How to turn off iPhone if the Power button or screen isn’t working?

Let’s look at two fairly common cases. If the Power button does not work, then turning off the device will not work so easily. You will need to install an application that allows you to turn off your smartphone without pressing the Power button. You can find it in iTunes. You will most likely have to turn on the iPhone using such an unusual method: connect it to the charger and it turns on.

If the screen does not work, that is, the sensor, then you will not be able to turn off the phone at all, unless you wait until the battery runs out. But turning it on will not be a problem.

How to turn iPhone on and off?

And again we return to the topic of discussion of one of the most popular smartphones of the last few years. I think it’s no secret that iPhone smartphones are very popular in Russia. Many users who purchased this device for the first time often ask questions regarding the use of the phone. One of them sounds like this: how to turn the iPhone on and off? Believe it or not, it’s incredibly simple to do it.

Take your phone in hand. At the top of it, you will see the Power button. Click on it and hold for a few seconds until the screen shows the first signs of life. As soon as a bitten apple appears on it, you can release the button. Now it only remains to wait a little (literally a few seconds), as the device will be loaded and ready to work. Actually, that’s all, nothing else is required of you.

If suddenly for some reason the device refuses to start, try this. As you know, the iPhone has two main buttons: Power, which is located at the top of the screen, and Home, which is located on the front of the device. You need to hold down both of these buttons for about 10-20 seconds to restart the smartphone. It is quite possible that if the gadget did not want to boot by pressing the Power button, it will boot after holding the indicated buttons. If it does not work, try holding the buttons down for a longer time (40-60 seconds).

In order to turn off the iPhone, you will need to hold down the Power button for a few seconds, after which a kind of window will appear on the screen. Swipe over the “Slide to power off” and the device will be turned off within a few seconds.

At the same time, you should not turn off the gadget by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons, so this does not turn off the smartphone, but only reboots it.

Everything described above applies to absolutely all iPhones that have been released until now: 3G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S. As for the iPhone 6, nothing will change in this regard, except that the Power button will be on the side instead of the top of the device.

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Yeah, if the button is turned off, then write it away

No, you can use applications to reboot from the app store.

Or put it on charge, it will turn on by itself

All is well, only for some reason the reboot does not work. I hold the buttons for 2 minutes and still there is no result.

iPhone Power Button Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Can not be. Apparently, something happened to the buttons themselves.

I did not know about the home and paver buttons! really reboots! cool.

If the power button doesn‘t work, what to do?

In the app store, look for applications to disable the iPhone, there are a lot of them. But here’s how to turn it on later. a question)

turn on. just insert the charger and charge

the phone turned off, but the power button does not work (broken, usually the shortcut icon was used), how to turn it on without a button?

But what if the sensor does not work and, when connected to aytyuness, to update the system, it says to turn off find the iPhone? How to turn it off if the sensor does not work? who knows, tell me

turn, iphone, button, doesn, work

I have an iPhone 3, I hold the Power button for 3-4 minutes, and still zero reaction.

How to turn off iPhone using Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is a software tool for controlling the device without using physical buttons, as well as setting up quick access to applications and smartphone functions. The option is enabled in the phone settings: “Settings”. “General”. “Universal access”. “Assistive Touch”. Slide the main switch and a semi-transparent control button will appear on the screen. When pressed, a set of functions opens, including a screen lock. If it is not there, then go back to the Assistive Touch tool settings, in the “Top Level Menu” section, select the “Lock Screen” item. The principle of operation of the on-screen function is the same as that of its physical counterpart. when pressed once, the screen will be locked, and if you hold it for a few seconds, the smartphone will turn off.

How to restart iPhone without a button

With Assistive Touch, you can also reboot your smartphone. In the menu settings, enable the “Restart” item. the corresponding icon will appear in the opening set of the main Assistive Touch control on the phone screen.

How to turn on iPhone if the lock button doesn‘t work?

Locking the iPhone, turning it on, turning it off are actions that we do all the time. But as soon as the power button fails, the usual sequence of actions becomes inaccessible. But do not panic. our article tells in detail how to turn off your iPhone if the shutdown button does not work.

The power key is one of the most commonly used on the phone. Its service life is long, but, like any mechanical part, it can break over time. This will greatly complicate the usual scenario of working with a smartphone. In fact, users no longer notice the constant procedures to lock and turn on the phone, and a broken button complicates these actions. In this article, we will teach you how to turn off your iPhone if the shutdown button does not work.

