How to Transfer All Information from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud without Computer

Hello everyone! Today in the article we will briefly talk about how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 11. There are several ways, so we’ll start with the simplest. I also highly recommend reading the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

ATTENTION! During data recovery, never turn off the devices, or disconnect them from the Wi-Fi network or from the cable when connecting directly.

Direct transfer

Fast transfer of all data from one iPhone to another can be done with a direct connection without using the cloud. You can also use two methods. The first is the transfer of information over a Wi-Fi network. The second is using a Lightning to USB 3 adapter and a regular charging cable. In the second case, we connect one end of the Lightning to USB3 cable to one iPhone. To connect the second device, we use a USB charging cable and a free port on the adapter.

ATTENTION! Both devices must have an iOS version of at least 12.4.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on the old device and bring it closer to the new one. If you will be using a cable connection, then use the diagram that I described just above. We select the item “Quick start”.
  • Further steps will be approximately the same as in the previous method. First, you need to verify your Apple ID. Then perform quick authentication using animation. Enter the PIN and password for the account. And at the very end, we transfer the application settings.

Transfer Data iPhone to iPhone in 2021

Quick start

This is the easiest way to transfer data and all information between two iPhones. You will need about 5-10 minutes, so it is better to choose free time. Also, the old device must have an iOS system of at least version 11.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on the old device and put it next to the new one.
  • Now we turn on the new device.
  • Next, you should see the Quick Start window. Make sure your Apple ID is correct before clicking Continue.
  • An animation will appear on the new device. You need to hold the old phone over the new one. Next, wait for the completion message. If nothing works, just perform “Manual Authentication”. there is nothing complicated there, just follow the instructions.
  • Now on the new iPhone, enter the passcode that was on the old one. The most commonly used 4-digit numeric code.
  • Setting up “Face ID” or “Touch ID”.
  • Now you will need to authenticate your Apple ID account. enter the password from it.
  • Next, you will be prompted to configure all currently installed programs on the new device, as on the old phone. All this is done through the iCloud cloud.

Transferring a backup

You can transfer all settings from iPhone to iPhone using a backup. True, the second device should be new or should not be configured or tied to any of the Apple accounts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sync your account. To erase all information on the old or new phone, go to the items: “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”. “Erase content and settings”. enter the password from Apple ID to confirm the operation.

  • We turn on the new phone. Further, there is nothing complicated, we act according to the instructions, up to the item “WI-FI network settings”. We select your home or any network you know, enter the password to connect to it. Select “Recover from iCloud Copy”.
  • Enter your Apple account details by entering your ID and account keys.
  • Selecting the current backup by date.
  • Updating iOS to the latest version.
  • Setting up the iTunes Store or App Store.
  • We are waiting for the process to end.

Recover data from iTunes using a computer

You can transfer settings, photos, files and all other data using iTunes. The most important thing is that the new device is not tied to any of the Apple accounts. To remove and clean an iPhone or iPad. look at the beginning of the previous method.

  • We turn on the new iPhone or iPad to copy data to it. We act according to the proposed steps until the “Applications and data” window appears. select “Recover from Mac or PC with Windows”.
  • We connect to a computer, laptop or Mac book, on which iTunes is already installed with the downloaded backup from the first device.
  • Opening iTunes or Finder on PC.
  • We select the required backup. look at the download date. You may also need to enter your Apple ID password.
  • Updating iOS on a new smartphone.
  • We are waiting for the process to end.

Making backups

A person who is looking for an answer to the question of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone, most likely, he will have to take care of creating a backup first. This is all the multimedia data of the old device, placed in the cloud or in a separate file for further recovery.

Sometimes the operation takes several tens of minutes, since the user has to back up a large number of files. But in some cases, you can avoid wasting time by refusing to create a backup. This applies to situations when a person purchases a new smartphone where the operating system iOS 12.4 or higher is installed.

You will definitely need to create a backup in two scenarios:

  • when a person is going to transfer files from an old iPhone to a new one with iOS3 or lower;
  • if the transfer is carried out to an already used smartphone (regardless of the OS version), which you do not want to reset to factory settings.

If one of the presented scenarios corresponds to the situation of the iPhone owner, he can make a backup using the following instructions:

  • Open phone settings.
  • Go to the “iCloud” section.
  • Click on “Backup”.
  • Activate the “iCloud Backup” slider.
  • Click “Create Backup”.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

While the backup is being created, the iPhone must be connected to the Internet. Ideally, unlimited Wi-Fi, since uploading files to the server uses traffic. After all the data is loaded, you can start transferring information through the cloud storage iСloud or iTunes. We will tell you more about how to do this in the next part of the material.

