Instructions for Mi Band 4. How to turn on / off Mi Band 4. How to set date and time. How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4

1 Instructions for Mi Band 4 How to turn on / off Mi Band 4 Like previous versions of the bracelet, Mi Band 4 does not have an on / off button. If the battery is charged, the tracker is always on. If, after unpacking the bracelet, the screen is not activated by touching the touch button below the screen, then the tracker needs to be charged. The bracelet will turn on automatically. There are no shutdown buttons either, and the device will turn off only after the battery is completely discharged. How to set the date and time The time and date are set automatically after pairing with a smartphone. It is impossible to change the date and time from the bracelet itself. How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Removing the module from the strap Although the manufacturer moved the charging contacts from the end to the back of the capsule, to charge the battery, the capsule still needs to be removed from the strap. To take it out you need

2 Grasp the strap, pull it slightly to the side and press your finger on the capsule from the bottom, as shown in the picture below. Charging Insert the capsule into the charger so that the contacts are firmly in contact. Then plug the USB connector of the charger into the USB port of your computer, laptop or USB adapter.

4 After authorization, you need to bind the bracelet to the application. To do this, press “” in the upper right corner of the screen, then select “Bracelet”, agree with the notification about the collection of statistics and select our device from the list. After that, a connection occurs, which will need to be confirmed by touching the icon on the bracelet screen after vibration. Next, the application will check the firmware version and automatically update it to the latest version. The update takes place in several stages, first the firmware is updated, then the resources, then the fonts. After that, the device interface will automatically be translated into the language of the smartphone, regardless of the version of the fitness bracelet (Chinese or global). That’s it, now you can go to the settings, but first let’s go through the device interface.

5 Interface and control of Mi Band 4 The bracelet is equipped with an AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches, protected by 2.5D glass. On-screen commands are performed by tapping, swiping, and holding your finger. For convenience, there is a button to return to the home screen. The screen is activated by touching the touch button below the display or by lifting your wrist (activated in the application). Swipe up / down to switch functions, press to select a specific function. Swipe to the right calls up the smartphone’s music player control, swipe to the left of the Alipay menu, which does not work anywhere except in China. Touching the touch button below the screen performs the “Back” step. The menu of the Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet consists of the following items: 1. The main screen of the watchface. There are three pre-installed watch faces in the device memory, and the application allows you to download another of the 50 available options. 2. Activity (steps, distance, calories). 3. Measurement of heart rate. 4. Workout (running, treadmill, cycling, walking, workout, swimming). 5. Weather. Weather forecast for the current day and for several days in advance. 6. Notifications. Immediately after the release, notifications were displayed with a space after each character, but, with the release of Mi Fit 4.0.5, this flaw has already been fixed and the messages are displayed correctly.

6 7. Settings (sleep mode, alarm clock, music control, timer, stopwatch, phone search, mute, AliPay, dial and screen settings). The order of displaying icons can be changed through the mobile application in the “Display settings” tab. You can also remove unused functions. How to set up Mi Smart Band 4 The application interface is divided into several tabs: workout (all activity data), friends and profile. All settings are collected in the last tab “Profile”. To go to the bracelet settings in the “Profile” tab in the list of devices, you need to select your bracelet.

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7 The bracelet settings are as follows: Dial settings (loading one of the additional dials into the bracelet. Unlocking the screen (unlocking the smartphone when the bracelet approaches). Call notification (displaying the number and contact name, choosing the vibration delay time for an incoming call). Events (reminders). Alarm clock (you can create up to 10 alarms, as well as make your own type of vibration.) Notifications (you can choose from which applications notifications will come). Warm-up reminders (the bracelet will remind you to warm-up at set intervals). will vibrate as soon as the daily rate of steps is completed.) Search for the bracelet (when pressed, the bracelet vibrates).Detection. Location of the bracelet (on the right or left hand). Activation of the screen by raising your hand. Heart rate measurement settings (measurement method, frequency, over-frequency notifications) heart rate).Night mode (at night, the brightness of the auto will decrease atomic). Run in the background (you need to allow the application to run in the background if Bluetooth is not working correctly or notifications are not received). Display settings (change menu order). Weather settings (choice of location and units of measurement). Laboratory (setting up locking the bracelet when removing from the hand). Checking for updates. Software version. Disconnecting the bracelet.

8 We also recommend filling in personal information, indicating gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is needed to more accurately determine the indicators of activity. It is also worth setting a goal for the number of steps taken per day. There is another very useful thing you can find below setting goals. These are behavior labels. With their help, you can “teach” the bracelet to more accurately determine the type of activity and, as a result, more accurately keep statistics. Answers to frequently asked questions. On this link you can read the answers to popular questions. To which you will find the answers: Will the Chinese version of the bracelet have Russian language? Does the bracelet have a GPS? Does NFC work in Mi Band 4? What is the communication range of Mi Band 4 with a smartphone? Will Mi Band 3 straps fit Mi Band 4? Can Mi Band 4 measure blood pressure? How do I reset the bracelet? How do I reset the bracelet to factory settings? How to block Xiaomi Mi Band 4? Does the bracelet count as a daytime nap? How to change the vibration of an alarm?

