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Water has entered the headphone jack, or the Xiaomi phone has been in a high humidity environment for a long time

It is rare that a user closely monitors what is happening inside the headphone jack of a Xiaomi smartphone, and in fact it is quite large, a variety of particles can get inside, from dust to dirt. And if, in a normal situation, they are not able to cause the closure of contacts, then with a prolonged stay of the device in an environment with high humidity, or if it gets inside water, this will happen.

In this case, the phone activates the headphones and the sound will go to the jack, although nothing is connected to it.

If the cause is water, then the only solution is to dry the phone off.

Modern Xiaomi cannot be disassembled at home without special tools and with the guarantee that nothing will break. Therefore, turn off the device and place it in a dry, warm room.

Do not place the smartphone on batteries, on a surface illuminated by direct sunlight, and do not heat with a hairdryer, this will lead to breakdown, and in the worst case, to an explosion of the battery.

You can blow cold air over Xiaomi for a while with a hairdryer, but no longer than 15 minutes.

It is most effective to let the smartphone lie on the shelf for a day, unless, of course, water gets inside. If water seeps inside the case, turn off the power and return it to a repair shop as soon as possible.


Another reason for the spontaneous activation of the headphone mode on Xiaomi is dirt.

Take a dry cotton swab and gently clean the headphone jack. You shouldn’t use detergents or alcohol, they won’t help but can make things worse. Rotate the stick around its axis and carefully immerse it in the socket, then remove it. If there are dirty marks on the fleece, repeat this operation several times until the fleece remains clean after cleaning the nest.

If the phone still hasn’t disconnected the headphones, please restart it.

Program error

Although rare, bugs in software can cause the inclusion of headphone mode on Xiaomi.

In this case, a regular reboot helps.

If it does not help, try to remember which applications you installed recently, they may have caused the error. Delete them, restart your device.

If this does not help, there is one trick that many users on the net recommend: quickly but carefully insert and pull the jack into the jack several times. This will help remove oxides from the contact points, remove adhering dirt.

ways to turn off headphone mode on Xiaomi (Redmi)

On Xiaomi (Redmi) phones, the headphone mode is automatically activated if two special contacts are closed in the jack for their connection. They are specially made so that when they are inserted into the jack jack, they inevitably close and then the phone begins to transmit sound to the headphones, and not to the external speaker.

For various reasons, the operation of contacts may be disrupted, as a result of which Xiaomi will mistakenly send sound to the headphones, although they may not be in the jack at all.

In this post I will discuss the three most common causes of the problem.

This can be helpful:

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Another reason for the inexplicable inclusion of the headset mode on the smartphone is dirt getting into the audio output.

Use a cotton swab and carefully clean the headphone port, and do not use household chemicals or alcohol, as all detergents and solvents can worsen the situation. Using a rotating motion, wipe the connector from the inside at different depths and remove. If the cotton wool accumulates traces of dirt on itself, then the procedure will need to be repeated many times until a clean result is obtained and all foreign elements are eliminated.

If the gadget still does not deactivate the headset, then you will need to restart it.

ways to disable headphone mode on Xiaomi

On Xiaomi smartphones, the headphone mode is activated automatically when a pair of assigned contacts is closed in the audio output. These are equipped in standard places so that when the headset is connected, the circuit closes, and the smartphone independently redirects the signal to the headphones instead of the multimedia speaker. Some factors can disrupt the functioning of the contacts, after which the device begins to send sound in the wrong direction, so there are 3 main ways to turn off the mode.

Water has entered the headphone jack, or the Xiaomi phone has been in a high humidity environment for a long time

Almost never, users do not keep the depths of the headset jacks clean, although a port of this depth can easily hide dirt particles that have got inside. over, notes that in standard cases, such debris is not able to close the contacts, while prolonged exposure of the device in a humid environment contributes to the accumulation of moisture or the ingress of water into the connector.

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In such cases, the smartphone begins to perceive the connection of the headphones and redirects the signal to the audio output, although the peripherals were not connected. If the reason was the presence of moisture, then the problem will disappear as the device dries.

