How to disable keyboard sound on the phone

Sounds published by a smartphone when using, can be pretty annoyed either by the user itself, or people from his environment. Also, disabling all the sound functions of the device is necessary when finding at an important event, study or work. Fortunately, absolutely all the sounds published by modern phones may turn off.

Depending on the version of the Android operating system, the managing smartphone, the settings page is presented in different ways, as well as separate tabs may have a different way to find, which sometimes makes it difficult to change the behavior of the device.

Most often, the sound settings of the keys and keyboards can be found along the path “Settings”. “Sound and Vibration”. “Other Sounds”.

Universal way is to use a search string located at the top of the setup page. In order to use the search, you should shut down to open a string of fast settings, click on the “Six” icon and click on the Lup icon in the upper right corner of the page that opens, or on the horizontal line with the “Search” inscription. You should enter the word “sound” and choose from issuing the desired string.

When dialing

How to disable keyboard sound on the phone

To disconnect the sound when the number dialing, you must select the “Sound of the keys” property and set the “No Sound” checkbox in the context menu that appears. The default value means that when the key number is set, you will publish familiar notes played by a stationary phone when you click on the keys. The “Melody” value will play new, more melodic sounds designed specifically for the smartphone keyboard running Android.

If on the “Other Sound Settings” page there is no key “Sound of the keys”, perhaps this item is called “Dialing”.

When pressing keys

Pressing the keys implies not only pressing the keyboard keys that pops up if necessary to enter characters in a text field, but also, for example, pressing the “Back” button (arrow “left” in the applications or the “Erase” keys in the phone “or” Calculator “.

To disable keys, you must:

  • brush down to open the quick settings panel;
  • Click on the “Six” icon;
  • “Sound and vibration”;
  • “Other sound settings”;
  • Remove the checkbox opposite the “Sound of clicking on the screen”.

Now no keys in your smartphone applications will not publish sound when you click.

Additional sounds

Evaliable items in the “Other Sound Settings” section are the “Screenshot” section, the sound control when creating a screen shot, and the “Screen Lock” item, which controls the sound when blocking and unlocking the device display. The sound produced by the “Camera” application when creating a snapshot is configured and disconnected separately. in the settings of the application itself.

Disable vibration when receiving calls and messages

Changing any system parameter is usually made in the smartphone settings. For various versions of the OS and the brand of a particular mobile device, a step-by-step instruction of how to disable the vibration on Android, may differ somewhat, since the options you need will be in different menu sections. For clarity, we describe the process of turning off the vibration method on the devices of two popular manufacturers: Samsung and Lenovo. We remove the vibration on Lenovo:

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    call “Settings” and go to the “All Settings” tab;

To implement similar actions on Samsung:

  • Run “Settings” and go to the “Options” tab (in some versions it is called “My Device”);
  • In the menu that appears, tadam on the “sound”;
  • Remove ticks from two items: “Vibration when calling” and “Feedback”.

How to disable vibration on android?

Vibration on the phone or smartphone. the thing is extremely comfortable. For example, you do not want to skip an important call, but you do not want to listen to the melody when the call will take place. How best to come? You can use vibration. True, some user vibration is bored, and since it is often enabled by default on the device, it must be turned off. Today you will learn how to do it.

Example on the device where the standard Android shell is installed. Go to the menu where you find the item “Sound profiles”.

Choose a profile. In this case, “General”. Click on the settings icon next to the profile.

Remove the tick next to the checkpoint “Vibration with incoming challenges”.

I do the same with the item “Vibrootklik”.

How to remove vibration on the keyboard, including third parties, we have already managed to tell.

Next will be shown an example on the Samsung Galaxy device. But since Touch Wiz is built on the basis of the Android platform, a special difference in comparison with another shell you will not find. So, look and remember.

Open the settings and find the “Sound” section.

Here you find the item “Vibration when calling” and shoot a tick next to it, as shown in the following screenshot:

It would seem that this can be finished, but do not rush. The fact is that in this way we turned off vibration only when calling. Therefore, follow the menu and looking for items that are somehow related to vibration. One of these items is called “Feedback” (vibration when pressing the software keys and perform some actions in the intees). Take a tick.

How to turn on the vibrootch

Speaking about how to remove the vibration on the Android keyboard, it will not be superfluous to mention how to turn on the vibration on the phone, if suddenly the user wants to take advantage of this chicken again. To perform an operation, you will have to operate according to the instructions on how to remove the vibro. That is, the owner of the smartphone needs to either open the device settings, or the keyboard parameters, and then in the menu with tactile returns to re-activate the movement of the slider to the right.

