TOP 3 ways to transfer music and video from iPhone 4/5/6/7 to iPhone 8/x

If for some reason you decided to switch to the new iPhone, keep in mind that all the data stored on the old iPhone can be easily transferred to a new. There are several ways for this. The easiest is the use of the Tenorshare icarefone program. Plus, there are standard methods of transferring music and video from the iPhone 4/5/6/7 on the iPhone 8/X. through iTunes and icloud. And how to throw music and video on iPhone without itunes?

To begin with, we will describe in detail the easiest way for you to add music and video from iPhone on the iPhone using Tenorshare icarefone utility. The tool allows you to first transfer music and video from the old iPhone to the computer, and also transfer photos, music, video from the computer on the iPhone, iPad. And then copy previously saved files to the new iPhone on PC. This is how it is done.

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Download the Tenorshare icarefone program on your computer, install it and immediately start it. Connect your old iPhone to PC via a USB cable.

When the program recognizes your device, click on the “Management” button. Then select “Music” or “Video”. Depends on what type of files you need to transfer from the old iPhone to a new.

Select the necessary files and using the Export button, save them on a computer.

Now that you moved music, video from iPhone to a computer, we connect a new iPhone 8 to PC. We perform the same actions, but instead of the “Export” button, click on the “Import” button and indicate previously saved video and music files that need to be transferred to the iPhone 8.

As you can see, the Tenorshare icarefone program allows you to transfer music, video from iPhone on iPhone without iTunes in just a few clicks.

First make a backup

So, the first thing to do is to throw data from the old apparatus. This can be done in three ways:

Each method has its pros and cons of. We will analyze each of them in detail.


ICLOUD cloud storage allows the user to transfer such information as: photographs, videos, documents, programs, program setting up and visual display of the desktop, purchases on the AppStore, Media Feals, as well as SMS and MMS messages. You can also independently indicate those points and parameters that will be stored on Apple servers. For example, only these galleries, ringtones, audiobooks, but not the config of an electronic wallet or notes.

Free user is provided with access to a virtual space of 5 GB. A larger amount of memory can be obtained if you buy an additional place in iCloud, or to clean the media text already “merged into the cloud”. This factor must be taken into account before creating a backup.

  • Log in the smartphone settings and click on the user image.
  • Find the item “ICloud”. Tap it and follow the “backup” tab.
  • Turn on the backup “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD”. Tap a little lower on the line “Create a backup”.

iOS will show a line of condition, as well as the approximate time for which a backup will be created.


The main program that allows you to make a lot of Apple settings, including the creation of a full archive, without loss of data. At the same time, all the same data is preserved in it as in iCloud. Through iTunes, you can remember all the logins and passwords to your social networks, the entire list of contacts, data from Apple Watch, including notes in the health program, WhatsApp, music, pictures, SMS, SMS.

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer or laptop using a factory cable.
  • Open the iTunes program and find the icon icon in the upper left corner. Click on it.
  • In the window that opens, you can see a field called “backup copies”. Here you need to set two flags. One opposite “icloud” or “this computer”; You can choose anyone at your discretion. It is recommended to set the second flag opposite the point “Highlight a local copy”. It is this setting that allows you to save logins, passwords (including from Microsoft Exchange and Gmail), open sessions on social networks and other web resources.
  • Click on the “Create a copy now” button. The device will begin the process of synchronization.

Adding a Custom Ringtones for iPhone on iTunes 12.7.1

Important point: be sure to remember or save the password from Apple ID. Otherwise, the new smartphone will be blocked after the completion of “migration”.

Transfer photos and videos manually

You can make a backup photo and video manually using PC (without using iTunes). As part of this instructions, consider the file transfer algorithm directly to the computer running Windows 10. The system should be installed by the Apple Mobile Device Support drivers or the ITUNES version not lower than version

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer using Lightning cable. In some cases, a password may be required to unlock.
  • The telephone security system can display a warning: “Trust this computer”. Click “Trust” or “allow”.
  • Click on the “Start” button and select “Photos” item. The Windows app is opened.
  • Select the item “Import” and “with USB devices”, then follow the instructions and tips of the system.

This method will work if the smartphone does not store images in the ICLOUD cloud.

Music from iPhone to computer via iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer, if the program has not yet been installed, then the latest version of the Apple multimedia combine can download. Connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable

Wait for the ITUNES program to detect your device

By synchronizing the iPhone or iPad on a computer with iTunes, you get a huge number of opportunities. You can download music, films, podcasts, images and other supported file types to your mobile device for subsequent work with them. In addition, right from iTunes, you can buy music, films, applications and games and immediately synchronize them with your gadget.

Transfer data via e.mail

This method will be relevant if you need to postpone one or two voice records from the old iPhone to the new iPhone X/8/8 Plus. You cannot transfer several voice notes at once with this method, so it can not be suitable for everyone.

Open the application recorder on your iPhone.

In the list of voice records, select the right one and click on the “Share” button to select Sending by e.mail from the list of proposed actions in the menu.

On the new iPhone, just open the letter and save the attached voice entry on the device.

If you need to transfer several voice records, then you will have to perform the same action every time.

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

Using iTunes, you can transfer purchases from the initial iPhone to the ITUNES library, and then transmit synchronized music from iTunes to the target iPhone. As you can see, only bought songs are supported. To transfer all the songs, return to method 1.

Connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.

Launch iTunes and go to the “File” “Devices” to “transfer purchases” from [your iPhone name] to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes.

Connect the target iPhone to the computer and open itunes.

Click “Songs”, choose the music you want to transfer to the target iPhone.

Click with the right mouse button and select “Add to the device”, then click the name of your device to send the elements to your iPhone.

Music transmission via iCloud

If you store all your files in the iCloud company service, then you can transfer music with it. To do this, you need to pick up a device to which you want to pass the melodies and enter the existing Apple ID from it, which is tied to the old iCloud. Next, you need to follow these instructions:

  • First of all, go to your iCloud account where you need to find the Settings tab. You will see all the musical compositions saved in the service. Choose what you want to save.
  • Now clat on the iTunes icon and select the Update key.
  • All musical compositions will be displayed in the new window. You can choose both everyone and some, and then transfer them to the iPhone. Next, click on the synchronization icon. Next, the program automatically uploads files to the device. Using the iCloud service, you can transfer any music files by authorizing under a single Apple profile.

Sending funds to Apple ID account

The recipient you can use money sent to the Apple ID account to purchase a place in the iCloud storage, paying for subscriptions, for example, on Apple Music, or purchase of goods in the App Store, ITUNES Store or Apple Books store.

Giving cash to the Apple ID account from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device

  • Open the App Store.
  • Press your photo or entrance button at the top of the screen. If the entrance to the system is not executed, enter the Apple ID identifier.
  • Click “Send a gift card by e-mail”.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address. If desired, you can add a message.
  • Select the amount you want to send, or click “Another” to indicate another amount.
  • By default, the gift will be sent immediately after the purchase. To send a gift later, click “Today” and select the desired date for sending a gift.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Select the topic of the gift and click “Next”.
  • Click “Buy”, and then click “Buy” to confirm.

Donation of funds to the Apple ID account from the computer

  • Open the iTunes Store store in the program “Music” or “Book Store” in Apple Books. Or open the iTunes program on a computer with Windows OS.
  • Click “Sending gifts” in the “Fast links” section.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address.
  • Add the message.
  • Click the amount you want to give, or click “another” to indicate another amount.
  • By default, the gift will be sent immediately after the purchase. To send a gift later, click “Another Date” and select the date.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Select the gift topic and press the “Next” button.
  • To confirm the gift, click “Buy a gift”.

How to make a ringtone for iPhone yourself

Following this instruction, you can make a melody for both the iPhone 4/4s, and for later or early models. To create an original track, we will use the ITUNES capabilities, it turns out he has such options. So, to make a call melody out of your favorite song:

(2022) How to set ANY Song as iPhone Ringtone. Free and No Computer!

  • Click on its name with the right button, select the “Information” submenu. We go to the “Parameters” and activate the windows “Beginning” and “Stop”. You need to understand that the ringtone cannot lose for longer than 30 seconds, indicate the start time and stopping the reproduction, taking into account this. Then press the OK button
  • Next, we click again with the right button for a music track, select the submenu “Create a version in AAS format”. The program converts the melody, and next to the starting entry there will be a file that had to be cut.
  • With your right click on a short song, turn on the “Show in Windows Explorer”. You will see that the file extension is m4a. Rename it so that the expansion becomes m4r. Do not close this folder yet.
  • Return to iTunes and delete the created short song.
  • Launch your ringtone from the folder open to paragraph 3. It will be displayed in the tab “Sounds”.
  • It remains to connect the iPhone 4s to PC, include synchronization, go into the “sounds” tab and note the ringtones designed for synchronization. After the end of the process, the ringtones will move to the iPhone.

Installation of melody on a call

How to make your own ringtone on iPhone through iTunes we figured out, it remains to understand how to transfer it to your phone and install it as a melody for a call. With moving the file, the problems should not arise: just take it with the mouse and pull it into the iTunes window. If the program has a section “Sounds”, go to it. Inside you should see the added rington file.

transfer, ringtones, iphone

If there is no file in the “Sounds” section, then try to delete the track in mp3, selecting the “Leave the file” mode. Another reason that the ringtone does not appear may be problems in the source file mp3 from which you have converted. Try to repeat the operation with other songs or use it for converting not iTunes, but other services.

transfer, ringtones, iphone

If the ringtone appears in the “sounds” section, then connect the iPhone to the computer and perform synchronization:

After the completion of synchronization, you will find a file in the “Sounds” section in iOS settings. Mark it to install it on the call.

If there are no “sounds” section in iTunes, then the transfer order will change slightly. It will be necessary to first connect the iPhone, and then pull the track into the phone in the “Device” section or into the subsection “on my device” after pressing the smartphone icon in iTunes.

As you can see, the procedure is not easy, in addition, with the release of new versions of iTunes, the order is changing. For example, if in version 12.6 It was still possible to edit the menu and add the section “Sounds”, then in iTunes 12.7 of this possibility is no longer. Therefore, many users abandon the standard program in favor of ITOOLS and IFUNBOX. Through these applications, the ringtones is much easier and more convenient: you do not need synchronization, and the file is constantly in view. Cut the song in advance, convert and throw it into a file manager with connected iPhone. iTunes cannot offer such simplicity.

transfer, ringtones, iphone