9 How do I adjust the brightness of the screen? How to untie Mi Band 4 from a smartphone? How to Switch Music from Xiaomi Mi Band 4? How do I set up notifications? Why is only the phone number displayed when I receive a call, and not the contact’s name? How do I change the watch face? Where to download watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, how to create your own and how to install it? The document was downloaded from the site:

Repair or replacement

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Ever since the second generation of trackers, it has been possible to activate the bracelet with a movement. To turn on the display, you just need to raise your hand, and flip through the widgets by turning your wrist. In the new version of the device, you can adjust the operating time of this function. For example, it makes sense to turn it off during sleep.

How to turn Mi band 3 on or off

The long-awaited sales of Mi band started back in June, and in 17 days, Xiaomi managed to sell 1 million devices. This indicates a high level of customer confidence. The novelty pleased all fans with cool updates: a large display, redesigned design, increased battery capacity.

In addition to visual updates, the functionality of the device has improved. In addition to time, you can display the number of steps. The enlarged display provides more information. Scrolling through widgets is done using swipes, and confirmation is done using the built-in button.

The weather widget is one of the nice updates. In the Mi Fit settings, you just need to set the region and units of measurement. The tracker displays information about weather conditions for three days (today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow).

So, let’s move on to the main question. are there ways to turn on the bracelet after purchase?


The most common way to turn on the tracker is to press a button. After that, he should wake up and you can fully use all the possibilities. It seems that everything is very simple, but what if the Xiaomi Mi band 3 does not want to turn on and does not respond to touch? Do not rush to return it back to the seller on Aliexpress. Firstly, it is very slow, since the package must arrive back. Secondly, the likelihood of resolving the dispute in favor of the buyer is not very high. Try to restore the gadget to work on your own.

Screen lock

Mi Band 3 has a special feature that allows you to lock the device screen. This is to protect it from accidental clicks. You can return the fitness bracelet to its previous state by swiping from bottom to top.

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How to turn off Mi band 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot completely disable the device. You can either drain the entire battery through continuous measurements, or set up notifications and send messages to your phone. If the device has turned off, then you need to connect it to the charger and wait.

When there was no way to reset Mi Gang 2 to factory settings, many put it in the freezer. It is not recommended to do such manipulations. It is protected from dust and water, but “frosty freshness” may not withstand.

The autonomy of the device is far from ideal, but why turn it off completely? If you deactivate notifications and leave only the most necessary functions, it will sit down very slowly. On average, charging should be enough for 10-20 days, and these are very good indicators for a bracelet for 2000 rubles.

How to turn on / off Xiaomi Mi Band / Mi Band 2?

Today we will analyze another question related to the Xiaomi Mi Band / Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet. Natalya writes: “I received a new Mi Band 2 bracelet as a gift from friends. How can I turn it on for the first time? ” The question is really interesting, although everything is very simple, as you can see now. We will also tell you about how to turn off the bracelet. at the end of the article.

How to turn on the fitness bracelet Mi Band 2?

In order to turn on Mi Band 2, you need to press the key located on the front of the capsule.

When you press this key, you should see the time and date, or only the time. If nothing happens when you press the key, then you need to charge the device. It is done like this: take the capsule, connect it to the cable, and the cable to the USB port or to charge from the phone with a capacity of no more than 1 A.

The device will start charging and almost immediately on the small screen of the capsule you will see a battery icon.

The average charging time of a fitness bracelet is about a couple of hours.

Mi band 4 Display off /On New Updates | Condition of Mi band 4 after 6 Month Use | Pratik

The device is turned on, but now it needs to be connected to your smartphone and configured. First of all, create a Mi account using this simple instruction.

If you have a first generation Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet, in any case, you will first have to install an application to work with the device, since it does not have a screen.

Open the Play Market and find the Mi Fit application.

Launch, click on the “Mi account” button.

Enter the phone number to which you registered your Mi account, or your mail (see “Other ways to log in”).

PAI в Xiaomi Mi Band 5: что это, как использовать и отключить

After authorization, add information about yourself.

Follow the prompts on the screen. If everything is done correctly, the device will be connected to the phone.

Now all you have to do is customize your bracelet using this application.

How to disable Mi Band / Mi Band 2?

The manufacturer did not provide for such a possibility. it is impossible to turn off the bracelet in the usual way by pressing a key. The only thing that can be done is to completely drain the battery of the bracelet. But here, too, you will be disappointed, since the operating time of Mi Band / Mi Band 2 can reach one month.!

