How to disable the TalkBack voice vocational function on Samsung

For people with disabilities, Samsung’s smartphones, a special section is provided, which is called “limited opportunities”.

It collects a set of various functions that help people with certain health problems.

One of these functions is TalkBack, it helps poorly visible users, navigate the smartphone menu, voicing each press on the screen. Sometimes, it turns on by mistake, or inattention.

Not knowing how to properly control the smartphone in this mode, the user usually fades, and wants to turn it off as soon as possible, so you actually are here.

You can do this in two ways, through pressing on special buttons, or through settings, below in the article, I will describe both options.

Attention scrolling of any page in this mode must be carried out with two fingers.

And pressing the button is done as follows: from the beginning we highlight this button with one press, then you need to make a double click on it. Allocated. clicked twice.

How to turn off a voice on the Samsung phone that pronounces all the actions

The first method through settings

We highlight the settings icon by pressing, then click on it twice, subsequent actions to perform the same.

Scroll through a page with settings, two fingers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra : How to set Sound Mode as mute

We go to the appropriate section.

Find Talkback and open it.

On the page opened, you need to deactivate the switch.

In the window that opens, we confirm our actions.

How to turn on the alarm clock on the Samsung smartphone.

Now most people wake up under the alarm clock, configured in a mobile phone or smartphone. Why buy a clock with an alarm clock when we always have a modern smartphone with us.

Instructions for setting up the alarm clock on the Samsung smartphone.

To turn on the alarm clock, you need to start the standard “Watch” application from the application screen.

Screen. on the application screen, click on the “Clock” application icon.

To configure the new alarm clock in the application, the clock in its section “Alarm clock” (and it should be active, this is when the word “alarm clock” in the lower part of the screen is highlighted in thick and emphasized) you need to click on the “” button at the top of the screen.

Screen. click on the “” button “.

We set the right time to call the alarm clock moving with a swipe up or down the watch readings and minutes. The initial installations of the alarm clock are 6:00, but we need to wake up at another time, so we install 7:10.

Screen. with a swipe up we change the clock and minutes of the alarm clock at 7:10. Screen. set 7 hours 10 minutes.

Next, you need to install the days of the “work” of the alarm. To do this, we celebrate the days of the week we need, namely: P (Monday), B (Tuesday), h (Thursday), P (Friday).

Screen. by pressing the letters of the day of the week to enter the P (Monday), B (Tuesday), h (Thursday), P (Friday).

But it happens that the alarm clock needs to be installed at once, t.e. on one date, for example, on September 26, 2019.

To do this, click on a small “calendar” icon in the line of the day of the week.

And in the calendar window opened, celebrate the right day (in our case, September 26, 2019.) and then press the “Ready” button.

Screen. to turn on the alarm clock on one date, click on the “Calendar” icon. Screen. select the desired day (September 26, 2019) and then press the “Ready” button.

Then the alarm settings will look like this:

Screen. type of alarm settings for a specific date on September 26, 2019.

Now in the line “Signal name” you need to make the name of the configured alarm clock.

To do this, you need to click on the line “Name of the signal” and print the name of the alarm clock, namely: “We go to the pool”. After set of the name, it is necessary to confirm this new name, and for this you need to click on the “checkmark” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screen. in the line “Name of the signal” print “Let’s go to the pool”. After click on the “checkmark” icon.

In principle, we set up an alarm clock, and he will wake us up at the time.

But in the settings of the alarm clock, there is still the opportunity to change the settings in three parameters:. the sound of the alarm clock. vibration. pause.

To preserve all the settings of our alarm clock, click on the “Save” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screen 0. after making all the settings of the alarm clock, click on the “save” icon.

After that, our alarm clock is finally configured, and it will begin to count his time before our awakening.

The view of a configured alarm clock called “We go to the pool”, wake up at 7:10, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Screen 1. type of alarm clock with new settings “We go to the pool”.

In order to temporarily turn off the alarm clock and not lose its settings, it is enough in the line of our alarm clock “Let’s go to the pool” turn off the switch. After that, the alarm clock will go into the standby mode and in the morning he will not wake you up until he will be.

Screen 2. type of alarm clock with a disconnected alarm clock “We go to the pool”.

How to disable Google assistant on Samsung?

Go to the default “default application” menu. In the paragraph “Voice Assistant” click the option “No”. Such options are used in pure Android.

  • Open the settings on Apple Watch.
  • Select “Universal Access” “Voiceover” and turn on the Voiceover parameter. To turn off Voiceover, tape the Voiceover button twice. Ask Siri. “Turn on Voiceover” or “Turn off Voiceover”.

