Resetting the Toner Toner Brother Printer Toner

Carry out discharge only if you are sure that the cartridge with a toner is empty. If you have a toner, you will have to refuel it or buy a new full cartridge, since other parts of the printer can fail if the toner container is empty.

There is also no need to discard the counter if the message “not enough toner” appears on the screen “. In this situation, you can still print, but start writing when the toner in the printer will end and the container will be close to zero.

Why is the counter to be reset

Cleaning is a procedure for changing equipment settings. The protection itself is based on the following principle:

  • The manufacturer sets a special counter in the system;
  • During print, the chip calculates the number of sheets used, and when the cartridge capacity is exhausted, it signals this to the user, blocking the device.

Each cartridge has its own capacity. In some of them, the toner capacity is 2500 sheets, in others. 1000 sheets. The system is programmed depending on the number of sheets. If the print limit exceeds the message “Replace the consumables”, “no toner” or just a blinking indicator. Even if you can fill the toner, the chip will still assume that the cartridge is empty and will not allow the device to work. To get rid of this problem, a method for resetting a meter to zero was developed.

Toner software reset

Developers create additional service functions for their devices. Among them is a tool for resetting toner. It works only through the display, so it is not suitable for all users. If you are a happy owner of a device with a screen, follow the following actions:

As you can see, it is easy to reset the paint using the software component. However, not everyone has a screen, and this method is not always effective. For this reason, we recommend considering the second option.


Activation of the cartridge and resetting the sensor responsible for calculating the pages and manual locking of the device is suitable for all Brother models.

This fairly simple algorithm includes the following steps.

Connect the device to the mains. It is important not to connect a printer or All-in-One Printer to a computer or laptop during this process. It is also necessary to remove the entire paper.

Open the top cover and side cover. Remove the print drum from the case. You can remove it by carefully pulling it over. Separate the cartridge and drum, taking off the mounts.

Set the drum part to the place. Click on the sensor, which is located on the left side. Access to the device can be obtained by sticking your hand through the paper supply tray.

Hold the sensor in a pressed position and close the printer cover (All-In-One Printer), waiting for the start of the mechanisms. Let the sensor for a few seconds, and then squeeze again until the printer stops working, t.e. until the engine is completely stopped. Insert the previously extracted cassette into the drum block.

Sometimes, after all the manipulations described above, the device still does not detect consumables or may consider that it is empty. In such situations, it is recommended to extract the cartridge again and check it. Then, if it fails, the cartridge will need to be refueled or replaced with a working. The necessary steps, as a rule, can be taken independently.

Please note that some Brother models have constructive features that can complicate the replacement and further use of refueling cartridges.

It is important that all operations are performed correctly. If you have the slightest doubts about your own abilities and knowledge, it is strongly recommended to seek help from the service center.

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How to throw (reset) toner counter on Brother HL-2132, HL-2240, HL-2250, MFC-7360, MFC-7860, DCP-7060, DCP-7065, DCP-7057 or how to eliminate the Toner error after the cartridge refueling TN-2090 and TN-2235

In the model of the printer Brother HL-2132, HL-2240, HL-2250, MFC-7360, MFC-7860, DCP-7060, DCP-7065, DCP-7057 there is no necessary gear for resetting the counter, therefore, after refueling the TN-2090 cartridge and TN-2235 you need to do this manually. To do this, you need 2 screwdrivers and dexterity of the hands.

Following the proposed instructions, there will be no problems with the independent discharge of the counter:

  • Open the lid and take the cartridge handle, then return the dram to place, and put down the toner-cartridge while to the side.
  • Let go of the cover of the lid on the left, then push it.
  • On the left wall at the top with a screwdriver, press the flag where the cartridge is installed.
  • The second screwdriver on the right click on the opening sensor of the cover.

Having done paragraph 3 and 4, the printer will “think” that the cover is closed and will begin to buzz.

  • After the shaft rotates, you need to release the sensor (left), press the same sensor after 2 seconds and immediately release (do the same operation 2 more times in a row).

Next, the shaft will stop and the printer will begin to warm up and the toner lamp will go out (if this does not happen, it should be done 3-5 again).

When the cartridge is inserted, the printer will show 100% toner.

If this method seems too complicated, we have prepared one more thing:

  • Turn on the printer and open the front cover.
  • Turn off the printer (while the lid should still remain open)
  • Hold the GO button and turn on the printer. All indicators will light up except “Ready”
  • Release the GO button and press again 2 times.
  • Pause in 5 seconds and press the GO button again 5 times.
  • After which the Toner indicator will stop glowing.
  • Close the lid, turn off and turn on the printer.