Is it possible to do a full factory reset and why do it

Performing a factory reset is necessary for the device to work in normal mode. Sometimes the fitness bracelet can measure the steps taken incorrectly or display other “fake” indicators. To eliminate this problem, you will need to carry out some manipulation to restore the original settings.

Please note that factory reset is not officially provided by the manufacturer.

The device contains only a minimal amount of information, for example, statistics that have not yet been synced and account information. To delete data, you will need to untie Mi Band 3 from the profile, after which the information will irrevocably disappear.

Reset via Mi Fit on Android

Not so long ago, users were in despair, as the manufacturer claimed that it was impossible to reset the tracker via Mi Fit. Now the craftsmen have presented a great way to return the device to factory settings.

  • Mi Band 3;
  • The smartphone to which the tracker is linked with the installed application.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi Band from the phone?

The first step is to enter the specially designed Mi Fit program, in which the login data is already saved in automatic mode. On the main window, click on the “Profile” tab. A sub-item “My devices” will open to you, where information about the synchronized smart bracelet is displayed from the moment the Mi Band was configured. Click on its name.

A window will immediately appear, in the central part of which a white cross will be visible. You need to click on it, after which the application will ask you to confirm the action. As soon as you confirm your intention, the device will be unlinked from the phone.

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When you need a Hard Reset?

The Hard Reset operation is necessary when, using a reboot, it was not possible to reanimate and restore the device to work. The procedure clears the memory of the gadget, deletes the user interface information and the profile in the associated utilities. The situations when it is worth performing a reset are different:

  • the bracelet hangs in the selected mode and does not respond to external commands;
  • the gadget has not been used for a long time, but now it cannot be synchronized with the phone;
  • the declared functionality by the developer does not work in full;
  • Connect with a smartphone through the application constantly disappears;
  • spontaneous deletion of human-installed data, such as watch face format.

The specified list of problems can be expanded. In any case, the user will understand when the fitness bracelet is functioning intermittently.

How to disconnect Mi Band from the phone?

Everything is very simple than you think, you do not need to look for a fitness bracelet in the bluetooth settings of the phone, Mi Band is disabled from the Mi Fit application interface.

  • Open the Mi Fit app
  • Go to the “Profile” tab and select a fitness bracelet
  • Scroll the Mi Band settings page to the very bottom of the page, at the very bottom you will find the “Disable” button, click it.

After 15-30 seconds, the Mi Band disconnects from the phone and will be ready to pair with another gadget.

How to disconnect Mi Band 5 from the phone and reset the bracelet

Want to reset your Mi Band 5 or don’t know how to do it. We have prepared a visual instruction so that you can figure it out. If you change your phone, then you need to disconnect Mi Band in Mi Fit of the old device and connect to the new one. If, however, your fitness bracelet began to glitch, then you need to do a full reset of the Mi band settings, it is also Hard resets.

Why you may need to untie Xiaomi Mi Band?

The most common reason is the need to troubleshoot minor software problems, such as frequent lack of synchronization with the machine.

The unlinking procedure is also needed in order to synchronize the device with another smartphone, to carry out repairs or replace the existing model with another version.

How to extend the storage life of Mi Band 5 in passive mode without shutting down

In order for the bracelet to lie in the cabinet drawer for as long as possible without discharging the battery and turning it off completely, follow the steps described below.

Mi Band 4 Hidden Features ULTIMATE HACKS| Camera Shutter. Maps and more !

Enter the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” tab, and then select “Mi Band 5”. Scroll down to the “Raise your wrist to view information” line. After entering the menu, select the same line and mark “Off” in the pop-up menu. This will prevent accidental activation of the bracelet display during storage. Go back a step and find the line “Heart rate monitoring”. Select “Monitoring method” and in the new menu click on “Off”. Come back again and scroll down the list to the very end, where you will see the “Disable” button. By pressing it and confirming your intentions, you will untie the Mi Band 5 from the phone, thus it will not try to find a smartphone in order to contact it and exchange data while it is inactive.

How to completely turn off Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Immediately I will tell you the sad news, it is impossible to completely disable the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, this function is not provided. This type of gadget as a personal fitness tracker assumes constant work in the background without the possibility of turning it off.

In addition, even such a simple function as turning off the power requires complicating the circuit and software, which will entail a rise in cost, and this is not interesting to anyone.

In idle mode, i.e. if you put Mi Band 5 in a box, the gadget consumes very little energy, the battery will last for a month, or even a little more, it lay and waited for the hour when it was needed.

Complete power off is performed in automatic mode only if the battery is completely discharged.

Do not store Mi Band 5 for a long time with a completely discharged battery, this will lead to the fact that it will be impossible to charge it again, given that the case is not collapsible, the bracelet will have to be thrown out, it is not possible to repair it.

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