Android does not turn on the camera

If the camera does not turn on on Android, then the causes of the problem can be covered in software errors or problems at the hardware level. The user can cope with the errors in the operation of the system, but the replacement of the failed component will require specialist intervention.

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Possible reasons why the camera does not turn on

If you did not drop and beat the device with Android, but at some point you found that the camera does not work, then, most likely, the reason for this is a software error. It can be:

  • Incorrect camera setting.
  • Application conflict.
  • Lack of memory.
  • Cache overflow.
  • Infection with viruses.
  • Incorrect firmware.
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If everything is in order with the system, pay attention to the physical condition of the module. The camera may not turn on due to mechanical damage after impact or falling, pollution of the lens.

Android quick starting the camera how to enable or off this function on the phone

On modern versions Android there are useful functions about which you might not know. Quick inclusion of the camera on Android. This is a function that allows you to run the camera on the phone with a rapidly convenient way.

You can enable or disable this opportunity in the settings and we will show how to do it. If the information is not suitable for your device, then see the reviews below, maybe someone has already shared useful information for your gadget.

Let’s see how to quickly turn on the camera on Android 9 so that you quickly start the camera on the phone, you need to quickly press the “Food/Turning” button twice. This function can be used immediately when performing any task on the screen and without leaving the application, game, or even with a blocked screen. You can take pictures, shoot and save after quick starting, but watch previously shot and saved photos and videos until you unlock the phone by entering a password, graphic key, fingerprint or other way to unlock the smartphone.

If you do not support quick access to the camera, then the reason is that this function is turned off on your phone to enable or disable the fast start of the camera on Android 9 you need to open “Settings”. (For those who do not know how to get into settings. We pull from the upper edge of the screen down and in the emerging quick access to various useful functions, click on the gear icon in the form of a gears further in the settings, you need to go to the “System” point “System” Next “gestures” in gestures select the “Fast access to the chamber” item where we can turn on or turn off this function.

How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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How to restore camera application?

Changing permits for the camera and microphone on the site

  • On the Android device, open the Chrome application.
  • To the right of the address line click “”. Settings.
  • Touch the site settings.
  • Touch the “microphone” or “camera”.
  • Click to turn on or off the microphone or camera.

How to reinstall the Samsung camera application?

Go to the settings of the application manager and then brush to the left to select all applications. Scroll down to the “camera” application and click on it.

To configure the security camera on Android, follow the following actions.

  • Connect the computer and phone to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Install the IP Webcam application on your smartphone.
  • Close all other camera applications
  • Launch the IP Webcam application
  • The application will launch your phone camera and display a URL address.

Methods for restoring the camera on the phone

Recovery through the installation of applications

  • The camera disappeared as a result of deleting the game from the phone. In such a situation, the definition of the application of removing which the camera has disappeared and reinstall the latter will help.
      You will find the disappeared programs on the Library tab. The old application is easier to look for the installation date. The newest list at the top, the oldest at the bottom or vice versa, depending on the sorting method.
  • We find recently remote. Reinstall them.
  • Restore the remote application.

Restoration by removing applications

It happens. that after installing the games, one of the main functions of the smartphone disappears or stops working. This happens when people download programs from pirate sites.

Hi! Just recently, I had to update the iPhone 5s on iOS 10 to one friend and everything would be fine, but Artificially make obsolescence of devices. forced to buy a new. Look, after the update, the rear camera stopped working (a black screen is always shown there now), and the flashlight does not turn on, he constantly writes about some kind of overheating, although the device is completely cold ”.

Of course, I can believe that Apple somehow force to buy their new gadgets (for example, adding new chips). But not the same barbaric. with a simple update breaking the cameras. Therefore, it was decided to try to correct this ailment and after all, it turned out! How? I’ll tell you now, let’s go!

From the very beginning it is worth noting that, regarding this problem, the back camera and flashlight are dependent on each other. The camera will show a black screen, and when the flash is turned on, it will be written: “The flash is turned off. Before using the iPhone flash, cooling is required “. This, so to speak, is the main symptom.

So, first of all, I climbed to look and see what people write about this. It turns out that the Apple forum already has a whole branch dedicated to this ailment. And such “lucky ones” (with a non.starting camera after update) will be set to a whole town. True, mostly we are talking about iPhone 5, but 5s, as well as other gadgets on iOS, are also mentioned. Here are what tips and actions managed to spy. after their implementation, some of the camera earned again:

  • Turn on or disable energy saving mode
  • Switch cameras (from frontal to rear) several times. Until the black screen is lost and it does not start turning on.
  • Press the camera a little (very neatly!).
  • Close all applications that can use the camera and try again.
  • We make a rigid reloading of the gadget. How?
  • The last relevant firmware.

