection menu

Hold down the volume up or volume down button, or both volume buttons.

Without releasing the volume button / buttons, connect the USB cable connected to the computer. Alternatively, connect the cable first and then hold down the volume buttons. The procedure is not critical. It’s important to synchronize both actions.

In most cases, this combination will launch the boot mode selection menu. For example, Motorola Razr M launches just such a boot mode with several boot options: Normal PowerUP, Recovery, AP Fastboot, Factoty and BP Tools.

As soon as the boot mode appears, you do not need to hold down the buttons. In this case, 5 seconds are given for making a decision, after which the program activates the highlighted option automatically. To save the menu for viewing the available options, press the volume down button.

In this case, you should select the Normal PowerUP option. Press the volume up button to confirm the action. And then wait until the operating system starts.

As soon as the system starts to boot, the power cable can be disconnected.

It is worth noting that connecting the phone to a network or portable charger did not work in my case. Perhaps, with another smartphone / tablet, a connection to a network charger or UMB is suitable.

use of biometric authentication system

Modern smartphones and some tablets are equipped with fingerprint scanners. on the body or built into the screen. If you enter a fingerprint into the memory, then to unlock the screen it is enough to put the corresponding finger on the sensor. A similar action will lock the screen.

Fingerprint scanner on the front side in Motorola G6.

To enter biometric data, click on the fingerprint scanner.

The system will prompt you to enter a fingerprint.

Apply your finger at different angles for the best scan. In total, the system allows you to store up to 5 prints.

An alternative unlocking option is by face recognition. over, this method is relevant provided that the lock is removed automatically as soon as the user’s face enters the field of view of the camera / sensor.

How to wake up a smartphone or tablet from standby mode

The following methods will help you unlock your device:

  • Using a biometric authentication system.
  • Connecting the power cable or headphones.
  • Gesture activation.
  • Turn on the phone with the MiKey button.

Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung Android phones.

Question: How to disable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones with Android operating system. What is Safe Mode on Android Samsung smartphones and how you can turn it on and how to get out of it?

Answer: First, let’s figure out what Safe Mode is on Samsung smartphones and other Android devices. For security purposes, phones are designed to boot in Safe Mode. this is when only those applications that were installed at the factory will work on the smartphone, that is, all applications that you installed after purchasing the phone will not work. This mode is needed to diagnose, identify and troubleshoot the phone. After booting the phone in safe mode, you will see an inscription at the bottom of the screen informing that the phone is working in safe mode. If you have installed any application, after which there are problems with the phone, you can enter Safe Mode and uninstall this application. For example, there is a ransomware virus on your smartphone that cannot be removed and which requires you to pay money to unlock the screen. To remove such a virus, you can go to safe mode on Android in which it is not automatically activated when you turn it on and delete it.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Android Samsung?

To enable safe mode on Samsung with Android 2.3 and below, do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After Samsung appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the download.

To enable Safe Mode on Samsung with Android 4.0 or higher operating system, do the following: 1) Turn off your phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) When Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume down.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Samsung?

To turn off safe mode on Samsung with Android 2.3 and below, we need to turn off and turn on the smartphone again. If suddenly after that the safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After Samsung appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the download.

To exit safe mode on Samsung with Android 4.0 or higher, you just need to turn off and on the smartphone. If after that the smartphone does not come out of safe mode and the safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) When Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume key up until the phone turns on completely.

Algorithm of actions

Those who do not know how to turn on the phone without a battery should remember that a standard charger is designed to work together with a base battery, which is capable of delivering significant current for a short time. If you directly connect a smartphone to it, then the first time you turn on the transmitter, the voltage will drop to almost zero.

The switched off mobile phone must be disconnected from the standard charger and the battery must be removed. Next, you need to find two contacts from the battery, the voltage on which varies from 3.2 to 3.7 V. This can be done using a voltmeter.

Not forgetting to observe the polarity, you should apply voltage to the corresponding contacts of the battery compartment of the mobile device. Those who decide to use this device in the future solely as an element of a security system can be advised to de-energize the power supply. You can also solder the junction of the contacts.

Then you need to turn on the power supply and try to activate the mobile device. If you succeed, then the gadget is not equipped with a module for exchanging information from a chip built into the battery. This indicates that it is suitable for use in security systems. In this case, the phone is able to function without a battery, but only with electricity.

In order to ensure your own safety, you must refrain from conducting such experiments and use this method only in exceptional situations. Do not discount the fact that the phone battery can explode in case of strong heating.

