How to remove safe mode on Samsung

Using a safe mode, you can check how the phone works. It may be needed when Android constantly hangs, slows down work and so on. So, what is safe mode, why is it needed and how to turn it on or disable it?

Some may have encountered him, but did not understand what it was. It can be observed on the phone screen.

Safe mode is the operation of the phone system that allows you to block applications, but at the same time it starts systemic.

At the same time, the phone is working and it can be used for its intended purpose. And those applications that were installed by the user during the safe mode will be disconnected. This is a good way to check the performance of android. If, in safe mode, there are no failures and it works without brakes, then it is worth considering which installed application affects the functionality and delete it.

This is something like Windows on a computer. If you enable Windows in safe mode, then only system programs will work.

How to download in safe mode Samsung Galaxy from Android 4 OS.0 and above

A distinctive feature of such devices can be considered an advanced security system, but viruses develop a rapid pace. It is better to find out in advance how to start the Samsung phone in safe mode and what it will give your operating system.

What needs to be done:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Keep the power key on the side panel.
  • After the inscription “Samsung” appears on the screen, you need to press the volume key downward. Possible problems with this may arise when sticking the key.
  • If everything is done correctly, the inscription “Safe mode” is displayed on the device screen. The intense can differ significantly from the usual one, but this is normal, because it will not display recent changes in it. Android updates may also not be shown, but applications in the system can be removed without hindrance.

In the future, the necessary actions are performed to eliminate malicious software, or the selected mode is tested. You can return the previous loads if necessary, you can easily reboot the device, which is carried out in any convenient way. After updating on the screen, there may be some “mess” that will have to be eliminated on its own. Typically, we are talking about changing the location of the labels of programs and applications. At the same time, some changes may affect the work of widgets. Safe mode of the device is an extreme measure, not for daily use. Such an intervention is a good alternative to flashing, but in some cases it is not so effective and can be just useless.

How to get out of a safe mode using buttons

Often there are situations when, after rebooting or a full cycle of disconnecting and turning on, the safe mode continues to function, and the device continues to ignore the established programs. In this case, you need to use another phone reboot scheme. To do this, turn off the device, and when you turn on, hold the volume control.

It should be borne in mind that on each device there can be different combinations from different manufacturers. In this case, you will need to press either the key up or down. There are also often situations when you will have to press several buttons at the same time. However, it meaninglessly hopes for this method, as it helps in fairly rare cases. Most manufacturers do not equip gadgets of their own production described by the function.

  • Sometimes just reload Smart enough. Try;
  • Suddenly, the “OKL/VCL” will not work with the help of long.term retention of the Power button, then do the same operation, but through the menu. click “Nutrition”, slip in the “reboot” in the list that appears:

A slightly changed method. we delay pressing at a point for 20 seconds, until the “body” itself will bend down.

Using hardware buttons to disable

One way to turn off the safe mode on Android Samsung is to use the gadget hardware buttons. To perform the operation, the following actions must be performed:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • After the screen goes out, press the power button.
  • As soon as the inscription Samsung lights up on the screen, the button should be released.
  • After that, you need to quickly click on the volume reduction.
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If everything is done correctly, then an inscription should appear on the gadget screen confirming that the usual mode of operation has turned on.

All the main methods are listed above, how to return the gadget ordinary working functionality. If the user turned on Safe Mode by chance, then a simple way to reboot will help to get out of it. Thanks to this, the gadget will go into its usual mode. When the problem does not disappear, you need to try all the ways. If none of them helps, most likely, the phone has failed due to serious breakdown. In such a situation, it should be given to the service center for diagnostics.

How to remove safe mode on Android Samsung

After performing all the necessary manipulations on the device, the transition to a normal state is also performed when a certain combination of keys is pressed. There are different options for different phones and versions of Android, so you should try some of them to obtain the optimal result.

The easiest but most effective way to get out of a safe mode is to reboot the phone. To do this, press the power button and hold it until the standard enabled menu appears. It is enough to press the restart mode and wait for the system update. This method may not work on some devices, but it is usually best to start with it.

