Honor, Huawei turns off by itself: what to do?

Periodically, our mobile phones begin to live independently. For example, a smartphone can turn off and on by itself. It is quite logical that this happens for some reason, which leads to the fact that the mobile phone is buggy.

In this article, we will investigate the situation in which Honor, Huawei turns off by itself. We will answer the following questions:

  • Why is this happening?
  • And what to do to get rid of this problem?
turn, your, honor, lite, phone

Solving software problems

If the phone turns off, then the official support service of the manufacturer of these phones recommends, first of all, to use the following instructions:

  • Use the special application “Phone Manager”, which allows you to optimize the device;
  • Carry out an operation to clear the system cache through the recovery menu. To do this, you need to turn off your smartphone. Simultaneously hold down the ON and PLUS buttons. Use the “” and “-” buttons to select wipe cache partition from the list. Wait for the completion of the procedure and click on “reboot system now”;
  • Go to the “Management” section through the settings and make sure that the function of scheduled shutdown / activation of a mobile phone is disabled;
  • Make sure that the mobile phone is not overheating. This usually happens if it is being used while recharging. Or with prolonged use of any energy-intensive programs (for example, “heavy” games). If the smartphone overheats, then automatic protection is triggered. it turns off forcibly;
  • Reset to factory settings.

Returning to the original parameters can be done in two ways:

  • Using the standard settings menu. To do this, click on the gear image, go to the “System” section, select “Reset” and “Restore factory settings”;
  • Through the recovery menu. Again, turn off the phone and hold down, until the image appears, two buttons. PLUS and ON. Select “wipe data / factory reset” from the list. Wait for completion. Click on “reboot system now”.

Attention! A rollback to the original settings results in the loss of all personal data. Therefore, it is recommended to initially save them somewhere. For example, on the cloud, on a removable flash drive, on a PC drive.

If the instruction did not bring a positive result, then you will have to contact the service so that the specialists look at the mobile phone and carry out its repair.

List of reasons leading to a similar situation

The complexity of this problem is that it is sometimes difficult to determine why the phone turns off on its own. The reasons can be both software and hardware.

The main ones leading to this condition are the following:

  • An incorrect firmware version is being used on the mobile phone. Usually, the crash begins to manifest itself immediately after this type of update;
  • The user decided to install some applications, the work of which leads to a conflict with the mobile operating system;
  • Unauthorized interruption of the official firmware installation procedure;
  • Malfunction of control of power supply, loop, storage battery;
  • Various mechanical damage.

That is, some of the problems simply cannot be solved on our own. You will need the help of specialized specialists who can perform restoration, repair work.

Nevertheless, a number of procedures can be carried out independently. they are able to solve software errors, if they are the reason why the Honor or Huawei phone is constantly turned off and on.


To make them more informative, we decided to compose the reviews in the “Question-answer” format:

Vladislav. In this way, a completely new smartphone Honor 7A began to glitch, which was initially requested and then automatically updated.

Answer: After completing the update procedure, it is recommended not to touch the mobile phone at all for some time. Until the system scans the device and configures it to properly optimize it. You may have started using it right away. As a result, the correct optimization was not completed. Therefore, you need to use the built-in Phone Manager application and complete the optimization.

Andrei. I have honor 9. Just the other day it started to turn on / off all the time. And so throughout the day.

Answer. It is very likely that the firmware “flew”. That is, the smartphone will need to be flashed correctly.

Alina. Works fine. But as soon as the charge level drops to 70 percent, the mobile phone turns off. After switching on, it informs that the charge level is zero. Although before that he could stand on recharge for a very long time.

Answer: The reason is most likely a faulty battery. It is highly likely that it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Svetlana. I just bought a huawei p30 lite the other day. And here’s the problem. when they call me, the screen immediately goes out and does not turn on again. That is, even I cannot always answer. And I don’t see who exactly wants to call me.

Sergei. I bought Huawei P9 a long time ago. than a year ago. Recently I faced such a situation. a mobile phone can work calmly and for a long time. But then, when performing some kind of operation, for example, when trying to take a photo, it turns off abruptly. Shows zero charge when turned on.

Answer: You will definitely have to replace the battery.

Olga. I accidentally dropped my mobile phone into the water. She took it out and dried it immediately. Working. But when you try to lock the screen, it turns off completely.

Answer: repairs are definitely required to eliminate the consequences of moisture ingress into the mobile phone.

Peter. My Honor 10 received an update today. Allowed to make an automatic update. The download has started. But at some point it was interrupted. After a while, I restarted the mobile and the information appeared that it was updated. But after that the phone started to turn on / off constantly.

