What to do if offline mode is enabled in the launcher

So, we will address the issue of not being connected to the Rockstar servers when the “Offline Mode” notification is displayed on the screen. And before calling your provider, and maybe even arguing with him about the quality of services, let’s check the possibility of a reason on your PC.

  • This can be done in different ways. Select the WIN and PAUSE keys together at once;
  • Click on the line at the top left “Control Panel”;

Click on “Control Panel”
Then you should select the item “System and Security”;

Select “System and Security” in the control panel
And click on the line “Firewall”;

Select “Windows Firewall”
When you get to the network defender settings screen, you need to go to the menu on the left and select “Enable and disable”;

Click on the line “Enable and disable”
You will most likely see that the checkboxes are checked to activate the Firewall. We need to check the boxes to “Disable”.

Check the box to disable the Firewall

We have dealt with the main “pest” for games. Now you need to try to open the Rockstar Games Launcher again to see if offline mode is showing up now. If you could not solve this problem, most likely there are other applications on your PC that can both block the program’s access to the network and prevent it from working fully.

Reasons for issues with the Rockstar Games Launcher

An error when starting a GTA game may lie in the fact that when the launcher is connected to the network, both built-in protections and additional ones can block its operation. Built-in includes Windows Firewall. The additional ones are antivirus tools. which you could have installed on your computer as an alternative. For example, popular antivirus systems: Avast, Kaspersky, AVG and others. The error can also occur if you have previously used the launcher and the game has been successfully launched.

Samsung B310e,B110e, Offline mode Fix this problem || Samsung All sample phone Offline mode solve||

Rockstar Games Launcher

It is not uncommon for problems with the Rockstar Games Launcher to occur due to recently installed updates. If the launcher was updated before using it, most likely the creators of these updates are to blame for the problem. Before proceeding immediately with this error, you need to check your own internet connection. It is possible that at the moment there is no access to the network in offline mode due to the fault of your provider, technical work is being carried out on the mowing line, etc.

Antivirus quarantine check

Almost every anti-virus system has a place where it moves suspicious files and entire applications. It is often called quarantine. In case of any failures in the work of applications or games, the first thing to do is to look into quarantine. If at least one file comes under suspicion, the entire application is sent to the system “jail” or offline. But we, as a system administrator, can free programs.

For example, let’s take a popular set of security utilities from Avast.

If it’s installed on your computer, try locating the Rockstar Games Launcher files like this:

  • Run the program from the main desktop or from a window where all applications running in the background are displayed;
  • Select the item “Protection” on the left in the menu;

Select the menu item “Protection”
Then select the window with the name “Virus Vault”;

Select “Virus Vault”
Find the launcher in the list if its files are displayed here. After selection, the button “Remove from quarantine” (or remove) will become available.

Select the locked file from the list and restore

Using this method, you can remove all applications that you trust from this section. If you have another antivirus, find instructions for it on the Internet or on YouTube.

Troubleshooting Rockstar Games Launcher

Some users are helped by deleting the “Social Club” folder in Windows Explorer.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the system drive where the OS is installed. You can press the WINE keys to start the explorer;
  • You need to find the “Users” folder (in OS version 10). In earlier versions, it might be called “Users”;

Users folder

  • We find in it a folder with the name “Rockstar Games” and in it “Social Club”;
  • The last one needs to be removed.
  • After that, you need to reinstall and log in to the Social Club. And again try to launch the launcher or the game with which you are having problems. If this method does not solve the error, try also completely uninstalling the additional antivirus. Instructions for this are located on the official website of the product, which is installed on your PC. In all cases, a separate utility is needed that searches for all antivirus files in the system and uninstalls them.

    None of these methods will help you if the cause is related to your provider. The internet can be unstable. Because of what, the message about offline mode appears periodically in the Rockstar Games Launcher, and what exactly to do is not clear to the user. You need to call the support phone and find out if there are any problems with the network. Use sites to check the Internet. Yandex Internetometer copes with this task best of all.

    How to remove offline mode in a Samsung phone. What is flight mode in a smartphone. What to do if the mode does not turn off

    Sometimes, accidentally tapping the screen of a phone or smartphone can create a lot of problems. For example, it is not uncommon for users to accidentally turn on airplane mode, after which they cannot understand why their phone refuses to make and receive calls. Now we will tell you what airplane mode is, what it is for and how to turn it off.

