How to Manually Turn Off Xiaomi AirDots

Moisture got inside

Often, the headphone icon does not disappear after a “walk” in the pouring rain or visiting a hot bath with a smartphone. Moisture enters the unprotected 3.5 mm jack and closes the contacts. In this case:

  • Twist a cotton pad thinly or wrap cotton wool around a match.
  • Slide it into the slot and twist it a few times.
  • Dry the input with a hairdryer at low power for 7-10 minutes.

Important! Twisted cotton wool should not come apart, otherwise its pieces will remain inside.

Another outcome is that drops or steam that reach the hole provoke oxidation of the contacts, which makes it impossible to disable the headphone icon on Xiaomi. Alternatively, use FLUX-OFF anti-corrosion spray: apply it to the cotton wool and treat the inside of the connector. It is not recommended to spray with such products directly inside.

Headphone icon is lit after falling

If the Xiaomi phone falls from a height or a table, it is enough to damage the socket mount. If the icon lights up after hitting the smartphone on the surface, contact the service center for help.

How to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi phone

On Xiaomi smartphones, there is a common problem. after pulling out the headset plug, the headphone icon does not disappear. The system continues to output sound to a third-party device, making it impossible to listen to music or talk on the phone using the phone’s speakers. The cause of the malfunction can be of mechanical or software origin, then, we will consider all the ways how to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi phone.

Eliminating a software error

Being a common problem on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and 4X, users have found several effective ways to get rid of the permanent icon using the smartphone buttons:

  • Connect the headset to the device and unlock the screen.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power key on the smartphone and the call accept button on the headphones. Hold for 5-6 seconds and then release.
  • Next, pull the plug out of the socket.
  • Plug the headphones into your phone.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Remove the plug after turning on the system.

Note! Being guaranteed to be sure that the headphone icon hangs and does not turn off due to a system failure. do a system rollback to factory settings.

Removing dirt particles

Staying in a pants or bag, dirt, dust and lint of clothing gets into the hole. As with water, they cause a short circuit and the headphone icon no longer retracts. To remove debris from the 3.5mm jack:

  • Take a thin wooden object.
  • Clean the nest in a circular motion.

Attention! Do not use metal objects. they can damage the contacts. Before choosing a cleaning tool, determine the safe immersion length by comparing it with the plug from the headset.

A controversial, but sometimes effective option. insert another headset into the jack and turn it several times.

Clearing the radio cache

This is the last resort if none of the above methods worked:

  • We connect headphones to a smartphone.
  • Launching the “Radio” application.
  • In the upper right corner, open “”, indicated by three horizontal dots.
  • In the window that appears, first click on “Turn on speaker”, then on “Turn on headphones”.
  • Close the program via the multitasking menu.
  • Launch “Settings”, select “All Apps”, open “Radio”.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on “Clear All”.
  • Pull out the headset.

We use a third-party application

The appearance of the headphone icon on a Xiaomi smartphone indicates mechanical damage to the jack or a software malfunction. Basically, they solve the problem on their own and only as a last resort visit the service center.

ways to turn off stuck headphone mode on Xiaomi

What if the phone shows that headphones are connected? There are several methods for solving problems that have arisen: mechanical and software.

Reasons for the icon freezing

The headphone icon on Xiaomi does not always disappear for certain reasons. Most often these are either mechanical damage or software failures. Let’s look at each problem in order.

turn, headphones, xiaomi, phone

Note! This problem is relevant for other brands as well. Therefore, this instruction will help solve problems with other models.

Mechanical problem

If you get caught in the rain, and after disconnecting the headset you still see the annoying icon, it is the moisture in the connector that is to blame. Droplets can get deep into your phone, causing some pretty serious glitches. Therefore, during a rainstorm, always place your smartphone in a zippered or bag.

The second common case is dust or small foreign objects. loaf crumbs, animal hair, dirt, sand. all this gets into the connector, sometimes completely blocking the wire contact.

Dropped your phone onto a hard surface? The consequences are not always just a broken screen. The insides of the device are easily damaged, and the connectors may simply stop responding to connected devices.

Clearing radio data

This is a purely software operation that should be used if other methods did not help.

  • We find the radio icon on the main screen, go to the program. Connect headphones.
  • In the application that opens, click on the image of the ellipsis. The expanded radio settings appear.
  • We click “Turn on the speaker”. “Turn on the headphones.” Next, close the program completely. removing it from the tabs and phone memory.
  • We visit the settings menu, where we go to the “Applications” item. We tap on the Radio. And at the very end of the page, select “Clear all”.
  • The application is completely cleared, including both history and cache. Now you can disconnect the headphones, the phone will not see that they are connected.

With the help of such simple actions, you can literally get rid of the interfering glitch within half an hour, which is expressed in the freezing of the icon.