Answer: obviously the firmware was installed completely incorrectly. This procedure must be repeated. Already in manual mode.

How to disable Safe Mode on Honor or Huawei?

You can accidentally turn on safe mode on your smartphone, although you will have to try hard for this. you need to accidentally press a certain key combination, and more than once. Nevertheless, some users manage to do this. And the question arises. how to remove safe mode? And the chest opens simply.

First, take a look at what the desktop looks like when Safe Mode is enabled:

This is not only the inscription, but also the disabling of third-party applications. only the built-in ones remain working. The next screen is the usual mode of operation.

To disable safe mode on a smartphone, press the shutdown button and hold it for about one second.

When the menu appears on the screen, simply select “Restart”.

Wait for the device to load and And that’s it! The smartphone will boot normally. Yes, you’re not wrong. all you had to do was restart your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can select the “Shutdown” item, and then manually turn on the smartphone.

If the device just turned off, turn it on in the most usual way.

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How to Disable Screen Lock in Huawei and Honor (All Models)

Are you trying to disable the screen lock on your Huawei smartphone but this setting is locked? Or maybe you can’t find her at all? Learn How to Disable Screen Lock Completely in Huawei.

Huawei smartphones are problematic in terms of screen lock settings. Some users may not find the option to completely disable the screen lock, while other problems can be exploited. It turns out that even if we find this option, the following message may appear:

Disabled by administrator or due to encryption rules or logon data store

Below we show a complete guide, thanks to which you can disable the screen lock (point 1), as well as unlock the corresponding options if they are locked (point 2).

Disabling screen lock in Huawei

To turn off the screen lock, first delete the pattern or PIN that you locked your device with. To do this, go to “Settings Lock Screen & Passwords”.

Here you will find two options: Screen Lock Style and Password. Unfortunately, the lock screen style is only responsible for choosing the visual composition, so we will ignore this option. Instead, click below in the “Password” field, and then select “No”.

If you are unable to select the No option because a message appears informing you that this setting has been disabled by your administrator, see the instructions in the second section below.

After selecting the “No” option, you must enter the programming parameters to completely disable the screen lock. To do this, go to Settings About Phone, then press your finger seven times on the Build Number field. A message appears stating that programming options are enabled.

Navigate to “Settings Programming Options”. One of the first options on the list would be “Screen lock. phone must be unlocked before use.” Deselect this option.

turn, your, honor, lite, phone

Congratulations, the system screen lock has been completely disabled and you don’t even need to swipe your finger to unlock the device. You can, for example, install another app to use the lock screen.

What to do if the options for disabling the screen lock are not available with a message that the administrator has disabled?

Perhaps after entering the Screen Lock & Password tab, or for programming options, the message Disabled by Administrator or Due to Encryption Rules or Login Data Store appears. It is not possible to set the option, then “No” in the password section, and you will not be able to deactivate the lock screen using the programming options. There is a solution for this.

First of all, check if encryption is enabled. Encryption makes it impossible to disable the lock screen. The only solution is to disable encryption. To do this, go to “Settings Advanced Settings Security”, find the tab with encryption and select the option to decrypt the entire device.

However, if you don’t have encryption and the error is still displayed, then there is another solution. You have to enable a different type of lock screen, purposely lock the device by entering the wrong pattern, and then unlock them with the backup PIN. Then all parameters will be unlocked and the error message will no longer appear. Let’s see how to do it.

First go to ‘Settings Lock Screen & Password’. Select the Password tab, and then set a different way to secure your device. Let it be the Model option. Install a new template. After installing the template, you will be prompted to set up a backup PIN. set some simple code that you probably remember, for example 1234. You will need it soon.

After installing the new method of fixing the device, exit the settings and turn off the phone screen. Then turn it on. the system will ask you to install the formula that was installed. Deliberately enter the wrong pattern five times in a row to lock the phone. Then a message will appear stating that the device has been locked for 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you will also be able to unlock your device using the backup PIN in the lower right corner. Select this option and enter your backup PIN that you just set up (see 1234). The device will be unlocked and the message will no longer be displayed. Now you can follow the instructions from the first point by disabling the password lock (“Password No” tab) and deactivating the screen lock in the programming parameters.

Use keyboard shortcut

Some Huawei smartphones can be turned off by initiating a hit to the Recovery menu. To do this, you need to hold down the keys for a while (10-15 seconds):

  • Inclusions.
  • Turn the volume up;
  • Turning the volume down;
  • Turn the volume up or down.

