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How to turn off a laptop. Everyone should know!

Not all laptop owners know how to properly turn off the device. Many of them think that it is enough to close the lid. But this is not the case! This article will discuss how to turn off a laptop with any operating system and under different circumstances.

Not everyone knows that after closing the lid, the laptop will go into standby mode. But in order to completely disable it, this is not enough. It is important to save information and not lose the work process, and for this you need to know how to turn off your laptop correctly. Even a child can figure it out.

How to turn off your laptop if it freezes?

It happens that during operation, the system suddenly stops responding. This could be due to a freeze on a specific program or Windows itself. In this case, you need to try to turn off the laptop using the CtrlAltDelete combination. This will open a menu with a choice of actions. If the program freezes, then you need to select the task manager and close it. Then switch off in the usual way. If you need to immediately turn off the laptop, then you should select the already familiar “Shutdown” button.

When the system is frozen tight and does not react even to the above-described key combination, shutdown is possible in only one way, hard. To do this, you need to hold down the power key for a few seconds and the laptop will turn off.

How to turn off a laptop. The easy way

Any computer user is undoubtedly aware of basic things like shutting down. Turning off your laptop is no different than turning off your computer. To do this, just click the “Start” button in the left corner of the screen and select “Shutdown”.

On Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems, this process is the same:

  • First, you need to close all programs and windows, and also turn off USB devices such as speakers, scanners, printers, etc. Free the floppy drive and remove the flash drives.
  • After that, you can click the “Start” button and click “Shutdown”.
  • After the screen turns off and the laptop stops making noise, you can close the lid.

How to turn off a laptop in Windows 8. Several ways

So, with Windows 7, everything is very clear. But many laptop users with new operating systems are confused, because the familiar Start button is simply not there. And the system interface is significantly different from previous versions.

There are about a dozen different ways to turn off your laptop in Windows 8.1. The simplest of them is to open a hidden panel by moving the mouse cursor to the right side of the monitor. Then select “Shutdown” and “Shutdown”. You should be aware that this panel is also opened by pressing the WinI keys. This method is standard and may seem boring for advanced users.

Another method. this shutdown through the lock screen. This is necessary when the user started the laptop and realized that he was not going to work on it at the moment. There is nothing difficult in this shutdown method, since it is identical to the previous one. Press the shutdown button and select the desired action. The lock screen can be called by pressing on the WinL keyboard.

Lesser known ways to shut down your laptop

Windows developers have worked hard to ensure that users have many options on how to turn off the laptop.

Briefly about those methods that are unknown to many computer scientists:

  • Shutdown with AltF4 keys. When you press this combination, a system update window will appear with a suggestion to shutdown.
  • Shutdown via the command line, which is opened by pressing the WinR keys. In the window that appears, write the shutdown / s command.
  • Shutdown using the additional “Start” menu, which can be called by pressing the WinX keys. Further, as in the standard method, it remains to select the desired items.
  • Shutdown the laptop on schedule. The method is quite simple and it will not be difficult even for a beginner to understand it. In order for the laptop to turn off every day at the same time (for example, at 00:00), you must call the command line (WinR) and enter the following command:

Schtasks.exe / Create / RL Highest / TN Shutdown / SC Daily / ST 23: 57 / TR “% WINDIR% \ system32 \ shutdown.exe / s / t 180 / c.

Here 180 indicates the seconds before shutdown. In this case, 3 minutes (180 seconds) is set.

To stop the schedule, the following phrase is entered into the command line: shutdown / a. This command cancels the shutdown schedule.

  • Shutting down the laptop through a shortcut. Every user knows what it is and how to create it. The shortcut can be placed in a convenient place and when you double-click on it, the gadget will turn off. In the command line, you need to enter shutdown / s / t0, where 0 is the time until shutdown, which can be set at your discretion.

Shutting down a laptop with the latest OS installed

Today, the newest operating system is Windows 10. And most users have already switched to using it. There are no special ways to turn off a laptop on Windows 10. To do this, you just need to use one of the methods described in this article.

How to turn on the touchpad on a laptop without a mouse?

2 Hot keys to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop In other laptops, to enable / disable the touchpad, you need to press the Fn key combination and one of the top row F1-F12. The Fn key is usually found in the lower left corner of your keyboard.

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How to disable touchpad on Asus Windows 7?

To disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop, you must press the key combination FNF7 or FNF9, depending on your computer model. Look in the lower left corner of the voiced keys for the icon that looks like a crossed out touchpad.

