How to trim or mount video on xiaomi phone. Impose effect on video.

We live at such a time when most users have nothing except the phone. Phone today is not only a tool for games or social networks, but also tool for work. A few years ago Edit video on the phone was impossible. Today, media editors on the phone can be compared to opportunities with some software programs. If you need to trim the video, impose on video music or effects, mount video from several pieces on the Xiaomi phone, then this article for you.

How to trim the video using Google photo

All your photos and video program sorts by date, so if you need to find some specific video, simply switch to the “Search” tab at the bottom of the screen and choose “Video”

In addition, if you want to find a video by name, just write the name in the search bar.

After selecting the video, on the playback screen, select the settings icon:

Using the slider at the bottom of the screen, specify the beginning and end of the fragment that you need to cut. To do this, simply drag the slider to the desired position. Press “save a copy”.

All. After that, pruning video begins. Pruning speed depends on phone power and video size. The program does not show the progress of circumcision, which is pretty sad. Immediately after the window will open a new, cropped video. If you are going to crop the floor of the movie, it will take a lot of time even on powerful phones. I recommend in this case not to fuck, but do everything on the computer. Also me a sofa editor, fucking.

How to trim video on android

Although it is best to edit and trim video on a computer, an application for trimming a video can be a good choice for mobile devices that use Android device or simply smartphone. Here are two ways to trim the video on Android without a computer.

How to crop the size of the video on Android using Google photo

Google photo. This is not only a popular service for backing up video and photos, but also provides basic video editing features, such as trimming video on Android. Before we start, make sure that your Android device installed Google application photo. You can download it free from Play Store.

Open Google Photo, log in to your account and tap the icon icon to back up the target video from Android memory.

Find the video you want to trim and tap it to go to full screen mode. Click Edit Menu At the bottom.

Then find and tap the harvest on the video editor screen. Around the video will appear frame. Here you can change the aspect ratio using presets. To save the aspect ratio, touch the original. Then paint the video with your fingers on the frame frame.

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When the Android video trimming is complete, tap Save a copy and a new video will be saved in Google photo in the source format. If you want to share videos, you must download it in your memory.

How to resize video on Android using Smart Video CROP

To trim the video on Android, several video editing applications are available for video editing. They work similarly, and we use Smart Video Crop as an example to show you the workflow.

First install the application for trimming the video on your Android device and open it, touch the icon. Select Button. Then you will be presented video in your gallery. Touch the target video to move on.

The application provides several preset aspect ratios, for example 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9 and 3: 2, and you can easily trim the video. To make it manually, tap free of charge and crumble video using the trim field.

When you are ready, tap Save the button below. Enter the file name and tap Ready. By default, the cropped video is saved in the source folder. To change, click the Edit button and reset the settings.

Note: Smart Video Crop application cannot convert your video format.

How to trim video on android online way

If you do not want to download the application, you can trim the video online way. This method is suitable if you are not limited to the Internet, and the speed allows you to perform online editing of the video.

  • Go to your Android phone browser, for example in Chrome
  • In the search bar, enter the request to trim the video (or simply follow the link to the Online-Video-Cutter website.COM).
  • Add a video that need to trim.
  • Then drag the limit labels to trim the video.
  • At the end, click “Save” and download the device on the Android.

The method is suitable in cases if for some reason you could not trim the previous way.

Using online service

Still trim the video online on the Android phone or laptop can be using special services. I used Online Video Cutter, you can use the one you can like more.

Our actions in this case will be such: open the browser and pass on the specified link. And you can enter the appropriate query in the search bar. On the main page there will be information on the use of the site and the field in which it is proposed to select a file. After the video is selected and loaded, as in the previous methods we use the limiters, correct the duration of your roller:

Note: If you cut the roller in this way on the PC, then the edited option is simply transferred to the phone to the selected storage (folder) via USB cable.

How to trim the video on the phone through special applications

Built-in editor, as well as popular services that are indirectly related to video processing, do not allow to apply all the necessary changes in the video. Often, we need not only to crop the clip, but also add different effects. You can do this only with special applications that are available in Google Play. We present you 3 Most Popular Programs.


This program has already downloaded more than 10 million times. On Google Play, the application has a high rating of 4.8 / 5, which indicates a high level of user loyalty, which are fully satisfied with the work of Youcut.

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The program does not require an Internet connection, and therefore you can deal with editing rollers at any convenient moment. For the main features of YouCut include the following:

  • Trimming and cutting video.
  • Combining rollers.
  • Adding music.
  • Changing speed.
  • Preset filters.
  • Saving in HD format, as well as fast dispatch through social networks.
  • Lack of water signs.