Preparatory stage

Transferring files from iPhone to iPhone is not the most difficult process, but quite laborious. Such an important operation should not be approached by ignoring the preparatory stage. Before starting data migration, the manufacturer strongly recommends preparing information about your Apple ID account (login and password), as well as breaking the pair between the old device and the Apple Watch.

If no one has problems with finding a login and password, then not everyone can untie wearable electronics from a smartphone. Therefore, you need to read the detailed instructions for disconnecting the pair:

  • Place the devices in close proximity to each other.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Click on the “My Watch” tab.
  • Choose your device.
  • Click on the informational icon in the form of the letter “i”.
  • Tap on the heading “Unpair Apple Watch”.
  • Enter your Apple ID password if required.

Is it possible to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without unlinking the watch? Yes, but only if the user does not have an Apple Watch. Otherwise, a person will have serious difficulties in pairing a new iPhone and a wearable gadget.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to Another iPhone

Each smartphone has its own lifespan. Sooner or later, an Apple fan will have to swap out their old iPhone or iPad for a new one. When you change the device, the question arises, how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, because all applications, photos and videos remain on the previous device. How to perform the operation correctly, whether you need a backup copy or a PC connection?

Quick start function

This useful option, which appeared in devices with iOS 11 and newer versions of the operating system, seriously helps with data recovery on your newly purchased iPhone. Quick Start lets you transfer data from your old iPhone the first time you turn on your new device.

The option works provided that the new iPhone has not yet been activated. If this is not the case, you will need to follow the instructions for resetting your newly purchased Apple iPhone to factory settings:

  • Open new iPhone settings.
  • Go to the “General” section, and then. “Reset”.
  • Press the button “Reset all settings”.

If both smartphones have current iOS (12.4 and higher) installed, then you don’t even need to create an iCloud backup. And on older versions of the software, you must first make a backup according to the instructions from the previous section of the material.

As soon as all the preparatory operations are completed, you can safely launch the new iPhone. Owners of devices with iOS 11 and older need to proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • Place smartphones next to each other.
  • Insert a SIM card into a new device.
  • Turn on your newly purchased iPhone.
  • If the information about the Apple ID that appears on the screen of the old device matches your account, you should click the “Next” button.
  • After the pairing animation appears on the screen of the new device, point the camera of the old iPhone at the animation so that it matches the video finder.
  • Wait until the message “Completing on new iPhone” is displayed.
  • On the new device, enter the passcode generated on the old.
  • Set up Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Enter your Apple ID password.
  • Confirm the request for data recovery (check the “iCloud backup” item if you are using an iPhone on iOS from 11 to 12.3 inclusive).
  • Wait while the transfer is in progress.

How long it takes to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone depends on several metrics:

Restoring information from a backup

To transfer information, you will need to turn on the purchased smartphone. If the device has already been configured for the user, the settings will have to be reset. Wait for the welcome screen to appear and follow the instructions until the Wi-Fi setup window appears. Then connect to the network and continue following the instructions until the Programs and Data window appears. The smartphone will offer four options, select “Recover from iCloud Copy”. Enter your Apple ID username and password to continue. Then select the appropriate backup by date, and also sign in to your iTunes and AppStore accounts. Wait for the information to download to your smartphone and complete the setup.

Transferring a SIM card or contacting a telecom operator

Most of all, users worry about the saved contacts and phone number, so first of all it is worth paying attention to the SIM card.

  • Check if the size of the card matches the tray of the new device. if so, remove the SIM and install it in the purchased smartphone.
  • If the card is not suitable for purchase, contact the office of the mobile operator for a SIM replacement.
  • It is also recommended to contact sales outlets if the SIM is larger than necessary. trimming takes a minute and costs a penny.

Storing information in the cloud

Cloud storage is gaining popularity in the world, so the advanced Apple company allows the creation and storage of backup copies of the iPhone on other “clouds”. To do this, open the application of the selected cloud storage. In the settings, find the “Synchronization” menu item. Pair your iPhone with the cloud. After that, the item “start backup” or with a similar name will appear in the storage menu. Wait until the copy is complete and do not disable the wireless network on the device.

