IPhone camera sound: how to turn it on or off when taking a photo

As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when taking photos, the camera is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can interfere with others, for example, when you need to photograph a lot of documents in a small office space in which other people work besides you.

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There is currently no option to turn off the shutter click sound in iOS settings (but there is an option to turn off keyboard clicks and screen lock sound), however there are a few tricks to do this.

It should be noted that in some countries shooting with a camera without sound is prohibited at the legislative level (Japan and South Korea), therefore, it is impossible to disable the camera shutter sound in the iPhone for the markets of such countries without jailbreak.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone

To begin with, the volume buttons located on the edge of the iPhone can only reduce the volume of the camera shutter sound. over, it is necessary to reduce the sound when the Camera application is inactive. Otherwise (when the Camera application is running), the buttons function as a shutter release.

The easiest way to completely turn off the camera sound on most iPhones is to activate silent mode using the toggle switch on the left side of the device.

When the mode is turned on, the display will show an inverted bell icon labeled “Silent Mode On.”.

Another way out is to launch the Music or Podcasts app, turn on a song or podcast, and turn the volume down to zero. Then we minimize the program using the Home button and activate the camera. Shooting will proceed without the shutter clicking. If you don’t want to drain your battery, pause the track or podcast that is playing.

Note that when shooting in Live Photo mode, the camera also works without sound.

Finally, you can download camera apps from the App Store, such as Microsoft Pix, which can be configured to turn off the shutter-click.

How to turn on camera sound on iPhone

If desired, you can turn the shutter sound back on by doing the above steps in reverse, that is, turn off Live Photo mode in the Camera program, move the mute toggle switch to the “off” position. or turn up the volume in the Music or Podcasts app.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Immediately, we note that there is no separate option in the Device Settings that allows you to turn off the camera click on the iPhone. This can be done in a purely mechanical way by setting the iPhone to silent mode. For this:

We find the toggle button on the left side of the device, move it from the upper position to the lower one (while at the top we will see a red stripe.indicator of silent mode).

Switch iPhone to silent mode.

An image of a crossed-out bell with the inscription “Silent mode” will appear on the screen of the device. this means that all sounds are muted, and the sound of the camera shutter will not bother us.

The silent mode icon appears on the screen.

Additional methods to make the “camera sound” less noisy.

These methods make it possible to temporarily disable the click when taking photos on the iPhone.

  • When the Camera is inactive, we decrease the overall volume of the phone with the side volume down button located on the side of the device (when the Camera is on, these buttons will work as a shutter release). After we have reduced the sound with the buttons to the minimum, turn on the Camera and check it. the sound will be much quieter!

We decrease the volume of the device using the side buttons (bottom button, volume down).

  • If we shoot in Live Photo mode. the shutter also works without sound.

The yellow circles icon at the top of the display on the Camera means that Live Photo is active and pressing the shutter button is silent.

How to turn off the sound of the camera or photo on the iPhone of various modifications?

The process of taking pictures on Apple phones is as close as possible to authentic shooting with a camera. not only due to the high quality of photos and the possibility of extensive work with the settings, but the soundtrack. When you press the “take” button, the camera will automatically release the shutter sound. Thanks to him, we know for sure that the button was pressed and the photo was taken.

But this sound may not always be comfortable. What to do if this option is irrelevant or uncomfortable for you, and you want to deactivate it?

In today’s article, we will tell you and clearly show how to turn off the sound of the camera shutter on the iPhone completely and how to reduce the volume of this sound. Tips will be supplemented with detailed photo and video instructions, made using the example of the iPhone 8 Plus. The instruction is suitable for all Apple iPhone models on iOS 10.

How to reduce camera clicking sound on iPhone via Control Center?

If we want not to turn off the sound when taking pictures on the iPhone, but only to reduce it, we can do this through the Control Center.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the main screen to bring up the Control Center menu.
  • In the menu that opens, press with a long press on the sound adjustment field.
  • In the sound adjustment menu, lower the volume to the desired level, possibly to the very minimum.

Lower the volume down.

Ready! Camera shutter click sounds much quieter now.

We looked at several methods, one of which allows you to completely mute the camera shutter sound on the iPhone, while others can reduce the click volume.

We hope our tips and instructions were simple and useful for you, and now, depending on the situation, you can easily turn off or reduce the camera sound on your Apple device.!