How to enable touchpad on Asus laptop Windows 10?

Turning on the TouchPad on a Windows 10 laptop

  • For Asus, this is usually FnF9 or FnF7.
  • For Lenovo. FnF8 or FnF5.
  • On HP laptops, this can be a separate button or a double tap in the left corner of the touchpad.
  • There is a combination of FnF7 for Acer.
  • For Dell, use FnF5.
  • At Sony try FnF1.
  • Toshiba. FnF5.

How to turn off the touchpad on an Asus laptop Windows 10?

Disable touchpad when mouse is connected in Windows 10

On almost all laptops, you can disable the touchpad by pressing certain keys (some Samsung models. FnF5, lenovo FnF8, acer. Fn F7, Asus. FnF9, HP. on the touchpad itself, double-click on the hole in the upper left corner).

How to disable the touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop?

  • Click Advanced Mouse Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Dell Touchpad tab. Notes.
  • Click on the image of the touchpad.
  • Move the slider to the “On” position or Off to enable or disable the touchpad.
  • Click the Save button.

How to enable the touchpad on an Asus laptop?

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for enabling the touchpad for common laptop brands:

  • Asus. Fn F9 or Fn F7.
  • Acer. Fn F7.
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5.
  • Dell. Fn F5.
  • Sony. Fn F1.
  • Toshiba. Fn F5.
  • Samsung. Fn F5.

How to disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop?

Disable touchpad on Asus laptops

Asus notebooks usually use the Fn F9 or Fn F7 keys to disable the touchpad. On the key you will see an icon with a crossed out touchpad.

Disable touchpad in Asus laptop with function keys

The very first described option is the simplest, only there are exceptions when the manufacturer did not use this function (a rarity).

This method should work on almost all laptops, only it definitely needs a driver, and if someone installed Windows 10 for you (you did not buy a laptop with preinstalled Windows), then 99% do not have it.

What’s the point? You need to hold down the FN key and click usually on F7 or F9. If such a function is provided on your device, then a touchpad icon should be drawn on the second key.

If the option did not work, the problem can be solved. It is enough to “go” to the office. Asus website and driver download.

Then, of course, install. This will allow you to turn off the touchpad when you need it. In a word, who wants to figure it out

How to disable touchpad in Asus laptop on Windows 10

It doesn’t matter if you bought an Asus laptop with Windows 10 or just upgraded to a dozen, sometimes the touchpad can get in the way and you need to turn it off.

From my experience, I can say that usually beginners want to disable the touchpad. When I first sat down at my Asus laptop, I tried to turn off the touchpad after several days of use.

I could hardly write anything, he always ruined the whole picture. I remember I turned it off, but then, I don’t even remember how I turned it on and everything went without a hitch.

True, then there was no mention of Windows 10, only XP, but apparently, over time, hands get used to not touching it.

It should be noted right away that the same option will not work on all models, so you will have to experiment.

Below I will give all the known manipulations to disable the touchpad, in laptops. they are suitable not only for Asus.

Disable touchpad in Asus laptop via control panel

Disabling the touchpad through the control panel is also not always possible. I succeed on one Asus, on the other not.

The bottom line is this. Open up Windows 10 control panel and go to the “mouse” section. If you see the Synaptics tab there, go to it.

There you will see a disable button, only for such a tab to be, you need not only a touchpad from the manufacturer Synaptisc, but also a driver for it.

If the manufacturer of the touch panel is Synaptisc, then the driver can be downloaded, also on the Asus website.

If the manufacturer is different, then you need to open the “hardware” tab, select “properties”, go to the “driver” tab and disable it there.

Disable touchpad in Asus laptop via device manager

I will not specifically describe this option, since in different models, this operation is also performed in different ways.

Its essence is that you need to enter Windows 10 device manager and disable the touchpad driver.

It is located under “keyboard” or “mice and other pointing devices” (depending on the Asus model)

Then turn on the touchpad if necessary, you can also use this driver.

Disable touchpad in Asus laptop via BIOS

This option is not suitable for everyone, since most are afraid to enter the BIOS on their own, but you still need to be able to enter it.

turn, asus, windows, laptop

If you still decide and enter, then you need to go to the section responsible for controlling the touch panel.

This section is usually called “Advanced”. I will not describe much here either, since there are also several BIOSes and the settings are significantly different.