How to disable Talkback buttons?

Here in the menu “vision” turn off or turn on the “increase” item. The second way is to turn off the increase directly by the clock. To do this, start the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch, using the wheel on the side, scroll to the “Universal Access” menu. Go into it and turn off the “Laugus”.

And how to set up a Samsung phone so that you can change the sound of a call by turning a smartphone down the screen?

Next, we will describe the process of setting up a smartphone to turn on this useful function “Disconnecting sound using gestures” using the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 with the Android 11 OS.

It should be noted that this function, as a rule, is on most modern Samsung smartphones. On smartphones with earlier versions or at subsequent updates of the Android operating system, it could be moved to other sections of the phone settings that differ from the above instructions. Therefore, this function must be sought in the sections “gestures” or “movement”.

Important note: if your smartphone when taking a call lay down, then calling the call will sound in normal mode. Then, to quickly drop the sound of the call, you need to pick up the phone in your hands, and turn it down again down.

Instructions for turning on the sound shutdown using gestures on the Samsung Galaxy phone

We start the phone settings application by pressing the “Settings” icon from the application screen.

On the main page of the “Settings” application, you need to open the “Additional Functions” section by clicking on it.

Screen. start the phone settings application by clicking on the “Settings” icon. Screen. click on the name “Additional functions”.

In the “Additional Functions” section, you need to enter the subsection “Movement and gestures”. To do this, click on the position “Movement and gestures”.

Screen. in the “Additional Functions” section, click on the “Movement and gestures” item.

In the section “Movement and gestures” you need to enable the switch of the point “Disconnecting sound using gestures”.

Here after that you can quickly turn off the sound of an incoming call by a simple movement, turning your smartphone down downward.

Screenshot. click on the switch of the point “Disconnecting sound using gestures”. Screenshot. type of page of the “Movement and gestures” settings with the “Disconnection of sound using gestures”.

Now in this simple way you can not only turn off the sound of an incoming call, but also interrupt your call sign with your alarm clock!

Why is it necessary?

Why is it necessary to configure the alarm? In our modern world, this wonderful application can not only raise a person from the bed, but also simultaneously decide important things for his owner, reminding him of a business meeting or presenting the list of cases and tasks he had written yesterday. Also, depending on the settings, the alarm clock is able to smoothly and carefully awaken the person without spoiling his mood and without injuring his psyche overly sharp awakening.

How to set up sound and melody on the alarm clock

The answer why the alarm clock does not call on the Samsung phone, it may be that it is on mode. To change the melody and establish additional sound parameters, perform the following actions:

  • Go to the overall list of signals, as indicated above.
  • Open the record in which you need to change the sound.
  • Click on the inscription “sound” or “melody”.
  • If the screen has only the “call sound” option, click on it.
  • Now you can configure the sound of the Samsung alarm clock. Scroll through a list of melodies, and install the right one, or select music from your smartphone memory.
  • Change the signal volume. I recommend for notification that should wake you up, set the maximum sound level.
  • Turn on the “increasing sound” or “smooth increase in volume” parameter so that the sound level increases gradually.
  • Slave time on different models can be turned on either on this screen or on the previous. During the switching of the voicing parameter, the inscription “Settings” appears on the screen to see its options.
  • To configure the voice and the language of voicing time, you need to separately go to the system menu: general settings. language and input. speech. Here you can configure the language module, tongue, male or female voice, speed and tone of speaking of speech.

How to set up an alarm clock

Put the timer is only half the case. In fact, the user can configure some points that will help him make his awakening even better and more interesting.

Such settings will help a person adjust the awakening for himself. Sometimes there really is not enough little things, for example, the color of the background, so that the awakening is as comfortable as possible.

To configure the timer, you need to make several simple points:

  • First you need to go to the alarm widget in the same way that was described earlier;
  • Next, we go to the main screen and click on three points, which are located in the upper right corner. Click and select “Settings”;
  • Next, a page will open on which you can select certain parameters, such as the color of the background, the triggering with the device off, the melody (we will talk more about it), the volume of the alarm and many other settings that will help the user change his rise.

If the user wants to edit the old alarm clock, then he can just click for time on the main page. Time setup will open, and you can also configure the day in which this timer will call. In this way, you can edit the old alarm clock. After making the changes, we click on the “Ready”, thereby keep the entered settings.

