simple ways to transfer files between iPad and computer

Many people are looking for simple and saving solutions for the transfer of files between Apple devices and computers. It is true that there are many packages of iPad programs that can transfer files from iPad to a computer or from a computer to iPad, but you will receive certain restrictions.

Taking into account various transmission requirements with iPad, you can use the following ways to simple sending files. As a result, you can create backup copies of important files from iPad to computer. In addition, you can transfer uploaded images and videos from your computer on iPad for further use.

best IPad transfer tools

TOP 1: AISEESOFT IPhone Transfer

AISEESOFT FONETRANS. This is a universal application for data transmission with iPad for both PC and Mac. Bilateral gear allows you to easily control the iPad data on a computer. Which is even more important, it is quite easy for it to use.

  • Transfer data from iPad to a computer or vice versa.
  • Support for a wide spectra data types.
  • Save the initial data state.
  • Combine new data with existing files on iPad.
  • Spend file formats in accordance with the destination.

How to transmit data between iPad and computer

Launch the best software for iPad after installing it on your computer. It is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. Then connect the iPad to the computer using Lightning cable. To transfer data from the iPad to the iPad or iPhone, connect two devices to the computer.

Functions: For iPad with iOS 13 or new, enter access code to resolve the connection.

Having discovered your iPad, you will see all the data ordered by type. For example, for preliminary listening to music, go to music a tab from the left column and select an album. Then you will be presented all the music on the iPad.

Data transfer to iPad: Press the additional icon on the upper tape and select add files). To open a file manager. Find and select targets and open them. At the same time, they will switch to your iPad.Data transfer to a computer: check the files on the iPad for which you want to create a backup on the computer, press the PC icon button and select the export on PC. Then select a specific folder to save data.Transferring data from iPad to iPad: Select the necessary files on the iPad, click the telephone button for communication icon and select the target device.


iExplorer is considered one of the best data transfer programs with iPad. He can help you transfer files such as video, images, music, messages, etc. D. over, you can use the same IPad data control tool.

  • File transfer of various types.
  • File transfer from iTunes.
  • Restore entire playlists.
  • Export of text messages in the form of files to a computer.

TOP 3: Imazing

Imazing. Another IPAD transfer tool that should be used. It allows you to easily transmit data between the iPad and the computer, as well as synchronize data from the old iPad to a new device. He also offers many bonus functions.

  • Synchronize the data between the iPad and the computer.
  • IPAD backup and recovery at any time.
  • Update iOS and reinstall the software.
  • Work without iTunes.
  • He loses data when backup from the iPad to a computer.
  • He cannot synchronize the data between the two iOS devices directly.


Itools. This is the simultaneous tool for transferring iPad and iOS manager. Some users consider it as an alternative to iTunes, partly because the software offers a wide range of functions for synchronization and data management.

  • Work with a well.thought.out integer.
  • Control the data on the iPad and transmit it very quickly.
  • Access to the iPad data on a computer without hacking.
  • Find your iPad by the location of GPS.

Five of the best: Imobie Anytrans

Imobie Anytrans. Useful data transfer tool for people who have technical problems with iOS devices. He can transmit data from iPad to a computer, iTunes, icloud or vice versa. This software is available for most iPad models.

  • Turn on a set of useful functions.
  • Easy and quick data transfer.
  • Supports several languages, such as English, Japanese and t. D.

TOP 6: Syncios

Syncios is the last software for transferring data from the iPad in our list, but not least. It can transmit data between the iPad and the computer, iPad and Android devices, and vice versa. He also offers media player, video loading and other functions.

  • Available for both iOS and Android.
  • Access to iPad files using a computer.
  • Create ringtones from your music files.

How to copy (transfer) photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) on Mac via cable

To transfer a large number of photos and videos from the iPhone (iPad) stored in the photo application, you can use this simple way on the Mac.

Connect the iPhone (iPad) to the Mac using a USB cable.

On MAC, open the standard application capture of the images that is in the program folder.

Select the connected device in the upper left corner of the program, indicate the folder on the Mac, into which the data will be copied, select photos and videos for imports and click the download button. If you need to copy all the photos and videos on the Mac, click upload everything.

If you need to remove the photo and video copied to the MAC from the iPhone (iPad), install the checkplace opposite the item, remove it after import.

Copying a video from a computer on iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Apple provided only one version of copying media files, including video from Windows or MacOS computer on iPhone phones and iPad tablets. using iTunes (then I assume that iTunes is already installed on your computer).

The main restriction of the method is to support only and.MP4. over, for the latter case, the format is not always supported (depending on the codecs used, the most popular. h.264, supported).

To copy the video using iTunes, just perform the following simple actions:

  • Connect the device if iTunes does not start automatically, start the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the device list.
  • In the “On my device” section, select “Films” and just drag the necessary video files from the folder on the computer to the list of films on the device (you can also select the “File” menu. “Add the file to the media text”.
  • If the format is not supported, you will see the message “Some of these files have not been copied, as they cannot play on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding files to the list, click the “Synchronize” button at the bottom. Upon completion of synchronization, you can turn off the device.

Upon completion of the copy of the video to the device, you can watch them in the Video Appendix on it.