    Airplane mode is a special mode of operation of a mobile phone, smartphone, or other portable device that turns off all wireless technologies with which this device is equipped. In this mode, the possibility of incoming and outgoing calls, sending and receiving SMS messages, Wi-Fi wireless network, Bluetooth, and other wireless connections are disabled. In this case, all other functions of the device operate normally. So, on a mobile phone with airplane mode turned on, you can listen to music, watch movies or play games.

    Flight mode logic can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer of the mobile phone. In most cases, enabling airplane mode will disable all wireless technologies that can transmit a signal. While reception-only technologies (such as FM radio and GPS) continue to work. But, in some cases, all wireless technologies may be turned off altogether.

    Flight Mode is designed for use on board aircraft, where wireless technology can interfere with bot systems and instrumentation. However, it should be noted that the use of the phone on board the aircraft is subject to airline policy. Some airlines have very strict rules and you cannot use the phone on their flights, even with the flight mode turned on.

    Other terms are sometimes used to refer to flight mode. For example, it is not uncommon for a flight mode to be referred to as an autonomous mode, air mode, or “Airplane” mode.

    How to turn airplane mode on or off

    On smartphones with Android operating system, you can turn airplane mode on and off using the button in the top curtain. To do this, swipe from the top of the screen and click on the “Airplane mode”.

    turn, offline, mode, samsung, phone

    Also, airplane mode can be turned on or off in the Android settings, in the “Network and Internet” section.

    On iPhones and other Apple devices, Airplane Mode can be turned on or off using the Control Center menu. To do this, swipe from the bottom of the screen and click on the button with the airplane image.

    In addition, in the iOS settings there is a switch “Airplane mode”, with which you can also control the flight mode.

    Offline mode on phone how to turn off Samsung

    How to enable safe mode?

    Different phone models differ in this technique of enabling Safe Mode.

    Press and hold the power button

    (one) Enabling Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode

    • Turn off the device.
    • Now press the power button on your phone to turn it on.
    • During the startup procedure (when the Samsung Galaxy logo appears on the screen) hold down the Volume Down button.
    • Your phone will start in safe mode.
    • Your phone won’t download third-party apps or games in Safe Mode.

    To return to normal mode, simply restart your phone.

    • Turn off and then turn on your phone by pressing the power button.
    • When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button.
    • Keep pressed until the home screen and safe mode appear.
    • You will feel vibration when you enter Safe Mode.
    • Turn off your phone and remove the battery as usual.
    • Press and hold the Poweroff option in the dialog.
    • Tap OK when Reboot to Safe Mode appears as a confirmation window.
    • Your device will go into safe mode.
    • Turn off your phone.
    • Press the power button to restart the device.
    • As soon as you feel the vibration at startup, press and hold the volume down button.
    • Press and hold until the device enters safe mode.
    • Turn off your phone and slide out the hardware keyboard.
    • Press the Power Menu button on your keyboard continuously.
    • Hold the menu button until you feel the vibration and the droid’s eye appears on the screen.
    • Your phone will go into safe mode.

    So from this post, you learned “how to disable safe mode” on your phone and how to use it. The only difference is that third-party installations, including apps and games downloaded from the Play Store, simply don’t work in this mode, and you can’t install any third-party apps or games either. Safe Mode brings your development to a safer area and is most often used by developers and programmers to debug any application that causes problems with the phone software. Therefore, the phone should be handled very carefully in this mode, and if you are not a developer, do not should communicate with telephone systems.

    Samsung Galaxy safe mode

    Why is my phone in Safe Mode?

    The reason for going into Android Safe Mode can vary from device to device. This can happen due to any third-party application that interferes with the normal functioning of the device. Or it could be some kind of malicious link or app that the software has injected. Sometimes too much experimenting with your phone with third-party tools and apps accidentally puts your device into Safe Mode.

    Solved by S8. How to turn off your phone without protection?

    Could you please try this same operation in Safe Mode?

    Enabling and using safe mode

    Safe Mode allows you to turn on your device with disabled third-party applications. Then you can easily uninstall apps that might be causing conflict or software problems.

    Turn off the device.
    Press and hold the power button outside of the model name screen.
    When “Samsung” appears on the screen, release the power button.
    Immediately after releasing the power key, press and hold the volume down key.
    Keep holding the volume down key until the device reboots.
    Safe Mode will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.
    Release the volume down key when you see safe mode.

    Disable Safe Mode
    Press and hold the power button.
    Click Restart.

    View solution in original post

    How to turn off / on safe mode in Samsung and other phones?

    In this article, you will come across the following topics:

    • What is the safe mode in my phone?
    • Why is my phone in safe mode?
    • How to turn off safe mode?
    • How to enable safe mode?