How to turn on the phone without a battery using the available tools?

There are situations in life when you are waiting for an important call and are surprised to realize that the smartphone’s battery is completely discharged. After reading today’s article, you will learn how to turn on your cell phone without battery.

What is required to achieve the desired result?

To turn on a completely discharged smartphone, you must first stock up on a stabilization power supply, a voltmeter, flux, rosin, solder, a soldering iron, a USB cable and an uninterruptible power supply. With this simple kit, you can independently reanimate your mobile device.

When the need arises?

At first glance, this is completely useless knowledge that is unlikely to ever be useful to any person who monitors the state of the battery of his own device. However, information on how to turn on the phone without a battery can be useful in cases where the gadget is used as one of the elements of the security system.

Also, such knowledge will come in handy in case of need to make an urgent call, if the factory battery ordered to live a long time. Let’s say you bought a new smartphone, and the old one has been gathering dust on the table for a long time. As a result, its battery is completely discharged, and the files you need are saved in the device’s memory. You don’t have to buy a new battery to get to them. It is in such situations that people often have a question about how to turn on a mobile phone without a battery.

If absolutely necessary, you can try to “resurrect” the mobile device for a short time. This can be done in several different ways.

How can I turn on the phone without a battery via the USB interface?

At first glance, this is one of the simplest and most obvious ways. But in reality, everything is a little more complicated. USB mobile devices can accept limited current. Basic charging transfers the nominal current to the smartphone. When connected to a computer or laptop via a USB cable, the limit is 500 mA.

Those who wanted to figure out how to turn on the phone without a battery will need to find an opportunity to connect a charger without using a battery.

Which Samsung models have an infrared port

The latest models of Samsung smartphones lack such technology; it can only be found in older models, the production of which has long been stopped. But other brands have Infrared Data modules. Let’s consider them in more detail.

How to enable infrared port on Samsung: setting up infrared port

Children of the zero will probably remember what an infrared port is on phones, including Samsung. Before the advent of wireless technology, it was this device that helped us share files. It would seem, why return this “ancient” technology to smartphones? It turned out that using it opens up much more possibilities than it seemed.

Why do you need an infrared port in modern phones?

The infrared port or the Infrared Data Association received a second life not for the purpose of transmitting information, as it was before. Now this technology is used to control equipment remotely using a smartphone. In fact, the sensor allows you to use the phone as a control panel, and with its help activate and regulate the operation of washing machines, TVs and air conditioners.

Thus, manufacturers make it possible to create a whole ecosystem of devices, with a single control center.

Top phones in 2021 with infrared

The following smartphone models are available with this technology.

  • Coolpad Cool Changer 1C. has an all-metal case and a large enough battery.
  • Coolpad Cool Changer S1. the flagship of the Chinese manufacturer, stuffed with all the top brand chips, including the IR port.
  • Honor 8 is a very thin and beautiful camera phone equipped with an NFC chip and other useful technologies. For a long time was the leader in sales of its price segment.
  • HTC One (M9). one of the flagships of the Taiwanese brand allows you to control home appliances like a remote control.
  • Huawei Mate 9. the entire flagship Mate line has an infrared sensor and many other equally useful options.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro is a smartphone from a brand renowned for its ability to create devices with the maximum functionality at the lowest cost. This also includes Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and Mi5.
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How to enable charging percentages on Samsung?

Almost all Android smartphones do not use the percentage of charge by default. Why? Apparently, this has something to do with Google’s Android policy (the operating system belongs to the world’s largest search giant). Or maybe it’s something else. In any case, the user needs to independently “set” percentages. How to do it if you have a Samsung smartphone?

By the way, this is how the charging icon without interest looks like:

The manual is suitable for smartphones based on One UI: A10, A30, A50, S10, etc. Open the Settings app

Black Screen or Screen Won’t Turn On for Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

Toggle the “Show Charge Percentage” switch to the “On” position.

The item “Show charge percentage” is disabled. Turn it on by pressing the switch.

We look at the status bar, see the charge level as a percentage and rejoice.

Instructions in case nothing works. Open the settings section, look at the top of the window. here you will see the search bar.

Click on it and indicate the search word “percentage” (indicate without quotes). And the desired menu item is immediately displayed.

It remains only to click on it and enable the function.

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Why do I need a second line?