It is completely unrealistic to disassemble current smartphone models in everyday scenarios without the proper tools, without breaking the structure during the procedure. Therefore, unplug the device and leave it in a dry, warm place.

For such purposes, you should not use a battery or window sill with direct daylight, you should not heat the structure with a hairdryer, since such measures can cause damage to the device or battery.

You can direct cold air from a hairdryer to the phone for several minutes, but it is much more effective to leave the smartphone on the shelf if the water could not get into the depths. If the gadget has obviously suffered from the action of the liquid, then it must be turned off and immediately contact the service center.

Program error

With all the rarity, but operating system failures can cause the activation of the headset mode on the smartphone, but this problem is solved by a standard restart. If the measures are ineffective, then it is advisable to think about what programs have been installed in the last period, since they can carry problems. You can try uninstalling new applications and restarting your phone again.

In the absence of a positive result, another method can be proposed, which is recommended by some Xiaomi users, and the essence of the method is to sharply but carefully insert and remove the headphones several times. Manipulation should help eliminate possible dirt and normalize the operation of contacts.

How to disconnect Bluetooth headphones from your phone?

Disconnecting BLUETOOTH connection (after use)

  • When using a device with one-touch (NFC) connectivity, touch the device to the headset again.
  • Press and hold the button on the headset for about 2 seconds to disconnect the headset.

How to remove the headphone icon on a Huawei phone?

How to disable the headphone icon on Honor and Huawei if it is not removed

  • connect and disconnect the headset several times;
  • enable developer options (ROOT) and run a virus scan;
  • change the sound profile;
  • restart the device after all actions.

How to set up headphones on a Xiaomi phone?

In the “Settings” menu. “Advanced settings” go to the item “Headphones and sound effects”. Go to the “Audio Settings” tab. We activate the “Mi Sound Enhancement” function and proceed to the selection of the “type of headphones” that are connected to the smartphone at the moment.

What to do if the sound on the phone disappears?

Why did the sound go missing on the phone? Check your settings!

  • Open the main menu and find the gear icon labeled “Settings”.
  • A large list will open in front of you, from which you need to select the “Sounds” or “Volume” tab.
  • A list of volume modes will appear in front of you, adjust the slider for each.

How to Exit Headphone Mode in iPhone?

If your iPhone has headphone mode turned on and doesn’t turn off as usual, follow these steps:

  • clean the connector with a toothpick
  • blow dust off the nest
  • reboot the device with the headphones on
  • turn on speaker mode
  • adjust the volume
  • turn off wifi.

How to turn on Mi True Wireless Earbuds?

Automatic connection. Take both earbuds out of the charging case at the same time and wait 2-3 seconds until they turn on automatically. When the indicator on the right earbud starts flashing white slowly, you can find “Mi True Wireless Earbuds_R” in the Bluetooth settings on your device.

What to do if the headphone icon does not disappear?

Try restarting your smartphone.

How to Remove Headphone Mode Problem

  • If that doesn’t help, then start the radio and plug in the headphones.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the three dots.
  • Select “Enable Speaker”.
  • Then turn off the speaker by clicking “Turn on headphones”.
  • Close the Radio application completely so that it does not remain in memory.

What to do if water gets into the headphone jack?

Soft problem

The Xiaomi headphone icon may not disappear due to technical glitches in the software. When the phone has not been subjected to mechanical stress, the reasons for freezing are determined by software problems:

  • The operating system is buggy for a long time;
  • Freezing of smartphone programs, so the phone does not see that the headset wire has already been removed;
  • Crashes in a media player that is playing music, so the icon stays on after unplugging the headphones.

Why the headset icon doesn’t disappear?

The reasons why the smartphone constantly freezes can be associated with mechanical damage to the phone or with software failures. If the icon is not removed on Xiaomi, then the user should remember what his actions could provoke this. To disable the mode, you need to study in more detail the causes of the problem.

How to disable and remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi?