    Are you tired of frequently putting your Samsung phone into Safe Mode? How do you fix it when it actually happens? Actually exiting safe mode. it’s a pain. Since your phone keeps rebooting until you turn it off, you need to fix it quickly and correctly at a time. While it sounds rather complicated, going into Safe Mode does not interfere with the normal functioning of your device. You also don’t have to worry about whether your phone will return to normal mode or not. But before we tell you about that, let’s find out more about Safe Mode on Android phones.

    How to turn on airplane mode on your phone?

    Actually, turning on airplane mode is simpler. There are several ways, and the easiest one is with a curtain. We make a swipe from the upper frame to the lower one so that the curtain appears, find the flight mode in it (usually depicted as an airplane sign) and click on it to activate it.

    When airplane mode is on, you will see a corresponding notification in the notification bar.

    If, for one reason or another, there is no such mode in the shutter, it does not matter, you can do the same through the device settings. Go to “Settings”.

    Check the box next to “Airplane mode”.

    We draw your attention to the fact that on some devices this item is called differently. For example, on Samsung Galaxy. offline mode.

    However, this does not change the essence. It is also important to remind you that the scheme for turning on airplane mode in your device may be slightly different. it depends on the device model.

    How to turn Airplane mode on and off on Android phone?

    We recently talked about what flight mode is on Android tablets and smartphones. Recall that this is a stand-alone mode, in which all functions capable of receiving or transmitting signals are disabled. These include: primarily cellular, then Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It is not necessary to use this mode on an airplane, it can be activated at any time. For example, do you want no one to pester you with calls in the morning? You can turn on airplane mode and no one can get through to you.

    How to turn off airplane mode on your phone?

    Actually, this mode is turned off in the reverse order. First of all, turn off the airplane mode from the curtain so that the icon ceases to be activated (in the screenshot it is activated).

    After disabling the function, the airplane icon will disappear from the notification panel.

    If airplane mode was activated through settings, go to settings and disable the function by unchecking.

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    How to exit kid mode on your phone?

    • Click on the ellipsis
    • next parental control then
    • click on the ellipsis 4. settings there will be an inscription reset child mode

    How to remove offline mode?

    Press the AltF key combination on your keyboard. In the dropdown list, uncheck Work offline.

    What does it mean to work offline?

    Offline is the mode of operation of the browser without an Internet connection. There are several ways to provide access to Internet resources (web pages, graphic or text information, files) offline. Let’s consider them in more detail.

    How to Disable Emergency Mode on Samsung?

    • To deactivate emergency mode, touch the additional menu button. Notice: Or press and hold the power button, then select Emergency mode.
    • Select Disable Emergency Mode.
    • A pop-up window will appear.
    • Disabling Emergency Mode.
    • The device has returned to normal mode.

    What is offline mode on a laptop?

    Its other name is Flight Mode. By transferring the device into it, it will not be able to receive calls and SMS, the Internet will be disconnected. On a computer: the ability to open sites without a network. But only those that have already been viewed before.

    What is offline mode on the phone?

    What is offline mode? In simple terms, this is the ability to work in any application in the absence of access to communication. For computers, this is a disconnection, first of all, of the Internet, possibly of the local network.

    Why is the function needed?

    Explaining what flight mode is in a smartphone is easy. even a beginner will understand what a function is. This is an autonomous operation of the device, disabling the options that receive and transmit a signal:

    At the same time, the rest of the possibilities are available. you can listen to music, read books, watch photos. Let’s note what else you can use airplane mode for:

    • Saving battery life. If you are away from cell towers, the device will constantly pick up and lose signal. this will land the phone;
    • Acceleration of smartphone charging. You can speed up the process by 10-20%, since the device will not waste its charge on locating or looking for a signal from the towers;
    • The ability to hide from communication. Don’t want to be distracted, don’t want to correspond and talk? Just enter airplane mode!

    In a couple of seconds, you will hide from the radar. no complicated steps are required to close applications. At the same time, most of the options will remain available.!

    We figured out what the flight mode is for in the phone. let’s talk about activating and deactivating the airplane mode.

    How to disable flight mode on a push-button phone

    Now let’s start analyzing the methods that work on primitive cellular devices. Here it will not be possible to move the shutter to detach from the fly-mode, unlike touch models. But there are several methods to achieve what you want.

    How to turn airplane mode on and off in your phone

    First, let’s talk about how to enable and how to disable airplane mode in a phone running the Android operating system. It’s very simple, follow our instructions!