Muting iPhone Camera Click Sound

Let’s look at the example of iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3, batch number MN9M2LL, ways to mute the camera: (for which we indicate Part No. you will find out at the end of this post)

  • The easiest way, for most iPhones, is to turn on silent mode, the toggle switch is on the left side of the phone itself. When you turn it on, a crossed-out bell appears on the screen, and the signature at the bottom. Silent.
  • Another way to turn off iPhone clicking camera sound. Launch the Music or Podcasts application, turn on any track or podcast, set the volume to zero. We minimize the application with the Home button, launch the Camera and take a photo or video without clicking the shutter. At the same time, the melody playing without sound can be paused so as not to drain the battery.

IPhone Live Photo. Works without camera sound

  • In the standard Camera application, turn on the Live Photo mode, pictures are also taken without clicking the camera.
  • Well, the last official way is to try to install applications from the App Store that allow you to take pictures, for example, the Microsoft Pix Camera and others that allow you to turn off the sound of a photo in the settings.

If the methods above still do not turn off the camera sounds on the iPhone, then the legislation of the country for which your phone model was released prohibits taking photos and videos without a notification sound. At the moment, there is such a law in some Asian countries: Japan, South Korea, and if I am not mistaken in China.

When buying iPhone phones, pay attention to the batch number, which will help you find out the country of the iPhone, this is especially important if you want to mute the camera shutter sound.

Therefore, an office worker from Japan can only jailbreak and install the Silent Photo Chill program from Cydia.

Using Live Photo Mode

Starting with the iPhone 6s, which was released in 2015, Apple smartphones have a feature that takes animated photos. The camera constantly captures movement in the frame and captures part of it. 1.5 seconds before the shutter is pressed and 1.5 seconds after to create a memorable movie, not a still frame.

For some unknown reason, Apple decided that in this mode the camera should work silently and no shutter clicks are needed here. Most likely, this is done so that Live Photo creates exactly animated photos, and not videos in which sound would be recorded. By the way, from this mode the user himself can choose exactly the frame that he liked the most. Trust me, there is something to choose in 1.5 seconds.

If you don’t like Live Photos, you can turn them off after the shot has been taken. For this you need:

  • Open a snapshot on iPhone;
  • Click on the “Edit” button;
  • Wait until the Live Photo button lights up at the top of the screen;
  • Click on this button and confirm by clicking on “Finish”.

After that, the photo will lose its Live properties and turn into a regular static photo that was taken without the shutter clicking.

How to get the sound back

In Live Photo mode, this is not possible (although there is an exception in the form of phones designed for the Japanese and South Korean markets, but more on that at the end of the article). We’ll have to turn it off.

We use a headset

If you have headphones from a smartphone and need to stay quiet, just plug them into the iPhone jack and continue shooting with the camera. The click from the photos will not be heard by others, but you will hear it in the headphones.

Another nice thing about the headset is the ability to create images with the volume key. If you open the Camera application and press the volume button, the system will automatically take pictures.

Microsoft Pix app

To work with the iPhone camera, thousands of different applications have been created that allow not only using various filters or editing ready-made images, but also solving such a problem as the sound of a camera clicking. Rather, it is just a minor option that is in Microsoft Pix, but for this the program became famous among Apple users.

To turn off the camera shutter sound, you will need to follow these steps:

    Go to Settings on your device and scroll down until you find Microsoft Pix in the list;

Click on this tab and find the “Shutter Sound” item. To turn it off, simply remove the slider. It should be in the “Off” state;

Now you can shoot in camera mode without worrying about being disturbed by the ambient shutter sound. But keep in mind that this option only works in the application itself. If you go to the standard Camera program, the shutter sound will be heard.

Phones that can’t turn off the shutter sound

Yes, this also happens, and we were not mistaken with the title. There are certain smartphone models for which the camera shutter sound will always work, even if you put it in Mute mode. This is due to the requirement of the state. For example, in Japan, Korea, China and some other Asian countries, it is forbidden to shoot with a camera without sound. This is due to the fact that at one time the hunt for photographs “under the skirt” began here, in connection with which the countries were covered by a very popular and not the most pleasant flash mob.

Note! If you are in any of these countries, remove the click sound and try to take a photo with third-party programs, you can easily be prosecuted!

iPhone 7 / 7: Four Ways to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound Click (Mute Click Noise)

Sometimes users in Russia and the CIS countries face problems when their iPhone, even if the phone is switched to Mute mode, makes a clicking sound. In this case, you need to check for which country it was created. Most likely for Japan or Korea.

    Go to the “Settings” of your device and go to the “General” tab;

Then click on the “About this device” tab and see what is written in the “Model”. The last few characters represent the country. If it is RU, then the smartphone was created for Russia, and if J, JP, then for Japan.