If this does not save, then you have to climb inside the gadget. There will be a small advice. in the case when the device is under warranty, do it yourself, how it should not and remember that for the IPhone RST, the warranty period of 2 years (and not one think).

If the assembly and disassembly skills are not alien to you, then check and turn on, turn off:

Perhaps they just left after falling or another blow. If the phone is restored unofficially, retreated or subjected to some kind of “handicraft” repair, it can very often note that there is no special film on the train, which allows you to reliably fix the train in the connector. And at the slightest fall, it simply falls out.

Even if everything is in place and it seems to you that they are installed tightly and to the end, to solve a non.operating flash and black screen when the camera is launched, it is necessary to pull out and insert them. Yes, there is enough simple reconition in most cases.

This also worked out in our case. in the end it turned out that the phone fell away several times and the switch of the camera was trivial.

It should be noted here that a friend bought an iPhone 5s on the market and who, how, and from which he collected it. we naturally do not know. In any case, if in the previous version of iOS this did not interfere with the camera to start normally, then after the update something went wrong and instead of the shooting object, we saw a continuous black screen.

I hope that you will not come to disassemble the device and force to earn a camera with a flashlight will turn out to be other, simpler ways. Although in the latter version there is nothing complicated, you just need to act carefully and not break anything else 🙂

P.S. There is another secret way to solve the problem. we put the “like” and all “ok”!

Buying a modern tablet or smartphone allows you to get at your disposal not only a device for making calls, but also a compact computer, and even a photo and video camera. However, it is the last element of the device that sometimes fails and does not turn on at the most inopportune moment. The reasons because of which such a problem arises is a lot. And some of them can solve the user independently, without contacting the service.

Improving the camera for Android

Now we list possible ways to solve problems and how to configure the camera on Android:

Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus: How to Restore Missing or Deleted Home Screen Icons

    The first way is to reset the gadget to the factory settings. To do this, you need to do the following sequence: go to the phone settings, then go to the “backup” tab and click the “Reset” button to the factory settings ”. In many cases, this helps to solve the problem. You can read more about the settings reset procedure here.

If an image from the module enters the screen, everything works correctly. In some applications that use the camera, an option will be available between a standard program and downloaded. Also, ways to improve the camera can help you.

How to turn off the sound of the camera on Android

Integration problems in Skype

Many people who first use a smartphone with a downloaded IP-telephony program are wondering why the camera does not work in Skype on Android. There may be several reasons for this.

The most important version of the utility is still in the finalization stage, or simply does not fit the current version of the operating shell.

Another case. the camera settings are not exhibited with such programs. Such an option is activated in various phones in different ways.

Thus, from all of the above, one can understand that working with the camera on Android has a number of features that must be taken into account, then no problems when using the module and the operating system will not be.

How to take a lot of pictures on Android at once?

Is it possible to take several consistent photos with a delay on the iPhone? In iOS, if you hold the “home” button in the “camera” application, you can take a series of photos continuously.

How to disable the timer on the Samsung phone?

Touch (settings) on the screen of the file / folder list. Touch [power management]. Click the button displayed to the right of the [shutdown timer].

  • Press the S (E) button. button s (e).
  • Select E (Auto.West) mode. Highlight E (auto.board) and click j.
  • Place the photo in the frame.
  • Take a picture. Press the shutter button half for focusing, and then press the button until the end. The automotive indicator will start flashing, and the sound signal will be heard.
turn, video, camera, phone

How to enable the front chamber in Instagram and TIK current applications

Above we have given an example of a standard camera application in Android. And if it comes to other applications? Everything is simple here and you will easily figure it out!

If this Instagram application enters it:

Click on “” to add a photo:

We are looking for an icon on the screen, which also consists of two arrow in a circle (this is a button to change the rear chamber to the front and back):

Result. the camera unfolded. Remember, any kind of icon of two arrow in a circle. this is a change of camera:

You need to post a photo on the Internet? Find out how to connect the Internet on the phone in two ways. You will learn how to connect to free Wi-Fi in a public place.

