How to disable the voice assistant on the Samsung TV

Samsung is always trying to facilitate the use of its products. Therefore, the products of the Danny manufacturer are very functional devices. But not always functions that may be included, facilitate the work and use of the device. Sounds, vocal accompaniment when performing any actions at first do not bother. But after a while, they very much become a problem with which many cannot cope on their own. After all, switching channels, for example at night, you will definitely not be pleased that the TV makes signals.

Indeed, by default, sound signals are included in the settings and when you turn it on or when you turn off TV, you will hear special signals.

What is a voice assistant

Voice assistant (or virtual assistant) is a set of software that helps use the device remotely. The commands are cast in a voice-when they are executed, the device usually also loses some voice answer, which creates the illusion of dialogue between a person and a machine. Each voice assistant has his own “personality” and, optionally, some abilities to Voice assistants are an integral part of the Smart House, which is used in managing almost any household devices. In modern TVs, Samsung by default, voice control works through the efforts of the “native” Bixby or the Alice system developed by Yandex, although if desired you can use the more famous alexa.

This article, however, does not mean a virtual assistant as such, but the Voice Guide function (literally translated, unfortunately causing a lot of confusion), designed to help the visually impaired users in managing “Smart TV”.

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This is one of the most noticeable “voice” functions of Samsung TVs, which appeared before the emergence of full.fledged vocal assistants. As a rule, in Russian localization, this option is called more modestly to deliberately separate it from the functions of virtual assistants. the corresponding setting will most likely be called “Voice Guide”. In the TVs of other manufacturers, this option will be called differently-for LG, for example, it is “Audio Guidance” (or “audio descriptions”), although they are absolutely similar in terms of functionality and principle of action.

Turn Off Voice Guide on Samsung QLED TV

How to quickly turn off the voice accompaniment on the Samsung Smart TV TV in 2022

Having familiarized himself with the basic concepts of function, it is worth describing all the methods of its shutdown on Samsung TVs of different models. Typically, this topic is interested in those users to whom the voice assistant seems too annoying, incomprehensible or uninteresting in terms of control (still machine is pinched, which is why technologies are still inferior to human capabilities).

A simple way using a remote control or buttons

In fact, there is nothing complicated in turning off the function. At least there is a universal scheme that allows you to complete the task directly from the remote control.

To do this, you must adhere to the next algorithm:

  • Find the volume control button on the remote control, press and hold it until the context of the contextual menu.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Voice Instructions” section and turn it off using the tips.
  • Click “Back” and “Home”, not forgetting to save other settings if necessary (depending on the TV model used).
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The described method is rightfully considered the simplest and most publicly available. Another thing is that he may not work, which is not so rare, forcing users to dig in the settings.

Features of shutdown for different models

If something went wrong, and the classic way of turning off does not give the desired result, you will have to delve into the settings. In this case, the algorithm of actions may vary depending on which model the function is brought to.

Let’s start with the newest Samsung TVs released later in 2016. Their distinctive characteristic is not only the functionality, but also the letter of the serial number that can begin with N, M, Q, LS, R and T.

turn, voice, samsung

And if this is precisely your option, then to turn off the voice assistant will only have to perform the following actions:

  • Call the mood menu by pressing the Settings button on the remote control (an alternative is the section of the same name that opens on the TV screen after pressing the homemade button).
  • Follow the path of “general”. “special opportunities”.
  • Select the subsection “Settings of voice instructions”.
  • Disconnect the desired function or simply reconfigure the level of its volume if the problem is in this.

In addition, the fast search function is available on new models, for which you just need to use the icon of the magnifier. The latter can be found on the control panel in the search window with the corresponding inscription. In this case, you just need to introduce into this field the name of the function, which must be deactivated, after which an automatic redirection will be made to the desired section.

Samsung models produced throughout 2016 have their distinguishing characteristics. Among them are the letter K in a serial issue and a dark unobtrusive integration, not burdened with complex design.

And for these devices the following shutdown instructions will be relevant:

  • Open in the same way described above the settings menu in Smart TV.
  • Select the path “System”. “Special Opportunities”.
  • Complete the “Voice Exchange” function or conduct its debugging in accordance with your own needs.

The function of voice control can also be found on older models issued in the period until 2015 inclusive. The same letter from the serial number will not confuse such TVs with earlier or late. In particular, it can be J, H, F and E.

The assistant is disconnected in these models as follows:

  • Call the menu by pressing a special button on the remote control, which can be called (alternative names Keypad and).
  • Click on the gear icon that will have to appear in the list that opened.
  • Follow the path of “system”. “general”. “sound signals”.
  • Disconnect or reconfigure the option by confirming your actions if necessary.

In addition to all the listed modern Samsung TV series, there is also a premium, which is indicated by the letter S in the serial issue. But you will not find recommendations for managing its voice functions, since each model will be relevant for its own algorithm, which in itself involves a search for a solution in the operating instructions attached to the TV.

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How to turn Samsung TV Voice Guide On & Off

Where to watch a series and year of release

Another important nuance is that not all Smart TV users are immediately ready to answer the question about the serial number of their own model, which complicates the possibility of applying the above recommendations.

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Meanwhile, finding this data is not difficult, because for this there are at least two ways. The first of them is the easiest, and it consists in studying the factory sticker, which can be found on the back wall of the panel. As for the code itself, it is usually in the upper right corner.

