How to remove Yandex advertising and any other advertising in the phone? Test seven main mobile browsers

There were a lot of questions that Yandex advertising can not always be removed in the mobile version. Therefore, I decided to help you get rid of this problem.

To do this, I spent small tests for seven main mobile browsers and distributed places, according to their work on blocking Yandex Advertising and the other.

These tests conducted with two mobile blockers, Blokada and Adguard. Unfortunately, the first showed itself very badly, missed a lot of advertising, although the settings were twisted to the maximum. If someone was able to customize still cool, I ask to unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this topic, it will be very curious to know.

As a result, good results showed Adguard, on the free version. Premium does not test fundamentally. The test was carried out when a browser was collaborated (with the settings as defined as possible) Block.

I remind you that this post for those who do not want to see advertising at all!

Worst result. The browser is very overloaded by unnecessary functions.

Does not block the direct advertisement on the starting page of the Yandex does not remove the blocked blocks in the news feed, which spoils the view does not delete advertising in the search does not remove the incident notifications from Yandex. Not everywhere blocks third-party advertising. You can not add a site to Cookies Files Exceptions.

There were high hopes for a new version of this browser, but not yet.

Does not block the direct advertisement on the starting page of the Yandex does not remove the blocked blocks in the news feed, which spoils the view does not delete advertising in the search does not remove the incident notifications from Yandex. Not everywhere blocks third-party advertising. Added the Yandex site to exclude cookies, but no effect happened.

Also did not justify the hope. But due to the smooth and pleasant job of the application, put it above the other two.

Does not block the direct advertisement on the starting page of the Yandex does not remove the blocked blocks in the news feed, which spoils the view does not delete advertising in the search does not remove the incident notifications from Yandex. Not everywhere blocks third-party advertising. You can not add a site to Cookies Files Exceptions.

Frankly, the work of the browser itself is very pleasant. Everything smoothly and without lags.Ehh, if not for advertising on the main page and the lower location of the address string.

Does not block the direct advertisement on the starting page of Yandex. You can not add a specific site in the Cookies files exceptions.

The only mobile browser that does not give to work with Adguard. To block, it can be installed Ublock Origin in additions. Showed good results, but not everywhere. Perhaps there are craftsmen who say they were able to remove direct advertisement completely, then we wait for the tips from them.

Does not block direct advertising on the starting page of Yandex not everywhere blocks advertising third-party sites. You can not add a specific site in the Cookies files exceptions. If they completely disable them, part of the useful information is lost.

Open the two leaders that block absolutely all. With the latest chrome update. Finally added the missing function, in the form of the ability to add a specific site in exceptions on cookies. And everything worked as it should. No advertising. The instruction will be lower.

At the moment, the best browser for Internet lovers without advertising. In fact, this is the same Chrome, with the exception of two important details:

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BUT. He has his own powerful blocker who even without adguard removes 80-85% of all advertising and can even be seen without the last.

B. The menu, unlike Chrome, is located downstairs, making it very convenient for large phones.

Parabe with the blocker, removes 99% of advertising. Works very smoothly and without lags.

In order to remove the Yandex Direct completely, you need to make it a page to make an exception to cookies.

Go to the settings. Setting up sites. Cookies and add exceptions. We introduce the address of the site and save. Everything, unless Yandex Advertising on the Yandex page no longer appear. The functionality does not deteriorate.

I am looking for owners of this phone, Moscow, Yua [found]

Found today the phone in Chertanovo South, between 66k3 and 66k4. Was already without SIM, lay in the snow. On the lock screen photo pairs. Pikabushniki Chertanovo, can someone know them?

turn, chrome, advertising, android

ADF: Thank you all, the owners were found, the phone was returned

Using an alternative browser

If the user does not mind moving to another web browser, there are certain opportunities for effective disposal from mobile advertising in general.


With it, you can use the Android phone or tablet, without distracting ads. Because it contains a built-in blocker.

Unlike chrome, which allows you to block only pop-up windows, Opera helps to completely get rid of mobile advertising. To activate the option, do not do anything. Just install the program and start using it to view pages, like any other browser.