One of these combinations should help and the smartphone will turn off or restart.

Just turn off

If you just need to turn off the device and no third-party problems have arisen (causing this need), you should hold down the power button (located on the side panel) and wait until the menu appears. The panel that appears will have several options:

  • Turn off smartphone.
  • Reboot smartphone.
  • Go offline. disable all wireless modules.

In any case, this method is suitable for people who need to turn off their smartphone before traveling, during an important interview, or in order to save battery. To find out how to turn off your Huawei smartphone if it freezes,

Huawei smartphone is frozen

And there are flaws in the firmware of Huawei smartphones. No one is immune from the situation when the smartphone simply “freezes”. it will not respond to touching the display, pressing the power keys, or volume. There are tons of solutions to this problem. We invite the reader to choose which one is right for him.

Discharge the device

The easiest and 100% most effective way to turn off your Huawei smartphone is to completely discharge the battery. This will probably take a day, but after that you can charge the device and try to use it in dreams. Perhaps the problem that caused the need to turn off the device will disappear.

How to turn off a Huawei smartphone?

It would seem that the answer to this question is obvious. However, users have questions about how to turn off their Huawei smartphone. There are different circumstances. the phone is frozen and does not respond to anything, it does not turn off by standard methods. You should consider as many options as possible when you need to turn off your Huawei smartphone.

Get out the battery

You can do this yourself or at a service center. Experts remove the battery from monolithic smartphones every day. over, this service costs a penny. If there is no way to spend money or you just do not want to, but there is no other option, you can try to remove the back cover yourself and carefully remove the battery, then put it back in place. If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will restart in an already workable state.

Standard reboot

Everything is simple here: press the shutdown key and hold it for about 1-3 seconds.

A small menu appears on the screen. In it you need to select the “Restart” item.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

How to restart Huawei / Honor phone?

Ask yourself a question. how often do you reboot your smartphone? And you can hardly remember the last time you did it. Let’s say more. many do not even know how the touch device reboots. And if this is not necessary, then why know this information? Alas, sometimes you still need to restart your smartphone. How to do it in the case of Huawei or Honor?

How to restart Huawei / Honor phone if it freezes?

If your Honor or Huawei smartphone freezes and does not turn off, the screen does not respond to taps, you need to use another reboot method. Which?

Press the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds (note the screenshot above. it is indicated at the bottom of the screen) until the display goes out.

The smartphone will restart normally.

If for some reason this does not work, you can try the following combination: increase the shutdown sound keys.

Or. keys to decrease the shutdown sound.

And if one of the last two methods helped you, that is, when you press and hold these keys, the screen goes out, immediately remove your finger from the buttons so as not to load an additional mode (recovery, for example).

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How to Stream YouTube Videos from Phone to TV?

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.
  • Click on your profile photo and select Settings.
  • Select View on TV.
  • Press Enter code and enter the code shown on the TV screen in blue.

Is it possible to connect an old TV to the Internet?

If you have a very old TV with only tulip connectors on the body without Internet and WI-FI support, then it can also be connected to a wireless network. To do this, you need to purchase a separate TV box for Android. She will already have all the necessary connectors for comfortable work.

How to connect your phone to a TV without Smart TV?

  • Open the network settings on the TV and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings → Wireless & networks → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After scanning for available devices, select your TV.
  • Use the “Send” menu on your smartphone to transfer photos, videos and audio to TV.

How to connect your Honor 7a phone to your TV?

Go to settings. Select HDMI, HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 in the TV menu. The connector type depends on the model. In the settings of the mobile phone, select the identical item. The connection diagram of the gadget and TV looks like this:

  • turn off the equipment;
  • connect both devices using an HDMI cable;
  • turn on the phone and TV.

How to watch movies online from phone to TV?

  • Go to the gadget settings, the “Wireless networks” section, find the Wi-Fi Direct item there, turn on the option (put a tick).
  • We do the same on the TV (as a rule, the path “Network. Wi-Fi Direct”).
  • Pair two devices and enjoy.

How to connect Honor 9x to TV?

  • On the Honor smartphone, the user needs to open the phone settings.
  • Then go to the section “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on the line “Wi-Fi”. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will open.
  • From the top right, click on the three vertical dots, a drop-down menu will open.
  • Select “Wi-Fi Direct”.

How to connect Honor 8a phone to TV?

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • On Honor, go to Settings.
  • Find the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi”. After that, a list of available networks will open.
  • Go to dropdown menu.
  • Select the “Wi-fi Direct” section. Wait for the list with available devices to open.