I remember this simple instruction, the user can turn off the vibration on the phone again when such a need arises. And if any problems arise during the operation, it is recommended to refer to the algorithms discussed earlier. It described in detail each step that helps you turn off the vibration when using a virtual input device.

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Why it is worth disable vibration on the keyboard

Home Claim users for vibration on the keyboard. unpleasant tactile sensations. The rattling of the smartphone affects the nerve finishes of the fingers, because of what a person wants to refuse this function as soon as possible.

The models of medium and older price segments have a more thoughtful vibrationor, thanks to which the text is recruited more pleasant.

Tactile inconvenience. not the only lack of keyboard vibration. If a cheap vibromotor is installed on the smartphone, all surrounding will hear foreign sounds when the device owner is gaining text. And this is an extremely unfavorable scenario, if a person is in a place where you should behave as quieter.

Finally, the work of vibrations negatively affects the autonomy of the device. When the device is permanently turned on, it will be discharged faster, since the vibromotor is one of the most demanding elements of the smartphone along with a flash, processor and speaker.

Thus, it is possible to highlight 3 reasons for those who force people to disable the vibration on the keyboard:

The presented arguments may seem to someone in question, so the final decision on vibration disconnection is assigned to the shoulders of the owner of the device. If this function really causes irritation, you can turn off it at any time through the smartphone settings.

How to remove vibration on the SwiftKey keyboard (Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi)?

This keyboard can be used, for example, on Huawei smartphones, Honor, Xiaomi and T.D.

Run the same browser, then click on the icon in the form of a plus.

Again tadam on the gear, which is highlighted in red in the screenshot.

Turn off the vibration using the default android vibration item.

Vibro and battery

Not only because of nervousness, it is necessary to remove the function of the vibration color, but also because this function discharges the battery. Turning off the vibration, the mobile phone will not be discharged so quickly, therefore, and it will be necessary to charge it less. How to remove vibration on Android keyboard?

Extend the gadget resource and turn off annoying vibration. We go to “Settings”, it is necessary to choose the item. “System”. Going here, find subparagraph, called “Audio Profile”. Setting up profile, you need to remove a tick included next to the “vibrootklik”. Everything, more smartphone vibrate in hands will not!

Many do it. Go in the same way, in “Settings” and find item. “Audio Fort”, find. “Standard Profile” and include it. At the same time, automatically turns off the vibro. If you understand what is enabled, and what is turned off, there is no time, you can simply install a silent mode of operation of the smartphone.

In general, on all models of gadgets, the disconnection and inclusion system of the vibration-function is the same, well, or almost the same. In any case, the user must go to the “settings”, then in the “language and input”, and then find the “keyboard” and simply search where there is a point. vibrootkalkalk “, opposite which will be a tick. Removing this icon, the phone is noise and stopped moving. The problem is solved without third-party help.

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Useful to know how to remove the screen lock on Android?

There are models of phones, where the function is turned off not in the “settings”, but in the “Menu”. Going there, it is required to find the item. “System”, and there to find. “AUDIPROFILI”, and here is already looking for a line. “keyboat keys”. Remove tick. Everything.

Having done everything correctly, the smartphone will not bother the user with vibration when typing text, especially if this text is dialing at night, or in the library, the function infuriates not only by the user itself, but also those who are near.

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How to disconnect the vibration on Android when typing, or vibrootkalklik. the question that are specified by those users for whom this option is unnecessary. In fact, the procedure takes a few minutes, and the manual is universal for different grades and does not require the installation of third-party programs or synchronization with PC. just perform three step-by-step actions and in the future do not have to feel the vibration of the phone keys to, for example, answer the call.

What to do if vibration does not work

If you experience the need for a vibro function, but it does not exhibit itself, you first need to make sure that the option is enabled. You can do this through the phone settings or quick access panel. Also check if the “Do not disturb” mode is not set. Usually it blocks the vibro.

If the vibration does not function even in the included state, then the problem is in the vibrationor. Most likely, he went out of building. Only a professional can fix the situation. Therefore, to eliminate breakage, it is recommended to contact the service center.

The process of disconnecting the sound of the keyboard on the Android during the phone number dialing.

The user can also turn off the sound during a call to anyone. To do this, you need to go to the contact log, find it settings. In the settings there will be a “sound and vibration”. There and you need to go to turn off the sound on the keyboard.

Among all the possibilities, what to do with the keyboard during a call, you will find the ringtone that you have to enter the incoming call, the call video signal is a burning screen during an incoming call on which you can see who exactly calls you, and the sound of the keyboard When dialing. To disable or connect this and any of the above functions, you need to simply put or remove the blue tick opposite its name. The sound will immediately appear or disappears from your Androyd keys. This can be checked by typing any number from your device phonebook. Everything is easy and accessible.