As you can see, there are many options for turning off the shutter sound, and it’s up to you to decide which one to use. Perhaps, in the future, Apple will add this option to its smartphones in the next version of iOS, but for Asian countries this will never happen, at least until the legislation is amended.

The shutter click is the sound that accompanies the iPhone’s built-in camera when taking a photo. This click appeared a long time ago, when there were no digital cameras (not to mention smartphones). When the button on the camera was pressed, a loud click was heard. This happens because a lot of complex processes go through the movement and displacement of the mirrors in the camera. The sound was similar in different cameras, so now it is always associated with photography.

Apple, like many other smartphone manufacturers, decided to pay tribute to the memory of conventional cameras and added the same sound to the built-in iPhone camera, by which you can immediately understand that a person with a smartphone in their hands is shooting something.

Over time, this sound began to confuse some people. Shutter clicks are all over the place, making you turn around and search for lenses. Actually, this is why smartphones have the ability to turn off the shutter sound so that you can take pictures without distracting people from their business.

Shooting while recording video

In one of the recent versions of iOS, Apple added the ability to take a photo while a video is being recorded. It works as follows. The user records a video, and at some point he wants to capture an interesting moment, a child’s smile or a cool car passing by.

Previously, you had to reopen the video and take screenshots at the right moments. Actually, this is also how you can avoid shutter sounds in public.

Now a button has appeared in the camcorder, by clicking on which you can take a photo. All pictures taken during video shooting are also saved to the gallery, but they look a little different. A different method of processing the frame is used and it turns out to be wider and less detailed. If this does not suit you, then you should use another method.

How to get the sound back

This cannot be done while filming. In any case, you will first have to stop shooting, then turn on the standard photography mode. If all settings are set to default, the shutter sound will return to its previous state.

Assistive touch

We recommend using this method if Assistive Touch is already enabled for you or the volume and mute buttons do not work, but you do not want to constantly go into the settings. What is it, you ask?

Assistive Touch technology brings up a menu on-screen at any time with all the functions you need most. Such a “feature” is intended for people with disabilities, but has found wide application among many users.

    To activate this option, go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and click on the “General” tab;

Then go to the section “Accessibility” and find the item Assistive Touch;

Now you can press the Assistive Touch button at any time, which you will always have somewhere on the side, and mute the sound, if necessary. Do not forget to add Mute only in the settings of the top-level menu so that it will be in the general list.

How to mute iPhone camera sound

The camera on the iPhone allows you to take amazing pictures, but the settings of the standard application are not enough for all users. Many are moving towards third-party apps that offer various options not available in the Camera app on iOS. One of these options is to mute the shutter-click sound. However, there is a solution to the problem with the sound of the camera for those who are used to using the standard application.

How to mute iPhone camera sound

The best part is that you don’t have to jailbreak or resort to any serious smartphone manipulation to mute the camera on the iPhone. Everything is much simpler. the camera sounds are turned off automatically, immediately after you put the iPhone into silent mode using the physical switch located on the side of the smartphone. The user can only keep this fact in mind before. how to take a photo, put the device in silent mode. To many, this approach may seem inconvenient, but there is nothing to be done. otherwise, on iOS, without jailbreak, the sound of a camera shutter click cannot be removed.

It’s quite another matter if your device is “jailbroken” (jailbreak). in this case, you can say goodbye to the sound of the camera shutter clicking forever.

How to mute iPhone camera (jailbreak)

Install on your computer one of the file managers for iPhone, for example, iFunBox or iMazing.

Connect iPhone to computer and launch file manager.

At the root of the device, find the “Raw file system” section.

Go to / System / Library / Audio / UISounds folder.

Find the photoShutter.caf file.

Rename the file to photoShutterB.caf, save changes and close the file manager.

After these simple, but requiring attention, manipulations, the sound of a shutter click on the iPhone will disappear completely and will not be played even in normal mode. Unfortunately, this method is only available on jailbroken devices. You can find out what the latest version of iOS is jailbroken by following this link. In addition to this method, mute the camera on the iPhone is possible thanks to the Silent Photo Chill tweak from Cydia.

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iPhone 6 Camera Features to Take Perfect Photos

Every day, around the world, more photos are taken on iPhone than on any other camera. Not surprisingly, even a child can take pictures with the iSight camera. In addition to huge pixels and ƒ / 2.2 aperture, the world’s most popular camera has an unlimited number of new technologies that will take even more solid photos and.