Almost everyone can face a small malfunction, when the headphone icon on Xiaomi does not disappear after pulling the wire out of the socket. This situation may be due to several reasons. But there are several effective ways to help quickly fix the problem.

Mechanical problem

If the phone is frozen, it is recommended to examine the technical condition of the smartphone. The most common mechanical reasons why the headset icon won’t go away include the following:

  • Liquid entering the socket. This usually happens if you use your phone outside in rainy weather. This also happens when the user takes the phone with him to the bathroom. Moisture quickly penetrates all connectors and causes contact closure.
  • Dust entering the connector, which clogs the pins, so the headphone icon does not disappear after disconnecting the wire.
  • The fall of the smartphone. As a result, the phone simply does not recognize that the headset is disconnected. It will not be possible to solve this malfunction on your own, you will have to contact the service center.
  • Oxidation of individual parts of the phone. This happens after prolonged use of the smartphone.

Ways to disable the mode

There are several effective ways to remove the headphone icon. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the cause of the failure. If the phone has turned off due to getting wet, then you need to clean and dry the jacks.

Cleaning is required to remove any dirt from the connector. To do this, use a cotton swab or toothpick. It is forbidden to perform such manipulations with metal elements. To check how the headset indicator works, you need to insert the headphone plug into the jack and remove.

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If the phone has been exposed to rain, it is important to dry the gadget quickly before the liquid has entered the system. To do this, you need to set the hair dryer to minimum power and dry the connectors. The remaining moisture is removed with a lint-free cloth.

When the elements of the frozen phone have oxidized, you can use a special tool for microcircuits and boards. The most famous and effective drug is FLUX-OFF. It is enough to take 3 ml of liquid and pour it into the connector.

When the headphone icon does not disappear due to a malfunction of the operating system, then you can use a simple but effective way:

  • You want to clear the radio data. To do this, find the corresponding icon on the display and enter the application. Then we plug in the headphones.
  • Next, you need to click on the section, which is indicated by an ellipsis. It opens the program settings to the user.
  • Then we select the actions with the inclusion of speakers and headphones. Next, you need to close the application and remove all tabs.
  • Then go to the phone settings. Then it goes to programs and radio, where at the end is the action “Clear all”.
  • At the final stage, the cache and software history are completely cleared. Then you can plug in and unplug the headphones to see if the icon disappears.

To remove the headset designation, you can try inserting other headphones. Any other device with a suitable plug will do. Then plug and unplug your headset several times to make sure the icon disappears in time.

If a new phone has turned on, then this signals a malfunction in the system, so you should try to restart your smartphone. Then, in a locked, but functioning gadget, you need to insert Xiaomi headphones along with the release of the lock. Then the button for turning on the smartphone and answering a call on the headset is simultaneously clamped. After 5-10 seconds, the wire can be removed from the connector.

To remove the icon from the display, you can go to the sound settings. Next, you should select the section where it is proposed to decide on the type of headphones from the proposed list. After choosing a suitable model, you need to insert the wire and after 5 seconds remove it back. Such manipulations should help remove the headset icon from the screen.

How to connect headphones to a Xiaomi phone?

  • Press the buttons on both earbuds until a red light appears.
  • Place the headset in the charging case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and wait until the accessory appears in the list of available devices.
  • When you click on Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (as the headset will be called), the connection will be made.

What to do if the phone thinks it is wearing headphones?

If your phone, smartphone on Android or iPhone shows that headphones are connected, but they are not there, you need:

  • Clean the connector from ordinary dirt with a thin cotton swab. Attention. do not do this with a needle, so as not to damage the contacts;
  • Clean the nest from oxidation using the same cotton swab and alcohol.

Where are the headphones in the iPhone settings?

  • Open Settings Accessibility Audiovisual Headphone Adaptation, then turn on Headphone Adaptation.
  • Tap Custom Audio Setup, then follow the on-screen instructions.

How to remove debris from the headphone jack?