    On a push-button telephone

    It is important to note how to disable flight mode on a push-button phone. this advice is useful for those who simply cannot physically lower the curtain.

    • Enter the device settings;
    • Click on the “” button;
    • Find the line “Airplane mode”;
    • Check or uncheck the box, depending on the desired action.

    How to turn off airplane mode on a push-button phone

    Not everyone knows what this flight mode is in the phone. although everyone has seen the airplane icon, which can be found in the settings. In this overview, we will discuss what a feature is, why you need it, and how to use it.


    For Huawei Honor u8860 go to the menu. Select “All” then “” then “Myself” “Airplane mode” J.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    How to disable flight mode in Fly FF179 phone? In this situation, the following algorithm is valid:

    • open the settings;
    • click on the line “SIM settings” (“Dual SIM settings”);
    • deactivate the item responsible for the “flight”;
    • click on “OK”.

    Through the power button

    For some reason, I personally prefer to use this method. over, it was withdrawn from me somehow automatically. Yes. it is much more convenient to remove it through the curtain, but the habit cannot be overcome. So:

    • Press the on / off button of the phone SHORTLY (do not turn off the phone accidentally, 1 second is enough).
    • The following menu appears:

    And then you already understood how to turn off the flight mode here. just tap on the item.

    How to Remove Samsung Safe Mode from Android 2.3 and Below

    Relatively old devices, especially those made in China, may not support standard download modes. To determine how to remove Safe Mode on a Samsung phone, you will have to experiment a little and perform the following manipulations.

    How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung

    Switching to safe mode on your phone or tablet can help you troubleshoot and troubleshoot your device. It is more expedient to use this function to remove applications that interfere with the normal operation of the smartphone, or carry a potential threat to the system. Our article will show you how to disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung and why you can’t use it all the time.

    How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Samsung

    The easiest but most effective way to exit Safe Mode is to reboot your phone. To do this, you must press the power button and hold it until the standard power-on menu appears. Here it is enough to press the reboot mode and wait for the system update. This method may not work on some devices, but is usually the best place to start.

    The second option is to completely turn off the device and turn it on again after a while. It will also help the phone to “rest” and analyze the changes made. In some cases, it is better, after disconnecting, to remove the battery and after a few seconds insert it and try to turn on the device again. If such manipulations did not give the desired effect, you should use the following tips.

    What you need to know about Safe Mode:

    • This is a special way to boot the operating system. Only system applications are available with it.
    • In case of problems with turning on the smartphone, the download will still occur (except for critical breakdowns of the device).
    • If after turning on the safe mode the problems remain, the problems should be looked for in the hardware part of the device.

    The main function of using this option is to check downloaded applications and programs for viruses. This can be done using standard Android tools, but the best way would be to completely remove recently installed programs. This will help protect your smartphone from potential threats, but you should also learn how to disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung. It makes no sense to use this option on an ongoing basis, because the phone will be “clean” of all extraneous programs. In addition, this feature is not designed for regular use and may also cause malfunctions.

    How to disable Safe Mode on your Samsung phone:

    • You can remove the safe mode function from the phone by the reverse algorithm performed when it was turned on. If the combination “power button. volume up” was performed for this, it is necessary to act according to the opposite principle (“power button. volume down”).
    • The involuntary inclusion of “Safe Mode” usually requires the selection of combinations, the options for which are presented below.

    Some models of modern smartphones are initially programmed to automatically switch to safe mode when a potential threat is detected. This feature helps to isolate the installed application and prevent the virus contained in it from damaging the operating system of the phone. If, after switching on, you find a change in the screen configurations, you do not find the familiar icons, it is possible that your device has detected functional problems. Exact confirmation will be given by the inscription at the bottom of the screen, informing the transition to safe mode. The inscription can also be in English (“Safe Mode”). If this mode is turned on regularly, it may be worth considering connecting secure software, or installing a reliable antivirus program.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    How to Exit Safe Mode on a Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.0 or Higher

    You can determine the version of your Android in the information item of the “About device” menu. Modern devices are released with Android over 7, and the new ninth version appeared just a few months ago. It should be borne in mind that your previous version may have been automatically updated to the next one, so be sure to check this parameter before enabling the Safe Mode function.

    What is Safe Mode for?

    The developers of the Android operating system provide many opportunities to independently adjust the functionality of the device to suit your needs. The installed software allows you to completely transform the usual smartphone interface, change functions and open up new possibilities for software settings. This is very convenient for the advanced user, but it also entails certain risks. If the selected changes conflict with the device, or work incorrectly due to the initial errors of the programs, the phone may also slow down and glitch, or completely disconnect from such an upgrade.

