The camera sound in the iPhone off and on

The Camera app in iPhone is accompanied by sound effects to notify you when you start recording a video or when you take a successful picture. I personally do not mind the sound of the iPhone camera shutter clicking. But it turns out that some smartphone users, who take a lot of photos of documents in a cramped office, find themselves in an awkward situation and even think of changing their iPhone to another phone model. As this iPhone camera sound does not allow the surrounding colleagues to concentrate on doing their work.

As you can see, there is sometimes a need to silence the iPhone camera. Especially for such people we decided to write this post. The fact is that while the settings of the operating system iOS (as of today it is 10.3.3) Do not allow to turn off the camera click sound, although it is not unambiguous.

Deactivate iPhone camera click sound

Let’s look at an example of iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3, lot number MN9M2LL ways to mute the camera: (for which we specify Part No. you will learn at the end of this post)

  • The easiest way for most iPhones is to enable silent mode, the toggle switch is on the left side of the phone. When you turn it on, a crossed out bell appears on the screen, and the caption Silently appears at the bottom.
  • Another way to turn off the clicking sound on your iPhone. Start the Music or Podcasts app, play any track or podcast, set the volume to zero. Minimize the app with the Home button, launch the Camera and shoot photos or videos without clicking the shutter. Soundless ringtone can be paused to save battery life.

Live Photo mode in iPhone. works without camera sound

  • In the standard Camera app we turn on the Live Photo mode, the photos are taken without a click of the camera.
  • And the last official way to try to install applications from the App Store, allowing you to take pictures, for example Microsoft Pix Camera and others, allowing the settings to remove the sound of the photo.

If the above methods still do not turn off the camera sounds on your iPhone, then the laws of the country for which your phone model was released prohibit taking photos and videos without a notification sound. At the moment there is such a law in some Asian countries: Japan, South Korea and if I’m not mistaken in China.

When buying iPhone phones pay attention to the batch number that will help you know the country of the iPhone, this is especially important if you want to mute the camera shutter.

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So the office worker from Japan has only to jailbreak and install Silent Photo Chill from Cydia.

iPhone: turning on the camera shutter sound

Who needs to turn on the camera sound, then follow the steps described above only in reverse:

iPhone camera sound: how to enable or disable it when taking photos

As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when you take a picture the camera makes a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can disturb others, for example, when you need to take a picture of a lot of documents in a small office in which other people work besides you.

turn, camera, sound, iphone

Currently there is no option in the iOS settings to disable the shutter click sound (but there is an option to disable keyboard clicks and screen lock sound), but there are a few tricks that allow you to do so.

Note that it is prohibited by law in some countries (Japan and South Korea) to take pictures without sound, so for the markets of these countries it is impossible to mute the camera shutter without jailbreaking.

iPhone camera sound: disabling the imitation clicking of the shutter when taking a photo

When you take a picture with your iPhone, you’ll hear a clicking sound typical of analog cameras. Most users quickly get used to it and stop paying attention to it. But sometimes it can cause some inconvenience, for example, if you want to make a shot without anyone noticing, and not to disturb people around you.

Imitation shutter sound has no particular functional need, so you can safely remove it. The only problem is that the Apple developers have not added an option in the settings that allows you to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone, but you can still get rid of the click of the shutter with a variety of tricks, and in this article we will consider which ones.

Standard methods to mute the camera sound on Android

On most devices, the camera beeper is disabled in the default program settings. This feature is not available only in Samsung devices, due to the legislation of the country.

There is a law in South Korea that forbids you to mute the shutter when taking pictures. In this way, the government protects people from unauthorized interference in privacy. In all the gadgets that are manufactured in this country, you can’t do anything to make the camera work silently.

Let’s see how different manufacturers’ devices mute the camera‘s sound:

  • On Sony Xperia gadgets, you must go to the settings in the camera app, first by tapping on the icon that has three dots, and then go to the section with the gear image. Next to the line “Sound” move the switch to the inactive position. Enlarge
  • On OnePlus devices, in the same camera app, it’s necessary to call the menu. Swipe on the left edge of the display and tap on the gear wheel. Next to the line “Shutter sound” turn off the switch.

Enlarge To access the main camera settings on your HTC device, tap the dot icon in the app, then tap the gear. Opposite the line “Shutter sound” uncheck the box.