  • Soak a piece of cotton wool in an alcohol solution and attach it to a toothpick.
  • Insert the structure into the connector.
  • Make a few rotational movements and pull out the toothpick. Change cotton wool.
  • Repeat the second step until complete cleaning. In this case, it is important to change the toothpick with cotton wool.

What to do if the phone does not see the wireless headphones?

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Tap Connections and then Bluetooth.
  • Then turn on bluetooth and wait for the list to show the list of devices.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the device, then “Disable”.
  • Repeat for all devices.

What to do if iPhone shows headphones?

If your iPhone has headphone mode turned on and doesn’t turn off as usual, follow these steps:

  • clean the connector with a toothpick
  • blow dust off the nest
  • reboot the device with the headphones on
  • turn on speaker mode
  • adjust the volume
  • turn off wifi.

What to do if iPhone thinks it has headphones?

  • Turn the headphones on and off again.
  • Connect another headset or headphones.
  • If iPhone 6 thinks that headphones are connected, you can try restarting your smartphone.
  • Worth checking out the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Enabling and disabling developer mode on Xiaomi and using it

Some users of the functionality available by default in Xiaomi phones are lacking. They need more subtle options and functions that are available only after certain activation actions. Specifically because of this, even ordinary people begin to use developer mode, although it is not intended for them. Further from the article it will be possible to find out how to enable this mode and use it, and what abilities will unfold before you.

  • What is the mode for, and how can it be useful??
  • Inclusion annotation
  • Abilities that open up to the user
  • Use cases
  • Disconnection methods

Program error

The Xiaomi phone may not come out of the headphone mode also due to the software. The most obvious problem, which is simply solved by the freezing of the phone (long glitch).

No one excludes problems in the firmware itself, failures with radio and music players. You can find detailed troubleshooting answers below.

Mechanical shutdown of headphone mode (keys)

Often the prerequisite for a graphical “glitch” is an obvious freeze of the system at the step of disconnecting the device. You can solve the problem by playing with the keys. Try connecting / disconnecting the headphones a couple of times while turning the power button on and off.

Use cases

In order to use all the available options of this mode in the future, you need to go to the root tab of the Xiaomi device options and find the Advanced item there. Specifically, a new section will appear in it under the title For Developers.

First, we can test the touchscreen, for this we need to activate the Demonstrate clicks function. Of course, the displayed touch marks should repeat your movements one hundred percent, without interruption, without twitching or braking. The clearer the clicks move, the more good your operating system is.

There are also various cosmetic functions, for example, you can increase or decrease various kinds of animation. This can have a different effect on the speed of the phone. For example, by increasing the speed of the animation, you will give the phone additional time for the work of certain processes (depending on your choice).

Reasons for the icon freezing

The headphone icon on Xiaomi is not always lost for certain reasons. In most cases, these are either mechanical damage or software failures. Let’s look at each issue in order.

Cleaning and Drying the Headphone Jack

But the user is fully able to do this without the help of others (with certain reservations, obviously). So, how to disable the headphone icon with the Headphone Jack Cleaner and Dryer:

  • The best way to dry the connectors is to place the phone on a pad of highly absorbent material (such as toilet paper) in a well-ventilated area. It would be very nice to leave the phone under the air conditioner (no closer than 0.5 meters from the blowing blinds) for a day. With all this, it will be better to turn on the air conditioner for heating.
  • For earlier, it is recommended to twist the phone in your hands (only without fanaticism) in order to try to shake out the water that may be.
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Also, practice indicates that without the help of others, you can completely successfully clean the connectors (including for headphones). To do this, you should use an ordinary cotton swab, the volume of which can be reduced as needed. The cotton head should be moistened with alcohol or water to remove varnish and carefully clean the contact.

Basically, the stick should be practically dry, otherwise you risk flooding the phone. If the matter was in contamination, then traces of it will remain on the cotton head. This means that the dirt has been removed. After drying (you need to take at least half an hour for this), the phone should turn on correctly and start working normally, and the headphone icon will turn off.