How to postpone photos and videos from iPhone and iPad to computer

Each of us had the need to transfer data to a computer. IPhone memory could be filled and it had to be released. Or before buying a new phone, it was necessary to postpone important personnel. We have prepared 3 excellent ways for you, how to do it. Go!

Just connect your iPhone or iPad using a cable to a computer. We unlock the device, we agree to provide access to photo and video. After a few seconds you will see the menu. Choose “Import of photos and videos”. You can choose a “conductor”, then look for the “DCIM” folder. Photos and videos shot by the device are stored in it.

Important: a computer may not see your phone or tablet because of a cheap cable. It can be non.original, but not the cheapest. The simplest cords support only charging. Data transfer will not be available.

We use iTunes. Download it from the Microsoft application store or from the official Apple website. We launch the program, agree with the company’s policy. We connect the phone to the computer. The device needs to be unlocked, agree in different pop.up windows. And after a few seconds you can synchronize any data with a computer. Including you can make backups of iPhone and iPad, as well as much more. If you pressed somewhere and the tab has disappeared, then click on the phone icon or tablet.

Parting photo and video using iCloud. This program can also be downloaded from the Microsoft and Apple Site store. We launch, enter the login and password. At the line “photos” we click on the “gear”. In these settings, we can choose synchronization options: upload only new photos or all, transfer to a computer or download from it to a device.

How to get ideas with iPod, iPhone for a computer for free

How to download songs, photos and videos from iPod, iPhone on PC from Windows free?

mlipod is Winamp plugin, which allows you to load music on Apple iPod and without it, without using iTunes via Winamp media. One of the main attractions of the plugin is the ability to transfer files from iPod to a computer, which is impossible with Apple iTunes software. The latest Winamp plugin for iPod can really copy files with iPhone in Windows without jailbreak. It also supports devices certified by Creative Zen and Playsforsure.

Download and install Winamp if you don’t have it yet. And then use it to download songs, photos and videos from iPod, iPhone on PC with Windows.

How to download songs, photos and videos from iPod, iPhone on Mac OS X?

The latest version works only on Mac OS X 10.4 or later version. For users OS X 10.3.9 download Senuti 0.33. He always copies music from ordinary iPod to your Mac, and the new version now supports the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Drag the SEUNTI application to your application folder. Draise Senuti to the docking station or save a copy on the desktop, as you want to remove the image of the Senuti disk and clean the load folder.

Step 2 Make sure you have iTunes. Open itunes

Install in the iPod “Management and Video Management” in iTunes.

There are already songs with a note next to them in iTunes. However, if you changed the information about the song separately in your iTunes media text or on your iPod, it will be considered the same song, despite the fact that they are two different.

Step 5 Go to “Settings”, and then “Copying” in Senuti

How to Transfer Files between Ipad / Iphone and Windows Computer without using any Software

Choose an iTunes music folder as a “saving place” for copied music. Otherwise, two copies will be created for each song that will take a place on the hard drive.

Step 6 Highlight and drag songs from the “Library” to “iTunes”

You can also drag playlists from your iPod to iTunes. Make sure all the songs look normal and there are no double copies.

How to download video on iPhone or iPad directly from the Internet

Copy a link to the video (for example, from. YouTube and T.D.), then run the Documents by Readdle application, loaded on the iPhone or iPad earlier, click on the browser icon in the lower right corner and go to the 9xbuddy website

Insert a link to the video in the search field and press the Download button.

Select the necessary quality and press the Download Now button.

Transfer Photos and Videos From iPhone iPad To Windows PC 2022 FAST AND EASY!

transfer, video, ipad, computer

Loaded video will appear in the Documents by Readden application in the download download section Documents.

Downloaded video can be easily moved to the photo application.

In addition, the application allows you to set the password on the input.

In more detail, the application of the application is described in this material.

How to throw off the video from the iPhone on the Mac using Image Capture

Connect the iPhone to a computer. The Image Capture program should automatically start, otherwise go to the program folder and open it manually

In Image Capture, indicate the place for importing photos

Press the parameters button, go to the parameters tab and set the parameter to remove objects from the camera after loading, naturally only if you want to free up space on your iPhone

transfer, video, ipad, computer

After leaving the parameters, click the download button to throw off the video and the photo from the iPhone to the computer

How to transmit photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to a MAC computer using the “Image Capture” application

Launch the MAC program “Picture of Images”.

After starting in the control panel on the left, find the iOS device and click on it. All photos and iPad photos stored on the iPhone or iPad will appear on the screen. Now you can manually select pictures that you want to save on an external hard drive, or select everything at once by clicking on ⌘cmd a.

transfer, video, ipad, computer

By default, the pictures are stored in the “Image” folder. Call the drop.down menu and click on the “other”. Now select the folder on the external hard drive where you need to save the photo.

If desired, you can delete photos and videos from iOS devices when moving to a computer Mac. To do this, put a check box in front of the item, remove after imports in the lower left corner.

Click on the “download” button (selected files will be uploaded) or “download everything” (all files will be uploaded) and wait until the photos or videos are saved. If the hard drive supports USB 2.0, and there are a lot of photos, the whole process can take much more than a few minutes.