Cleaning and Drying Connectors

First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the connectors, even if it seems that there are no foreign objects there. We arm ourselves with a cotton swab or a toothpick, but by no means a metal accessory! Gently insert the stick into the connector and make several circular movements. Next, we take the headphones and, for prevention, insert the tracker and remove it several times.

Are you caught in the rain? Then the above actions can, on the contrary, harm, since the liquid will penetrate even deeper. But there is a solution, namely: we put the hair dryer on the lowest power, and dry the connectors under a stream of warm air. Remove the remaining drops with a lint-free napkin.

In most cases, these simple procedures help to remove the stuck headphone icon from the smartphone screen. If the problem persists, it means that the problem may be in the software part.

Key Actions

If the hang of the icon is caused by a glitch, and there is no sense from a normal reboot, you need to play with the buttons. This scheme helps many users:

  • We connect the headphones to the smartphone and make sure that the phone is turned on. The screen is also unlocked.
  • We hold down the power key on the device and the call acceptance button on the headset. We hold for about 5-6 seconds, after which we sharply release.
  • We immediately pull the tracker out of the connector. The graphical bug should go away.

Program error

The Xiaomi phone may not come out of the headphone mode also due to the software. The most commonplace problem that can be easily solved is the freezing of the smartphone (long glitch).

No one excludes problems with the firmware itself, failures with the radio and music players. Find detailed troubleshooting answers below.

How to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi phone

Modern mobile devices usually contain a lot of music. Users love to listen to audio recordings through a headset, because it is convenient and practical. But sometimes there are problems. For example, headphone mode is not disabled. So today we will discuss how to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi phone and tell you why such a nuisance is happening.

The headphone icon on Xiaomi does not disappear. How to remove?

Literally everyone can face this: the user only listened to music in the headphones, took the headphones out of the jack and does not hear the sound from the speaker, while there is a headphone icon in the status bar, that is, the device believes that headphones are connected to it, although this is not so The problem is widespread and can be both mechanical and software-based. Where do we start?

Mechanical problem

Most of us carry our smartphone either in our or in our bag. Most often, smartphone connectors are not protected from dust particles or other microfragments, which is why a problem occurs. In this case, you need to clean the connector.

You will need a cotton swab or a toothpick (match) with a small piece of cotton wool. Place the stick in the slot, but gently! Then you make circular movements with a stick so that the microfragments that have fallen into the connector are collected on the cotton swab. Checking if the headphones are working.

Soft problem

A banal glitch. Try restarting your smartphone.

If that doesn’t help, then start the radio and plug in the headphones.

In the upper right corner, click on the three dots.

Redmi Showing Headphone Symbol Problem Solved

Then turn off the speaker by clicking “Turn on headphones”.

Close the Radio application completely so that it does not remain in memory. Open the settings, find the section “All applications”.

Find “Radio”, click on the name of the application.

Only then disconnect the headphones. This should help.


Occurs when the connector is damaged or particles of dirt, dust, and clothing fibers get inside the connector. Indeed, for the most part, we carry our gadgets in our s, and the connector is not protected by anything.

In order to clean it, take an ordinary cotton swab or toothpick (most importantly, not an iron object), after splitting it a little. After that, we put it in the connector and try to get out foreign particles with light circular movements. Then, we take the plug and just stick it several times into our clean connector. Also, you can try to move the contact a little, in the event that it is stuck.

User Vitaly suggested this option: Put some FLUX-OFF into the headphone jack. This is a special liquid for removing oxidation from boards and microcircuits. After that, the headphone icon disappeared.

If the problem persists, then it may be a software error.

Headphones icon does not disappear after disconnecting them

The problem, when after disconnecting the headphones, the icon in the status bar does not disappear and sounds are not played through the speaker, it occurs on some models of the Xiaomi family, including the Redmi Note 4x. There are two reasons for this: mechanical and software.


Some standard applications sometimes crash. And this is not a secret. But there is a small algorithm by following which you can get rid of the error of stuck headphones.

  • Overloading. If it didn’t help, go to the second point.
  • How to get rid of the problem with the FM radio app:
  • Connect headphones and start fm radio

Click on three points to the right and activate the item “Turn on the speaker”

  • Now turn off the speaker through the same menu item
  • Turn off the radio by clicking the corresponding button in the upper right corner and exit the application. After that, click on the left touch button to open the running applications. We close the radio by simply moving its icon up or click on the cross
  • turn, headphones, xiaomi, phone

    Click “Erase data” (all saved stations will be deleted)

  • Disconnect the headphones. The icon should now be gone.
  • If these steps did not help, then most likely your way out is the service or self-disassembly of the phone. Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there are many interesting things.

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