Adblock Browser

Alternative way to get rid of pop-ups and advertising in a mobile browser is a free download of Adblock Browser based on Chromium. It has been created by the same company that developed the well-known extension for Adblock desktop computers. Therefore, you can be confident in its performance.

Adblocker Browser

Free software for blocking that comes with your own browser. It does not allow advertisers to track user actions, and also helps save battery charge. In addition, prevents attacks of malicious programs, phishing attacks or viruses on the device.

  • Blocks all annoying ads, including banners and video.
  • Blocks trackers.
  • Provides safe view.
  • Saves mobile data.
  • Saves battery device.
  • Provides read mode that removes all images from the page for better readability.


It is considered one of the safest and most reliable software for blocking available on the Internet. It provides the following features:

  • Blocks advertising that violates the confidentiality that tracked the user’s actions.
  • Blocks scripts.
  • Secure viewing environment.
  • Quick view (up to 8 times faster).
  • Shows how many trackers are blocked.

How to unsubscribe from the alerts of sites

Another recommendation that is desirable to perform is to disable pop-ups from sites.

  • To do this, go to the site, the alerts from which you no longer want to receive, then open the context menu and go to the information section by pressing the I icon

Experience suggests: no matter how much we wrote about new technologies in smart clock, users will still be interested in other. What would not have learned to measure hours: oxygenation, ecg, level of fat and water, if you can not pay for purchases. Consider threw money to the wind. In principle, the opinion is quite substantiated. Pay the wrist is very convenient and does not require extra televitations. We offer you 5 best Smart hours with NFC. who will definitely ever like. In any case, in the near future you will definitely not find.

Each user has their own requirements when buying a new phone. One need a powerful processor, another. Cool chamber, third. The volume of the drive. Have you ever wondered why the manufacturer indicates a smartphone alone characteristics and in fact everything is completely different? Yes yes i talk about memory. 64 GB was declared on the box, and only 43 GB. At the same time, for an incomprehensible reason with the processor, it is impossible to do so, and with the storage you can.

The most popular phones now have a big scatter of RAM values. On the one hand, you have ultra-premium devices with 12 GB or 16 GB of RAM. On the other hand, budget models, many of which have options with only 4 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the Golden Mid is usually in the range between 6 GB and 8 GB RAM. A simple person do not talk about these numbers, except that “more. it means better “. But is it really or sometimes you can not overpay for unnecessary numbers that you can’t use anyway? It must be sorted out.

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“How to unsubscribe from the alerts of sites?”-” Subscribe to our channel in Yandex.Zen “. Thanks for the advice…

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ADBLOCK work method and its work modes

To block the Adblock Plus in the Google Chrome browser on Android, you need to install the List of Blocked Advertising Filter. But this does not mean personally Write every link to the advertising tag. Once you install it on your smartphone. it is installed without filters and offered to install a subscription to the filter list.

Banner that is blocked is not displayed on the screen, but leaves empty blocks or labels of its location. This problem can also be eliminated. select in the adjust settings “Hiding elements” and empty rectangles or squares will hide from site containers.

“AdBlock Plus” successfully eliminates advertising banners throughout the system, which means elimination of advertising not only in Internet spaces, but also in applications that can show advertising (usually. these are free, or pirated versions of programs).

Adquanceer has the following three modes of operation:

  • In case you own a routing device. the program will filter the traffic connection traffic and sites will boot faster. Also, the rutted Android will allow you to block the application any advertisement in the system.
  • ROOT no rights and Android system from 3.1 automatically configures traffic and will be guaranteed to work regularly with a filtered Wi-Fi connection.
  • Android below 3 requires a proxy server configuration yourself. If the device does not support. the application will not work. There are many alternative applications that can earn on such a flagship.

How to limit advertising application access on the phone

Access rights management is carried out through the Security section → Administrators in the Android device settings. Here you can manually limit the actions of the application in the system, remove unnecessary access rights and turn off the aggressive advertising display.

First of all, we advise you to remove access rights for applications that the Airpush Detector program defined as advertising. In some cases, this will help get rid of advertising on the phone. Such a restriction method can lead to an undesirable effect: for example, an Android application will no longer work.