Now, after refueling TN-2090 and TN-2235, the Brother counter is dropped (reset).

If you still have problems with the reset (reversing) of the toner counter on Brother HL-2132 or like it to contact our specialist. To call the master, leave a request on the site, or call tel. (495) 229 31 32.

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Precautions, safe use of the machine

In this user manual, we use the following signs.

Use these instructions for reference in the future and them before any maintenance work.

(For MFC 7420) If there are faxes in the memory of the machine, before turning off the power supply and turn off the machine from the electro.outlet, they must be printed or saved. (For printing faxes from memory cm. Fax seal from memory On page 4 4. To preserve faxes in memory cm. Passing faxes to another facsimile apparatus On page 11 6 or Passes of faxes to PC On page 11 6.)

inform about what needs to be done in order to avoid a possible injury.

warns about the presence of a potential danger of an electric shock.

warns about the danger of touching hot parts of the machine.

determine the procedures that you must observe or which you must avoid to prevent possible damage to the machine or other items.

warns about devices and operations incompatible with the machine.

report how to respond to the situation that may arise, or provide information on how this operation affects other characteristics.

There are high.voltage electrodes inside the machine. Before cleaning the inner part of the machine, first turn off the phone wire, and then remove the plug of the power cord from the electric outlet.

Do not touch the plug with your wet hands. At the same time, you may hit you.

III after using the machine some of its internal parts.

After using the machine, some of its internal parts remain extremely hot!To prevent injuries, do not allow fingers to enter the zones shown in the figure.

The apparatus for thermal fixing of the toner is indicated by the sign of a warning about the danger. Do not remove or damage this sign.

To prevent injuries, do not put your hands on the edge of the car under the document for a document or a scanner cover.

To prevent injuries, do not allow fingers to enter the zones shown in the drawings.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to collect a wake toner. In this case, the toner can light up inside the vacuum cleaner, which can lead to fire. Collect the toner dry, not leaving the pile with a rag, and throw it away in accordance with local standards.

It is forbidden to use fiery substances and any aerosols for cleaning the internal and outer part of the machine. This can cause a fire or electric shock.

We dump the toner of the printer Brother

Since there are several types of Brother cartridges, like the devices themselves, the mechanism is different. The instructions below will help to find a specific option. We will consider two ways. The first is suitable for users of All-in-One Printer and printer with a built-in screen, and the second is universal.

Developers create additional maintenance functions for their equipment. Among them is a paint reset tool. It is launched only through the display, therefore, not all users are suitable. If you are the happy owner of the device with the screen, follow the following actions:

How to reset a message about replacing the toner cartridge (meter reset) TN-2235/ TN.2275/ TN.2290/ TN.2090/ TN.2080 for Brother DCP-7057R. Brother DCP-7057WR. Brother DCP-7065DNR. Brother DCP-7070DWR. Brother FAX-2845. Brother FAX-2940. Brother HL-2132R. Brother HL-2240DR. Brother HL-2240R. Brother HL-2250DNR. Brother MFC-7360NR. Brother MFC-7860DWR

  • Open the printer cover
  • Click on the printer button “Clean” (Clear I button with a flip arrow).
  • Press the Start key (Start /button tinted with a green strip).
  • Click quickly or. (buttons with arrows up and down).
  • Set on the screen 00 (two zeros) on the counter using the keys /- (up /down).
  • Press the OK button (between the buttons up and down).

Disconnecting the printer from electricity

With a 100% guarantee of the work, the print is canceled and the entire device is immediately turned off if the power cable is taken out of the outlet.

Such a measure should not be used even in emergency situations.

This can lead to the complete failure of the device, especially if you often interrupt your work in this way. In the best case, the page may be in the middle of the device and there will be a smoke of paper.

In addition, after turning on, the printer can write “work is suspended” or “not on the network”.

) Update the printer driver

The outdated printer driver can cause many problems. You need to make sure that your printer has the latest version of the driver so that your printer can function normally.

a) Open devices and printers in the control panel (as Method 1 shows).

b) Click the Brother device with the right mouse button and select remove the device. Then confirm your action by pressing and in a pop.up dialog box.

c) Go to the official software loading site and find the load page of your device (as shown in steps A and B in method 4).

D) Select and download a full package of drivers and software.

E) Open the file that you uploaded and follow the instructions for installing the latest version of the driver and software for your printer.

In fact, updating drivers is one of the most useful ways to solve problems with a computer. But, as you can see, the update of drivers manually is a little difficult. If you need a much less troublesome drive for drivers, we recommend using Driver Easy. He can quickly scan problem drivers and upload the last and reliable version of the drivers for you.