DxOMark called the iPhone 6’s 8-megapixel camera “the gold standard for mobile photography.” Apple has not only improved the quality of shooting, but also improved focus accuracy. Elle lists the benefits of the iSight camera that iPhone camera lovers can appreciate and the implementation of its capabilities

Cameras on the iPhone are famous for their good quality, regardless of the version of the device. Most of the pictures are saturated, bright, the program for their creation is comfortable and easy to use. It makes sense that Apple has found incredible success in selling phones that justify the cost of quality, and users no longer need to carry cameras with them if they are not masters.

Let’s take a look at how to set up the iPhone camera so that it works really well and you can take great pictures.

The iPhone takes excellent pictures.

Who needs the StealThsnap app?

Stealthsnap Cydia app allows you to mute the camera shutter sound on iPhone. Its developer, Lex, is a professional newbie in cracking software development. The application is very comfortable to use for all models of phones and tablets.


  • Auto. the phone itself determines the quality of lighting and turns on / off the flash;
  • Manual. the flash fires on a permanent basis;
  • No flash. the function is 100 percent disabled.

You can select one of them by clicking on the smallest lightning image in the “Camera” program.

Technology news, reviews, prices. Muting the photo camera sound on iPhone

Camera sound is a digital sound effect of pressing the camera shutter when a photo is taken on an iPhone. This sound is heard at any moment of the photo, which is set by default on the phone. A temporary solution is to move the slider at the top of the phone so that an orange field appears on the screen. This will allow you to switch the phone to silent mode and all sounds will become silent, including the camera sound. Naturally, this will also switch the ringer and notification sounds to silent mode. It is also worth seeing that there is another method, using applications, and changing files can entail operational difficulties.

Step-by-step guidance for setting up your phone, how to mute the camera on iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. You will be prompted to update your iPhone and install the latest updates. Do this and unplug your phone when the installation is complete.

Open the application list on iPhone and launch MobileFinder. Find the following folder: / System / Library / Audio / UISounds. This folder contains all default sound effects loaded on the system.

Scroll down and find the following name: photoShutter.Caf

Double click on the file, later click on the “filename” function once. Change the file name to something else. The change can be as minor as, for example, moving the letter “r” in the word shutter.

Close MobileFinder and try to take a photo. There should be no more of this sound.

If you are fine with adjusting the sound of your iPhone camera, please take note of the additional tips:

Later versions of iPhone software may eventually have a way to turn this camera click sound on and off. Check iPhone functions before using the file name configuration method.

Changing the file name can affect operational issues, and such applications may not always perform as expected. There is no guarantee that this method will work on all versions of iPhone.

The iPhone has a pretty strong phone camera and the iOS camera app is great for most people. But, if you’re a formidable photographer and want more parts of the camera control, you’re better off using a third-party camera app. The Apps Store has a wide range of special photo apps such as ProCamera, Manual, Halide or Camera.

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Silent mode

It is enough to lower the volume on the device to zero or switch the phone to silent mode for the shutter sound to disappear. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to make shenanigans with sound every time before taking a photo. To get rid of the shutter sound completely, use the second method.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Apple is offensively known for making life difficult for users of its gadgets. Even something as explicit as turning off the camera shutter sound is hard on an iPhone. The article will say about several existing methods.

When the photo is taken, the iPhone emits a loud click, imitating the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because the corresponding click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out who became the object of interest directly from them and got into the frame.

Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake. they look for a solution in Settings. But there is no toggle switch in iPhone Settings to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

Are there iPhones on which the camera sound cannot be turned off?

Does the iPhone camera click even when the device is in silent mode? Well, we can only congratulate you. obviously, you got a smartphone intended for sales in Japan. It will be possible to turn off the shutter sound on such a “mobile phone” only after jailbreak.

It’s all about Japanese law. One of the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun prescribes that any photographic equipment must necessarily emit a characteristic click during photographing. this applies to both professional cameras and mobile phones. The law is aimed at combating voyeurism. a sexual deviation, which consists in the desire to spy on people in intimate situations. In Japan, voyeurism has become a serious problem after everyone has the opportunity to purchase a compact smartphone with a camera and participate in a “skirt hunt”.

When buying a Russian amateur photographer, make sure that the iPhone is not intended for the Japanese market. It’s easy to check: just pay attention to the model name of the device. Information about the model can be obtained by following the path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Latin letters at the end of the model name carry information about the country. In our case, the name contains the letters RU, which means that the iPhone is intended for Russia. If the model name contains the letter J. the smartphone is “Japanese”.

Models with the letters KH in the name should also be avoided. These gadgets are made for sales in China and South Korea. South Korea also has a law similar to that of Japan, although the fight against voyeurism is not so fierce in that country.

How to turn off camera shutter sound on jailbroken iPhone?