How to Cast Computer Screen to LG TV?

On the left side of the screen, find the line Miracast. Click “Start” to confirm the action. On the right side of the TV screen, you will see the line “PC Windows 10”. Select it to stream information from your computer to your LG TV.

ways to remove navigation buttons from the screen on Honor and Huawei

Note. This method is available only after configuration.

How to power off or switch off Honor 10 Lite

There are two ways to remove the bottom buttons:

What are on-screen buttons

These are buttons that are physically absent on the phone, but are available on its screen. That is, they can be controlled using the touch panel. In addition, they hide when launching applications, giving the user more free space.

In Honor 9, in addition to the standard virtual bar of three icons “Home”, “Back” and “Launched applications”, there is another one called the navigation button. It can replace the touch panel as it combines all its functions. The advantage is that it can be moved to any place convenient for the user on the screen.

On devices with Android OS 9 and higher, the control system is supplemented with two control methods. physical and touch navigation buttons. For example, on smartphones Honor 10 and Huawei P20, you can switch between applications, minimize them and return to the desktop with a fingerprint.

How to remove navigation buttons on Honor and Huawei

Modern smartphones are deprived of the physical control keys familiar to the user. They were replaced by sensory ones. This idea of ​​the manufacturers was to expand the working area of ​​the screen, which did an excellent job. However, it has one significant drawback, because of which the owners of the phone want to turn it off. How to remove navigation buttons on Honor and Huawei and what it is, read below.

We remove the bottom buttons through the settings

This method only allows you to hide the bottom panel. It will not be possible to completely remove it, since otherwise the smartphone control will be unavailable.

The step-by-step instruction for hiding the bottom keys on the example of my Honor 9 is as follows:

  • go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the notification shade;
  • select the menu item shown in the screenshot (Screenshot 1);
  • hereinafter “System navigation”;
  • in the new window select “Settings”;
  • in the line highlighted in the screenshot, move the slider to the right (Screenshot 2).

After the actions taken, another icon will be added to the panel, allowing you to hide it at the request of the user. To do this, just click on it (Screenshot 3). The touch keys are called up by swiping up. And they appear only when you swipe from the bottom of the screen. The rest of the display area does not react in any way to this action.

If the desired menu item is not found in the phone settings, you can still disable the navigation buttons. Find out how to do this below.

Why Huawei phone turns itself off: causes and troubleshooting. Repair in St. Petersburg

If your Huawei phone turns off by itself, this is the most serious reason to contact a service center. Usually, this requires software, but in some situations hardware repairs will also be required. First, diagnostics are performed to determine the nature and cause of the breakdown.

Often, the reason for arbitrary shutdown in Huawei phones is an incorrect firmware version, or installed applications that come into conflict with the OS and with each other. However, problems in the hardware are not uncommon (power button cable, problems with the battery and contact group, failures due to the motherboard, etc.).

Common reasons why Huawei turns on and off itself

Most often, the smartphone turns itself off in the following situations:

  • Problem appearing when installing Android firmware updates. If you interrupt it, it can lead to a variety of software problems. In addition to shutting down and restarting, there are problems with applications, the performance of the smartphone as a whole decreases.
  • Power problems. The Huawei phone or tablet turns on and off in this situation. Battery wear could be the main reason for this. Also, something could have happened to the power controller. Contacts could go away. We need hardware diagnostics in special laboratory conditions. Professional equipment required.
  • Other hardware problems. Anything could fail. In case of mechanical damage, strong falls and shocks, as well as water ingress, internal parts could deteriorate, plumes depart. It is impossible to identify the cause of the malfunction on your own. Bring your smartphone to our service center and we will find out the severity of these damages, and if necessary, we will repair Huawei of any complexity.

The experience of our specialists allows us to confidently declare our readiness for repairs of any complexity. Key benefits of our service center:

  • We carry out accurate diagnostics right on the spot. It will take only 5-10 minutes;
  • Our technicians will very quickly restore the system, all this is possible right on the day of contact;
  • We do not set high for our services, so it is beneficial to contact us;
  • If the matter is in the device. original parts are available in our warehouse;
  • All services are covered by a guarantee.

If your Huawei phone or tablet turns off by itself. come and we will definitely restore it. It will no longer glitch, slow down and shutdown / reboot on its own.

Via HDMI cable

This method takes an honorable first place for a reason. It is considered the most popular due to its undeniable benefits. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • the picture on the TV screen is transmitted in the best quality;
  • there is fast file transfer, downloading applications and other programs;
  • convenient and simple use.

