How to turn off music subscriptions on iPhone

Apple has made it possible to access content in some programs and services only with paid subscriptions. This content includes AppleMusic, News, press, software and service content. Their feature is automatic renewal, that is, they are constantly being improved and changed. In some cases, this causes inconvenience to the user, then it becomes necessary to terminate their functionality. Consider today how to turn off iPhone music subscription.

Canceling your Apple Music subscription

Newly registered users receive free access to music content for three months when they provide their personal credit card details. After that, the service is automatically renewed if there is no chance to cancel it manually. over, this must be done at least one day before the expiration date. Apple Music gives you access to the company’s complete catalog of audio files, clips, playlists and more.

In order to remove the service, you need to perform several actions in the iPhone settings:

  • Go to the “iTunes Store and App Store” section, and then to the Apple ID.
  • Go to “Apple Music Subscription” in the appropriate section.
  • Move down the profile page and click “Unsubscribe”.
  • Confirm Action.

How to unsubscribe from Yandex.Music on iPhone

Installing the Yandex.Music application provides an opportunity to use the service for free for one month. Further, automatic renewal is carried out, and the service becomes paid. Some users get trashed by their own carelessness. They think that the service will always be free of charge, or it will turn off itself after the end of the free period. Imagine the amazement of the “iPhones” when a significant amount is debited from their account.

The Yandex.Music application did not provide settings for unsubscribing from mailings. This is not done to make life difficult for users. It is Apple policy to not embed third-party functionality into its designs.

To cancel your subscription in Yandex.Music, you need to go to the iPhone settings, in the same way as described above, then go to the iTunes store, App Store, select the Apple ID, then view the ID. After that, the user will be taken to the subscriptions section. The list contains Yandex. Music ”, open it and select the option to cancel subscriptions. Confirm Action.


  • Open “iTunes” and go to your account settings as shown below:
    turn, apple, music, subscription
  • Scroll down and in the “Settings” menu we find “Subscriptions”. Click “Manage”.
  • Click “Change”.
  • Click “Unsubscribe” and confirm the action.

After these manipulations, the work of paid services will automatically stop at the end of the paid period. In order to turn off your Apple Music subscription from your mobile operator, you need to refer to the latter.

Apple is often criticized for its branded web products. However, the music service is considered to be successful. Nevertheless, if for some reason the service does not suit the client, he has the right to unsubscribe from Apple Music. This action is “no hassle” and takes a little time.

Why iCloud Music Library

A special service from Apple developers is used to create base media in integration with cloud storage. And this opens up the possibility of efficiently storing photo and video materials, providing access to them from other installations. In addition, the media library will help you exchange graphic objects between other users.

Some resources restrict free photo uploads, and they may not support video format. And with iCloud Drive, you can save unlimited photos and videos.

If you are not subscribed to Apple Music

If you have a subscription to the Apple Music service (we will talk about how to connect to Apple Music for free for 4 or 6 months in this review), there is a chance to store all music files in the Icloud media, synchronized between the available installations. They are also open to access from all devices authorized through Apple ID, activated in Apple Music.

And if you turn off the library in Apple Music, then it is impossible:

  • play tracks from Mac on iOS devices;
  • download music and playlists from the resource.

Also, songs saved on the iPhone and available without a network connection are deleted, but you can open the Apple Music database when the Internet is active.

If iCloud is installed on iOS devices, then you need to go to the “Settings” item, find the option and move the engine to OFF mode. On a PC, the option is disabled using iTunes and settings management, where the “General” section is available. There you can uncheck the box next to the application.

How to turn on the library

Using different techniques, the inclusion of a media library can be carried out on an individual basis. For example, to enable a resource on the iPhone, you need to open the settings, activate the Apple ID and sequentially click on the corresponding icon. Then, through the “Photos” tab, you can put the switch in active mode.

If you need to connect the service to a laptop or aimac, then you need to go to system settings and open the Apple cloud tab. Then you need to find the “Options” tab and put a checkbox on the inscription “Mediatheca iCloud”.

The service is enabled on a PC with the installation of the Icloud application with support for Windows OS. Then you can go to the “Photo” section (in the settings) and run the program through the corresponding icon.

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ICloud Music Library on iPhone: How to enable, disable, and what it does

Problem. iCloud Music Library is disabled for this account. What to do and how to enable
iCloud is used to transfer media format files to cloud storage. At the same time, users have the opportunity to free up space in the device’s memory for optimal work with photo and video graphic objects. And for this, the option is used to save a compressed copy of the files.

How to turn off iCloud on iPhone

The media library provides many conveniences for working with media files. But, nevertheless, there may be a need to turn it off. And this is usually connected with the safety of the stored objects. Because when storing media data on one device, it is easy to provide reliable protection.