On a jailbroken iPhone, you can turn off the shutter clicking without affecting other system sounds. But for this you need to use computer software. one of the following file managers: iFile, iFunBox, iMazing. We recommend iFunBox because this program has the most intuitive interface and is easy to use.

How the camera shutter sound is turned off via the iFunBox file manager?

Run the utility and go to the “Browser File” tab.

Find the one called “Raw File System” among the root folders and select it with the cursor.

Follow the path / System / Library / Audio / UISounds. In the last subfolder you will find the photoShutter.caf file.

Change the name of this file in some way. You can, for example, add the number 1 to make “photoShutter1”, or swap the letters. It is not recommended to delete the photoShutter.caf file. Otherwise, if you later want to return the shutter sound, you will be faced with the task of finding this file on the Internet.

Save changes and close the iFunBox utility.

Muting the iPhone camera using different file managers is almost the same. Minor differences can only be in the first stages.

If the user of the jailbroken iPhone does not want to make changes to the system files, he should resort to another method of disabling the shutter click. download and install the tweak intended for this from Cydia. The tweak is called Silent Photo Chill. it is available in the ModMyi repository.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone without jailbreak?

The easiest way to get rid of the shutter click is to put your gadget in silent mode. You can use a special lever located on the left side of the mobile device.

You can also turn off the sound through the “Settings”. You need to go to the “Sounds” section in the “Settings” and move the “Calls and reminders” slider to the left until it stops.

If the iPhone is in silent mode, the user, of course, will not hear not only the shutter click, but also the calls and message notifications. This is a significant drawback of this method.

There are other ways to get rid of the camera sound:

    Take pictures while filming a video. There will be no click, but the pictures will be of rather poor quality. because they will receive the same resolution as the video. Shoot by connecting headphones to the 3.5mm jack. In this case, the sound of the shutter will go exactly to the headphones, and the surrounding people, most likely, will not be able to hear it. However, wearing headphones specifically for the sake of taking photos without attracting attention is absurd. Take pictures while the audio player is silent.

Alas, all of these methods are from the field of “life hacks”. To remove the shutter sound at the software level, you will definitely have to jailbreak.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Apple is notorious for making life difficult for its users. Even such a trivial operation as turning off the camera shutter sound is not easy on the iPhone. The article will tell you about several effective ways.

When the photo is taken, the iPhone emits a loud click, imitating the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because a characteristic click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out which of them became the object of interest and got into the frame.

Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake. they look for a solution in Settings. But there is no toggle switch in iPhone Settings to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

There is no official way to get rid of iPhone camera shutter clicking. The simplest solution for a photographer is to turn off the sound on the gadget completely using a special lever.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: How to Turn Camera Shutter Click Sound On & Off

There is also a method that makes it possible to remove only the shutter click, leaving the rest of the system sounds at the same level. However, it can only be used by users of gadgets on which the jailbreak is already installed. Hacking a device to get rid of the camera sound is just silly.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Apple has provided absolutely everything in the iPhone camera, except for one harmless function. mute the shutter sound. The characteristic click cannot be removed by switching the switcher in the settings, so each shot has a soundtrack.

Sometimes it can get in the way if any sound is inappropriate at your location (for example, when filming in a museum or temple).

It is impossible to remove only the shutter sound using standard iOS tools. The only way to do this directly is to Jailbreak and delete the file from the file system. But, since the vast majority of iPhone owners do not resort to this procedure, you have to use some tricks.

Now we will tell you how to turn off camera sound on iPhone in several ways. Perhaps one of them will help you:

  • Switching the smartphone to silent mode. Turning off sounds completely will, of course, get rid of the shutter click, but limit other sounds (calls, notifications, messages);
  • Blocking sounds with an audio player. IPhone users have discovered an interesting pattern: when the player is running, the shutter sounds disappear. But actually walking with a speaker in hand for the sake of photography is hardly reasonable, so you just need to turn down the media volume to the minimum value.
  • Shooting with a headset connected. As you know, headphones reproduce absolutely all sounds when connected, so attaching a headset will help you temporarily get rid of shutter sounds.

Removing camera click after Jailbreak

If you made a Jailbreak on your phone, then with the help of simple manipulations you can permanently get rid of the shutter sound. To perform such an action, you must:

  • Download and install any file manager for Apple on your computer;
  • Connect the phone to the PC and launch the file manager;
  • In the opened file system of your device, at the very root you need to find the item “raw file system”;
  • Next, open the System / Library / Audio / UISounds folder;
  • Rename the photoShutter.caf file to photoShutterA.caf, save the changes, exit the file manager and restart the device.

Now, the sound of the camera shutter will not bother you. If you know of other ways to disable it, please share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.