The essence of this, you need to set the parameter opposite the touchpad to “Disabled”, then it will turn off.

You can write a lot about disabling the touchpad on Asus laptops, but you can’t describe everything, because of the difference between the laptops themselves, the difference between the manufacturers of touch panels and everything else. the brochure will turn out.

I described only the very essence, practically without pictures, because I do not know your laptop. Therefore, if you have any difficulties, just write your model in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will help you. Success.

Disconnection methods

The touchpad is an element of the laptop hardware, therefore, the mechanisms for determining its mode of operation are the same as applicable to the rest of the hardware components.

Among such mechanisms are the following:

  • using the function keys predefined by the laptop manufacturer that control the operating modes of the device modules;
  • through the settings of drivers supplied by the manufacturers of system components;
turn, asus, windows, laptop
  • by means of the operating system;
  • forever using low-level computer software. BIOS or UEFI;
  • physical impact, consisting in manually disconnecting or connecting a device to the appropriate connectors on the motherboard.
  • The first four methods are discussed later in this article in chapters with corresponding titles. But the physical method should be discussed separately.

    To replace the components of the system, which does not cancel the manufacturer’s obligations for warranty service of the acquired high-tech equipment, specialized covers are provided on the bottom panel of the laptop case for removing and installing electronic devices.

    Physical disconnection of the touchpad from the motherboard cannot be done without opening the case, there are no special covers for this. Thus, this operation, once performed, automatically removes the laptop from the warranty.

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    To disconnect it from the motherboard, you need to disassemble the laptop and disconnect the touchpad cable from the connector on the board. The reverse operation is also possible: to connect the touchpad after physical disconnection, the cable is again stuck into the motherboard connector.

    The operation is not complicated, but it requires basic skills in handling modern electronic components.

    Disabling the touchpad via the control panel

    You can try using the control panel. We go to the following address:

    “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Mouse”. “Device Settings”. “Enable / Disable Touchpad” tab. Here you need to move the slider to the “Disable” position. However, in some cases there is no slider, so you will need to check the box next to Disable Internal Pointing Device When Connecting External Pointing Device To USB Port. This means that as soon as you connect a mouse to your laptop, the touchpad is automatically disabled.

    It should be noted here that on some devices you will not find any checkboxes. But do not be discouraged, since this problem is easily solved, since it is software. We go to the manufacturer’s website, from where we download and install the latest version of the program for controlling the touchpad. it probably has the ability to disable it.

    Yes, you can disable the touch panel even through the BIOS, and there is nothing complicated about that. To enter the BIOS, when booting the laptop, you must press the F2, F6, F8 or DEL keys, depending on your model, then go to the Advanced tab and find the Internal Pointing Device item there. We put it into Disabled mode, save the changes, and then reboot the device.

    Function Keys

    The function keys control the operation of the peripheral components of the notebook. Activation of control functions is performed, as a rule, by holding down the Fn key while pressing the F row key (F1 –F12).

    Attention! The location of the Fn key in Figure 1 is shown schematically. On your laptop model, the Fn key may be located in a different place, for example, between the left Ctrl and Alt keys.

    The list and functions of the control keys do not fall under any international or corporate standard, so every laptop manufacturer is free to assign the functionality of the keyboard buttons based on their own preferences.

    A crossed-out rectangle on one of the function keys may indicate exactly the function you are looking for. While holding down the Fn button, press the key with the crossed out rectangle. Slide your finger across the touchpad. Is the cursor moving? So it’s not that simple.

    The following list contains the standard keyboard shortcuts for disabling the touchpad in a laptop, sorted by laptop manufacturer:

    Laptop manufacturer Keyboard shortcut
    Asus Fn F9, Fn F7
    HP Hold the top left corner of the touchpad, or quickly double tap.
    Lenovo Fn F5, Fn F8
    Acer Fn F7
    Sony Fn F1, Assist
    Samsung Fn F5

    Attention! Your specific laptop model may not have a manufacturer-assigned keyboard shortcut to disable the touchpad. In this case, the way to disable the touchpad using the function keys is not applicable to your laptop model.

    Disabling the touchpad on a laptop

    A laptop is a portable computer that has all the necessary input devices. a keyboard and a mouse, the role of which is played by a touchpad. But if you do not use a laptop in “field” conditions and work with it at the table, then sometimes it is more convenient to connect a regular computer mouse; in this case, the question arises. how to disable the touchpad on a laptop?