And its Pro version is a much more powerful drivers control tool. You can update all your drivers quickly and automatically in just a few clicks with a mouse. In addition, you can use this tool to easily complete the advanced manipulations with drivers. such as backup and restoration of drivers or reinstallation. This is a tool that can significantly improve your computer performance and significantly save your time and energy.

) Check your printer.

You also need to make sure that your printer is turned on or gets out of the sleeping mode when you see that it is not on the network. In the meantime, check the LCD screen of your printer and see if an error message is displayed on it. which can be eliminated.

You can try to restart the printer and see if this will solve the problem. Or you can follow the printer instructions to drop it to factory settings.

If you are faced with any problem that you cannot solve yourself, you may need to contact the Brother support service to receive additional assistance.

How to drop printers of different models

Below are stepped by step instructions on how to reset messages about replacing a photo bus or toner.

Brother dcp 1512r Сброс сообщения нет тонера. Сброс счетчика тонера

If your model is not on the list, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to complement the material in the near future.

All-In-On Printer Brother MFC-7860DWR

The device needs to be discharged if one of the inscriptions highlights on the scoreboard: “Replace the drum”, “Replace Drum”. There are two ways to get rid of the message.

  • Turn on the printing device.
  • Remove the front cover behind which the cartridge is located (located in front).
  • On the panel, click “Clean/Back” (Clear/Back).
  • Agree with the reset by pressing the “1” key.
  • The message “Accepted” will appear, after which the All-in-One Printer will ask you to push the lid.

In the second method, instead of clicking per unit, you can try to enter “00” or “00”.

Printers Brother HL- L5100DN, L5200DW, L6200DW, L6250DN, L6250DW

Devices operate on cartridges TN-3480, TN-3430.

Instructions for reversing information about the tuser:

To discharge photosl, also first open the door. Pour the OK button until the inscription “PhotoBan” is displayed.

Go inside, pressing again “ok”. Then clat the arrow “Up” and wait until the message “Ready” slips through the message.

You can close the door and print a report to finally make sure the discharge is carried out.

Ремонт Brother DCP 1512r/ Сброс тонера

Color Brother HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDN, HL-3170CDW

The reset is similar to models in the previous section, the only difference is that, in addition to the black cartridge, you will need to reset colored. Also, instead of the front, it is necessary to raise the upper part of the device.

Brother HL-2035R

Resetting the unit with a drum (required when the DRUM indication flashes on the left):

  • In a state of readiness, when the green light bulb burns, open the lid. Error indicator will light up (error).
  • Disconnect the power to the tooth on the right side.
  • Click and hold the GO button. Transfer the toggle switch to the on position.
  • The printer will not turn on, all light bulbs will be immediately lined.
  • Wait until the Ready indicator will go out, let go go and click again without large pauses with holding.
  • Когда загорится диод ошибки, снова отожмите «GO» и еще раз сразу зажмите. Hold until the moment all indicators are burning together.
  • Finally stop holding GO and close the printer.
  • The readiness light will flash, the noise of the mechanisms will begin at the same time. After, “Ready” will glow constantly.
turn, printer, brother, resetting, toner

How to knock down a counter for the HL-2035R model manually:

  • Access to two parts will be required. the toner counter and the door sensor, so open the latter.
  • The error on the case will light up.
  • Take two long items, for example, screwdrivers.
  • In the mode on, simultaneously click on a white counter from above and the sensor from below.
  • The noise will begin, and when the engine spin (it becomes noticeably louder), quickly release the counter.
  • On the indication panel, all light bulbs should be blossomed at once.
  • Close the door, the printer will begin to be prepared for printing, after which only the readiness mode “Ready” will remain luminous.
turn, printer, brother, resetting, toner

Place the paper in the tray, click “GO” three times and a sheet with the technical condition of the printer will come out. There you can see the number of discharges.

Brother HL-2240, 2130, 2220, 2230, 2240, 2250DN, 2270DW, 2275DW

  • With an open cover, make the device off the device from the network with a toggle switch on the right wall of the case.
  • Squeeze the “Start” (GO) and use the toggle switch to enable the technique.
  • All lights should earn, with the exception of “Ready”.
  • Squeeze the key, press twice again. Pause 10 s until the diodes start to glow opposite the inscriptions “Toner”, “Drum”, “Error”.
  • Click “GO” 5 times in a row, after which the glow of “Toner” should turn off.
  • Will begin to blink “Error” because the printer is not closed, correct the situation.
  • Reset completed, print a report or any text document from a computer.