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Enlarge In the latest versions of Samsung gadgets, which have the latest user interface, it is already possible to disable the shutter sound in the settings. You only need to deactivate the switch next to the corresponding line.

To disable the camera sound on all devices, you need to perform almost identical actions. On some devices, there is no standard option to mute the shutter.

How to mute the iPhone camera sound

The camera on the iPhone allows you to take amazing pictures, but the settings of the standard application are not enough for all users. Many go to third-party apps that offer a variety of options that are not available in the Camera app on iOS. One such option is to mute the clicking sound of the shutter. However, there is a solution to the camera sound problem for those who are used to using the regular app.

How to turn off the camera beep on your iPhone

A quality camera has always been one of the advantages of the iPhone. Some users use the Camera app even more often than the web browser. If you also like taking pictures with your iPhone, then you probably know that when you take a picture there is a beeping sound characteristic of old film cameras.

Usually this beep is not a problem. But, if you want to take a photo without being noticeable, you definitely can’t do it. In this article, we will tell you how to mute the camera sound on your iPhone and bypass this problem. The article will be relevant for all versions of iPhone, including iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 7.

If you need to mute the camera on your iPhone, you can simply turn off all sound, that is, put the iPhone into silent mode. In silent mode, the device will not make any sound, so you can take pictures completely unnoticed. To activate silent mode, you can use the switch on the side of the device.

Or you can mute it through the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the settings, open the “Sounds” section and move the volume slider to the far left position.

Aside from just mute, there are some other tricks that allow you to mute your camera when taking photos on your iPhone. For example, you can start playing music with the standard Music app and turn down the music volume to zero. When you do this, your iPhone won’t make any extra sounds, so you can take pictures silently.

Another trick to mute the camera on your iPhone is to plug in your headphones. If you connect headphones to your iPhone, then all sounds will be sent to the headphones. Using this feature, you will be able to take photos on your iPhone without drawing too much attention to yourself.

turn, camera, sound, iphone

As we can see there are a lot of ways to mute the camera on your iPhone. But, all these methods require some action on the part of the user. You need to go somewhere, disable something and usually there is no time for this. While you turn off the sound the moment will be missed and you won’t get an interesting shot. But if you have jailbreaked your iPhone the problem with camera sound can be dramatically solved.

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List of devices on which the camera sound cannot be muted

If the camera keeps clicking even after you have set the silent norms, then your purchased smartphone was originally designed for Japanese users. To combat this problem you can only after performing a jailbreak.

Important! The difference between devices in different countries is due to Japanese law. It says that any equipment used to take pictures must make a corresponding sound. This rule applies to both classic photo devices and any mobile gadgets, including phones.

The law was introduced to combat the sexual deviation that makes people want to spy on strangers. voyeurism. On the territory of the country, the problem has taken on tremendous proportions after the appearance of compact phones with cameras.

Before you buy a smartphone, you need to make sure that it is not made for the specified market. This is the easiest way to check:

At the end of the model name will be written in Latin letters. If there is “RU”, then the device was designed for Russian consumer. If you find the letter “J”, you should not be surprised by the stubborn behavior of the gadget.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: How to Turn Camera Shutter Click Sound On & Off

Pay attention! It is better not to deal with models, which have “KH” at the end of the line. They are intended for South Korea and China, where the same law applies. The problem of voyeurism is not so acute in them, but the law provides for the right of citizens to be warned about illegal filming.

The sound of the camera on a Japanese iPhone

In all Apple iPhone devices for the Japanese, Korean and other Asian market, the camera sound is not muted, this is all done to match the product to the market.

Do not rush to google how to mute the camera on the iPhone by jailbreaking, unless of course you like to dance with diamonds and change something in the default fine (yes I am so praising Apple).

The camera shutter sound on the iPhone is not as clearly audible only in LIVE mode. In all others, it is directly noticeable.

Muting the shutter sound with Jailbreak

It is possible to mute the shutter without affecting other elements of the system by Jailbreaking. Jailbreak is a special tool for hacking the iOS operating system and introducing various changes to it at the file system level.

To jailbreak a device, you need to install special software on your computer. Currently popular crackers are: unc0ver and Chimera.

You can download one of them to your iPhone and then exactly follow the instructions (they are on the official website of the developers of hacks). After installing this program, you can make changes to the settings at the file system level, but you must do it very carefully.