    Mouse settings

    How to ║ Restore Reset a ASUS Transformer Book Flip to Factory Settings ║ Windows 10

    If your laptop has a built-in Synaptics gadget, then you can easily configure its auto-shutdown by connecting a mouse. The adjustment of these characteristics is in the “Windows Control Panel” / “Mouse”:

    Device Manager

    By placing the mouse on the “My Computer” desktop icon and right-clicking on it, you will open the context menu. In it you need to select the “Control” command, then “Device Manager”.

    Your touchpad will also be in the device structure, since the system sees it.

    Calling its properties with the right mouse, it is easy to disable the gadget.

    How to disable the touchpad on a laptop when connecting a mouse

    Apparently, the simplest and most logical way is to configure the operating system of your laptop to automatically disable the touchpad when you connect an external mouse. To activate this mode:

    • go to “Devices and Printers” of the “Start” menu;
    • find a touchpad and a mouse in it;
  • by clicking the right mouse button, call the “Mouse Options”;
  • go to the “Connect a USB mouse” tab;
  • select the “Touchpad automatically turns off” option.
  • Attention! This setting is not available on all laptop models. The presence of such a setting on a specific laptop model depends on the version of the operating system, the version of the USB mouse and touchpad drivers.

    If your laptop is equipped with a Synaptics touchpad, you can achieve the same result by checking the “Disable internal pointing device when an external pointing device is connected to USB port” checkbox on the Device Settings Management tab, as shown in Figure 2.

    Although there are several ways to disable the touchpad on a laptop, not everyone can work on your model of computer. The specific method is determined by the user based on his needs, the capabilities of the hardware and software of the laptop.

    Disable touchpad program

    There are many free utilities that block touchpad presses. Among the most popular are Touchpad Blocker, TouchFreeze or Touchpad Pal. If Touchpad Blocker has different settings, then TouchFreeze and Touchpad Pal work immediately after launch.

    • If you need to completely block the touchpad then download Touchpad Blocker.
    • If you need to lock the touchpad only during typing, then you can use TouchFreeze and Touchpad Pal.

    Shortcut keys

    The easiest way to enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop is to use a keyboard shortcut. Every laptop manufacturer has added the ability to disable the touchpad with a key combination. In most cases, you need to hold down the Fn function button and press one of the F1-F12 keys. To determine the desired key combination, you can use our table, or it is better to look on the keys for a picture of a crossed out or inverted touchpad.

    Acer FnF7
    Asus FnF7 or FnF9
    Dell FnF5
    Lenovo FnF5 or FnF8
    Samsung FnF5
    Sony FnF1
    Toshiba FnF5

    Please note that different manufacturers have different key combinations installed on their laptops. Another interesting feature of some laptops is that you don’t need to use the Fn key to disable the touchpad. And from in order to use the hotkeys F1-F12, you already have to hold down the Fn key.

    Also, note that disabling the touchpad on HP notebooks is done through a sometimes hidden button on the touchpad itself. Double clicking on this button actually turns off the touch panel.

    How to reset frozen Asus laptop (for my Godfather)

    How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

    Device Manager

    • Run the devmgmt.msc command in the WinR window.
    • In the Task Manager window, we find the touchpad device in the Mice and other pointing devices section.
    • In the context menu, select the Delete device item (if it is possible to select the Disable option in the context menu, then we give it preference).
    • In the Remove device window, you must confirm the removal by clicking the Remove button (and it is also possible to remove driver programs for this device).
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    If you do not have the latest drivers, you may need to look for the touchpad in the HID Devices section. There it may already be called a HID-compliant touch panel.

    Windows 10 settings

    • Open new Windows settings using the WinI keyboard shortcut.
    • Next, go to the Devices section Touch panel.
    • At the current location, drag the slider for TouchPad to Off.

    The current method works with the latest versions of the original drivers for the touchpad (touchpad).

    And also it was noticed that there is no possibility to disable the touchpad using this method in the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system. Instead, only changing the sensitivity of the touchpad is available. Setting low sensitivity may eliminate the need to disable the touch panel completely.

    How to disable the touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop

    The touch panel (touchpad) allows you to control your laptop in the absence of a computer mouse. Use touchpad taps to simulate mouse clicks and right-clicks, and to select items. For convenience, it is possible to perform actions on the touchpad in Windows using two, three or four fingers.