The most striking example is waiting for an urgent call at work or from relatives. Let’s say you are on the phone and someone else calls you. If the option of the second line cutter (or “Call waiting”) is disabled, the person will receive short beeps “Busy”. If call waiting is enabled in the settings, you will receive a second call and you can switch between them. In simple words:

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A10 that won’t turn on

The second line is the ability to switch to an incoming call during an active conversation on the phone. On smartphones, this option is called “Call Waiting”.

Useful Tips

If you are using a smartphone quite recently, consider protecting your device and disable the installation of applications from unknown sources. Users of messengers such as Whatsap and Viber began to receive massive spam messages from various groups and users. These are often viral messages or advertisements. We have recently written how to deal with spam in this article. A must-read for both novice Android devices and experienced users.

How to turn on the second line (call waiting)

For example, we will write an instruction for Xiaomi Redmi 5 smartphones. On models of other companies, the actions are similar.

  • Open the smartphone settings, go to “Applications”, System applications ”. Your item may be called “All Applications”.
  • We are looking for the “Phone” application in the list and go there.

Activate the slider and turn on the function

If you cannot find any of the items in the settings, use the search. In the top line, you can immediately type the appropriate settings section or the name of the function. This feature is implemented on all Android smartphones of the latest generations.

You can combine incoming calls and talk to three or even four. To do this, with two calls, the screen will display the message “Combine” or “Conference” click on this button to start a simultaneous conversation with all participants in the conversation.

If call waiting is not working

Most mobile operators: MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Iota, Beeline and others have this service enabled by default. If after activating call waiting the second call does not come, you should contact your mobile network operator and ask to activate the service. To contact the operator, use the following numbers:

  • For MTS subscribers 8 800 250 08 90.
  • Megafon network: a call to 8 800 550 0500 or to a short number 0500 from a mobile.
  • Tele2 subscribers: 8 800 555 0611. Or by short number 611. After connecting, press 0 to connect with the employee.
  • Subscribers Iota 8 (800) 550-00-07.
  • For Beeline 8-800-700-0611 or 0611.

How to turn on and configure the second line on your phone. 3 easy steps

Today we will tell you how to turn on the second line on your phone. This is a useful service if your work and life are connected with frequent phone calls, or you do not want to miss an urgent or important call. The instructions for turning on are focused on smartphones running Android: Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, for owners of iPhones, all actions are similar, only the names of the items can differ. At the beginning of the article, we will briefly describe what “Second Line” or the “Call Waiting” function is, and below we will give recommendations on how to enable this option. Be sure to read the article to the end. there we will tell you how to protect the device by disabling the installation from unknown sources, as well as how to deal with annoying ads and spam in instant messengers.

As you can see, turning on the second line on the device is quite simple. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, write if this instruction helped you and ask any questions about the use of phones. Our portal has a lot of customization and error solving tips for Android and iOS smartphones. Explore other articles on using and protecting your smartphone. We try to cover the most relevant and useful topics in simple terms. We accept requests for solving errors in smartphones, household appliances, fixing crashes and bugs when working on personal computers, programs and games.

IT specialist. Author of informational articles on Android smartphones and iOS smartphones. An expert in solving problems with computers and programs: installation, configuration, reviews, tips for the security of your devices. In his free time, he is engaged in website design and development.

How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy A10 That Won’t Turn On. Android 10

How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Upload

Development of the Android system, one of the main tasks of Google. Among the many new features, we would like to tell you about a new protection program that has appeared on all Android phones with version 5.1 and higher. Thanks to it, for example, if the phone is lost or stolen, the owner of the device has the opportunity to block it. Thus, no one will be able to load the phone without knowing the login and password from your Google account. It will also work when you reset the phone (hard reset).

This feature is called Google Factory Reset Protection, or FRP lock for short.

A similar security scheme has long been implemented by Apple in its products and has proven itself well. This is what happens if you do a full factory reset (for example, when removing a pattern or phone firmware). When you first start and check access to the wi-fi network, the phone will ask you to confirm your account. A similar inscription will appear.

Of course, if you remember the necessary data (they are entered when buying a phone), login and password, there will be no problems. But here’s how to bypass Google account verification if you have forgotten all your personal data and there is no way to restore them via email, and the firmware does not help?

There are several ways, which one is right for you, I cannot say, since each of the phone manufacturers (Samsung, Micromax and others) produce models with their own individual characteristics. various function keys and software filling.

  • Reset system settings and remove DRM license without cable.

To do this, we need to get into the phone settings by bypassing the standard download through the help system. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions using the example of a Lenovo phone.

  • Soft reset via app.