The connection diagram of the gadget and TV looks like this:

  • turn off the equipment;
  • connect both devices using an HDMI cable;
  • turn on the phone and TV.

After automatic adjustment, the Mirroring mode will start. The image from the gadget will instantly appear on the TV screen.

There are times when you need to perform all the actions manually. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select HDMI, HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 in the TV menu. Connector type varies by model.
  • In the settings of the mobile phone, select the identical item.

Ways to connect Honor with Android to TV

There are 3 ways to connect your mobile phone to TV. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and a unique scheme. But first things first.

Practical advice on how to connect your Honor (Honor) phone to your TV

Modern technologies never cease to amaze people. For example, today it is possible to connect an Honor smartphone with an Android operating system to a TV. And in what ways to do this. this article will tell you in detail.


This method does not always meet the needs of the user. Not every smartphone model will duplicate the image on the TV screen. At the same time, the owner of the equipment observes a black screen on Honor. But there is an opportunity to enjoy a significant advantage. to use the gadget as a USB drive.

Honor can be controlled via the TV menu using the remote control. The latest TVs allow you to view not only video from photos, but also text files, presentations.

The advantages of the USB connection are as follows:

  • support for all devices;
  • the purchase of additional cables, connectors and so on is excluded;
  • the phone will be able to charge from the TV.

There are also disadvantages. Not many TVs support all file types. The list of readable documents is indicated in the instructions for use. It is impossible to open programs, applications, games, browsers on TV. USB connection is an outdated way for modern gadgets.

To set up data transfer, you should use the following algorithm:

  • turn off both devices;
  • connect them together with a mini-USB or micro-USB cable;
  • then turn on.

Honor 10 Lite 15 Tips & Tricks

After the procedure, automatic setup will start.

Is it possible to transfer an image from a smartphone, why is it necessary?

Not every person is comfortable watching movies or reading information of interest on a miniature screen. If you connect your cell phone to a TV, you can get a widescreen screen and enjoy a better picture. The smartphone, in turn, plays the role of a projector.

The connection procedure is necessary in the following cases:

  • while watching pictures, clips or films;
  • launching applications, programs or games;
  • “Surfing” the Internet;
  • creation and demonstration of various presentations.

Sometimes the phone can act as a remote control. If you additionally connect a mouse, keyboard or joystick, then the possibilities for using conventional technology will be expanded.

Features for 7a, 7c, 8x (X), 9 lite and 10 Lite models

Each smartphone model is unique. Therefore, the type of connection to the TV will differ. But the connection procedure is identical with the above methods.

  • 7a. The Honor 7A can only be connected to a TV via a micro-USB cable. Carry out the activities described above. After automatic setup of devices, the necessary information will be available on the TV screen.
  • 7c. The connection is via a USB port. Here you need to launch a special application that allows you to use your mobile phone as a TV remote control. By following the prompts, you can quickly and easily pair your devices. If the application does not work, then it is recommended to download a similar third-party application from Google Play.
  • 8x. A mobile device can only be connected to a Smart TV that has a built-in Wi-Fi module. The connection procedure is described above.
  • 9 lite (9 Lite). The smartphone supports the “Multi-screen” function. She is responsible for transferring data from the phone to various devices. TV, projector, and so on. In this case, the TV must be equipped with Miracast technology. If it is absent, then you need to purchase a special Android box. It is enough to go to the phone settings, click on the Miracast item, select the TV name.
  • 10 lite. Here, a simple and affordable way will be to connect via HDMI. Follow the instructions above. Auto setup will start Mirroring mode.

How to connect via Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi connection has several advantages:

  • No need to use any wires.
  • TV will act as a monitor.
  • The user can “go out” to the Internet.

The disadvantages are the lack of a Wi-Fi module in some TV models. The connected gadget does not charge from the TV, so the battery runs out quickly.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • On Honor, go to Settings.
  • Find the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi”. After that, a list of available networks will open.
  • Go to dropdown menu.
  • Select the “Wi-fi Direct” section. Wait for the list with available devices to open.

On TV:

  • Open settings.
  • Select the “Network” section.
  • Click on “Wi-fi Direct”. A list with available devices will open.
  • Select a line with the name of your phone.
  • Confirm request.

This will start pairing the devices. Image and sound will be broadcast from the phone.