How to switch the rear camera to the front: control badges

The rear chamber switching icon to the front and back to Instagram:

The rear chamber switching icon to the front and back to the TIK current:

The rear chamber switching icon to the front and back in the usual application camera on Android:

In different applications and on different phones, the principle is left alone: ​​to switch the cameras from the rear to the front, you need to look for an icon of two arrow in a circle. Arrows in a circle unfold the camera (more correctly, switch the rear and front chambers).

How to connect a webcam to the Android device

Usually, few people are interested in connecting the camera to Android, because in Android devices there are already, or even two. But there are situations when it fails (breaks or is very contaminated with dust so that the device sees nothing). If suddenly you became the owner of a broken camera, I will explain how to solve such a problem.

What do you need like this is the presence of a USB-separation or support for an OTG connection on a phone or tablet. The connection is no complexity using a USB protocol and the presence of drivers for installation.

If you do not have the necessary drivers, then the solution to this problem will be loading software from official sources. But, you may not need the drivers since the Android system can perform settings without assistance.

So, we start connecting

  • Connect the USB Web camera to your device via USB. It is necessary to make sure that the phone has discovered a new device. The phone will find the device as a data drive.
  • If suddenly there is a switch on the webcam, make sure that the webcam is necessarily enabled.
  • If the webcam is detected, reboot the gadget. And everything is ready, we can use. As for me, easy and very fast!

If suddenly you could not connect to the Android camera, then I advise you to download a program called Stick Mount from Google Play. For the correct operation of this application, Root rights may be required. Stick Mount helps to automatically recognize the external camera through the USB and gives out a list of all found devices.

It turns out that thanks to this program you can connect up to several devices at the same time, which for some users will be very welcome.

Improving the camera for Android

If you are a happy owner of a video camera that can connect by wireless Wi-Fi, then I will explain the way to connect by the example of DSC-QX100, as for me, this is the best video camera for Android with wireless mating, as the ligament via Wi-Fi This is her direct purpose.

Here is a step-by-step instruction how to connect a Wi-Fi camera to Android:

  • Enter the password, which is written on the same sticker as the SSID code.
  • Next, you need to touch the NFC tagged with NFC NFC camera. Power includes: touched by devices, you need to keep them for 1-2 seconds until the application “Play Memories Mobile” is launched. Food is turned off: you need to touch the smartphone camera, and not remove it until the lens is advanced.

By connecting such an external lens, you can shoot a chic video and make magnificent photos that the camera cannot.

Find Play Memories Mobile and install on your device, you can click on the link. Android connection to TV via Wi-Fi-link connection Android to a computer via Wi-Fi-link

Methods of average complexity

These are standard steps that can be taken in the case when the application shows an error message “failed to connect to the camera”. Try using them all. should help. And do not forget to stop the application and restart it before each new attempt to connect the camera. The methods of correcting the error “failed to connect to the camera” cited here do not carry the dangers of loss of saved photos and videos.

  • Go to the “settings” of Android devices;
  • Select “Applications”;
  • Find the camera application and select it;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Cameras”.
  • Click on “permission”.
  • Make sure the “camera resolution” slider is shifted to the right. You can turn it off and turn it on again.

Methods for eliminating error for advanced users

Attention: these methods of correcting error “failed to connect to the camera” when used entail a loss of data saved on Android devices. In order not to lose contacts, photo galleries, games, music and other content, it is necessary to back up. Save photos, account information and a backup of applications in your Google account. All this will be re.installed after adding the same Google account account to the device.

A) Ceshaet cleaning allows you to clean the device system of temporary data. obsolete and only cluttering memory. This option is activated in Recovery mode, which becomes available after the phone reload using the bootloader.

  • Turn off the Android device;
  • Hold the volume and power buttons for starting the phone at the same time. you will see the image of the Android robot;
  • By navigation using the volume control button, go to the Recovery Mode mode;

B) reset to factory settings settings is considered the most cardinal way to solve problems, as it entails a complete loss of data. But if no other methods help, then you will simply be forced to use it. However, the data will help to save the data, and the re-setting of the device will only fix the skills of working with Android devices. We give two methods using which you can dump a phone or tablet to factory settings.

  • Turn off your phone or tablet;
  • Squeeze the “volume.” and “power” buttons at the same time to re.start the device (you will see Android robot);
  • Select an option offering to return to the factory settings (Factory or Factory Reset) by pressing the power button to confirm.