    But what to do when the touchpad causes false presses, for example, in games or while typing. That is why you need to know how to disable the touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop. There are really many ways to disable the touchpad, from key combinations to disable the touchpad to installing third-party utilities.

    Windows Mobility Center

    On laptops of some manufacturers, it is possible to turn off the touchpad directly from the Windows Mobility Center window.

    • Using the WinQ search, we find and launch the Windows Mobility Center.
    • In the window that opens, find the Touchpad parameter and change its value to Off.

    Control Panel

    • Open the standard control panel by executing the Control panel command in the WinR window.
    • Go to the Hardware and Sound category and in the Devices and Printers section, select the Mouse item.
    • In the mouse properties window that opens, go to the last ELAN section and click the Stop device button.

    The current section may be named differently, from Device Settings to Synaptics, depending on the manufacturer and driver version. Regardless of the name of the section, the ability to disable the touchpad or touchpad is present on all laptops.

    We also want to draw your attention to the Disconnect item when connecting an external USB mouse, by activating which the touch panel will be automatically disabled when using the mouse. The advantage of this feature is that the user does not have to disconnect the device every time.

    Disable touchpad with official drivers

    If your laptop contains all the necessary drivers from the manufacturer’s official website (see How to install drivers on a laptop), as well as related programs, that is, you did not reinstall Windows, and after that did not use the driver-pack (which I do not recommend for laptops). then to disable the touchpad you can use the methods provided by the manufacturer.

    How to disable the touchpad if there are no drivers or programs for it

    If the methods described above do not work, and you do not want to install drivers and programs from the laptop manufacturer’s website, there is still a way to disable the touchpad. Windows Device Manager will help us (also on some laptops, disabling the touchpad in the BIOS is available, usually on the Configuration / Integrated Peripherals tab, set Pointing Device to Disabled).

    You can open the device manager in different ways, but the one that will definitely work regardless of the circumstances in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is to press the keys with the Windows R logo on the keyboard, and in the window that appears, enter devmgmt.msc and click “OK”.

    In Device Manager, try to find your touchpad, it can be located in the following sections:

    • Mice and other pointing devices (most likely)
    • HID devices (where the touchpad may be called HID-compatible touchpad).

    The name of the touchpad in the device manager can be different: USB input device, USB mouse, and maybe TouchPad. By the way, if it is noted that the PS / 2 port is used and this is not a keyboard, then on a laptop this is most likely a touchpad. If you do not know exactly which device corresponds to the touchpad, you can experiment. nothing terrible will happen, just turn this device back on if it is not it.

    To disable the touchpad in the device manager, right-click on it and select “Disable” from the context menu.


    On almost all Samsung laptops, in order to disable the touchpad, it is enough to press the Fn F5 keys (provided that there are all official drivers and utilities).

    Using Synaptics Settings in Control Panel

    Many laptops (but not all) use the Synaptics touchpad and associated drivers. Most likely, your laptop too.

    In this case, you can configure the touchpad to turn off automatically when the mouse is connected via USB (including wireless). For this:

    • Go to the control panel, make sure that the “View” item is set to “Icons” and not “Categories”, open the item “Mouse”.
    • Open the Device Settings tab with the Synaptics icon.

    On the indicated tab, you can customize the behavior of the touch panel, as well as, to choose from:

    • Disable the touchpad by clicking the corresponding button below the list of devices
    • Check the box “Disable internal pointing device when connecting an external pointing device to the USB port”. in this case, the touchpad will be disabled when the mouse is connected to the laptop.

    Windows Mobility Center

    For some laptops, such as Dell, disabling the touchpad is available in the Windows Mobility Center, which can be opened from the menu by right-clicking on the battery icon in the notification area.

    So, with the methods that assume the presence of all the manufacturer’s drivers are finished. Now let’s move on to what to do, there are no original drivers for the touchpad.

    How to disable touchpad in Windows 10 settings

    If your laptop has Windows 10 installed, and also has all the original drivers for the touchpad (touchpad), then you can disable it using the system settings.

    • Go to Settings. Devices. Touchpad.
    • Set the switch to Off.

    Here, in the parameters, you can enable or disable the function of automatically turning off the touchpad when the mouse is connected to the laptop.

    Disable touchpad on Asus laptops

    Asus notebooks usually use the Fn F9 or Fn F7 keys to disable the touchpad. On the key you will see an icon with a crossed out touchpad.

    Keys to disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop

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