You cannot make changes for all alarms at once. Changes are made only for a specific timer. They do not apply to everything at once and work regardless of each other.

20 Phones Alarm Clock Sound & Vibration

How to change the melody of the alarm clock

The melody of the alarm clock is also an important stage, on which all the following awakening of a person depends. A well.formed melody should overwhelm a person and give a mood for the whole day. You can configure the timer in two ways:

We will analyze the first method, since it is very primitive and simple enough. The second way can be seen in this video

All settings may differ from the version of the Android, so you need to configure the melody depending on such factors.

  • Open the standard watch “Clock” or click on the widget, how it was done earlier. Now we go into the tab of the boil and create either a new timer, or work with the old one;
  • We go to the alarm and click on the menu or on the settings. We find the section “Melody” there and select the signal of the alarm clock that the user likes the most. You can choose standard ringtones, or you can go further and download the melody from your phone;
  • To choose a melody from your phone, you need to click on “”;
  • After clicking on the plusik, a conductor opens, which shows those melodies that are available to the user on its device. Choose a suitable melody and click on it;
  • You can choose the environment from where the file is sent;
  • We open the melody, and the installation was successful. The melody is automatically installed on all timers.

Thus, you can choose the right melody.

But how to find out who calls without opening the phone?

The Samsung Galaxy phone settings have a wonderful function “Subscriber’s voice”. After turning it on every time they call you, the phone will be declared aloud the name of the subscriber or phone number if it is not in your contacts. On smartphones of other manufacturers, this can be done by installing the Google phone (Google Phone) application.

Here’s how it can be turned on on the Galaxy smartphone: (for example, we used the Samsung Galaxy A50 spectacular smartphone with Android 11 OS.)

Instructions for turning on the name of the subscriber on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Run the phone settings from the application screen by clicking on the “Settings” icon.

On the main settings page, you need to open the section “Special opportunities”, clicking on its position.

Screen. click on the “Settings” icon. Screen. click on the position “Special opportunities”.

In the section “Special Opportunities” it is necessary to plunge into the subsection “Violation of coordination and interaction”.

Well, in the subsection “Coordination and interaction”, you need to click on the position “Answer and the completion of the challenges”.

Screen. click on the name of the subsection “Violation of coordination and interaction”. Screenshrow. touch the position “Answer and completion of challenges”.

Now we got to the desired point. “Slave the name of the subscriber”. To include the calling function of the calling name, you need to enable the switch of this service “Subscriber’s name”. Click on the switch.

Now the warning service aloud the name of the caller is included. Only the smallest is left. it is necessary to determine in which cases this service will notify us out loud: always or when the headset (wired or bluetooth) is connected.

To do this, click on the text of the name “Subscribing the name of the subscriber”.

Screen. click on the switch button in the “Subscriber name” subscriber “. Screenshot. type of page “answer and completion of challenges” with the “Subscribing name of the subscriber” included. To configure voicing, you need to click on the text of the name “Subscribing the name of the subscriber. only with the headset Bluetooth or wired set”.

In the page opened, you need to click on the item “Always”.

Now we have included the warning service aloud the name of the calling.

Screen. click on the line “Always”. Screenshot. type of page with the Subscriber Name. Always “service.

That’s all. Now your Samsung phone will always announce the name of the Caling Subscriber, if it is in your contacts, or the phone number where the call comes from, and you will not need to look into your phone every time before answering.

This is very convenient function, especially for older people. Use it for health! And don’t forget to connect it from your parents.

Feedback when pressing

T.e. The sounds that the phone makes when you touch the screen. You can turn on the sounds of the set keys (reproduction of tonal signals when touching the number of the number of the number) or the sound of the keyboard (suitable for visually impaired, and generally convenient). Go to the settings. sounds and vibration. feedback when pressing. And just move the switch to the right position.

Sound quality and effects

In Samsung phones, you can adjust the sound for yourself thanks to the equalizer (6 add.ons, including individual) and special effects. Go to the settings. sounds and vibration. additionally. sound quality and effects.

Additionally, the following settings are available:

  • Volumetric sound. recreates the effect of saturated volumetric sound (in headphones).
  • Professional tube amplifier. emulates the timbre of the tube amplifier.
  • The concert hall adds the effect of sounding, as if you are in the concert hall. I do not advise you to include, the music becomes “blurry”.
  • Adapt Sound. the choice of optimal sound (in headphones). T.e. You wear headphones in a quiet room, then the smartphone will begin to publish sound signals in different tones. Answer the proposed questions, and the system adapts to your headphones.

