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How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone after activating AirDrop option? This requires:

  • open the application that contains the desired file, for example “Music”;
  • select a ringtone and click on the “Share” button (looks like a box with an arrow);
  • then click on the recipient’s icon, it will appear in the AirDrop list;
  • then the file transfer will start.

Can ringtones be transferred

After enabling AirDrop, the owner has the opportunity to share information with the owners of the “apple” technology. With the help of technology, you can transfer ringtones, notes, contacts, photos, videos and other files. With AirDrop, you can send ringtones from any iPhone or iPad app that has a Share option.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone: instruction

Not all Aplle owners know how to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone. It is worth noting that every smartphone owner at one time faced the need to convey any melody or picture. Usually this problem is solved using infrared or Bluetooth. But the manufacturers of Apple gadgets have their own thorny path, and even after many generations of smartphones and iOS versions, the phones of this company cannot simply transfer files via “Bluetooth”. Of course, if the owner has a jailbreak, then the question of how to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone is very easy to solve. It is worth knowing that jailbreaking can seriously compromise the security of your device. Therefore, it is not recommended to do it. Below we will talk in more detail about how to exchange files on “apple” devices without resorting to changes in the operating system.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone

Apple believes that cloud storage, e-mail and a variety of messengers are enough to transfer information. This is, of course, so, but what if there is no Internet at hand or it is very expensive, for example, in roaming? In the iOS 7 operating system, the AirDrop function has appeared, it allows you to exchange information between devices located nearby, without the need to make any additional settings. However, data can only be transferred between Apple gadgets.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop

transfer, ringtone, iphone

In order to send information, you must enable the option. This is done as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Control Center”.
  • There we find the AirDrop option.

In the operating system iOS 11, the function is in a separate section: “Settings-General-AirDrop”.

After that, you will also be prompted to choose who exactly you can transfer the files to.


AirDrop helps you send information over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to iPhones. This option allows you to conveniently and quickly transfer the required file to a nearby person. In terms of security, AirDrop beats email and SMS. A firewall with the ability to encrypt is used to connect to the gadget on iOS.

Starting with the seventh version of iOS, the option uses low latency and high speed protocol. Its work is due to the presence of enabled Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. Both options connect automatically when AirDrop is active.

Transferring ringtone from iPhone to iPhone, as well as other information, is easy. It is enough to learn how to use the AirDrop option. and you can share data with your friends.

How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4

While you think iTunes can help you sync everything to iPhone, you will find that it rejects the transfer of ringtones to iPhone.

Let’s explain this later, but today back to the point.

How to Transfer Ringtone from iPhone to iPhone?

In the following process, the complete guide will list 5 free methods to move iPhone ringtones to iPhone, including new iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR, etc., with or without iTunes / computer.

  • How to Transfer Ringtone from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes (Easiest Recommended)
  • How to Send iPhone Ringtones to iPhone with iTunes (Purchased Ringtones Only)
  • How to Copy Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone without Computer (Cloud Services)

Way 2: How to Send Ringtones to iPhone Using Google Drive

Google Drive. is another popular cloud service and many people use it on their smartphone for backup and transfer. Of course, this is a good option for sending ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

How to Send Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6 in 1 Click

In addition, you need to install Google Drive for iOS on both previous and new iPhones. And make sure both iPhones are connected to Wi-Fi. You don’t have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Log into your Google account on your previous iPhone and find the ringtones you want to send to another device. Select them all, click the Share icon and select Drive from the menu bar to upload them to your account.

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Next, unlock the target iPhone, open the Google Drive app and sign in to the account you signed in to on the source device. Find your downloaded ringtones and click Download to save them to your new iPhone.

Way 1: How to Send Ringtones to iPhone with OneDrive

Download and install OneDrive on both your previous and new iPhone. Microsoft provides 5GB of free storage for each account, enough to transfer hundreds of ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

Open the OneDrive app on your previous iPhone, sign in to your account, tap the plus sign at the top of the screen to open a menu bar that lets you add local files to the cloud server. Click the Download button and navigate to the ringtones you want to send to the target device.

After the ringtones are uploaded to OneDrive, turn on the target iPhone. Launch the OneDrive app and sign in with the same account. This time, download the ringtones and save them to your new iPhone.