Deactivation of the service on iPad and iPhone is done by going to the “Music” section, available in the settings panel. Here you should find the inscription “iCloud Media Library” and click on the green button. In this way, you can disable the service.

Why are users urging to never turn on iCloud Photos on iPhone? Look in

We already wrote above that it is more expedient not to transfer individual tracks and albums from Apple Music, but to independently find and add Spotify to your media library. The same is true for compositions that were not exported from service to service due to differences in metadata. In a PC program, this is done as follows:

Note: For mobile devices, the instructions are similar, with the only difference that there is a separate tab for search.

    Click on the “Search” line located at the top.

Enter the name of the artist whose tracks or albums you want to add to the library (as an option, you can immediately enter the name of a specific song or album). Select the appropriate result in the SERP.

If this is a page of an artist that you really like, be sure to subscribe to it so as not to miss new releases in the future.

Find the album or track you are interested in.

Click on the button in the form of three dots to open the menu (under the names of albums, EP and singles, these are horizontal dots on the right; for individual tracks. at the end of the line with them) and select “Add to Library”.

Note that the artist page lists the albums first, in order from last to first, followed by EPs and singles. They can also be added to the library through the menu or by clicking on the “Like” button (in this case, the entry will be added to your favorites).

At the end of the page are the artist’s open playlists, as well as albums, tracks and playlists with his participation. All of them can also be added to your Spotify library.


Unlike the service discussed above, this one allows you to transfer playlists, and individual tracks, and albums completely free of charge, provided that they are added to the Apple Music library (favorites), all together, and not separately. It should be borne in mind that in some cases this procedure can take quite a long time.

    Follow the link above to go to the site and click “Let’s get started”.

On the “Select source” page, click on the block with the Apple Music logo.

In a separately opened browser window, use the only button. “Log in to your Apple Music account”.

Log in to it by entering your username and password and clicking on the button in the form of a circle with an arrow inside.

Note: If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will need to confirm the login on your mobile device and enter the code sent to it, that is, follow the steps described in steps.5 of the main part of the previous instruction.

Next, select the music that you want to transfer from the Apple service to Spotify. The following categories are available:

    “Selected Tracks”;

“Selected Performers” (does not make sense, since we are interested in the compositions, not their authors);

Each of these lists can be expanded by clicking “Show List”, view its contents and uncheck what you do not want to export.
Having made your choice, use the button “Next: Select the target platform”.

Read the terms of authorization by scrolling down and click “I Agree”.

Note: As with Soundiiz discussed above, you may need to sign in to your account beforehand.

Wait for the procedure to be completed. Depending on the size of the exported library, it can take several minutes or hours.

When the transfer is complete, a “Conversion Complete” notification appears. Opposite the selected lists, you can see how many items were moved successfully and, in some cases, how many of them were not found. The latter is usually due to the lack of those in the library of the target service, which is Spotify.

If you run Spotify for PC, you will see exported playlists

and albums. they will be placed in the sections of the same name and available for listening on all devices. Subject to a Premium subscription, they can also be downloaded.


All of the above solutions to the problem voiced in the title of the article are automated, but in some cases it is better to do everything manually. There are at least two options available.


One of the most advanced solutions for transferring music from one streaming platform to another is Soundiiz, which we will turn to.

Important! Soundiiz allows you to transfer playlists, albums, and individual tracks. As an example, we will consider the first ones below, but at the end of the instructions we will show how to transfer the rest of the contents of the library.

Log into your account, if any (numbers 1 and 2 in the screenshot), register a new one (3) or log in using your account on social networks (4). As an example, below we will consider the option “Sign in with Apple ID”.

Enter the username and password for your account, and then click on the login button.

Enter it in the appropriate field in the browser.

If necessary, correct the registration data that will be transferred to Soundiiz. you can “Change” the display name and “Show” or “Hide e-mail”. Having decided on the parameters, click “Continue”.

Find Apple Music in the list of services and use the “Connect” button.

In a new browser window that will open, click “Sign in to Apple Music

and follow the same steps as in steps.4 of the current instruction. That is, enter the login and password for your account and click on the login button,

then, if prompted, confirm two-factor authentication,

by specifying the code sent to the mobile device.

In the window asking for permission to access, click “Allow”.

Now look for Spotify in the list of streaming services and click “Connect”.

Check out the list of actions that will be available for Soundiiz,

then confirm your consent by using the “Accept” button.

Note: If you have not previously used Spotify in your browser or simply logged out of your account, you will first need to log in to it. In case of difficulties, read the separate instructions on our website.

Immediately after that, a page will open with all the playlists that Spotify and Apple Music have. Find the one you want to transfer from the last to the first. Click on the three horizontal dots to the right of its name to open the menu and select “Convert to”.