Breakdown reasons

The locking button mechanism consists of a long cable with miniature spring contacts. It is clear that most often the cause of failure will be mechanical damage due to careless handling or simply due to long-term use. Although software glitches can also “disable” the button. Let’s list the common causes of malfunctions:

  • Direct strike on the key.
  • Drop the phone.
  • Dirt or dust getting into the plume mechanism.
  • Liquid penetration into the housing.
  • Loop failure.
  • Software glitch.

Regardless of the cause of the failure, you can use your smartphone without the power key. The following are common tricks on how to turn on your iPhone if the lock button doesn‘t work.

Switching off with the charger

If the iPhone is locked, you need to “wake up” the sensor before turning it off. For this, we use a charger. Connect your phone to a native charger or a power bank and the screen will come to life. You can now turn off or restart your phone using the Assistive Touch tool. In principle, the charger itself is not needed to turn on, there is a way to limit ourselves only to the USB cable from it. Connect the iPhone to the computer and wait. the PC will detect the phone and turn it on.

What to do if the “Power / Lock” button on iPhone does not work

A broken key will make it difficult, but not harmful, to use your smartphone, as Apple has provided for such a case. In addition, if there is a hope that the failure is software, try simply turning off and then turning on the phone. Let’s take a look at the available methods on how to turn on the iPhone without the lock button and how to turn off the iPhone if the power off button does not work.

Contacting the service center

You can lock, turn on, turn off and restart your smartphone without a physical power key, but this is uncomfortable. If it was not a software glitch, and after several reboots the problem persists, go to the service center. The problem is widespread and engineers will determine the cause of the problem and fix it. Repairing a button is not the most expensive procedure, so you don’t have to postpone contacting a service center.

Power Button not Working? Turn On/Off iPhone with BROKEN Power Button!

How to turn off iPhone if the shutdown button does not work

Turning off your iPhone is a common procedure and you rarely have any problems with it if the device is working properly. In order to turn off a working iPhone, just press the Shutdown button, hold it for a few seconds and then swipe to the right on the Shutdown button. But, if the iPhone is not working properly, then some difficulties may arise with this simple procedure.

turn, iphone, button, doesn, work

In this article, we will show you how to turn off your iPhone if the shutdown button or touchscreen is not working. The article will be relevant for all versions of iPhone, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, se, 6, 6s and 7.

How to turn off iPhone without a button

If the shutdown button on the iPhone does not work, but you need to turn it off somehow, then you can use a function called “AssistiveTouch”. To enable this function, you first need to go to the iPhone settings and open the “General” section there.

After that, you need to open the subsection “Universal Access”.

After turning on “AssistiveTouch”, a floating semi-transparent round button will appear on the screen of your iPhone. This button will allow you to use the touchscreen to perform many actions that previously required pressing hardware buttons on the case. For example, using this button you can turn off your iPhone, even if you cannot press the hardware Shutdown button. To do this, you must first press the floating button on the screen, and then select “Apparatus” in the menu that appears.

After that, a menu will appear for controlling the hardware buttons using the screen. If the shutdown button does not work for you and you want to turn off your iPhone, then here you need to press the “Screen Lock” button and hold your finger on the button until the screen prompts you to turn off the device.

After that, you can turn off the iPhone in the same way as after pressing the Power button, that is, by swiping to the right on the “Turn off” button. It should be noted that it is quite easy to turn off the iPhone using the “AssistiveTouch” function, but later you may encounter problems when turning on the device. After all, if your Power button does not work, then you cannot just press it and turn on the smartphone. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. In order to turn on the iPhone without using the button, you can simply put it on charge or connect to a computer, and it will turn on automatically.

How to turn off iPhone if the touch screen is not working

In addition, let’s look at another similar problem, namely touchscreen failure. After all, if your iPhone has a touchscreen failure, then you will also have problems turning it off. Without a working touch screen, you will not be able to swipe to the right on the shutdown button, which means that the standard way to turn off the iPhone will not work.

In order to get out of this situation and still turn off the iPhone without a touch screen, you can use the procedure for forced reboot of the device. This is done like this:

  • Press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until the iPhone screen turns off. For iPhone version 7, instead of the “Home” button, you need to use the volume down button.
  • After the screen goes out, immediately release the buttons.
  • If you release the buttons in time, the iPhone will turn off, but if you hold them a little more than necessary, then instead of turning off you just restart the device.

It should be noted that the procedure to force restart the iPhone should not be used too often. Since using it there is a risk of damaging the memory of the smartphone.

How to turn off iPhone if the button doesn’t work? Three ways

Of course, the American company “Apple” designs, manufactures and supplies to the mobile phone market excellent devices that justify their cost due to the appropriate technical characteristics and an optimized operating system. Only at the expense of its devices the company can be called stand out against the background of its competitors. However, these devices do not last forever. And any device can suddenly malfunction, and then work as if nothing had happened.