Note: OneDrive. it is a cloud service. This means you need a Wi-Fi network while downloading ringtones to OneDrive and uploading them to your new iPhone. Also, you should understand that Apple has introduced sophisticated copyright regulation in iOS, so the new iPhone may not recognize ringtones after transfer.

How to Copy Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone without Computer (Cloud Services)

For those who want to translate a ringtone, but do not have a computer at hand, this part is ready for you.

The ability to send ringtones to iPhone. these are cloud services. There are several popular cloud services on the market such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Note: To use the cloud service, please make sure you have enabled Internet connection on both devices. Also, enable cloud account on both iPhones.

How to Send iPhone Ringtones to iPhone with iTunes (Purchased Ringtones Only)

The first option is to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. it is an iTunes app. However, users face the problem as below:

“I’m having a hard time figuring out why I can’t send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. I open iTunes 12.7 and connect my new iPhone to my computer, but my ringtones don’t go to the iTunes sidebar, Sounds section, or anywhere else in my iTunes library My ringtones are real.m4r files but they don’t import at all into iTunes or my new iPhone 8. How do I send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone? Please help “.

Apple Removes Ringtone or Tones Tab from iTunes 12.7 and Later.

Only ringtones from the iTunes Store (purchased with money or not) can be sent to another iDevice. Ringtones downloaded from other sources or made by you are not workable.

To transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, you need to follow the above 2 rules.

Ok, now let’s break down the process of sending ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

Open the old version of the iTunes app on your computer, go to Edit Settings Devices and make sure the box next to Prevent automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone and iPad is checked.

This will stop the auto sync function and allow you to manually transfer ringtones.

Connect original iPhone to computer via USB cable and launch iTunes app if it doesn’t open automatically.

Expand the “File” menu in the upper left corner of the window and go to “Device” “Transfer Purchased”.

In the right pane, click the Apply button to start syncing purchased items to your iTunes library, including purchased ringtones on your source device.

Wait for the process to finish, remove the source device from your computer.

Then, use the Lightning cable to connect the target iPhone to iTunes. Click the iPhone icon and select the Ringtones option to open the Ringtones window.

Don’t forget to check the box next to “Sync Tones”. You will be presented with two options: “All Tones” and “Selected Tones”.

If you want to send all ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, please select the old one. The second allows you to select specific melodies for transmission. Choose one based on your requirements.

When you’re ready, click the Apply or Sync button in the bottom right corner. It may take a while to transfer ringtones to iPhone from iTunes library.

After uploading, disconnect iPhone from your computer and close iTunes. You can now customize ringtones on your new iPhone as you wish.

Note: After syncing iTunes with the target iPhone, you will find that existing ringtones are replaced with syncing.

How to Transfer Ringtone from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes (Easiest Recommended)

As mentioned earlier, iTunes is not powerful for transferring ringtones and other files between iOS devices for you, so it makes sense when you consider that iTunes has a lot of bugs and often doesn’t recognize iPhones.

Here we recommend Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer, an easy-to-use iPhone transfer software.

Send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone in one click.

Back up ringtones from iPhone to PC and transfer ringtones from PC.

Doesn’t erase existing ringtones on the target device.

Compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4, etc.

Connect both iPhones to iPhone Transfer

Download the correct version of the best iPhone transfer app based on the operating system and follow the onscreen instructions to install it on your computer. Connect both iPhones to your computer using Lightning cables.

Preview ringtones on iPhone

Launch iPhone Transfer and wait for it to automatically recognize iPhone. Click the old iPhone’s name in the upper drop-down list and select the Music options below it. Then all the media on your iPhone will be displayed in the details window.

Select the Ringtones tab on the right ribbon to display only ringtone files. You can now click Play to view, delete ringtones, or copy them to your computer. Check the box in front of each ringtone you want to send to your new iPhone.

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Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

Once selected, find on the top ribbon, click the iPhone button at the top. IPhone Transfer will start sending ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. After a few seconds when it’s done, remove the iPhone devices from your computer and you can install ringtones on your new iPhone.

The only drawback is that its free version only supports limited ringtones to transfer between iPhone and iPhone.