The second option is to completely turn off the device and re.enable after some time. It will also help the phone “relax” and analyze the changes made. In some cases, it is better to pull the battery after disconnect and insert it after a few seconds and try to turn on the device again. If such manipulations have not given the desired effect, you should use the following tips.

galaxy S3 safe mode on/off

Why is the safe mode for Android is used

If a huge number of different applications are installed on the human smartphone, the system begins to lag and slow down very much, and using it becomes more difficult and difficult. This is especially true for those gadgets that are morally obsolete and work on the operating system of old versions. As you might guess, this behavior is most often directly related to established programs. To make sure of this, they use the launch in safe mode. It excludes the work of all services, except systemic ones and makes it possible for us to understand whether user software is the cause of all malfunctions. Sometimes a safe mode is used in order to disconstall a program that cannot be deleted in standard conditions.

Important! If it becomes clear that all failures occur due to some application, it is necessary to remove or reinstall it, as well as try updating to the current version.

Safe Mode can turn off the phone if it is infected with viruses or overflowing with programs

Also, the mode of the safe launch of the Android operating system is used in cases where there is a suspicion that a certain program is the cause of all errors, slow loading and other troubles. In this case, they are loading, remove the component or a whole program, leave the security mode and check whether the normal and correct operation of the Android OS has restored.

Turn on the Safe Mode is quite simple. To do this, you must follow the phased instruction presented below:

  • Press and hold the button of the lock or power button until the system window with the ability to make a choice appears.
  • Wait for the window and instead of pressing the touch button, as is done at the end of the work, set it.
  • To get a notification with the text about whether the user really wants to go to Safe Mode, because in it absolutely everything from outsiders will not be available. Applications will be included in the return to the usual mode.
  • Confirm your intention by pressing the OK button.
  • Wait until the phone will reboot.
  • Work in safe mode.

Immediately after rebooting, the Android OS notifies the user that he got into a safe mode. This can be determined by labels of all extraneous programs and games: they will be bleached (painted in gray).

Important! Further, you can safely delete unnecessary and problematic applications to optimize internal and RAM and the entire operating system. The subsequent launch will be carried out regularly.

During such loading, the phone may not look like usual

How to enable safe mode on Android on the Samsung phone

To enable safe mode in Samsung, you need to turn it off first. Then turn on, and during the inclusion period, after the appearance of the Samsung logo, you need to squeeze the button for a long time to reduce the volume. After turning on. the phone in safe mode. This will be evidenced by the inscription that appeared on the left in the lower corner on the screen “Safe mode”.

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Now you know how to enable and disable safe mode on your Samsung smartphone.

What is a safe mode on the phone?

In this article you will encounter topics:

  • What is a safe mode on the phone?
  • Why did the phone boot in safe mode?
  • How to enable safe mode on the phone?
  • How to disable safe mode on the phone?

What is a safe mode on the phone?

Why did the phone boot in safe mode?

The reason for getting into a safe Android mode can be different in each device. This can happen due to any application of the third party, which interferes with the normal functioning of the device. Or it may be some kind of malicious link or application that is built into the software. From time to time, too many experiments with the phone and tools and applications can accidentally convert the device to safe mode.

How to disable safe mode on the phone?

Whatever the reason for the phone getting into a safe mode, there is a way to get out of it. We have a number of techniques contributing to the exit from the safe regime. These methods can be applied to any Android phone, including Samsung Galaxy models, such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Y series and other models such as HTC, Nexus, Motorola, Sony Xperia, LG, LG. Lenovo, xolo, micromax, etc.D.

Before using complex solutions, start with the simplest. The reboot of the phone will help to solve any technical problem, including disconnecting a safe mode on the phone. Find the last installed application, due to which the phone has moved into a safe mode and delete it until the phone is rebooted. In order to turn off a safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to the phone settings of the application dispatcher.
  • Find an application that supposedly became source of troubles click on it.
  • Click on delete and delete the application from the phone.
  • Now press and hold the power button, click on the restart.

Wait for the phone to reboot to return to normal mode.

(2) Press and hold the power button and the volume decrease or increase key

turn, safe, mode, samsung

If you have problems with the phone even after its reboot, try this method.

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Exit Safe Mode

  • Press and hold the power button, click ‘turn off’.
  • After the phone is turned off, you need to turn it on again by pressing the power button and the decrease or volume increase key at the same time.

(3) extracting the phone battery and SIM card to disable safe mode

If you still cannot get out of a safe mode on the phone, then the case takes a serious turnover. But do not give up, you can try another way to turn off the safe mode on Android.

  • Turn off the phone using the power button.
  • Remove the back cover remove the battery and SIM card for 2 minutes. This will help to remove the remaining charge from the phone.
  • Now insert back the SIM card, battery and back cover and turn on the phone by clicking on the power button.