The procedure is more complicated here. To do this, we need an OTG cable with the program downloaded to the flash card, or simply reset the application on Micro SD (StartSettings.APK) and insert it into the device. similar in the video using the ZTE phone as an example.

  • Other non-standard methods.

Due to the huge number of models, there is no single correct solution to this problem. For example, in this video, the author turned off the modem with Internet access during the check and was able to bypass the confirmation on the LG G4 phone.

The most complete list of all non-standard methods is presented here.

I hope that with the help of our material you managed to unlink your phone from your Google account. You still have questions, write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Many of you leave your options for bypassing protection. We want to e of them. This method was used on the Huawei MediaPad T3 7.

1- Charge the tablet 100% 2- Turn on, select the language, region and connect to Wi-Fi, accepting the terms of use. 3- On the next page “Google Services” we poke at the blue inscription “Google Privacy Policy” and in the window that appears, click and hold on any of the words so that an additional menu appears in which there is “Web Search”. Click on it, and select Opera (namely opera, because in chrome it may not be possible to open downloaded files). 4- Download TestDPC. I had version 4 (as an option, use other quickshortcutmaker and Google Account Manager programs). I don’t know how anyone downloads, but I went to my Yahoo mail, where in the incoming messages I sent myself the necessary file from another mail. Install, run. Select the second item “set up device owner”, encrypt the device. Although many videos have seen opting for the first one. I have not personally tried it. A reboot is in progress. Several times further, and then a DPC window pops up with a proposal to configure a profile. We accept the agreement. Customizable. Then some kind of tablet will pop up endlessly (I don’t remember which one, there is no tablet at hand already). We reboot. 5- By clicking next, it should start (if the DPC menu pops up with an offer in English to create a profile, select the lower value “skip”. 6- That’s it, the tablet is running in normal mode. Go to the settings and do a full reset. After turning on, we rejoice at the unlocked device

turn, samsung, phone

Also in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and private messages they ask how to restore access to your Google account. We have a separate article about this. Here we are discussing a little something else, namely the possible ways to bypass the confirmation.

Let’s supplement the material with another video from a visitor. This method is useful to all owners of Xiaomi phones, regardless of the model.

72 Owner Комментарии и мнения владельцев and opinions

Hello. could not unlink the account from the phone Huawei gr 5. Thank you, prompted how to do this.

How did you do it? Same phone, same problem.

Hello, help me how to sign in to my Google account. phone ginzzu 5001. I enter the password and I am thrown back.

Hello same problem but Dexp phone model Ixion ES950


Try the workarounds presented in the video.

In the settings, you should not do a hard cut, but delete your account

We did a factory reset, firmware, I don’t remember either the password or the mail, we can’t connect the Nokia 6 phone what to do

Hello! My ZTE phone did a factory reset, asks for a Google account, did everything step by step as in your video.

Phone ZTE Z 10, tried everything, eight different ways, nothing helped, can anyone tell me, only for this particular phone model??

Unfortunately, we do not have a video instruction specifically for your phone.

I ask for help with advice, I have an LG k7, did a hard reset, I can not log into my Google account

Account blocking for 72 hours. After that you can re-enter the account data. I myself suffered I know

Hello, I have a Samsung a10 phone, after resetting all factory settings, it asks for an account confirmation. The phone is new, I haven’t set any accounts on it !! I tried all the methods, it doesn’t work! And from your videos too. Maybe have some good advice

tell me if anyone spent the ginzzu s5050?

forgot Google account on Samsung s7. and the password too. I will try. I hope it helps.

If you originally bought this phone and registered an account, then try to restore access to Android by phone number.

Good afternoon, my ZTE BLADE A510 phone requires confirmation of the Google account when resetting the phone, and there is no data for a long time, what should I do, none of the methods presented helps (

The owner could not unlock, and gave me a brand new A2010, and thanks to you, HE EARNED. ))) Respect to the author.

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Hello, can you please tell me how to unlink Google account from honor 6a? Thank you.

Hello. Samsung J2 Prime phone. thanks in advance.

Good day! Please tell me what way to choose for LeEco le S3? And then we have already tried everything, they did not leave the account, now even resetting to the factory settings does not help, thanks in advance!

Have tried your methods. Didn’t help. I have micromax. this video helped. (not advertising. add it to the article)

Separately, we note once again. a video on the example of Micromax.