Way 3: How to Send Ringtones to iPhone with Dropbox

Although Dropbox offers less free storage than Google Drive, many people use it to back up important files and information. Similar to other cloud services, you can use it to send iPhone ringtones to iPhone without a computer or additional devices.

Dropbox has released an app for iOS, and you can install it from the App Store on your devices. Now connect your original iPhone to the network, open the Dropbox app and sign in to your account. Exit Dropbox and go to the ringtone app you want to use on your new iPhone.

Select one desired ringtone, click the Share icon and select Save to Dropbox from the toolbar. When prompted, select a destination folder in your Dropbox account. Then click “Save” or “Upload” to send the ringtone to the Dropbox server. Repeat the operation to download other ringtones.

Advice. If you don’t see the Save to Dropbox icon in your toolbar, scroll to the right and click to display it.

Now open the Dropbox app on the target iPhone and search for ringtones. Click the menu icon and download ringtones to your new iPhone, then you can install them on your new device.

Note: Cloud services are convenient for transferring ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, but they clearly have drawbacks. Ringtones downloaded from cloud services don’t always work on iPhone.

In this tutorial, we have shared the best and free ways to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using 5. You can use iTunes, cloud and third party apps to move ringtones between iPhone and new iPhone. iTunes will remove your existing limited version ringtones; cloud services need internet and accounts on both devices; iPhone Transfer can be thought of as the easiest method with the limitation of the free version.

Customizing your own ringtone to distinguish you and others can be easy here. Don’t let the same melody confuse your life.

Backup copy

First of all, if you are moving from one iPhone to another while maintaining your Apple ID account, the easiest way to transfer all downloaded ringtones is to install an iPhone backup on the second gadget.

    To begin with, an up-to-date backup must be created on the iPhone from which the data will be transferred. To do this, go to the smartphone settings and select the name of your account.

Select the item “Backup”, and then tap on the button “Create a backup copy”. Wait for the process to finish.

When the backup is ready, you can proceed to work with the next device. If the second iPhone contains any information, you will need to delete it by performing a factory reset.

Read more: How to Hard Reset iPhone

  • When the reset is completed, the screen will display the initial phone settings window. You will need to sign in to your Apple ID and then agree to the offer to use the existing backup. Start the process and wait for a while while all data is downloaded and installed on another device. Upon completion, all information, including custom ringtones, will be successfully transferred.
  • In the event that, in addition to your own downloaded ringtones, you also have sounds purchased from the iTunes Store, you will need to restore purchases. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Sounds” section.
  • How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone [2021]-4 Ways

    Tap on the button “Download all purchased sounds”. iPhone will immediately start restoring purchases.

  • On the screen, above the standard sounds, the previously purchased melodies for incoming calls will be displayed.
  • Transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another

    Below we will look at two simple and convenient ways to transfer downloaded ringtones.

    iBackup Viewer

    This method allows you to “pull” ringtones made by the user yourself from the iPhone backup and transfer them to any iPhone (including those not connected to your Apple ID account). However, here you need to turn to the help of a special program. iBackup Viewer.

    • Download iBackup Viewer and install on your computer.
    • Launch iTunes and connect iPhone to your computer. Select the smartphone icon in the upper left corner.

    In the left pane of the window, click the Browse tab. On the right, in the “Backups” block, check the “This computer” option, uncheck “Encrypt iPhone backup”, and then click on “Create a copy now”.

    The backup process starts. Wait for it to end.

    Launch iBackup Viewer. In the window that opens, select the iPhone backup.

    In the next window, select the “Raw Files” section.

    Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the window. Next, the search box will be displayed, in which you will need to register the query “ringtone”.

    The custom ringtones will be displayed on the right side of the window. Highlight the one you want to export.

    It remains to save the ringtones to your computer. To do this, click on the “Export” button in the upper right corner, and then select the “Selected” item.

    An Explorer window will appear on the screen, in which it remains to specify the folder on the computer where the file will be saved, and then complete the export. Follow the same procedure with other ringtones.

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    You just have to add ringtones to another iPhone. Read more about this in a separate article.

    We hope this article was helpful to you. If you still have questions about any of the methods, leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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    How to sync purchased ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

    If you purchased ringtones on your old iPhone, you can use iTunes to sync ringtones from one iPhone to another iPhone. Check out the following tutorial:

    Note: Before using iTunes to sync ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, you need to update iTunes to the latest version.