(4) Restoring the factory settings of the phone to get out of the safe mode on Android

If, despite attempts to use all these methods, safe mode still appears on the phone, it is better to start again. If you are not a developer and do not know how to debug the application, you should not try to play with applications codes to find what is spoiled. Better return the phone fresh view.

Before resetting the settings on the phone, you need to save a backup copy of all your files and folders and contacts from the phone book.

  • Go to the phone settings backup and reset.
  • Click on backup and run the backup process before making a discharge.
  • After the backup process is completed, select the reset to factory settings.
  • Confirm the action and the phone will become like new.
  • After the phone is rebooted, the safe mode will turn off.

(5) How to disable safe mode using Hard Reset (hardware reset)?

Hard Reset is similar to reset to factory settings, but this is done by the developer method. The hardware reset erases everything from the phone, including cache and memory, which cannot be cleaned by the factory reset method. Hard Reset cleans the phone, starting from the base level to make it as new. To remove safe mode by hard discharge, follow the following actions:

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Wait a while until the discharge is completed.

You can apply the above methods for all Android phones on the Samsung platform, including Samsung Galaxy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Galaxy Grand, Core, Core Ace. Alpha, S Duos, Star, Young, Sport, Active, Zoom, Express, Fresh, Round, Light, Fame, Exhibit, Mega, Trend, Win, Y Plus, Xcover, Premier, Mega, etc. Phones.

How to enable safe mode on the phone?

The use of this technique is changing for various phone models.

Using a safe mode on different brands of smartphones

In order not to sort through all existing methods of activation and deactivation of a safe mode on the device Sonya, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Meizu, it is enough to know its brand. Below are descriptions for the most popular brands now.

Safe mode for Huawei or Honor

To activate Save Mode, you need to restart a smartphone. When turning on, hold the swing reduction of the sound volume until the appears. After it you need to let the button. When the phone boots, after unlocking the screen, the inscription “Safe mode” in the left corner will appear. At the same time, many shortcuts will disappear, but it will be possible to perform the necessary actions. After repeated rebooting the mobile device, the usual mode of operation will automatically start, and all the icons, shortcuts will return to the usual places.

Safe mode for ZTE

To start a safe mode on a tablet or smartphone of ZTE, you need to start the device initially, then clamp the power button. As soon as the phone reacts with vibration, you need to clamp the swing of the volume completely. 2 keys up and down. Keep them up to the end of loading. If all the manipulations are carried out correctly, then the inscription “Safe mode” will appear in the lower corner. To turn off, as on other devices, you just need to reload. Sometimes two procedures may be required.

Safe mode for Lenovo

To activate a safe mode on Lenovo, you can use the first proposed way. using the shutdown button. After the diagnosis, turn off Save Mode is recommended by rebooting, extracting the battery for several minutes or in the most extreme case to use the reset of settings to factory.

Safe mode for Android Xiaomi

To activate this mode on Xiaomi, you can use 5 available ways:

  • For the first, you need the on the activation method and the activation method using the shutdown button.
  • The second method is suitable for the device off. On it you need to clamp the “home” button and turn on at the same time.
  • In the third method, the shutdown button, start the system menu, select a reloading point from it, wait for the appearance of the Xiaomi logo in the process, squeeze the area on the screen where the main menu button is usually located in the on.
  • With the fourth method, you must first turn off the smartphone, then turn on, wait for the Xiaomi logo appear, clamp the volume reduction key, wait for the load to complete and then release the button.
  • In the fifth method, you need to clamp the shutdown button until the menu appears, select the “shutdown” item without releasing the main key. A logo should appear on the screen. At this moment, you need to attach a finger to the print scanner, hold it in this position until the load is completed.

To deactivate safe mode, it is enough to reload the device.

Safe Mode option is not only very useful for most not new smartphones, but can also become a real salvation for the user. It is likely that it is too early to hand over the phone for repairs, change it to a new one or even throw it out. The function will help to avoid resetting the settings, formatting the device, eliminate braking and errors. With safe mode, only those programs and services that were installed by the manufacturer of the apparatus will work. Everyone else is considered potentially dangerous, so during Safe Mode they turn off. If the phone has serious problems and problems due to which he does not cope with the main functions and purpose in normal mode, then with safe he will still work.