Solving the problem for the ZTE Blade A465 smartphone

Good day! I am also one of those who encountered this problem and could not solve it very many times. I tried more than 10 methods described on the Internet, but only one helped me. I want to share it so that the next victims of such account protection do not spend so much time, effort and nerves to restore the phone’s working capacity. By the way, I am the owner of a ZTE Blade A465 with Android 5.1 firmware, why am I writing this? Because the whole Internet break, I was convinced that different methods of fixing the problem are suitable for different models. I turned out to be one of those for whom all the more or less “easy” methods did not fit. And then I came across one message on the forum, when I read it, I thought “I will never do this myself”, but after vain attempts there were no options left, I had to proceed to the last method, in my opinion the most difficult at that time. And of course, I was prompted to try to perform these actions by the comment of the author that he tried this method on different models and it worked for all. Actually, I describe the method below:

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer via USB?

Quite often, it becomes necessary to connect your smartphone to a computer. For what? At least in order to transfer images from a smartphone to computer memory. Well, someone charges sensory devices in this way. it’s convenient, you know. In short, the need exists. Another question is how to connect a smartphone to a computer. In this article, we will show an example based on a Samsung device.

We need a cable (MicroUSB or USB Type-C. it doesn’t matter), the smartphone itself and a computer or laptop.

Actually, the connection can be called successful. The smartphone started charging, which means everything is in order (in some cases, the gadget may not charge, but this is not a reason for panic).

If you’re only using the USB cable and your computer to charge your touch device, you can stop there. But if you need to transfer some data from a computer to a smartphone or vice versa, you need to do a few more steps.

When you connect Samsung to computer, the following message appears on the smartphone screen (after unlocking the screen):

The system asks you whether to allow access to data on the phone. For charging, you can click “Deny”, but to transfer data, you must click “Allow”. What happens if this is not done? We open “My Computer” and see our smartphone. Click on it twice with the left mouse button.

And we don’t see anything, because we have denied access to the smartphone’s file system. If you grant permission, the file system will be available for viewing and working with. feel the difference.

Please note that the example above reflects both the internal memory of the smartphone and the external memory card.

Now you can work with files and, for example, transfer them.

If the sign with the choice of connection does not appear, the computer does not see the file system of your smartphone, there is a possibility that the default USB configuration uses only device charging. This option is relevant if the developer mode is enabled and someone has managed to “dig” in it. The solution is this. Go to developer mode (what is it. in this article), then find the item “Default USB configuration”.

Now, when connecting a smartphone to a PC or laptop, the choice of access to data on the smartphone should appear.

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How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer?

Today, a mobile phone is the most essential tool for the life of a modern person. And mobile phones and smartphones of the Samsung brand are at the top of the popularity rating. It is not surprising that many users ask the same question (including on my blog): “how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer”

Frankly, I have a phone of the same brand (though already quite old by modern standards). In this article, we will look at how to connect a Samsung phone to a PC and what it will give us.

What will give us the connection of the phone to the PC

Ability to backup all contacts (from SIM card from phone memory).

For a long time I had all the phones (including those for work). they were all in one phone. Needless to say, what happens if you drop your phone or it doesn’t turn on just at the right moment? Therefore, backup is the first thing I recommend that you do when you connect your phone to your PC.

Exchange your phone with a computer files: music, videos, photos, etc.

Editing any contacts, files, etc.

How to connect a Samsung phone to a PC

To connect a Samsung phone to a computer you need: 1. USB cable (usually comes with the phone); 2.Samsung Kies program (you can download it on the official website).

Installing Samsung Kies is no different than installing any other software. The only thing is to choose the correct codec (see screenshot below).

Choosing a codec when installing Samsung Kies.

After the installation is complete, you can immediately create a shortcut on the desktop to quickly launch the program and launch it.

Then you can connect your phone to a USB port on your computer Samsung Kies will automatically start connecting to the phone (takes about 10-30 seconds).

How to back up all contacts from phone to computer?

After launching Samsung Kies in Lite mode. just go to the data backup and restore section. Next, click on the button “select all items” and then on “backup”.

Within a few seconds, all contacts will be copied. See screenshot below.

In general, the menu is quite convenient and intuitive. You just need to select, for example, the “photo” section and you will immediately see all the photos that are on your phone. See screenshot below.

In the program, you can rename files, delete some, copy some to your computer.

By the way, Samsung Kies will automatically check your phone firmware version and check if there is a newer version. If so, she will offer to update it.

To see if there is a new firmware. just follow the link (in the menu on the left, above) with your phone model. In my case, this is “GT-C6712”.