Transferring a backup

Now let’s talk about restoring information from a backup. To do this, turn on the device, follow the setup instructions until a screen with Wi-Fi settings appears. Connect to the network and continue setting up to the Programs and Data window. Select “Recover from a copy of iTunes” from the options provided, and then click the “Next” button. Connect the purchased smartphone to the computer, in the iTunes program, select the smartphone from the list of detected devices. Click on the “Recover from a copy” button, and in the list select an archive suitable by date. If the information is encrypted, enter the password. Complete the setup, but do not disconnect the wireless network. this is how the smartphone will download the saved photos, videos and music content.

Before the beginning

Before transferring data from iPhone to iPhone, you need to perform a couple of manipulations so as not to lose information. If the smartphone was previously synchronized with the Apple Watch smartwatch, then the connection with the old phone should be broken. When you do this, the watch will automatically save files. After establishing connection with the purchased smartphone, download the information from the copy. the watch is ready for use again. It is important not to interrupt the work in the process of obtaining a backup copy, otherwise the archive will not be saved, and the information packages will be lost. We’ll have to be patient and wait.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Fans of mobile devices with the “apple” logo are often faced with a situation when they need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. This will come in handy when replacing the device with an updated model. the owners are sorry to lose the accumulated photos, music and applications. The developers have provided options for quick and safe transfer of information. it is easier for a person to agree to the purchase of the latest iPhone model if he is sure that important files are safe. Even more. contacts, call history, notes and messages are transferred. A little effort and user information will remain safe and sound.

Transferring information via iCloud

The iCloud application is an indispensable assistant for Apple product owners. While Apple builds more storage into smartphones for user files, it often lacks enough space to house important information and backups. Here iCloud comes to the rescue, allowing you to access user information regardless of time and location, the main thing is access to the wireless network.

Backing up with iCloud

On an iOS device, open “Settings”, go to the “iCloud” tab, then select “Backup”, activate the “Backup to iCloud” option and click “Create a backup”.

Making a backup using iTunes

Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes, in the “Overview” tab, click “Create a copy now”.

Read more about backups in our article “How to back up your iPhone or iPad”.

A copy has been created, you can start the process of transferring information to a new device.

How to transfer information to a new iPhone, iPad

Built-in iOS features make it quick and easy to transfer data from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a new device.

To do this, you can use the cloud service iCloud or iTunes. The general procedure is as follows: create a backup on an old device, restore data on a new device from a backup.

Transferring data using iCloud

Turn on your new iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and go through the initial setup, to do this, specify:

  • Language and country;
  • Geolocation settings;
  • Wi-Fi settings;

After that, the information recovery menu will appear on the screen, from 3 options select “Recover from iCloud copy”, specify the Apple ID and password. In the list that appears, select the previously created backup and click “Restore”.

Recovery time depends on copy size and internet speed.

During the recovery, you will need to re-enter your Apple ID account information and email account passwords.

If you have already done the initial setup of the device, but did not use the option to restore from a backup, then you need to reset the device settings. After resetting, go through the initial setup procedure and select restore from iCloud at the right time.

To reset, select “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”. “Erase Content and Settings”. During this procedure, all information will be deleted from the device.

Transferring Data Using iTunes

Turn on your new iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and go through the initial setup, to do this, specify:

  • Language and country;
  • Geolocation settings;
  • Wi-Fi settings;

After that, the information recovery menu will appear on the screen, from 3 options select “Recover from iTunes copy”. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. ITunes will be prompted to restore the device from a backup, select the desired copy from the drop-down list and click “Continue”.

During recovery, you will also need to specify Apple ID details and passwords from mail accounts.

Transfer pictures from one iPhone to another

Below, we’ll take a look at several effective ways to transfer images from one Apple device to another. It doesn’t matter if you transfer photos to your new phone or send images to a friend.


Trying to make communication between users of iOS products as comfortable as possible, Apple has long ago implemented an additional iMessage service in standard messages, which allows you to send messages and images to other iPhone and iPad users for free (in this case, only Internet traffic will be used).

    First, make sure that both you and your interlocutor have iMessage activated. To do this, open the phone settings, and then go to the “Messages” section.

Check that the toggle switch next to “iMessage” is active. If necessary, enable this option.

The only thing left is to send pictures in a message. To do this, open the “Messages” application and select the icon for creating a new text in the upper right corner.

To the right of the “To” column, tap on the plus sign, and then in the displayed directory, select the desired contact.

Click in the lower left corner on the icon with the camera, followed by going to the item “Media Library”.

