How to remove Safe Mode on Samsung phone

With the help of a secure mode, you can check how the phone works. He may need when Android constantly hires, slows down and so on. So what is a safe mode, why it is needed and how to enable it or disable it?

Some may have come across him, but did not understand what it was. It can be observed on the phone screen.

Safe mode is a phone system operation that allows you to block applications, but it starts the system.

At the same time, the phone is operational and can be used according to its direct intended purpose. And those applications that were installed by the user during the safe mode will be disconnected. This is a good way to check the performance of android. If, in safe mode there are no failures and it works without brakes, then it is worth thinking which installed application so affects the functionality and delete it.


This is something like Windows on a computer. If you enable Windows in safe mode, only system programs will work.

What is needed safe mode

Windows users most likely not once faced with a computer with an inscription, asking whether it is not necessary to continue the download in safe mode. There, this is understood by the loading of the operating system almost in the naked form, without those programs that stand in autoload, as well as with the minimum number of the most necessary drivers (without a network, video. only in the basic resolution).

Appointment of a safe mode on TV. similar. Since it only functions on Smart TV, it means that only the OS is loaded in a minimum configuration. No applications. What it gives?

Usually the BR starts automatically if the system detects that some components do not work properly. The reason may be different. from the wrong shutdown of the device (for example, when the power is disappeared) to the impact of malicious programs. In any case, the safe mode allows you to localize the problem, and also provides the ability to remove programs and applications, from which it is impossible to get rid of.

In a word, this is a debug mode, which in most cases starts automatically, regardless of the desire of the owner of the device. Sometimes such a start is erroneous. in such cases, it is enough to turn off the TV, a smartphone or a laptop and re-enable them so that the operating system loads continued in normal mode. If the launch of the debug mode occurred due to error detection, it is necessary to take steps to detect and eliminate them. But here, not everything is so sad. often mistakes are non-critical, practically not affecting the operation of the OS.

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In this regard, it may be necessary to exit the TV from the debug mode, which can be done not easy, meets the opposite situation. the need to start a BR to eliminate the problems that have arisen.

IMPORTANT. You need to understand that in debug mode, you will not be able to run any applications except the utility of the operating system itself. Even you loaded your favorite browser will not be able to start until you figure out the problem and do not turn off the safe mode.

Ways to enable secure regime

Conduct the transition to SAFE MODE can also independently, with several ways that depend not as much on the OS version, how many from the manufacturer of the mobile device.

Using the service menu

The most popular method. To call the service menu, you just need to press the power button and hold it down for 5 seconds.

After the service menu appears, you do not release the button for a few more seconds until the proposal appears to log in to the safe mode. After confirming the OS will reboot without third-party applications. But delete them, clean the smartphone, change the settings the opportunity will remain.

For smartphones Honor, ZTE, HUAWEI

Here the first way is not applicable. The start of Android in safe mode is carried out on these devices as follows:

  • Turn off the gadget (press the POWER button when the service menu is highlighted. select “Turn off”);
  • Touch the volume level button;
  • enable smartphone;
  • After appearing on the display, the phone manufacturer logo release the button;
  • After that, the device must go to secure mode.

ADVICE. If the board did not work, try to hold the volume button not immediately before turning on the gadget, and after the screen saver.

For samsung smartphones, meizu

These brands have android starts in safe mode in a special algorithm:

  • Turn off your smartphone;
  • turn it on, after the screensaver appears, clamp the sound volume adjustment key up to the reduction (sometimes you can simultaneously clamp the power button);
  • The phone should log in to Safe Mode.

After diagnosing the device, identify problems and eliminate them, you can turn off the secure mode, for which simply perform the standard reboot.

ATTENTION. On some smartphones (for example, individual Honor models) manipulation with buttons no effect do not give. To restart the Android phone in safe mode, you have to connect it to the computer, after setting a special Hisuite utility.