    Step 1 Disable iPhone Auto Sync

    Launch iTunes and go to Edit Preferences Devices. Checkbox “Prevent automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone and iPad”.

    transfer, ringtone, iphone

    Connect your original iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, click File Devices Transfer Purchases From X iPhone, and click Apply at the bottom to sync ringtones from your original iPhone to your iTunes library. After the process is complete, connect your original iPhone to iTunes.

    transfer, ringtone, iphone

    Step 3 Transfer Ringtones to New iPhone

    Connect another iPhone to your computer and click the iPhone icon to find Tones. Check the Sync Tones checkbox, where you are given two options for transferring ringtones from iTunes to your iPhone, All Tones and Selected Tones. Select the one you want to transfer and click Sync to start transferring ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

    How to Backup iPhone Ringtones to Another iPhone without iTunes

    Without iTunes, you can still transfer ringtones to iPhone from one iPhone using FoneCopy. FoneCopy is a phone transfer program designed to transfer contacts, photos and media files from one device to another, such as transfer ringtones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, sync contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, etc.

    Download this software to your computer for free, install and run it immediately.

    Connect two iPhone devices to PC using USB cables.

    Please make sure “Target” and Source iPhone are in the correct location. For example, if you want to transfer ringtone from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, you need to make sure iPhone 4 is set to “Source Device” and iPhone 5. is set to “Target Device”. If not, just click “Switch”.

    Check the Media checkbox and click Start Ripping to copy ringtones from one iPhone to another iPhone.

    transfer, ringtone, iphone

    But in this way, you will transfer all your media files to another iPhone, including ringtones, music, playlist, movies, audiobooks, etc.

    How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone (Recommended by Users)

    This method of syncing ringtones from iPhone to iPhone is widely customizable by most users because it is very easy with the third party software, FoneTrans.

    Step 1 After successfully installing FoneTrans, you need to launch this software on your computer.

    Step 2 Connect two iPhones to the computer.

    Step 3 On the original iPhone, click “Media” “Ringtones” Select the ringtones you want to transfer “Export to” “Export to X iPhone” to transfer ringtones to another iPhone directly.

    Guide to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

    “I get a new iPhone X and want to transfer my favorite ringtones from my old iPhone 5 to my new iPhone. How can i do this?”

    Nowadays, the iPhone is becoming a necessary part of life to communicate with each other. Setting different ringtones for different contacts or notifications can also make you full of your own style. However, if you get a new iPhone and find that your favorite ringtones are still on your old iPhone, even the tones are purchased from your iTunes library, you might feel a little disappointed. At this stage, finding a way to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone has become commonplace. In this post, we are collecting four ways to transfer iPhone ringtones to iPhone so you can always enjoy your favorite ringtones.

    How to Get Ringtones from One iPhone to Another iPhone with iTunes (Wipe Data)

    Here is the last but not least way to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. this is using iTunes. Here we will use iTunes backup and restore feature to sync all data including ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

    Step 1 Backup Data for Original iPhone to iTunes

    Connect your original iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Click the iPhone icon and go to the “Summary” section to check “Back up now” under “Back up and restore manually” to back up all data, including ringtones, to iTunes.

    Step 2 Restore Ringtones to Another iPhone

    Connect the target iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. However, click the iPhone icon to go to the Summary. Select “Restore Backup” under “Manual Backup & Restore” to select the backup you just made and you will get all data, including ringtones, from one iPhone to that iPhone.

    The conclusion to be drawn here is that no matter what ringtones you want to transfer from one iPhone to another iPhone, you can refer to this post to help you do so. The movement of tones can be as simple as you can imagine.

    This post introduces 10 best free Android / iPhone ringtones to add ringtone to iPhone / Android with ringtone maker app.

    In this article, we will introduce two ways to increase the size of MP3 files on your computer and on the Internet.

    How To Transfer Ringtones From iPhone To iPhone 12 / 11 / XS / XR / X / 8 / 7 (Plus) Directly

    Want to make ringtones for text messages? Read this article to download and create message ringtones for iPhone and Android for free.

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