    To prevent this, any user must know the possible retreat moves in order to return everything back without assistance.

    How to Remove Safe Mode on Android Samsung

    After performing all the necessary manipulations on the device, the transition to the normal state is also performed by pressing a certain key combination. There are different options for different phones and Android versions, so it is worth trying some of them for the best result.

    How to turn off airplane mode (offline mode)?

    To turn off flight mode on this model, you must hold down the power button. then choose the icon with the airplane. this way you switch to normal mode.

    You can also turn off airplane mode (offline mode). stretching out the toolbar on the initial screen, selecting the same icon with the airplane.

    If the menu does not come out after holding the power button. go to Settings → Network → Offline mode (uncheck)

    it’s just that my lag has gone, it can’t be pressed differently?

    Then just restart the phone and uncheck the offline mode again, although the phone itself should offer you to do this after the restart.

    I also turn on the offline mode by itself. although the check mark is cleared in the settings. what to do?

    Turn off your phone. remove the SIM card and reinsert it into the phone. after the offline mode should be turned off.

    Offline mode turns on at 22.00 and turns off at 9.00, how to remove it?

    Go to settings. time and date item. find the item to automatically turn the phone on and off. disable all options. unfortunately I don’t have this phone at hand now, so I can’t say exactly where this item is located.

    Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 does not show my SIM card and the offline mode does not turn off I have already rebooted the phone a hundred times and it’s all useless when I press the hang up button, the panel is displayed there and the offline mode is turned off and an airplane is shown on the upper right corner.

    Guest answers about Samsung Galaxy S III mini 8Gb 02.11.2014 19:19

    Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 does not show my SIM card and the offline mode does not turn off I have already rebooted the phone a hundred times and it’s all useless when I press the hang up button, the panel is displayed there and the offline mode is turned off and an airplane is shown on the upper right corner.

    Most likely, if all else fails, you have problems with the SIM card slot. contact the SC to replace the SIM card slot. average

    I have a Korean copy of Samsung Galaxy S 3 i9300, when I bought it, I did not check the email of the phone with the one under the battery. he immediately did not work well. But since I bought it out of stupidity, I seriously did not bother. Now, when replacing the battery in the workshop, we checked the email and found out that it does not match. and now I cannot call the mobile operator and there are no Internet settings what to do?

    Guest answers about Samsung Galaxy S III mini 8Gb 12/01/2014 15:05

    I have a Korean copy of Samsung Galaxy S 3 i9300, when I bought it, I did not check the email of the phone with the one under the battery. he immediately did not work well. But since I bought it out of stupidity, I seriously did not bother. Now, when replacing the battery in the workshop, we checked the email and found out that it does not match. and now I cannot call the mobile operator and there are no Internet settings what to do?

    Who told you that. your operator’s number belongs only to the operator (your SIM card). please tell me your Android phone? if so, I will describe the manual Internet settings.

    Do not turn off flight mode on van plas van

    Guest answers about Samsung Galaxy S III mini 8Gb 12/01/2014 10:49 PM

    Do not turn off flight mode on van plas van

    If the airplane mode on your phone is not turned off in the standard way (holding the power button after choosing to turn off airplane mode). restart your phone. if it does not turn off. then most likely the problem is in the SIM or SIM slot. remove and reinsert the SIM card into the slot.

    Good afternoon, in my Alcatel van touch 1 the mode in the plane also turned on on its own, although the method recommended above could not be applied, since the “airplane” item was turned off at the same time. It turned out that there is another place in the phone, where there is also an airplane mode setting. Go to the settings, then to the date and time, click on the item again and there will be displayed “airplane mode”, uncheck the box and EVERYTHING WORKS. So much for the “teapots”

    Through the quick access menu

    You can quickly deactivate through quick settings. They are available after removing the curtain on the main screen (by swiping over it from top to bottom). Among the icons there is a noticeable one with the image of an airplane. If it is brightly colored, the function is active. In addition, a thematic picture will appear in the top line. Just tap on the icon, the color of the picture will change to a less intense one and the icon will disappear from the notification panel.

    What is Airplane Flight Mode?

    Enabling the option allows you to completely cut off the owner from the mobile network. He will not receive any incoming information, he will not be able to make calls and send messages himself. When activated, mobile data transmission, network connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology will be unavailable. Activation is carried out with one icon located in the quick settings of the smartphone. On some devices, it has a different name. For example, Samsung Galaxy calls it “Offline Mode”.

