Ways to restore the game on another or new phone

As you know, when buying a new smartphone, you have to transfer all the data from the old device, including various applications and games. Often it is required to manually install programs from Google Play, and after perform authorization in the existing account. But this option does not always work, especially when it comes to utilities that are not related to the Internet. In general, let’s figure out how to restore the game on another or new Android phone. We will consider both the simplest methods and touch the slightly more complex options that require the use of additional services!

Imagine that for many months you have passed some kind of mobile game, spending a lot of time on it. And now you have purchased a new smartphone, but what to do with game progress? Agree that I don’t really want to open all the achievements again, so all these applications must be somehow transferred to another device. There are two ways that we are talking about later!

through Google Play Games

or less modern games interact with the Google service, designed just to maintain progress and all achievements. The principle of action is as follows: open the game on the old phone and perform authorization in the Google account, and then confirm the binding and do the same from the new smartphone. Theoretically, everything sounds beautiful, but how things are in practice? Honestly, no more complicated. We made a step.by.step instruction, so we recommend paying attention to it:

  • Install the Google Play game on the old device. You can find it in the same Play Market, indicating in the search line the corresponding request.
  • We open the program and perform authorization in the Google account, which you plan to use on the new smartphone. And then we follow the instructions on the screen, performing individual settings. For example, you can make your statistics public so that all your friends see her.

Please note that some games do not support work with the Google account. In this case, you will have to use the built.in entry system (for example, the universal Supercell ID account is available in Brawl Stars). Also, some applications allow you to contact pages on social networks.

That’s all, the initial setting has already been completed. You have to pick up a new phone, install the Google Play game application and perform authorization in the right account. Then we launch the game and restore all achievements and progress.

Manual copying

Yes, we decided to name this method that way, because all actions will have to be performed manually. This option is suitable for little.known games and applications that mainly work without connecting to the Internet. The essence is simple: you need to transfer the folder where all the programs are stored on the new phone. And you can do this both using Bluetooth and through Wi-Fi.

Many will say that you can pass the folder through some messenger. We agree, but not all programs support work with directors. Before this, you will need to add a folder to the archive, but only after send it. The option is not very convenient, so we will not use it. It is much better to install Cloneit or Sharme on each phone. Here are the instructions for working with the first utility:

    Open the application and provide all the requested permits.

In principle, all data have already been almost transferred. You have to install the game on a new smartphone, and then replace the created folder. To do this, we delete the directory, and then we insert the one that you sent to yourself.

Gmail data synchronization

Android devices use Gmail profile to backup their data. Through the same account, you can throw all the contacts from the iPhone to a new device. The method will not cause difficulties, the transfer of contacts is performed in the following order of actions:

transfer, game, iphone, android
  • In the settings section using iCloud, we deactivate the synchronization of contacts.
  • We go to the section with accounts, indicate the login and password from the current Google account.
  • A window will appear in which it is necessary to perform contacts of contacts. we install the synchronization switch with this paragraph to the active position.
transfer, game, iphone, android

If the Google account was previously used on a smartphone, only the first and last steps are performed. After synchronize contacts, you can on Android through the settings menu, account items and synchronization.

How to transfer the progress of your game from iPhone to Android

If you decide to switch from your iPhone and switch to Android device, it will not be easy for you to transfer all your data from one platform to another.

With the help of a cloud disk and applications now, of course, better than in the past, but there are some things that you cannot transfer. Unfortunately, one of these things is your game progress.

Android and iOS are different platforms that use completely different file formats. This means that it is impossible to manually transfer the saving files between the platforms. Nevertheless, thanks to the predominance of the cloud storage, most games support the progress of your account on the Internet. This means that you do not need to store your successes in the phone’s memory.

You can synchronize the course of the game from different devices by connecting them to one social network account. This article will explain when it is possible, and how to do it.

Synchronization of the course of the game through a social network

Most of the new games in which you play on your smartphone are able to maintain progress both in the memory of the phone and in the cloud.

If you connect the game you play, with your account. It will also preserve your progress to this means that at the next entrance to the system from another device and starting the game, you will resumes the game from the place where you stopped.

The most popular smartphone games such as Subway Surfers can be associated with your account on the social network. If you have reached a certain level on the iPhone and want to resume it on the Android device, you only need:

  • Launch the game on your iPhone.
  • Check if he has the opportunity to establish a connection with your account on the social network. For example, Subway Surfer has an option to “play with friends” that connects her with yours
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your game profile with an account on a social network.
  • Launch the same game on your Android device.
  • Click on the same option of the social network.
  • Enter your social account, and you will see that all your game progress is evident and you can continue to play the game.

This method works for all games?

This method should work in all games that you can connect with your accounts on social networks. As soon as you bind them, the game will preserve all the progress in the cloud. Thus, you do not need to worry about the transfer of saved files.

If the game does not support this type of conservation in the cloud, then you cannot move the progress. For example, this will not work for some single.user games, but these are rare cases.

In addition, if the game is also released only for iOS, you cannot play it on Android phone. However, the most popular games are usually available on both platforms.