Nuances for devices with Smart TV function

There are two ways to connect Honor to Smart TV:

  • Using a wired connection. HDMI and USB. Here it is better to use the instructions described above (the procedure is no different).
  • Wireless Connectivity. Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct. If the first type was analyzed at the beginning of the article, then Wi-Fi Direct has some differences. The technology implies a direct connection of devices without using a home network (directly). You should go to the cellular and TV settings, find the “Network” items, click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” sections, start searching for available devices. Select the desired items and confirm the subsequent pairing of equipment.

Here instead of “Wi-Fi Direct” you need to select “Wi-Fi Miracast”. Subsequent connection will start after automatic setup. If this technology is not supported, then a special adapter should be purchased.

Today, Honor owners found out if it is possible to connect an Android smartphone to a TV. It remains only to assess the possibilities, study the instructions for the TV and the gadget. Equipping devices with additional functions will allow you to quickly and easily connect them to each other. If the technique is outdated, then you cannot do without additional financial investments.

What does reboot in safe mode give??

First of all, it allows you to narrow down the range of problems causing the phone to malfunction or malfunction. If the smartphone works normally in safe mode, the problem is not in the hardware, and no repair or replacement is required. The user will only have to find out which of the applications is the cause of the crashes.

Note. The instructions given below are suitable for any model of Honor phones. 10, 7a, 7, 8, 9 Lite and so on.

What you can do while your phone is in Safe Mode

If you put your smartphone in this mode, tried to launch stock applications and noticed that the device began to work faster, then the problem with slowdowns, freezes and crashes is caused by some third-party program. Now you need to identify this program and remove (or reinstall) it.

Which third-party application might be the culprit? First of all, we advise you to pay attention to those that automatically start when the device boots. These can be widgets. Or, if you recently installed or updated an application, and after that the phone began to “slow down” and reboot, then, most likely, you will have to uninstall the same application.

We also advise you to remove unnecessary applications from startup. When too many programs are running in the background, the phone runs out of resources (RAM, for example) to function properly. You can remove applications from startup one by one, and thus find out which one was causing the problem. In general, it is better to regularly clear the cache on Honor and free up space from unnecessary applications and files.

Note: You may not be able to run applications in Safe Mode, but you can uninstall them. Always uninstall apps in Safe Mode and then reboot to test your device.

How to enable Safe Mode on Honor

Before putting your device into Safe Mode, you need to properly reboot your Honor. This simple procedure can solve most problems, but it must be done correctly. When you press the power button, the phone only goes into “suspend mode”, not actually shutdown. In order to turn off the device, we do this:

  • Press and hold the power button until a menu appears on the screen with a set of functions to turn off the phone.
  • The menu may contain the option “Restart”. If so, press this button to turn the phone off and on by itself.
  • If the menu does not have the option “Restart”, select “Turn off”.

It may take a few seconds for Honor to turn off. When the screen is completely off, press and hold the power button until the brand logo appears and you feel a slight vibration. At this moment, you must press and do not release the volume down key for a few seconds.

It is not always possible to catch the moment when the vibration is felt, then the volume down key can be pressed immediately after pressing the power button. If you do not release it for a few seconds, the phone will boot into safe mode.

An alternative way to switch to safe mode:

  • Press the power button as we did above.
  • Instead of pressing the “Shutdown” or “Restart” button, hold your finger on the “Shutdown” option. After a few seconds, the system will offer to reboot into safe mode.
  • Click “OK” to continue the process.

After the reboot is complete, the screen will display “Safe Mode”. This is a confirmation that the smartphone has successfully switched to safe mode.

Note: Third party apps will not run in Safe Mode, including any widgets that were installed by the user. But, for example, Google Chrome or Google Maps can be launched in order to see if Honor is working normally.

What is Safe Mode on Honor, how to turn it off and on

Safe mode on an Android smartphone is a way to turn on the device without launching any third-party applications, which usually start immediately after the operating system has finished loading. For example, the clock or calendar widgets are automatically loaded on the home screen of the phone.

In safe mode, Honor only runs stock Android, so this option is a great tool for identifying (not fixing!) Problems related to the incorrect operation of applications installed by the user. It is important to know that when you start the smartphone in “safe mode”, such applications cannot work at all. even after the device is booted.

How to disable safe mode

Exiting Safe Mode is easy. To do this, you just need to restart your phone. After that, by default, Android always boots normally.

If you reboot but are still in safe mode, it means that Android has encountered a problem with an app that automatically starts at boot or one of the operating system files. First try uninstalling apps that automatically come with android (user created home screens and widgets). After uninstalling these apps, try restarting your phone again.