How to make redirection to another number?

The owner of a mobile phone, which has already raised, how to add to the black list on a megaphone or another operator, will probably be interested in another useful option. call forwarding. The function is especially useful when there is no time to talk or other apparatus is more convenient to use for conversation. How to redirect calls and is it possible to connect this opportunity right on the smartphone. try to figure it out.

To put a forwarding to the device, it is not necessary to call the hotline of the operator or send a strange type of USSD command. It is enough to spend several manipulations on Android or iOS. to configure them in the right way no more difficult than removing the blocking from the phone.

Important: All procedures described below are completely safe for smartphones. Remaining within the framework of the instructions, the user does not risk anything and will be able to set forwarding to another number without assistance.

Enable call forwarding to another number on the iPhone as easy as to speed up the Internet; Enough to follow a simple algorithm:


  • Log in to the section and specify the required phone numbers for redirection; This process is identical to the creation of the Rules on Android and will be reviewed in more detail in the next section.

Tip: If you do not work forwarding to the iPhone, you should try to set numbers through your cellular operator. how to do it, let’s tell.


In the old versions of the Android, making call forwarding to another number can be as follows:

  • If you want to forward all incoming calls. select the option “Always to Number” (or with the same name), enter the corresponding numbers in the text field that opens and click on the “Enable” button.

To enable forwarding on modern smartphones running Android, you need:

IMPORTANT: Forwarding enabled when the smartphone is opened in a regular mode. recommendations to flash Android or configure the option from under the recovery only about the incompetence of the adviser.

How to enable call forwarding on android?

In this article we will tell how to make redirection from one number to another on any available cellular operator, including MTS, MegaFon, Beeline or Tele2. True, there is one important nuance. you will need a smartphone based on Android. In this case, call forwarding will be carried out using the basic settings of the Android operating system of your phone. At the same time, the forwarding of SMS messages is possible only after connecting the appropriate service from the communication operator.

Find the phone application on the desktop and open it.

A small menu appears, select “Settings”.

Forwarding can be configured for each SIM card if several are used in your smartphone. In the desired subsection, tap on the “call forwarding” line (in our example, the redirection will be included for SIM 1).

Choose an option to redirection call. Suppose you want to forward to another number all incoming. click “Always redirect”.

Next, specify a number for redirection and tap “Enable”.

Ready. Please note that as the first digit number we indicated 8, but the system automatically replaced it to 7. and it is correct.

Ask someone to call your check number. In our case, everything works perfectly. when calling a call to another number. over, the device from which the redirection takes place is recorded.

To disable the function, click “Always redirect”.

The above is an example for Honor / Huawei devices. On samsung instruction is not very different. Open the phone application.

Redirection using the operator

In addition, you can arrange call forwarding from Android smartphone using mobile operator services. This can be done through your personal account on the operator’s website or using USSD commands.

For example, mobile operators from the so-called “Big Four” (Beeline, MegaFon, MTS and Tele2) respond to the redirection of the following commands:

Setting the forwarding in the absence of a response: 61 meter Rate of waiting (05, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 sec)

But if you have another mobile operator, then the commands may differ. You can find out USSD commands for your operator on its official website.

How to configure, enable or disable forwarding on Android

Even inexperienced user can configure this feature if you follow step by step instructions. To enable the option, you must in the Settings section go to the “Phone” section. Then you need to click on “Forwarding”, select a SIM card with which calls will be redirected. At the final stage, you choose the type of forwarding and the phone number.

You can perform the settings in another way. To do this, go to the official website of the communication service provider. After authorization, you must go to the front account control menu and select “Forwarding”, specify the number for receiving incoming calls.

Note! An alternative option will be configured using mobile operator. To do this, you need to contact him, and it will help connect the necessary option.

Disabling forwarding is performed in the same sequence as the connection, but only instead of switching on, select “Disable”. After disabling the function, it can be re-enabled at any time. Therefore, if the user knows how to set up forwarding to Android, it can easily turn off this option.

note! Initially, the redirection service for all operators was paid. To date, almost all cellular service providers provide this option for free.

Connecting and configuring forwarding for Beeline subscribers

We connect call forwarding on Huawei

To configure call forwarding on the Huawei phone with the Android operating system you need to perform only 6 steps:

  • Tapack on the icon;
  • In the upper right corner tadam 3 points;
  • Go in;
  • Then tapam on;
  • Select the desired item, enter the phone number and click.