However, the standard access control mechanism is not always helped to limit the access of malicious advertising applications and viruses. APP OPS Toolkit Common. Systemic superstructure over Android will allow you to selectively disable excess permissions on the device. Starting with Android version 4.4.2 App Ops application needs root access (Recall that the corresponding Kingo Root program is useful for this).

Note. If you get root-access problematic, try Advanced PERMISSION Manager (Advanced Permissions Manager). To work on the phone (tablet) no root access.

Frequently asked Questions

What antivirus is better to eliminate pop-up windows?

Search in description to each specific program, whether there is an advertisement blocking function in it. The principle of action is similar to them, so you can navigate the reviews from different sources.

It is better to choose to protect against advertising: a special browser type free adblockerbrowser, AD Detect Plugin application or sufficiently change site settings?

Each way helps to fight with obsessive ads. If you are used to working in Chrome search engine or in another standard version and is difficult to fit to the new one, it may not want to download an additional browser and get used to its inteeis and display pages. Although, in general, all browsers are arranged in a similar way.

AD Detect Plugin detects sources of advertising, and you need to delete them manually. We’ll have to understand, you need this application or not or search how to disable advertising in it.

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Changing site settings or setting extensions to a valid browser may result in some web pages will require to include pop-ups or permission to display advertising. If this is not done, it will not be possible to view information on such resources or make certain actions. If necessary, you can remove the lock and include it again after using the site, which has given a request for the demonstration of additional windows.

In each way of protection against advertising, there are nuances that need to be taken into account. You can try different options and choose suitable for yourself. Also before using applications or extensions it is worth reading reviews about their work.

Like Locked Advertising Browser Browse?

Often yes. The browser will upload the pages more slowly because it is necessary to analyze all the web resource fragments and work with them. But not always. If the site is “heavy”, with a large number of data, then its processing will be longer than not loaded page.

How many memory of the device consume utilities and plug-ins for blocking advertising?

Approximately in such a volume as other applications. It also depends on the weight of the page that the utility loads: if there are many elements for checking, frames and ads, you will need more computer resources of the computer or smartphone.

Advertising on the lock screen and in Android notifications, coming from sites

The first part is a very simple case with which, however, some start-up Android users are not familiar. This option will be suitable if you see pop-up advertising on the lock screen and in the notification area approximately, as in the screenshot below (usually indicating the browser and site address).

Cause of such an advertisement. subscription to notifications from various sites when you click the Allow button in the browser. The fact is that for many sites it is a way of earning and using push notifications. Advertising is sent to you. It is easy to get rid of it:

  • In your browser, go to the notification settings. For example, in Google Chrome, click the menu button. Settings. Site Settings. “Notifications”. In Yandex Browser. Menu button (three points). “Settings”. “Notifications”. “Notifications from Sites”.
  • In the list you will see a list of sites that can send you notifications. Among them will be those that show advertising. Click on this site and or click “Clear and Reset” (in Chrome, you can simply prohibit notifications, but it is better to clear the parameters and no longer allow Push notifications on this site) or “block” (in Yandex browser).

After that, such notifications come to no longer. Except when you added some sites to the main screen (probably you saw, on some sites a sentence appears to add it to the main screen). In this case, delete this site as a regular application.

How to remove advertising on the desktop

After familiarization with the aforementioned program, you will have the right knowledge, but if suddenly it cannot remove advertising on Android desktop, then you should read a small manual.

After downloading applications (as mentioned above) you can pick up unwanted. That is, here you can attribute a lot of developers with the Play Market, which are unacceptable trying to make money on us. That is why it is now more often starting to panic when: “Suddenly, from where I don’t pull out (pops up) advertising on the desktop” and the person begins in a panic “Matching” on the Internet in the search for quick, but not always the right decision.

There are excellent applications with which you can quickly cope with this task ADFREE (for user root) and Airpush (for ordinary users).

Adfree. Root Rights

According to numerous complaints of advertisers, the application is permanently removed from Google Play. The last update was in February 2017. It can be downloaded from 4pda, there are local wizards you can install it.

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