Brother MFC-L2720DWR, L2740DWR

The presented Modes “Brothers” for control are equipped with a touch screen, so for discharge you should go to certain points. The method can be used for Brother DCP-L5500DN.

  • Through the screen, open the “settings”.
  • Then “all settings”.
  • Find the screenshots and open the subsection “Inf. About the mouth “.
  • Again, using the arrows, get to the point “Resource of parts”.
  • To the right of the buttons “Home” (the icon of the house) and “Back” (arrow to the left) you need to call a digital panel. Run your finger until the numbers are displayed.
  • Remember the position of the lattice icon (#), it is advisable for future actions slightly mark the button with a pencil.
  • Squeeze the lattice at least 5 s until the “reset menu” is displayed. Press your finger on the “PhotoBan”, and then agree with the replacement.

To reset the counter, you should first, as usual, open the front cover. A warning will appear on the display and a red cross will light up.

Take advantage of the lattice again until the menu appears to be resurrected. Select your cartridge, go into it by pressing the screen and agree to cleaning the resource.

Replace the photo bank Brother HL-L3210CW: Error reset instructions

In newer models of conventional Brother office equipment, the photo bank counter is reset in a slightly different way. In particular, the procedure consists of such actions:

  • Click the “back” button to get out of the error mode;
  • Click on the panel button “OK” and an arrow “Up”;
  • Click OK and select the color of the drum that must be dropped;
  • Confirm the action by pressing the arrow “up” and wait for the end of the error discharge procedure.

Attention: In color laser printers and All-in-One Printer, only one photo bus is dropped during the process. To reset other consumables, the procedure should be repeated.

Brother printer writes a deep dream

We have a Brother 4150 CDN printer, which has a “deep sleep” function that makes the printer stop until someone presses the button. The maximum waiting period for deep sleep is 210 minutes.

  • Go to the “General settings” section, then “OK”
  • Ecology, then ok
  • Sleep time, then ok
  • While sleeping time is displayed, click the “Arrow down” and “Cancel” button at the same time!
  • Turning on /off Deep Sleep using keys with arrows
  • OK to save Deep Sleep Off.

I tried to simply comment on Tony Benjamin’s answer, but at the same time I can’t do this without 50 reputation. I had the same problem, but with Brother HL-2280DW, and I corrected it (or at least got to the menu item) Almost after Tony Benjamin’s steps in the control menu in the printer itself. In particular, I did this:

  • Go to the “General settings” section, then “OK”
  • Ecology, then ok
  • Waiting time, then ok
  • While sleeping time is displayed, click the “Cancellation of the Task” and “Start” at the same time!
  • Turning on /off deep sleep using keys with arrows.
  • OK to save Deep Sleep Off.

Please note that the only difference is that instead of using an arrow down and canceling at the same time I used Start and Job Cancel.

Awakening should be launched through the press surgery. How you print on the device? What is the client OS? What are the TCP ports? I saw proposals for the transition to print in the RAW 9100 format compared with the LPR type can help in this.

I have similar printers in Linux, but they are configured like the printer printer 9100 Jetdirect, so the devices are awakened when sending tasks.

turn, printer, brother, resetting, toner

Brother DCP-1510R

I can not derive the printer from a deep sleep state. When you click the BCL/Off or Stop/Exit, as it were, it turns on, but literally after a second on the display again a deep sleep mode. Hence the commands for printing from the computer does not accept. In this case, it is possible to copy the documents. What is the reason and how it will correct?

I can’t get a spinning printer from sleeping sleep. Does not print

Answers 5

Upon receipt of the ALL-In-ONE Printer printing assignment, it should leave the deep sleep mode. What is written on the All-In-One Printer display? Deep dream?

If he goes into the carbath of auto shutdown, then the launch is conquered from the VCL button. Auto shutdown mode can be disabled in the settings. lip of sleep is disconnected in t t.h. and the launch of the print page I recommend trying to verify the other version of the dravers for printing, earlier or later, if it does not help try to establish another type of dravers. the choice between PCL5, PCL6 and UPD.

Or if you are suitable, turn off the deep sleep mode.

I have a Brother printer connected to a local network, but the problem is that it continues to work in a “deep sleep” mode, trying to save energy. However, when he is in a deep dream, it cannot be woken up with wireless devices that they want to print, for example, by other computers.

Honestly, this interferes with performance so much that at the moment I am not worried about saving energy. I want to be able to turn off a deep sleep so that I can print on a wireless network, as the printer designed to do.