    At the same time, the possibilities remain available to read books, listen to music (provided that it is uploaded to the device’s memory, and not online), watch downloaded films and other ways to entertain yourself on a long flight.

    In phone settings

    If there is no such icon in the quick settings, you will have to disconnect through the deeper settings of the mobile device. For this:

    • successively go “Menu”. “Connections” (or “Wireless networks”). “Airplane mode”;
    • uncheck or move the slider to the left opposite the function.

    Instead of an airplane, an icon will appear on the notification panel, which signals the connection to a certain network for data transmission.

    How to disable Airplane Mode in Samsung

    In modern smartphones, this mode is responsible for flight safety. While on board, you must turn off the phone or exclude the passage of the communication signal. It can cause interference with airborne equipment and other problems. You do not have to turn off the device, but simply activate a special option, on the button with which an airplane is depicted. It’s easy to activate, but we’ll figure it out separately how to remove Airplane mode in a Samsung phone.

    How to Disable Airplane Mode in Samsung Phone?

    Switching off is carried out in the reverse order. There are several methods that are not available on all Samsung mobile phones.

    With the shutdown button

    Note that this method is not available on all models of smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer. Algorithm:

    • press and hold the Samsung power button for a few seconds;
    • tap on the appropriate item, shutdown will occur.

    Air or offline mode is a feature that allows you not to turn off your mobile device during the flight, as required by safety rules. The mobile or tablet goes into a state in which no mobile signal is allowed. There are three ways to disable Airplane Mode on a Samsung phone. The power button option is not available for all models from this manufacturer. Accessibility can be checked by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Note that the active option makes it possible to save the battery charge. If your smartphone does not have a special battery saving function, you can use this chip. But you must remember that communication opportunities will not be available.


    For Huawei Honor u8860 go to the menu. Select “All” then “” then “Myself” “Airplane mode” J.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    How to disable flight mode in Fly FF179 phone? In this situation, the following algorithm is valid:

    • open the settings;
    • click on the line “SIM settings” (“Dual SIM settings”);
    • deactivate the item responsible for the “flight”;
    • click on “OK”.

    What to do if flight mode does not turn off?

    There are situations when it is not easy to get rid of the “autonomy”. Neither rebooting nor returning to the standard phone configuration helps. Then flash the device. Only back up a copy of the current system state.

      do not turn off the device at the time of the firmware; If the independent manipulations have failed, it remains to pay a visit to the service and say about the problem with the “flight”.

    How to disable flight mode in a smartphone

    It became clear how to turn off the “airplane” mode on a push-button telephone. Let’s talk about the technique applicable to sensors. To quickly remove an unclaimed function on a smartphone:

    • pull down the upper “curtain”;
    • find the icon responsible for the operation of the device during flights;
    • in the menu there is an item “Flight”. tap on it and the button is inactive again, and the icon near the battery disappears.

    It takes a little longer to tinker with to disable the mode in the gadget configuration:

    • open “Settings”;
    • in the “Wireless networks” group, click on the “Additional functions” line;
    • deactivate the “flight” slider.

    Note that these methods work almost the same for different models of mobile devices. Only the names of buttons, lines and commands differ.

    • open the ZTEBlade C V807 settings;
    • go to “Offline mode”;
    • turn the corresponding switch to the inactive position.

    Or tap the restart button and set air mode.

    Basic ways

    • run the configuration;
    • click on the word “”;
    • uncheck the “Airplane mode” checkbox. We also present another method suitable for Nokia 5130:
    • go to the menu;
    • click on “Settings”;
    • mark “Modes”;
    • choose “Profile”. “Normal”.

    Or quickly hold down the power key of the phone and set “Normal”.

    Fly TS110


    Please note that some of the products of a popular brand do not support turning off the “airplane” through the on / off button. For example, this is the Samsung A5 model.

    The BQ BQM-1401 Monza gadget lacks the ability to deactivate the “flight” through the menu. It is required to select the line to return to the default configuration. The alternative is to select “Security settings” and then. “SIM card locks”.

    Phone fly how to turn off airplane mode

    How do I turn off Airplane Mode on Android when it randomly turns on? Unnecessary activation of wireless technology can occur when the phone is among personal belongings (in a. backpack, etc.).

    When the specified chip is randomly turned on, the device does not receive calls. An airplane image appears on the top of the display. In the current article, we will tell you how to get rid of “air travel” for touch and button models.

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