My Mi smartphone has a slow interface

The MIUI operating system is painstakingly developed taking into account all models of Mi phones and tablets, but from time to time there are times when even MIUI slows down. This happens, for example, when the latest version of MIUI is installed on an old phone.

To reduce the lag in the interface, go to Options Other Developer Features Animation Speed. Disable. The interface brakes should disappear, if this does not happen, try to reflash the phone again.

We clean the connector from dirt and / or moisture

Dust got into the connector, you got caught in the rain with the headphones in the phone, or left them in the pool / sauna and other places with high humidity. These are very common reasons why the headphone icon lights up when it shouldn’t.

We look for dirt in the connector. It is best to illuminate with a narrow beam flashlight. If there is something, carefully remove everything with a toothpick. You can use, for example, a vacuum cleaner, or independently “suck” everything through a tube. The main thing is to be careful, otherwise you can break everything.

Headphone Icon Stuck In Notification Bar Problem Solved | REDMI | #HowToRemoveHeadphoneMode

If the headphone mode is activated due to water / moisture, then you need to quickly dry the phone. This can lead to more serious problems. We take out the battery, if possible, and put it in a dry place. It can be relatively warm, but not in the sun in summer. The good old version. in rice. also works.

No need to go into the connector with cotton wool, this can be more problem than good. You can use, for example, an eyelash brush. But it’s better to just try to shake out all the water (without fanaticism) and leave it in a dry place.

These are the main software tweaks that allow you to remove the icon of connected headphones on the phone. Let’s move on to physical reasons.

❓ 1. Causes of the problem. the headphone icon is on when it should not

Before moving on to how to remove the headphone icon on the phone, let’s figure out the possible reasons.

  • Dirty headphone jack.
  • Ingress of water into the connector. Or moisture build-up, such as fumes.
  • Breakdown of the phone (speakers do not work, other processes in the phone).
  • System crash when headphones were disconnected from the phone (CPU overload, glitch, etc.).
  • Software errors in general (incorrect operation of the OS, different applications, etc.).

The main reasons: moisture or dirt in the connector or software crashes of applications / OS at the time of shutdown. If the phone, for example, got into the water / snow with the headphones connected, they, too, may need to be put in order. Our articles: how to properly dry the headphones and how to repair the plug / wire.

How to remove the headphone icon on the phone. turn off the mode

Let’s figure out how to remove the headphone icon on the phone. This is typical for wired models. Headphones are off, but the icon is still there? No problem. Below we will consider the main ways to turn off the headphones on the phone in this case. Each option takes 2 to 5 minutes.

Well, the “headphones” icon appeared, well, headphones without headphones are on. and what’s wrong? It would seem that nothing, but the sound during calls is not heard. Or they don’t hear you. And in general, most often the speaker of the phone does not work when the headphone icon is active.

  • As part of this article, we will figure out how to turn off headphones on Android. If you have this problem on iPhone, read our separate article.
  • The steps are performed sequentially; everything is optional. If already on the first or second the problem “the headphone icon is on” is solved, there is no need to move on.

Disconnect and connect headphones. the “headphones” icon appeared, remove

The first thing to do if the phone shows the headphones connected, although they are in a different place, is to insert the plug from them into the phone jack and pull it out. The action is simple, but it often helps. You can try using other headphones for this.

An additional option on how to turn off headphones on Android is to try connecting wireless headphones, if available. This can “dislodge the frozen Focus” of the system. Connection instructions. in our detailed article.

️ 5. Installing the switch application is a good way to remove the headphone mode

There are many different applications for Android. We are interested in those that forcibly switch the sound output mode: from headphones to speaker and vice versa. They usually look like toggle widgets. There are many options, here are a couple of proven ones:

Restarting the phone. often removes the headphone icon from Xiaomi and other phones

The previous steps did not help. we are gaining momentum. You can just restart the phone. You can do more radically: turn it off, take out the battery (if possible), wait a couple of minutes, put the battery back and turn it on.

This is a very versatile way to defeat many software glitches. For example, not only when the headphone mode was turned on, but also when the headphone icon disappeared at the wrong time.