One of the disadvantages of moving platforms is that you will need to redeem the games for which you paid. If you purchased a game in an application store and want to get it in the Play store, you will have to buy it again.

Transfer of other data from iPhone to Android

Fortunately, the transfer of other data from your iPhone to Android is much easier and more reliable. The easiest way to make this create a backup copy of all iOS files in the Google cloud.

The first thing you need to do is install Google Drive on your phone. This application also contains the Google and Google photo calendar, which you also use to backup. When you download Google Drive from the App Store, you should:

  • Open Google Drive.
  • Enter your Google account.
  • Press the “menu” button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” in the menu.
  • Click “Start backup”.

After backing up files, you can view, use and transfer all backup content to your devices. So you just need to open a new Android device and download all your data on it.

All in the cloud

There is no simple way to transfer your game progress from iOS to Android or vice versa. Thus, the best way to achieve progress in the game to connect the game to the Internet. Most of the popular online games already require that you have an account in their cloud, so you can always maintain your progress without changes.

Who knows, maybe one day you decide to return to iOS. With the help of a pair of clicks and inputs, you can simply continue from the place where you stopped.

How to transfer the game from iPhone to Android

You can transfer your game progress to a new device by connecting the game on the new device the same account. Google or Apple ID used in the old

  • Install the game from the app store for a new device.
  • Connect the downloaded game of the same account. which was used on the old device.
  • In the window that appears, click “Download”.
  • Type confirm and click OK.

Using Apple ID (from IOS 13 version.0/MacOS 10.15 or higher):

  • Install the game from the App Store on a new device.
  • Connect the downloaded game of the same Apple ID account, which was used on the old device.
  • In the window that appears, click “Download”.
  • Type confirm and click OK.

How to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone

Using the Google account (for Android devices):

  • Install the game from the application store on your new device.
  • Connect the downloaded game of the same Google account, which was used on the old device.
  • In the window that appears, click “Download”.
  • Type confirm and click OK.

If your game is not connected to the account, don’t worry! Our support service can transfer your progress manually Alexander here:

  • Open “Settings” ⚙️ on the old device. Your ID will be at the bottom of the window (for example, 30123456789). Contact Support with a new device by indicating this ID
  • If you cannot find your ID or you do not have access to the old device, contact Support, and we will do our best to help!

❗Tho: Unfortunately, transferring progress from the platform to any other platform cannot be sure that your Internet connection is stable, and the device meets the minimum system requirements. Access to services may be limited in some countries or regions. In such cases, we follow local legislation.

Good game! If you need help, be sure to contact our support service

With Wi-Fi (without root-right)

Another way to transfer the game from one device to another without loss of progress. We will help us Tappourch Wi-Fi File Transfer. This is a free application and is suitable for all android version 4.0 and above. The application must be installed on two devices. On the Donor apparatus will open in standard mode “Share Mode”. Select “Share Files/Folders”. Then select the file storage in this program marked as “folder”, in it, select the game file and click the Send button. On the second smartphone, click on Get Files/Folders. On the first apparatus, a protective code of 6 characters will be generated, which must be entered on the second device and click on the Get Files. At the end, the files will be saved on the SD card or in the memory of the second phone.

If your game does not support the preservation in the cloud, you will need an application that will manually create a backup copy of the necessary data. For non.in.laws, such an application is “Helium”. This will help you transfer your favorite game from one smartphone to another, preserving all the levels passed.

  • Install the Helium application on the base phone with the game. On your PC, also install the desktop version of the product;
  • Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable;
  • Run both the Helium version for Android and the corresponding application for PC;
  • After the launch, select all the games for which you want to create a backup in Helium, then click on Backup (backup);
  • If you select the Internet Storage (internal storage) as a place for backup, then the data will be copied to the SD-card of your phone;
  • After the backup is completed, insert the SD card into a new device, install and open the Helium already on a new phone;
  • Then go to the “Restore and Sync” tab (restoration and synchronization) slip to “Internet Storage” (internal storage) to open a list of games for which reserve copies are created;
  • Select the games for recovery, click on “Restore” (restore), then on “Restore My Data” (restore my data). Wait for the end of the process;
  • Launch the game with your result already on a new device.


Following the above, for mobile devices for the current period there are only two operating systems, and therefore developers can release their programs immediately under both platforms, optimizing them separately for iOS and Android. But such events are extremely difficult and expensive, however, for many companies quite justified, so popular applications can be tried to simply find through the Play Market by the same name. These include services for wrist bracelets or Smart hours, banking applications, online stores, social networks and many others.

You can immediately encounter another problem when there is simply no desired program in the Play Market, and therefore the user will have to look for the most similar analogue that can satisfy his requirements.

In addition to mobile programs when switching from Apple smartphones to other devices, there is a need to transfer many data that are no longer tied to the iPhone software, and therefore can be transported in various ways.

How to transmit an application from Android to iPhone and vice

How can I transmit an application from the iPhone to Android Smartphone? Which program to use for this?