Disable problem notifications

Many manufacturers of modern mobile equipment equip their best models in a safe mode through the notifications panel. This means that when this mode is turned on, a launched option will appear at the top of the screen. If the mobile device supports the described mode, a notification appeared on the display, then the following steps must be performed:

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Hard reboot

If your phone from Samsung hovers and does not respond to the power button (nothing appears on the screen), you can try to get out of a secure mode through a rigid reboot. To do this, do the following:

  • Hold the power button and the volume reduction button;
  • Hold the buttons pressed while the phone does not turn off;
  • Wait for the phone reboot;

You can also try simply press the power button and hold it until the phone is rebooted. This method should work not only on Samsung, but also on other Android devices.

In addition, you can simply remove the battery for the hard reboot. But, this option is rare when you can use, since most Samsung phones at the moment are manufactured with a non-removable battery.

How to remove or disable secure mode on Android

Start with how to turn off the safe mode on Android, because it is exactly the most difficulties. There are several ways that allow you to remove safe mode on Android.

  • Way Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, then set back and try download Android device in normal mode.
  • Method Restart the device and check the “Home” button while turning on and hold it until the device is fully downloaded.
  • Method Restart the device and check the volume button and hold it until the device is fully loaded.
  • Method Restart the device and check the volume button and hold it until the device is fully downloaded.

How to translate Android to safe mode and why it is necessary

All experienced Windows users know about the existence in this safe mode operating system specifically designed to solve problems and troubleshoot. However, not all know that there is also a similar opportunity in your mobile device running Android.

First of all, it is necessary to briefly dwell on whether you may need a safe mode. As you know, Android has always been famous for its democraticness, allowing its users such actions that no other system. Using third-party software or manual editing system files, you can change the appearance and behavior of the operating system are simply unrecognizable. However, sometimes for such intervention has to pay.

If, as a result of the changes you made or due to the work of the Android installed programs, it is refused to function normally, then it is then that safe mode is useful. In this mode, only system applications work, and you can delete the program calling problems, and then reboot to normal mode again.

To enter the secure Android mode, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Press and hold the power button until the shutdown menu appears.
  • In this menu, select “Disable power” and hold your finger before the menu appears in the figure below.
  • Click “OK” and wait for the device to restart.

After the desktop appears, you will see “Safe Mode” in its left left corner. Perform the necessary changes or delete the program’s normal operation interfering. By the way, the transition to this mode helps to visually appreciate how fast the “naked” Android is working and how the third-party launchers, themes, icons, background programs and other resource emours are slowing.

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To return back simply restart your device. Sometimes there are difficulties with the return of the gadget to normal work, and it hardly continues to run in safe mode. In this case, simply turn off the device, pull out the battery for a few minutes and download Android again.

We hope that the information from this article will help you solve problems in your smartphone or tablet without the need to apply more hard methods. reset system parameters in default state or flashing.

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Safe mode on Android. Why is it needed and how to enable it

The safe mode is needed when, as a result of interference with the firmware or operating system, a system failure and the phone works incorrectly, failures, graphic artifacts or strong brazers appear. If you translate the device in this mode, only system applications and the performance of the gadget will be resumed.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to turn off the safe mode on Android, then you are faced with one of the problems described above. You went to “Safe Mode”, after which they tried to enter the usual mode of operation and could not do it. To implement this operation, use one of the following methods below.

How to disable secure mode

There are three possibilities for turning off the secure mode. At the same time, in most cases sufficient first and simple way. restarting the device. However, this method does not always work, therefore there are two more who will certainly help bring the smartphone to normal.

The first simple and painless. You must delete the last installed application, since it is for this that is programmed safe mode.

    In the settings of the smartphone, open the “Applications” tab.

In the Settings menu, go to the “Applications” tab

The second way is more radical, and it is desirable for him only if the first did not give results. The method is to reset the smartphone settings to factory settings.

    In the settings of the device, go to the “Extended” tab.

Through the “Settings” menu, go into the enclosed

Open the item “Restoration and Reset”

Use secure Android mode to debug applications or any other purposes just. You just need to understand how the function is called on your device, then turn off its simple reboot of the smartphone.