Some sound effects can only be used in headphones or via Bluetooth headset.

That’s all the main sound settings for Samsung phones and tablets. If you have recommendations for setting up, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

During a conversation on Skype or Weibar, the volume level is always the same, shouts very loudly, when you press the anopia of adjustment, the runner moves, but the snub remains the same loud., neither quieter nor louder. How to fix it? Thanks

It happens that it freezes. When the volume level appears with your finger, manually change it. In general, write. what kind of device do you have. I’ll see.

Hello! In Samsung 3, when playing a video, by default the icon “without sound”. You need to press every time to make a sound. Annoys. It is so conceived or there is a button in the settings? Thanks

Set the volume settings for the media, and the problem will disappear.

Everything is fine in the media settings. If I download the video in the Player mx or in the video, then everything is fine. This happens only. If I watch a video in the gallery. Apparently something I ruined thereI can’t find a pause there.

Gallery is not designed to watch video. Better use any popular video player (download in Play Market). There are more functions in it. rewinding, accelerated/slowed reproduction, sound track change, subtitles, etc.

To obtain high.quality sound, you need the following: 1. Dear headphones, better vacuum. 2. Turn on the option in the “Volumetric Sound” phone (with connected headphones). If it is not, install any equalizer from Google Play. 3. File resolution is better not mp3 ( This is a compressed sound with a loss of quality), and FLAC (undressed audio format).

Good afternoon! When listening, for example, music, when a notification or message comes, the sound muffles (Samsung Galaxy A8). How to remove it? In A5 I used to set up this.

This is normal. so you will always learn about an incoming message. If this interferes, sometimes in the sound settings for notifications and incoming SMS. If not there, open the sound profile that you use on the phone and edit the settings there.

“This is normal. so you will always learn about an incoming message. If this interferes, sometimes in the sound settings for notifications and incoming SMS. If not there, open the sound profile that you use on the phone and edit the settings there.”And in more detail, please, how to do it!

For example, I go to Xiaomi in the settings sound and vibration. And I put it “without sound” for incoming SMS and notifications. Or you can turn on the “without sound” mode here in the settings.

Samsung Galaxy C10. And how to answer a call from the phone if the Bluetooth headset is connected? By default, he throws the sound into the headphone when the answer, then you can choose a speakerphone, but simply answer through the microphone as? The iPhone had a choice of 3 options.

Oops. I figured it out myself. It turns out enough to slip onto the Bluetooth headset icon))))

After updating when playing music, video, YouTube, an extraneous noise appeared. You put it on a pause for another 5 seconds, then it stops, turn on the video and again before the update was not a member. Record the video (60 frame.), I turn over pdf pages, an extraneous noise appears. Like a whistle. S8 Plus

During the conversation, the whole conversation is heard, as with the dynamics on, but the speaker is disabled (((Samsung A30 that the press is not AK

Samsung Galaksi A7 The alarm clock works without sound, through the notification setting, I tried to configure the sound, and there the option is a warning style. without sound and it is not active. also the vibration is not working

Samsung Galaxy A20: Voise Sound is very disappointed. Quite deaf, lack the upper frequencies.The Galaxy Samsung S7, Xiaomi smartphones much more comfortable.

I had several smartphones from the Xiaomi Redmi series. the sound quality is on top, even in budget versions.

Samsung Galaxy A50: All telephone connections are displayed on an external speaker (lower), t.e. immediately for loud connection, and even with the headset. Pressing the button loud connection does not change the sound, but the button turns on, the repeated press turns off the speakerphone in the normal format. What broke?

It looks like a bug by. Try to install all the proposed updates. Or try to throw it off to factory settings (attention! All data will be deleted!)

Thanks! But began to demolish one program before the factory use. This was done by software “Recording calls” from Appliqato (Green Pipe in a Red Circle). Snowed. everything was normalized. And so you need a recorder

Yes, there are conflicts of applications with installed software on the phone. Read the article. recording calls.

Tell me, please, on the following question: Samsung A7 there are no sound and graphic notifications about SMS messages, with what it may be connected with?

With sound settings in the sound profile.

Hello. Tell me, pzhlsta, how to improve the sound on Samsung A5 when recording video. Thanks.

The best solution is to buy an external small microphone, you can wireless. Or test applications from the Play Market for the camera, but most of them make Accent only on the quality of the picture, not sound. If you really get confused, buy a recorder and write down the sound separately on it. Then, in the video editor, make sound on the video. If you do not know how, order for 500r. On Kwork.