How to Remove, Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe from Apple Music?!

First of all, go to Settings Music:

Move the “Show Apple Music” slider so that it becomes inactive:

By doing this, we disable the Apple Music services and, accordingly, the iCloud media library.

After that, you can go to “Basic Settings”, select the “Restrictions” section and turn off the Connect to Apple item:

How to Disable Apple Music on iPhone

I don’t know about you, but the Apple Music service began to frankly stir me up. No, at first I really liked it and for some time I even listened to new tracks. But now the euphoria has passed, and then day after day this Apple service began to disappoint me on the sly. Judge for yourself. from what is proposed for listening like well, at least 15-20%. The rest can be safely skipped. Navigation is generally tough. For some reason, Country is always at the top of the list for me! This despite the fact that I have never listened to him at all. Apple Music does not react to the preferences of the listener in any way. no matter how much I liked the audio recordings I liked, there was no effect from this. The last straw was the devouring of free space on the iPhone by the iCloud Media Library service, which turns on automatically when connected to Apple Music. This infection consumed almost a gigabyte of free space! In general. into the furnace! I also do not intend to pay 169 rubles a month for this.

What about Apple Music subscription?!

Now we need to deal with the Apple Music subscription and unsubscribe from it once and for all. To do this, again in the settings, go to the Account section and find the Subscriptions subsection. Click on the “Control” button and see the following picture:

Move the “Auto-update” slider so that it becomes inactive. Done! You have canceled Apple Music successfully. The current subscription will end and it will no longer be renewed.

How to get money back for a YouTube subscription?

  • Go to
  • Find the video you want and click Request a refund.
  • Click Yes.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email.

Is it possible to get a refund for Apple Music subscription?

It is not possible to return money for a subscription to Apple Music as for a regular application. Immediately, we note that you can apply for a refund for Apple Music only within 48 hours from the moment the money was debited.

How to turn off Apple iMessage FaceTime billing?

To turn off the iMessage service, follow the steps below.

  • Insert SIM card into iPhone device.
  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Select “Messages”.
  • Disable the iMessage service. Return to the “Settings” section.
  • Click FaceTime.
  • Disable FaceTime. Exit the “Settings” section.
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How to unsubscribe from Megogo?

Hello! You can turn off auto-renewal of your subscription through the website. To do this, you need to log in to your personal account, then go to the “Profile” tab in the upper right corner, open the “Subscriptions” section, select an active subscription, click “Subscription settings” and “Unsubscribe”.

How to turn off Auto-Renewal of Sea TV Subscription?

How to disable and get refund for a subscription

Automatic renewal of the service on the website or Smart TV application is disabled through the “Subscription Management” section, which is searched through the personal account profile. By simply deleting an account or an application, the subscription cannot be canceled.

iPhone or iPad

Mobile devices marked with the apple logo are the most widespread. Therefore, to begin with, let’s figure out how to unsubscribe from Apple Music on iOS 9 or 10. Access to the service in these operating systems is carried out from the “Music” program and to disable it, we will use it:

  • Select the “For You” menu item marked with the heart logo.
  • A profile sign will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, open it, go to the section “View Apple ID”.
  • Scroll to Subscriptions and open it.
  • After the list of available use cases there is an interactive button “Unsubscribe”.

After deactivation, the service will work on your devices until the end of the prepaid period, which is counted from the date of the subscription on a monthly basis. In the same way, you can unsubscribe from the free Apple Music subscription. As soon as you do this, access to the songs selected during the trial period will be blocked. It is important to remember here that free access is given only once and is not divided into periods. If you turned it on for one day and then turned it off, the trial subscription will be considered fully used.

Mac or Windows computer

On computers, the streaming service uses iTunes. Let’s take a look at how to unsubscribe from Apple Music subscription using it. Open the “For You” section again and select “Account Information” under the profile icon. After confirming your password, your Apple ID information will open. We scroll through them to the last section “Settings” and see the item “Subscriptions” in it. Pressing the “Manage” button will open all available options for using the service, including canceling a subscription.

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Similar actions can be done from the iTunes “Accounts” menu. Choosing View will also take you to your Apple ID user details. How to turn off Apple Music subscription from this page, we just told.

iTunes Match

All of the above methods show you how to unsubscribe from Apple Music on various electronic devices. In this case, it is implied that, having refused to use the service, you will not return to it again. If only alternatives from other music providers are available to Android users, Mac and Windows users can also choose another option within the Apple system.