In general, if the phone works fine and it suits you, I do not recommend performing the firmware. It is quite possible that you will lose some of the data, the phone may start working “differently” (I don’t know. for the better or for the worse). At least. make a backup before such updates (see above in the article).

That’s all for today. Hope you can easily connect your Samsung phone to your PC.

Why the computer does not see the phone when connected via USB

If the user checked the ports and wires for damage, but did not find anything, then it is worth looking for the reason in the phone. You need to enable the “USB storage” function on it. If even after this the PC does not display the smartphone, then the problem may be hidden in unconfigured or uninstalled drivers.

Also, if the phone does not connect to the computer, the power to the ports may be turned off. To check this, you need to open the PC control panel, then open the “Power supply” section. It is located in the “Hardware and Sound” tab. You need to open the power settings and find the option “temporarily disable the port”. If the feature is enabled, this needs to be changed by disabling it.

To check if the device drivers are working as expected, you need to go to Device Manager. There, find the “portable devices” tab. It should contain all devices connected to this PC.

If the smartphone is not there, although it is connected to the laptop, then you should reinstall the driver. First you need to delete the existing one, and then download the new one. Or just remove it, and then connect the device to the PC so that the system itself will install the drivers.

How to properly connect your Android phone to your computer via USB

To connect a smartphone to a PC correctly, you need to decide on the purpose of the connection. That is, to understand why it took such an action.

Selecting a mode for connecting Android 9 and Samsung Android via USB to PC

To connect Android version 9.0 to your computer, you need to connect the cable. Then you need to select the desired mode. In order to use a smartphone as a removable medium, you need to select the “MTP” type. By selecting it, the user will be able to transfer files to the phone, delete them from there and format the memory.

Important! If you need to transfer those files that the MTP mode does not support, then you can select the “PTP” type.

Modem function

Many users are interested in how to connect a phone to a computer via an Android USB cable so that the mobile device acts as a modem. This is possible only when the smartphone has an option to access the Internet, it is possible to enable Internet distribution to other devices, and there is also an option to distribute traffic on the SIM card used by the subscriber.

To distribute the Internet to a PC, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the drive to the PC.
  • Open “Settings”. “Wireless networks”. “”.
  • Open modem mode, press “USB-modem”. “Enable”.

On the laptop, open the “network” option. Open the “Wi-Fi” tab, where to find your device and click “connect”. Thus, the question of how to enable data transfer to Android via USB has been resolved.

Important! If you need to charge your phone using a laptop, you need to connect your Android to your PC with a cable. Configure the smartphone as a USB drive, after which the mobile device will start charging.

Setting up USB connection in Android

Sometimes it happens that the laptop does not see the smartphone when it is connected to it. This can be due to several reasons. First of all, it is worth checking the functionality of the cable. You should connect several phones to it in turn to check if the charge is on. If no smartphone is charged from the cord, then the cable is definitely broken.

If the wire is okay, then the problem may be hidden in the phone jack or the USB port of the computer. First, you should check the socket for performance. To do this, you can connect several charges to the smartphone in turn. If the chargers are working, but the phone does not respond to them, then its socket is broken.

Important! To fix it, it is better to contact the service center, do not try to solve the problem yourself.

In addition, the USB port of the PC needs to be checked. You can insert a USB stick into it to see if it will work. If the computer does not recognize the removable device, then its port may be broken. To fix it, you should also contact a specialist.

If absolutely all of the above is working properly, but the user cannot figure out how to connect the phone to the computer via the Android USB cable, then the reason should be found in Android itself. The device needs to be connected to a PC and open the top panel, where notifications are usually displayed. There you need to click “Use USB” and select the desired connection mode.


One of these programs is MyPhoneExplorer. This application has a number of functions that will be useful to any person. It allows you to read, write, edit and send messages from your mobile device via your PC. It also has a sync function for some applications. All data that is entered into them on the computer immediately appears on the smartphone. Users note that this functionality provides them convenience and saves time.

What does the computer version of the program MyPhoneExplorer look like?

How to connect Android to computer using MyPhoneExplorer:

  • Download the application to your phone and PC.
  • Go to the computer version of the program and find a mobile device in the “Settings” section.
  • On the phone, you need to go to the developer options and enable USB debugging.

All data will now be in sync.

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To transfer files

One of the options is to open files stored in the phone memory from your computer or move them between devices. To complete this task, you need to wire both devices, then open the notification panel on your smartphone.