The second method implies the search for information in the TV itself, why you need to open the menu and follow the path of “support”. “Contacting Samsung”. “Product Information”. Under the latter, you will find the data of interest to you in order to continue the study and correction of the functionality.

Voice control does not work on the TV, what to do?

If voice control does not work on the TV, then you should check the settings. Perhaps the voice recognition function was disconnected. For verification, it should be:

  • Go to the TV settings menu;
  • Find and open “Smart functions”;
  • Open the point “Voice recognition function”;
  • Turn the value into the parameter “VKL”.

It is also worth checking the possibility of voice control from the remote control. To do this, click the button with the image of the microphone and clearly pronounce the command. If none of the ways has worked, then you should hand over the TV for repairs or write to Support.

Series M, Q, LS (latest models)

You can turn off the voice acting in the TV menu. to access the device parameters, you must click on the “Menu” on the touch remote control or select “Settings” in the lower left corner of the home screen.

  • Go to the “Sound” section, then. to “Additional settings”.
  • Open the “Sound signals” tab and manually set the necessary volume level.
  • Save new parameters and exit the menu.

If the owner of the model does not manage to find the desired section on your own, you can use the search function according to the system parameters, the launch of which is carried out by click on the “lupa” icon located to the right to enter the “Settings”.

You can turn off Talkback in another way:

  • Enter the “menu” of the TV. using the corresponding key on the remote control or icon on the “Home” screen.
  • Open the “Special Opportunity” tab in the “device” section.
  • Go to the “Voice Instructions” and deactivate the option by installing the “Turn off” parameter.
  • Save the created settings.

After the user performs any of the presented algorithms, the voice support will be turned off. It should be noted that this instruction is relevant only for models of families M, Q, LS, as well as related series devices.

What is a function

Manufacturers of television equipment will constantly improve their equipment by filling with new useful capabilities. These include TalkBack, in which the user can give commands in a voice. In response to this action, a sound signal and the effect of communication with the robot arise.

Currently, almost every modern Samsung technique model is equipped with a virtual assistant system. This service is able to find content on sites according to the type of “KinoPoisk”, “YouTube” and others. The option can find a film or a selection series.

At the same time, the service is not able to switch or look for programs, change the color of the screen, enter information about the search in the line or go to the settings.

Initially, this option was intended for users with audience ailments. After turning on the service, pressed letters are duplicated by voice. As practice shows, this function has already managed to find its fans among people with disabilities.

The rest of the category of the population can interfere and even annoy, so it is important for users to know how to disable the voice assistant on the Samsung TV.

turn, voice, samsung

How to turn off the voice accompaniment on the Samsung Smart TV?

The sequence of manipulations will depend on the Smart Samsung Smart model. Way to find out a model of technology:

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The first marking characters contain data on the manufacturer and size of the diagonal, behind the first numerical designation is an indication of a series of technology. It is precisely on this indicator that the algorithm for disconnecting the vocal support on the Samsung TV will depend.

On new models

  • On the control panel, press “menu” or enter the “settings” on the home screen;
  • Go to the “device” section and find special opportunities there;
  • Find the “voice instructions”, transfer the slider to the “off” position;
  • Save the choice.

The instructions for decactivation of special capacity are also suitable for TV, which have adjacent markings, expressed by additional digital values. For example: M453, LS4311 and others.

Old models

The disconnection algorithm on old Samsung depends on the year of release.

They are characterized by a dark menu with a minimum set of icons and capabilities.

To deactivate the Tolkback on Samsung (K) you need:

  • open on the TV menu and go to the “System” tab;
  • find “special opportunities” and press the line of dubbing;
  • In this paragraph, you can both completely turn off duplication with sound, and reduce its volume;
  • Save the choice.

Dubbing can be removed by turning off all system sounds in “additional settings”. It is worth paying attention that in this case the remote control signals will be unavailable and others, there are additional chips in the form of an alarm and other applications that signal using a certain melody. They will be blocked or reduced to a minimum volume level.

  • enter the “menu” of TV using a remote control or buttons on the side panel of a technical device;
  • click on the sign “system”, made in the form of gears, enter “common”. “sound signals”;
  • turn off the dubbing of actions or set the optimal volume level;
  • Confirm the choice.

It is worth noting that for the premium line Samsung “S” there is no clear deactivation instructions. The user should refer to technical support, printed instructions or the South Korean manufacturer site.

It is not difficult to disconnect the TSKBEK in Samsung, the user’s algorithm will depend on the TV Samsung series, the technique menu varies and depending on its model. Such data are always present both at the unit itself, in the documents to it, and system messages. If there are no problems or information on deactivation, the manufacturer posted on the site a detailed relevant instruction for all series of equipment. Users always have the opportunity to contact a free phone or write to technical support.

Remote control

This device is largely similar to the voice remote control Sony. In addition to using the device by pressing the keys, many remote control models are equipped with a microphone, sensory touchpad, and also perform certain actions on the screen depending on human gestures.

Gesture recognition is carried out by a camera. Thanks to this function, you can quickly flip through the pages of sites.

Reset of settings to factory

Please note that the TV device will turn off for a couple of minutes, then automatically turn on. Check if the sound has appeared. Go into the account on the TV, since such a discharge will erase all the settings and installed parameters before that, applications will be removed. If not one of the actions helped, then we recommend that you contact