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It’s about iTunes Match, another Apple music-related product. Its application allows, following the advice on how to unsubscribe from Apple Music, continue to use iCloud as a server for storing your music collection. A feature of his work is the synchronization of songs already available on the local computer with the iTunes Store library.

How to Unsubscribe from Apple Music? How to turn off Apple Music subscription?

The Apple Music streaming music service was launched in 2015. It can be accessed from any “apple” device, computers running Windows and mobile devices running Android. The service is available for free for the first three months. By the time the trial subscription expires, the user must make a choice whether to switch to a paid subscription or refuse to continue using the service. In this article, we will tell you how to unsubscribe from Apple Music at any time and from any device.

Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV. is the only one of the entire series of these gadgets capable of working with the streaming service of the company. Using it, you can also turn off your Apple Music subscription. How to do this, we will now consider.

turn, apple, music, subscription

You will need to enter the TV set-top box settings menu and, having selected your account, confirm the entrance to it with a password. After completing these manipulations, you will see the already familiar control menu, where you can turn off your Apple Music subscription. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, the actions on all the considered devices are almost identical.

Android devices

By opening up the possibility of using their music service on Android devices, the guys from Cupertino made a smart marketing ploy. Some of the users of this operating system will likely be able to change their preferences and replenish the army of fans of “apple” products. For those who, having tried the app of the same name, did not find it interesting, there is an option to disable Apple Music. How to do this on Android, we will now tell you.

Enter the menu on the main page of the application to go to your account settings. Here you will need to find the Subscription Control Center and turn off auto-renewal there. After the actions taken, the service will work until the expiration of the monthly period that was previously paid.

turn, apple, music, subscription

Disable Apple Music Auto Subscription

Apple Music already has millions of songs, but thoughts of a paid subscription haunt you? Disable auto-renewal, and decide whether to pay or not in three months.

The first day of July greeted us with a pleasant update from Apple. With the release of iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4, users were waiting for the new Music application and the updated version of iTunes 12.2.0, and with them the Apple Music music service. a resounding response from Spotify, Google Music and the entire streaming music industry (for a detailed review of the service, see here ). The first three months of using the service will be available absolutely free of charge, and then the user will be offered a paid subscription. For Russia ; family access (up to 6 people). 269 rubles. For other countries, the price ranges from 1.99 / 2.99 (India) to 9.99 / 14.99 (US).

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Before using the three-month test period, Apple provided for a forced confirmation from the user to make a paid subscription and prolong the use of the service after 90 days of free broadcasting. It is this fact that scares off potential users. no one wants to pay for a pig in a poke. But you can unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe option in iTunes (on Mac)

By selecting the item 3 months for free, you will be asked to decide on a tariff plan. It’s up to you to decide: for yourself, your beloved or for all household members who, like you, yearn to stay with their music everywhere and everywhere.

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Checking is paid and its cost is from

Unsubscribe option in iOS

You will find how to subscribe to Apple Music from an iOS device and how it works in the corresponding review, and we will immediately get down to business and suspend the renewal of the subscription from the control menu of the updated Music application in iOS 8.4.

Go to the For you tab and open the menu of your account by tapping on the corresponding icon. Then select Subscriptions. Manage.

In the menu that opens, disable the Auto-renewal slider (you need to drag it. a simple tap will not work).

Apple Music auto-renewal has been disabled. Ahead you have 90 days of free use of the service from the moment of its activation.

,99 (depends on the country to which the account is linked). The money is debited immediately after you confirm the CVV code of your card in the appropriate menu. And this, alas, cannot be avoided. Verification has nothing to do with the Apple Music service, but is a prerequisite on the part of Apple, which makes it possible to make any purchases in the iTunes Store.

We continue to subscribe. The next pop-up window will inform you that the subscription to Apple Music is paid and is the n-th amount (depending on the country and the tariff plan).

Do not hesitate and feel free to click Buy. The money will not be debited, but instead a confirmation letter from Apple will be sent to your inbox with the following content:

The Apple Music service itself will be activated immediately and you can start choosing your music preferences, but for now, pay attention to the link contained in the letter “Manage subscriptions”. Clicking on the link will take you to the subscription management page. You can also get to this menu through the account properties in iTunes by opening the corresponding menu item.

The menu that opens will display the current active subscriptions for your account. All that remains for us is to turn off Auto-update.

You now have three free months ahead of you using Apple Music. Whether to subscribe to the streaming service in the future is your personal decision, which you will make consciously, avoiding automatic debiting of funds from the card.