Connecting your phone to a laptop via USB

It should display a notification that the USB cable is connected. You need to click on the message to configure the connection. A small menu will open where you can choose how the device will be used. For example, to transfer files or view images.


The AirDroid app works in a similar way. In order for it to perform its functions correctly, you must install it on your computer and your smartphone. Thus, it will sync all data on both devices. If any changes are made in the phone by its owner, they will be displayed on the computer version of the program.

How to connect to computer via Android phone using AirDroid:

  • Download the application to your phone and PC.
  • Open the mobile version of the application, complete registration and authorization.
  • Open the computer version of the program, log in.
  • Users can now use AirDroid on both devices.

This application allows you to exchange files between your mobile device and laptop. They can also be edited and deleted. Plus, AirDroid lets you make calls directly from your PC.

Another useful function that this program has is the search for a lost phone. If a person does not remember where he put his smartphone, then he can give a sound signal from the computer. A beep sounds on your device to make it easier to find.

Important! AirDroid has an option to display your phone screen on your computer monitor. The image can be easily controlled by switching it.

Synchronization of devices in the AirDroid program

After downloading the application, the user will have to register. It takes less than a minute, since there is no need to enter a lot of data, just a name, email address and password. For the program to work on a mobile device, you need to enter the same data that was used during registration.

How to unlock Android without data loss

How to unlock Android if you forgot your screen lock pattern or password. A simple and effective way to unlock Android without data loss.

I want to say right away that you can unlock Android in any case, it is only important if you lose all your data or not.

In this article, we will look at ways to unlock:

  • Using an internet connection
  • Unblocking with your Google account
  • If you forgot your username and password from your account
  • Using Aroma File Manager
  • Factory reset

I will describe the way how to unlock Android using the feature provided by Google. The only catch. into the Internet connection, since we cannot go to the settings for this. but it also turned out to be quite solvable. If your Android was already connected to the Internet before blocking, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all. go directly to the next item.

If you had Wi-Fi turned on. you can go to any place where you have already connected and have not changed the password there. when such a Wi-Fi network is found, your Android will automatically connect to the Internet.

Insert another SIM card with activated internet and minimum traffic. When you change the SIM card, your 3G enabled phone or tablet will automatically turn on mobile data. If it doesn’t, try restarting your device or using a SIM card from another operator.

Once you have connected your Android to the Internet, proceed to the next step on how to unlock Android.

Now that your Android has access to the Internet, you can unlock your pattern or password using your Google account. To do this, you need to enter the wrong password or picture 5 times, then the “Forgot password” button will appear. Here you will need to enter the data of the Google account (login and password) to which your Android is linked. If this button does not appear, enter again. of course there may be exceptions, but it should appear.

It may happen that you do not remember your account details. This usually happens when someone else did the registration for your account. Therefore, after recovery, I advise you to spend a little time and create a new account yourself. The article How to set up the Play Store will help you with this, or watch the video tutorial below. And now you need to find out your data.

Forgot your login

Follow the link: select “I forgot my username”. Here you will need to enter your phone number to which the account and data are linked during registration.

If this option does not suit you (you do not know the data specified during registration), then try another method: connect Android to the computer using a cable and run the proprietary utility for your android (you can download the program and drivers on the official website of the manufacturer). In the “About device” section you can find your Google account login.

Forgot your password

Follow the link: problems with signing in to Google. select “I forgot my password”. You will need to enter your e-mail, then phone number.

How to register in the Play Store from PC (video instruction)

If for some reason this method of unlocking Android without losing data did not suit you, there are still other, more sophisticated ones: a backup with overwriting the files responsible for locking the screen using the Adb run program. USB Debugging must be enabled before the problem occurs. We have analyzed the easiest and most versatile way to unlock Android without losing data.

This method will allow you to save all the data to the device, and it is also very simple: but there is also an important point. this method will only work on devices with Recovery Mode and an SD card in the device. On different devices, entering the recovery mode happens differently and you have to google it yourself, but the most common way to enter recovery is used by all Xiaomi smartphones and many others:

  • Turn off the device
  • Press the power button and the “volume up” button
  • If you’re lucky. you will be taken to the Recovery menu

Did you manage to enter the recovery? Congratulations! Then go to the instructions below, otherwise try the other 4 methods if all else fails. then you only have to reset to factory settings. You don’t know how to get into the recovery. see this instruction.