I think that the main meaning of call forwarding you caught. The main thing is that you need to know. any phone with Android has a call forwarding function, only the name of the menu items for which you need to go to the point setting of this feature.

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The file system on your device plays an important role. Thanks to it, the processing and storage of data is performed.

Advantages and deficiencies of forwarding

As with any option, the call redirection has its pros and cons, so before connecting this service, carefully read them:

Whatever option you choose. all settings are prescribed in your phone, which we indicated at the very beginning of the article when working with the phone application. Here gets a way with the settings of your android and third-party programs. If the entire configuration process goes through a cellular operator, then no additional actions are required of you. But remember that for this option in most cases an additional commission is charged, so disconnect the forwarding, as soon as it is not necessary.

Setting the Options through the communication operator

Redirect the call to another phone number, and using the service provided by the communication operators. To do this, you just need to go to the official website of your operator in the appropriate section, and see how to do it. For example, on biline, our actions will look like this (more here):

What is redirection

Call forwarding is an automatic function, redirecting all calls from one number to another. In the modern world, this service is provided and regulated by cellular operators.

To configure the redirection, you must check whether your operator supports this option.

The optionally option when the incoming call is redirected, can be divided into 4 types:

Always redirect to a given phone. Convenient when replacing the old number to the new.

If busy. When your main leak for trimmer is occupied by another call

In the absence of a response. If the main number does not answer the call for a certain time

If unavailable. When the main number is disabled or outside the network zone.

How to turn on Android redirection

This will forward all incoming calls to the number you specified and will be valid until the call forwarding function is disabled.

In the upper corner, click “Menu” and select “Settings”

Go to the “Call Settings” tab

Here, depending on the version of your Android, you need to enter the “Call Redirection” section

In the settings of this section, select one of the four types (described above) forwarding

Enter the number from which you want to receive incoming calls and click “Enable”.

How to enable call forwarding on iPhone

Click “Call Forwarding” and turn on

In the text box, enter the phone number to which you want to redirect all incoming calls

Click back and exit the settings so that call forwarding entered into force

Once you have entered the phone number, calls will start redirected. From the incoming calls, nothing has changed, but your iPhone will no longer constantly call, and instead it will simply send calls to the number you specify.

How to disable forwarding on Android

If you no longer want calls to come to another phone. deactivate the function by following the following steps:

Go to the phone application “(Set of numbers).

Press in the upper corner of the “Menu” and select “Settings”

In this section dependent on Android, you need to enter the “Call Redirection” section.

In the call redirection settings, disable call forwarding.

How to disable call forwarding on iPhone

Disable forwarding easier than enable:

Return to “Settings” and select “Phone”;

In the “Calls” section, find the “Redirection” item and click on it, and then wipe the switch to the “Off” position.

While the call forwarding function is disabled, your iPhone will receive incoming phone calls as usual.

Advantages and disadvantages of forwarding on the phone

Thanks to this service, you can easily inform everyone about changing the old number to the new. Voice answering machine prejudices your current number so that they can get through to you.

In this case, the old SIM card can be pulled out from the phone, because the redirection operation itself is performed using the operator.

When you configure the redirection of incoming calls to another number, the messages to the specified number will not come.

The balance of the SIM card with which redirection is carried out, should not be zero. Otherwise redirection will not work.

To redirect incoming calls and SMS, you can use third-party programs from Google Play.

You can at any time disable call forwarding on your phone, whether Android or iPhone, and turn it on again. We hope you were useful to our call forwarding guide.

Redirect codes to another number for MTS, TV2, MegaFon and Beeline

The easiest way to perform redirection for users of popular domestic operators MTS, TV 2, MegaFon and Beeline. This use USSD codes. They are typed for all popular Russian operators, because you can safely use the teams we listed.

Type the following command combinations, instead of “number”, specify the number to which the redirection must occur, and enjoy the useful features.

Combinations: Purpose:
21 meter # Forwarding all calls to the call number.
67 number # If the called number is busy.
62Number # If the called number is not available or disabled.
61 meter # If the subscriber for some reason did not answer the challenge.

In the latter case, the number change occurs if the subscriber did not answer the call for thirty seconds. If you want to reduce or increase the current waiting time (thirty seconds), then type 61 meer redirect time waiting time #

Phone number Be sure to specify in full format, 7, operator code and full number. For example, 2179234834567.

Unlike other operators who have a free redirection service, a megaphone will charge two and a half rubles per minute for the transfer of calls to urban and mobile numbers.