Beginners in the world of gadgets and modern technologies are often asked a similar question. Such appeals regularly come to us and the creators of applications, as evidenced by such reviews in the App Store.

Especially often such questions arise among users of cross.platform applications for transmitting photos, videos and contacts from iOS on Android and vice.

Sometimes the creators of the applications themselves post false information about the possibility of transmitting applications, and sometimes users naively believe that you can transfer the program between different operational systems.

transfer, game, iphone, android

Of course, this is impossible. Absolutely nothing: any applications from the App Store or Cydia are not suitable. Reverse compatibility between programs and games for iOS and Android is trivially absent.

It is better to just copy the link to the developer’s website, it is located in the program description on the App Store or Google Play page.

The owner of the device to another operating system when crossing the link will receive an offer to download the program on its device or find the appropriate button on the site.

It is also impossible to transfer applications from iOS to iOS, but with Android to Android easily. In the latter case, any file manager from the Google Play store is suitable.

How to save the game on another Android phone

Modern phones are used by people for different purposes. Someone just fulfills calls and communicates in messengers, and someone else manages to go through several levels in games. Sometimes, after buying a new smartphone, users ask the question: how to save the game on another phone? Answer. transfer all these applications to the second device. About how to do this, we will try to tell in detail below. Immediately note that each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so first it is better to familiarize yourself with the instructions, and only then proceed to the performance of actions.

Performing the game from one phone to another is quite simple. It is much more difficult to maintain all achievements and progress. It is this topic that we will touch below.

Through the attached account

This method is not suitable for every game, but only for the one in which it is possible to enter the account to maintain progress. Typically, the mail from Google is used as an account, or rather the proprietary Play game application. If you tie all the progress to a certain profile, then in the future it can be restored on any phone.

However, some games do not support such an option. This applies not very popular applications that work mainly without connecting to the Internet. In this case, you will have to use another method.

through the SHAREME application

You can try to transfer all the game folders in which data and progress were preserved. This will help the special SHAREME application. It is installed by default on Xiaomi phones, but devices owners from other manufacturers can also download it from the Play Market.

Please note that the program needs to be installed on two smartphones.

When the application is successfully loaded, open it and perform the following actions:

  • Click on the “I agree” button and create our own account in the system. We come up with the user name and select an avatar.
  • After that, go to the section with the files and find the folder with the game data. Typically, all progress is preserved in the Data directory, which is located in the thematic folder “Android”. Find the name of the package of the desired application and highlight it.
  • In the lower part of the screen, select “Send”.

When the transfer is completed, it remains to install the game from the Play Market on the second smartphone and transfer the resulting folder to the Data Directory. To do this, initially copy it, and then open the conductor and perform the insert.

through Bluetooth

This option is somewhat similar to the previous one, only here you will not have to use additional applications. All you need is to activate Bluetooth on each phone and send a folder with the game data. For clarity, we suggest using step.by.step instructions:

    We go to the conductor on the first device. Open the “Android” folder, and then “Data”. Each of these directory is located in the internal memory of the device, so keep it in mind.

If the second device is not displayed in the list, then check the Bluetooth settings. Must be activated an option of visibility for other smartphones!

Now it remains to install the game on another phone and move the folder to the right place. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this.

Transfer of all data to several clicks

There is an application that will help to migrate almost all the data from your iPhone on Android smartphone.

Wondershare Mobiletrans allows you to make messages, calendar, photo, video and music. You can synchronize applications. contacts and calls, but it depends on your OC.

The application provides a test period to evaluate the capabilities of the program. If you need to transfer backup copies or their restoration, you will have to buy a subscription. The cost of a one.time subscription is 19.90, a license for one user 39.90.

Transfer Data iPhone to Android 2021

Using a license, you can make all contacts. calendars and other data. The acquisition of a license allows you to work with no more than five devices and one computer.

The algorithm of actions for those who have acquired a license:

  • Open the Mobiletrans app and connect two cable devices to PC. Two devices will appear in front of you and take two sides of the screen, as in the photo below.
  • If you need to turn on USB debugging and take the RSA key for Android, we do it.
  • On the “Yabloko” PC may require the option “Trustle”
  • Devices can be switched in the right order to change the role of the sender and recipient
  • If you are asked to remove the box from the section “Highlight the backup iPhone” in the settings of the iTunes service, we do this. When the file transfer procedure is completed, you can activate this function again.
  • When all points above are made, you need to select content for transfer, highlighting it with ticks. The application is transferred from the “apple” to Android will not work.
  • Run the copy of the data with the corresponding button. The file transfer speed depends on the volume of information transferred. This can take a few hours.
  • We monitor the charge on two devices, when one of the devices is turned off, the transfer may not be made correctly and the files will be damaged.
  • Upon completion of the transfer, turn off the two devices from PC.

Important: If you transfer messages from the iPhone, turn off the iMessage before you extract an SIM-card from Yabloko. Otherwise, all messages will come to the iPhone, not Android.

You can disable this function in the settings, section “Messages”.