Data transfer from the old iOS device to new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the Fast beginning function

You can create a backup copy of information through iCloud or using iTunes on a computer. Later, a corresponding copy will be used to transfer data.

How to make a backup iCloud

  • Open the “settings” on the iPhone and click on the icon of your account.
  • Go to the ICLOUD → “Reserve Copy” section.
  • Turn on the cupcore of the same name and click “Create a backup”.

How to make a backup copy of iTunes

  • Install the latest version of iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer cable.
  • Allow access on a smartphone.
  • Select the iPhone in the ITUNES devices menu.
  • If you want to save the data “Health” and “Activity” programs, put a checkplace opposite the “Add Reserve Copy” item and set the password. Do not forget the code, otherwise it will be impossible to restore the information!
  • Click “Create a copy now” and wait for the end of the process.

How to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud

Apple claims that ICLOUD backups are bought in Apple services, such as music, films, applications and books. So, if you have made a backup iPhone, you can easily transfer the iPhone applications to another iPhone using iCloud.

IPhone applications backup in icloud

Firstly, you need to make an iPhone backup in iCloud. Here, if you know steps, then you can skip this part. Otherwise, you must read this part of the backhone backup in iCloud.

Synchronize iPhone applications with other iPhone using icloud backup

Here you need to run your new / target iPhone.

On your friend / new iPhone, you first need to discharge iPhone. Go to the “Settings” “General” Scroll the screen down and click “Reset” “Delete all the contents and settings”.

Step 2 Recovery from the backup icloud

After you make your iPhone new, you need to activate it again. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the “Appendix and Data” screen. Select “Restore the icloud backup” “Next”.

Enter your iCloud and password account, select one backup iCloud with applications that you want to make a translation. Then you just need to patiently wait for uploading ICLOUD backup applications to iPhone.

Creating a backup

Connect the old iPhone or any other iOS gadget to the Mac or PC and run the iTunes program (you can download iTunes for the computer on this page). Go to the tab with the connected gadget and in the left side menu “Settings” select the “Review” menu. There are two ways to create backups through iTunes: in iCloud or directly on a computer. Use the second option, because a local copy is made many times faster than using Internet connection.

How To Trasfer and Share Apps Between iOS Devices : Free & Easy

Choose a way to create a backup “this computer”.

Click on the “Create a copy now” button “.

Wait for the end of the creation of a backup copy.

Method 3. transmission of game data using iTunes

iTunes also allows you to create backups of your iPhone, including these games and conservation. You can create a backup copy of your phone in iTunes and restore data on your iPad. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch iTunes from your PC and connect your iPhone.
  • Click on the menu line and select the iPhone icon.
  • Select “Highlight the reserve copy of the iPhone” and enter the password. Click “Create a backup now”.
  • When the backup process is activated, remove the SIM card and insert it into a new device.
  • Turn on the iPad and connect it to the computer. Set up the Wi-Fi connection and select “Restore ites”.
  • Enter the password from the third step and restore the data from the encrypted backup of the iPhone made earlier.

All in the cloud

There is no simple way to transfer your game progress from iOS to Android or vice versa. Thus, the best way to achieve progress in the game is to connect the game to the Internet. Most popular online games already require that you have an account in their cloud-so you can always maintain your progress without changes.

transfer, game, iphone

Who knows, maybe one day you decide to return to iOS. With the help of a pair of clicks and inputs, you can simply continue from the place where you stopped.

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad) to another using USB-flash drives and adapters

On the official website of Apple you can find a fairly large range of accessories, thanks to which you can transmit photos and videos straight to the USB flash drive or SD card.

Attention! The presence of the installed iOS 9 is required.2 or a newer firmware version.

Third-party manufacturers also produce various flash drives for iOS devices that allow you to store or transfer data, for example, LEEF IBRIDGE, Transcend Jetdrive GO 300, Ixpand Flash Drive and others.

How to endure the conservation of games between iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

After starting the program, you should connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, from which we will copy the conservation. In the list of applications in the file manager, select the right game. By moving to the game folder you can see two more folders in it: “Documents” and “Libraries” (in some games there can be only one of the folders). You should copy these folders on your computer and connect the next iodevice, to which the conservation will be transferred.

transfer, game, iphone

Now it remains to open the game folder and copy there “Documents” and “Libraries” from the computer. Now you should restart the game. If it was launched, unload it from the iOS multitasking panel. For owners of devices with jailbreak, you can do without the use of file managers and computer. You will need only the Cydia. Ifile application. Again, you should find a game folder. To search it was easier, include in the settings the option “Names of programs”. It will turn on the correct display of the names of folders with applications instead of digital-paper code. Select and copy the Documents and Libraries folders. Next, you need to transfer these folders to another device. It is very easy to do this through the Dropbox concilled account. Details about working with files on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the file storage is described in this article. On another device, we do the reverse procedure. insert copied folders.

transfer, game, iphone

Be sure to watch a video that clearly shows the process of transferring files.

How to transfer applications from iPhone to iPad using iTunes

As in iCloud, iTunes also allows you to synchronize apps from iPhone on iPad. While the Apple account is associated with your iPhone and iPad, these applications that you purchase in the App Store can be installed on your iOS devices.

Step 1 Run the latest version of iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone to it via a USB cable.

Step 2 When you enter the main integration, click the store and then select authorizing the computer option.

Step 3 Log in your ITUNES Store account, and then click to sanction, now you can click the iPhone icon with the right mouse button section and select shopping from the iPhone option. At the same time, all applications on your iPhone will be synchronized with your computer.

Step 4 Disable your iPhone after the completion of synchronization. Then connect your iPad to this computer.

Step 5 Click the iPad icon with the right mouse button after iTunes finds it. And then click the transfer of purchases from the iPad.

Step 6 Press the iPad icon when the transmission is completed. Press the tab, and then install the flag next to the synchronization of applications.

Step 7 Press the synchronization button for transferring all iPhone synchronized applications to iPad.

how to selectively transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone

Is there a way to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or icloud? What do you have to do to selectively transmit applications only? When you need to transfer applications only to another iPhone from your friends or relatives, iTunes, iCloud or Apple ID may not work for you. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best choice to postpone the iPhone iPhone application selectively. Here are the detailed features of the program.

  • one. Compatibility with the latest version of iOS 15
  • 2. Copying data or files on iPhone / iPad / iPod with one mouse click
  • 3. Transfer agreement, photo, video and music files selectively
  • 4. Transmit data or files between iOS devices directly and easy
  • 5. Backup of all your iPhone data, files on your computer

How to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone

Download and install the latest version of the Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate. Run the program and connect both iPhone to the computer. And then you can transfer files between two programs.

Both devices will be shown on the left. Click the device you want to export. And each type of file is indicated on the left, you can choose one category to find files reasonably.

2 Ways To Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone 2021

Go to “Export V”, and then select “Export to another device”. And a few seconds later you can find target files on your new iPhone.

The article presents 4 different methods for transferring applications from iPhone to iPhone. If you use the same Apple identifier, iCloud account or iTunes account, you can always easily translate applications between different iOS devices. When you just need to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud, Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best solution that you should take into account.

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