And this is not the entire list of functions, due to which the application has tremendous popularity. The program is absolutely free, and its inteeis will not cause questions even from newbies. To start work, it is enough to start YouCut, select video, edit it and save the final result.


Another popular program for trimming a video that has no such high assessment of the downloaded (4.4 / 5), but at the same time enviously popular with the owners of Android devices.

Androvid has rather familiar, but this is no less attractive functionality:

  • Trimming, editing and dividing video recordings.
  • Free use of music.
  • Color setting, transparency and frame widths.
  • MP3 converter.
  • Quality improvement video.

Despite the fact that the application is free, he has a premium version for 149. After downloading it, you will not face the problem of watermarks.

The trim function in Androvid is very well implemented. It is considered by the developers as the main one, so the user when adding a roller to the editor will immediately see the slider to regulate the segment.


Perhaps the most popular Android application, intended for video editing. The number of downloads exceeded 100 million mark, and almost every feedback on Google Play carries a positive shade.

This is a fully free program with a wide functionality:

  • Support most famous formats.
  • Advanced editing, including trimming video.
  • Removing audio stream.
  • Preset filters and effects.
  • Integration with all popular social networks.

Cutting a video to the desired segments, you will immediately share it in Instagram, or YouTube. To do this, you need to press the appropriate button.

Program developers are ready to respond to user messages around the clock mode, but almost all downloaded do not have complaints about the application. To make sure this is enough to read reviews on Google Play. Easy and convenience. the main motto of Inshot, which is 100% implemented.

Inshot and Youcut applications have one developer, so their inteeis is so similar to each other.

Name The size Android version The presence of a paid version Rating on Google Play
YouCut 24 MB 4.3 and higher Not 4.8 / 5
Androvid 29 MB 5.0 and higher There is (149) 4.4 / 5
Inshot 31 MB 4.1 and above Not 4.8 / 5

How to trim the video on the phone android

On different models and versions of Android, the inteeis may differ slightly, but the principle is the same.

Go to the application “Photo / Gallery”, we find the right video.

In the upper right corner, click on three points located vertically (settings of the selected video).

Highlight an excerpt video that you want to trim. To do this, slide on the scroll of the video of the video two levers indicating the beginning and the end of the passage.

Save the result. in the upper left corner there is a “Save” button.

On some androids, this feature may be absent. But this is not a barrier! In Play Markt, a huge selection of free video edits. The most popular of them are “Movavi Clips”, “Video Editor and Photo Music (Inshot Inc.) “,” Videoshow “,” PowerDirector “.

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The principle of trimming in these applications is the same.

Through special applications

If you edit the roller through the built-in funds, you can not use special viscation applications. Below we consider the most popular of them.


YouCut is a free video editor that is suitable for easy installation. The application has the necessary minimum useful features and tools. With YouCut, you can accelerate and slow down the rollers, impose filters, music and other effects.

trim, video, phone, android, youtube


With the Androvid, you can not only trim the video, but also glue different rollers in one clip. Among the main tools. the ability to overlay music, removing unnecessary parts in the middle of the video, as well as a built-in converter for converting video to other formats (including MP3).

trim, video, phone, android, youtube


Inshot is a popular photo and video editor. The application is suitable not only for trimming rollers, but also more complex installation. Using Inshot you can apply different filters on video, effects, stickers and text. If you wish, you can even change the audio track.

These are just the most popular applications for trimming video. In Play Market you will find other free installation programs. In general, they have about the same functionality, although there are some features.

Removed long video on the smartphone? Nothing terrible, as it is easy to trim the video on the iPhone and on the phone with Android. In iOS, we can do it even through the standard application. On Android there is a similar program, as well as there are a lot of third-party services that are well coped with this task. About the best ways to trim the video and talk in this review.

How to cut video on samsung

In order to trim the video on Samsung phones, you can use the app of the gallery, which is installed on all phones of this manufacturer, whether A50, A51, S10, S20, S21 and others.

The Gallery application is pre-installed in the OneUI shell and is designed to view and edit photos. With it, you can not only make a clip from photos, but also trimmed or edit video.

In the list of applications on your phone we find the Gallery program.

After starting the program, we find and open the video, which we want to cut or edit and click on the pencil icon at the bottom.

The edit window opens. To trim the video, you need to use markers around the edges of the bandwidth. You just need to set the beginning and end of the video.

In addition to trimming video, you can use various additional video editing tools.

trim, video, phone, android, youtube

On the Samsung phones in the video editor, you can apply different effects on video, turn, add text or emoji. To access each editing item you need to use the sections at the bottom of the screen.

After finished video editing, you can save it in the same button above.