If desired, change the name of the playlist and its description, and then use the “Save configuration” button. Additionally, there is an option to “Delete duplicate tracks”.

Explore the contents of the playlist. You may want to exclude some songs from it. all you need to do is uncheck the checkbox opposite their name. Then click “Confirm”.

Wait for the conversion to complete,

after which you can view its results by clicking “Show”.

The exported playlist will open.

It can also be seen in the corresponding section of the program for PC.

Likewise, transfer the rest of your playlists from Apple Music to Spotify. Note that sometimes errors can occur during the transfer process, most often this is due to the absence of a particular track in the media library of the “receiving” service or a difference in metadata (name).

In this case, we recommend clicking on the “Errors: No.” button and familiarizing yourself with the result. Take a screenshot of this window or save its contents as a CSV file to then try to find the “lost” tracks in Spotify. How to do this is described in the last part of the article.

To export individual tracks or albums, do the following:

Tip: Moving albums from one streaming service to another cannot be called an expedient action. for these purposes it is much easier and faster to use search and the standard Spotify option “Add to Library”, which will be discussed by us in the last part of this manual.

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription | iPhone

Scroll through the list with content, find the required element, open the menu or mark it with a tick and click on the item “Convert to”.

Next, select the target platform, which we have Spotify,

and wait for the conversion to complete successfully.

In the free version of Soundiiz, you can only transfer playlists and / or albums one at a time, but if you subscribe, you will be able to bulk export, which will greatly simplify and speed up the process.


Surely for most users, the most convenient way to transfer music from one service to another will be using a mobile application, because both Apple Music and Spotify are most often used on smartphones and tablets. Let’s consider the procedure for exporting a media library using the example of SongShift. one of the best solutions to our problem.

Important! SongShift only allows you to transfer playlists, not individual tracks and albums. You can work around this limitation by adding them all to separate or separate playlists.

    Install the application from the link provided above and run it.

Read the short description on the home screen and select Apple Music from the list of popular services.

In the window with a request for connection, tap on the “Continue” button.

Then click “Connect” under the first item

and “Allow” in a pop-up window asking to access data about activity in Apple streaming service.

Under the second item, if the connection of the cloud library does not happen automatically, use the “Recheck” button,

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Sign in to your Apple account by entering your username and password and tapping the button in the form of a circle with an arrow.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your iPhone, “Allow” login in the pop-up window

Grant SongShift the required access by clicking the “Allow” button.

Now, from the list of popular services in the main window of the application, select Spotify.

Enter your username and password from your account and tap on the “Login” button.

In the window with a notification about the successful connection of services, click “Continue”.

Check out a quick rundown of how to transfer playlists,

Click on the button located at the bottom, made in the form of circular arrows with a plus inside.

select Apple Music and click “Continue”.

Please note that sometimes the service may display empty and / or deleted playlists,

but this should be ignored. just find the one you want to transfer in the list (even if it says “0 Songs” under it), and tick it, and then tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

Since in addition to Apple Music, we only connected Spotify to SongShift, the latter will already be set as a destination. If necessary, you can change the name of the target playlist, immediately add it to favorites and change some other options. Having decided, click on the button “I’m Finished”.

The playlist transfer will start immediately after that. In order to track the progress of the procedure, tap on it.

Wait for all songs to be exported,

and when this happens, click “Continue”.

Check out the result of the procedure in the list of “Successful Matches”.

In front of it there may be a list of “Failed Matches”, consisting of tracks that, for one reason or another, could not be transferred. These can be tracks that are not in Spotify, or those whose metadata is simply different from those in Apple Music. In the free version of SongShift, such errors can only be skipped (Ignore button).

Tip: We recommend taking a screenshot with a list of “problem” tracks, so that you can later search for them in Spotify manually and add them to the exported playlist.

On this, the task, voiced in the title of the article, can be considered solved. To verify this, open the “Spotify” application and go to your library under the “Playlists” tab.

The playlist exported from Apple Music will be in second place in it (if sorting is enabled by date added), immediately after “Favorite Tracks”.

Now all these songs can be listened to and loaded into the memory of a mobile device.

Transfer Music from Apple Music to Spotify

Download music

Although Spotify’s music library is the largest of all streaming services, some tracks and / or artists may not be there, and therefore, despite being available on Apple Music, you won’t be able to transfer them. The only solution in this case is to independently download audio files from a computer, after which they can be collected into separate playlists and synchronized with a smartphone. details about how this is done, we talked about in a separate instruction.

True, Honor has the fact that Spotify prohibits adding illegally downloaded tracks, and the M4A format, which is standard for iTunes and Apple technology, is not supported by the platform. The first limitation cannot be bypassed in any way, but the second can be easily eliminated by referring to one of the audio converters.