Instructions for installing Aroma File Manager via recovery

    Download the archive from Aroma from the link below (IMPORTANT! Do not unpack the archive! The first archive is v1.80. Is more stable, the second is v2.00. With the program in Russian) [1.43 Mb] (Downloads: 22217) [1.92 Mb] (Downloads: 14927)

  • We drop the archive with the program to the root of the SD card of the device (you may be lucky and when you connect to the device with a USB cable, you will be able to transfer files, otherwise you will have to use a card reader, do not rush to buy it right away.At almost any cellular salon you will be helped with the transfer of the archive to a memory card for a nominal fee)
  • We enter Recovery and select the “Install Zip from SD Card” item and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager
  • After installation, the program will start right in the recovery
  • We go into the settings and look for the item “Automount all devices on start”
  • We exit the program or from recovery and enter again, install the program again as in step 3 (this is necessary so that the system partition where the key is graphically stored is mounted)
  • Now using the program, go to the folder: “Data Folder” “System Folder” and look for “gesture.key” or “password.key”
  • We delete the found file and reboot the device, a surprise awaits you. device unlocked 🙂
  • If you have synchronized your data or backed up your android, then perhaps you should not waste time looking for another way to unlock Android, but do a Hard Reset. If you do this, you will lose all your data.

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    Fixing the error on Samsung A10

    On the Samsung A10 phone model, the file system limit error occurs more often than others. Before cleaning the phone memory, you need to free up the RAM. To do this, click on the “Home” button.

    In a smartphone, it is located at the bottom of the screen and looks like a rectangle or vertical lines. All displayed applications in this block must be removed. Swipe them off the screen by swiping up (or left). Now you need to get into the phone subsystem menu. Press the power button and hold it until a menu appears from the items “Power off”, “Restart”, etc. Select an item to turn off.

    • Press the key to increase the sound and hold it;
    • Without releasing the previous key, press together with it the power button of the smartphone and also continue to hold it;
    • In the window that opens, using the volume keys, move Focus to the “Wipe cache partition” item and press the power key once;

    This feature is designed to safely clear the cache of your smartphone. In this mode, the possibility of violating any system data is reduced. Or delete something important. After cleaning, the smartphone will automatically turn on. And you can make sure that after this procedure the system message “File system limit” on the Samsung A10 smartphone no longer appears. The instruction can be useful for other problems with the memory of the smartphone. Using this menu, you can completely reset the smartphone to factory settings.

    To do this, in the menu you need to select another item in English. “Wipe data / factory reset”. After confirming the reset, all user settings and files will be deleted from the Samsung A10 phone. Use it carefully.

    Other Ways to Clear Android Phone Memory

    Using the file manager in the Samsung A10 smartphone, the user can see what is inside the system. Mobile apps and games can automatically create files and folders. When the user saves progress in games, creates drawings and documents in editors, files are created in the internal memory of the device. To get to them, you need to open the built-in file manager or download Total Commander from the Play Market. Then open “Internal storage”.

    • Use it to open a folder called DCIM. It serves as a repository for all graphic files: photos, drawings, videos, icons, screenshots and more.
    • You need to delete everything unnecessary in it.
    • Next, open the “Download” folder and do the same with it. The folders that programs create have part of the name of the “parent application” in the name.

    Find them and delete if they do not contain important data. The more unnecessary files the user finds and deletes, the faster and more stable the smartphone will work in the future.

    File system limit on Samsung A10 what to do?

    Samsung A10 users are faced with a problem. the limit of the file system in the phone. It is not solved by the usual cleaning of memory and deleting the general cache of the smartphone. What needs to be done to eliminate “Too many files created on the phone”. with a description of the actions.

    How to clear memory on Samsung smartphones

    The “File system limit” error is common not only for Samsung models, but also for other phones with the Android operating system. It appears as a result of the malfunctioning of certain applications. Which ones lead to this. it can be difficult to determine. The error text means that the system is somehow out of memory. This can happen even if quite recently there was a lot of free space.

    To delete the entire cache of programs and games on your Samsung A10 phone, you need to do the following:

    • Open the smartphone settings;
    • Look for the “Applications” item in the menu and select it;

    Delete the application cache this way. Check everything in the general list of programs and carry out manual cleaning of the smartphone’s memory. When most of the data has been deleted, you can check if the method helped to resolve the “File system limit” error.

    In addition to the cache, it is also worth conducting a more thorough audit of the phone for the presence of unnecessary applications. Remove everything from your smartphone that may be superfluous and interfere with the stable operation of the system. To quickly find programs with a large “weight” in the general list, you can sort them by size.

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