One of the most pressing questions asked by users in many forums devoted to the works of the “bitten apple” was the question of how to turn off the iPhone if the button does not work.

when the device is stable

Let’s say the device is stable. This is the simplest situation that can be. Everything reacts stably, touches are perceived, the commands programmed on the “Power” button are executed. At the same time, there are no problems with the operation of the Home key either. So, just hold down the first indicated button and wait for the “Turn off” or “Cancel” labels to appear. Next, touch the left side of the bar called “Turn off” (it is colored red). Then, without lifting your finger from the screen, we swipe across the screen. After the strip is set aside, the device itself turns off, and its screen turns off. Press the power button again for a few moments. You will be able to notice the corporate logo of the company, after which the boot of your device will continue as usual. Now let’s look at the question of how to turn off the iPhone if the button does not work.

Causes and consequences

Many users who ask how to turn off the iPhone if the button does not work do not even strive to first figure out what the causes of the malfunction are. And almost all owners of devices running the IOS operating system face such a problem. Sooner or later, this, unfortunately, happens in the life of each of the devices. The “Power” button (as well as the “Home” key), as a result of a software failure, fails and stops responding to elementary commands dictated, if you can call it that, by the user.

Currently, with joint efforts, we have managed to develop three methods that will help you restart your device in the event of a similar problem.

software crashed

How to turn off iPhone if the button doesn‘t work? In this case, you will have to use the so-called forced reboot method. In this case, the device may not react at all to touching the sensor, and not just to giving commands through the soft keys. To force restart your device, you need to hold down the power control and home screen buttons at the same time. We keep them active for ten seconds. The device turns off. After that, release the keys. If the logo did not appear immediately, then we proceed according to the second part of the previous method, that is, press the key again. It should be noted that this method should be left as a last resort and in no case should you use it regularly.

Now you know how to turn off iPhone without a button, although this method is only suitable for emergencies when the software crashes.

special programs

Users who ask what to do if the iPhone button does not work are unlikely to know about the existence of special programs that will be very useful for the device as a whole. They make it possible to operate devices without mechanical keys. The creators of the program, like no one else, understood that the resources of the buttons are large, but not limitless. Actually, this led to the creation of software. The Assistive Touch function can be cited as it. Activating it will automatically give full access to the touch control of the iPhone. The function allows you to very, very subtly, one might say, flexibly customize gesture control.

Thus, in a short time (after you get used to the new principles), you will abandon mechanical elements in favor of sensory manipulation methods.

turn, iphone, button, doesn, work


Without a physical button, you will have to use its virtual counterpart. To do this, you need to enable AssistiveTouch.

We follow the path Settings. General. Accessibility. AssistiveTouch and activate the main switch.

Opening the Top Level Menu section

Select any unnecessary button from the existing ones or add an additional icon to the menu.

Selecting the Screen Lock option.

Now, in the AssistiveTouch menu that appears when you click on the virtual button, you can see the screen lock button. Pressing will turn off the display, and holding it will call the iPhone mute slider we need.

Quick reboot

If the iPhone starts to behave strangely, for no reason to think or just slow down, you can simply reboot the device. This can be done in a similar way.

Instead of the Screen Lock button in the AssistiveTouch menu, add the Restart option.

Now, to restart, you need to press the AssistiveTouch virtual key, select the Restart item and confirm the action.

Conveniently enable / disable AssistiveTouch

Turning off and restarting the device is not needed every day, but the virtual button will regularly appear on the screen. You can configure its quick hiding and display.

Go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Keyboard shortcut and select AssistiveTouch. Thereafter, triple pressing the Home button will toggle the AssistiveTouch menu on and off.

And how to turn on the turned off iPhone now

Without the Power button, you will have to turn on the iPhone by supplying power to the device. It is enough to connect it to a computer, charger or PowerBank and the device will turn on instantly.

Remember this before turning off your iPhone with a broken power button.

thank re: Store for useful and interesting information.

How to turn iPhone off and on when the power button isn’t working

One of the common breakdowns in the iPhone of different models is the failure of the on / off button of the device. In this case, repairs are inexpensive, but not everyone can stay for several days without their favorite gadget.

This is not necessary, because there is a way to use the device even with a broken button.

In the first test version of iOS 11, the developers added a special menu item along the path Settings. General. Disable. It brings up the menu to turn off the device without pressing the power button.

There are several months before the official release of the firmware, and you can use a device with a broken button right now.

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