  • Select one or more photos to transfer and then complete sending the message.
  • Please note that with the iMessage option active, your dialogs and the submit button should be highlighted in blue. If the user, for example, owns a Samsung phone, then in this case the color will be green, and the transfer will be performed as an SMS or MMS message in accordance with the tariff set by your operator.

    Backup copy

    And if you are moving from one iPhone to another, it is most likely important for you to copy absolutely all images. In this case, you will need to create a backup in order to later install it on another gadget. The most convenient way to do this is on a computer using iTunes.

      First, you need to create an up-to-date backup on one device, which will later be transferred to another device. on this in our separate article.

    When the backup is complete, connect a second device to your computer to sync it now. Open the gadget control menu by clicking on its icon in the upper area of ​​the program window.

    Having opened the “Browse” tab in the left pane, click on the “Restore from a copy” button.

    But before you start the process of installing a backup, the search function on the iPhone must be disabled, which does not allow you to erase existing data from the device. To do this, open the settings, at the top, select your account, and then go to the “iCloud” section.

    Further, to continue, open the “Find iPhone” section and move the toggle switch next to this item to the inactive position. Enter your Apple ID password.

    All the necessary settings have been made, which means we return to iTunes. Start the recovery, and then confirm the start of the process by first selecting the previously created backup.

    In the event that you have previously activated the encryption function of backups, the system will require you to enter a passcode.

  • Finally, the recovery process will start, which usually takes 10-15 minutes. At the end, all the photos contained on the old smartphone will be transferred to the new one.
  • Dropbox

    The Dropbox service, like any other cloud storage, is extremely convenient to use for transferring images. Let’s consider the further process using his example.

    • If you don’t already have Dropbox installed, download it for free from the App Store.
    • Run the application. First, you need to upload images to the cloud. If you want to create a new folder for them, go to the “Files” tab, tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner, then select the “Create folder” item.

    Enter a name for the folder, then click on the “Create” button.

    At the bottom of the window, tap on the “Create” button. An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which select “Upload photo”.

    transfer, information, iphone

    How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

    Check the boxes for the images you want, then select the “Next” button.

    The images will begin uploading to the Dropbox servers, the duration of which will depend on both the size and number of images and the speed of your Internet connection. Wait for the moment when the sync icon next to each photo disappears.

    If you transferred images to your other iOS device, then to see them, you just need to go to the Dropbox app on the gadget under your profile. If you want to transfer pictures to another user’s iPhone, the folder must be “shared”. To do this, go to the “Files” tab and select the additional menu icon near the desired folder.

    Click the Share button, then enter your mobile phone number, Dropbox login, or email address. Select the “Submit” button in the upper right corner.

  • The user will receive a notification from Dropbox that you have given them access to view and edit files. The desired folder will immediately appear in the application.
  • How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

    You can also rely on iTunes to copy photos from your iPhone to another iPhone. But you should know that iTunes can only transfer photos from the Camera Roll. What’s more, you need to copy all your iPhone photos to computer first.

    Connect your old iPhone to your computer with a lighting cable. If you’re using a Mac, here’s where you can rely on the Photos app to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. If you are Windows user, here is where you need to export iPhone photos to autorun computer.

    Connect your new iPhone or iPad to your computer and launch the latest iTunes.

    When you enter the main iTunes interface, click the iPhone icon. Then click on the “Photos” heading. In the right window, select the Sync Photos checkbox, and then select the folder where you just transferred your old iPhone photos. Click the Apply button to start syncing pictures from your old iPhone to your new one.

    Using iTunes to sync iPhone photos with another iOS device will delete all existing image files on the new iPhone. So in case of losing important iPhone photos, you should backup iPhone photos first.

    Best Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone / iPad

    We will show you the best way to transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone first. Here, we highly recommend the powerful iPhone photo transfer software, iPhone Transfer Pro to transfer all frequently used iOS files including photos to iPhone, iPad or iPod.

    iPhone Transfer Pro has the ability to transfer all daily used iOS data like photos, music, videos, messages, contacts and more. It allows you to directly copy iPhone data to another iPhone / iPad / iPod. You can easily sync iPhone photos, music, playlist and more to iTunes. It supports many popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, HEIC, TIFF, BMP, TGA and more. This iPhone photo transfer also offers you an easy way to manage various iOS data on your iPhone.

    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone / iPad [4 Simple Ways]

    Conclusion: This post shows the easy ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. If you want to directly copy iPhone image files to another iOS device, you should use the professional iPhone photo transfer, iPhone Transfer Pro.It is specially designed to transfer various iOS data, including photos, contacts, videos, messages and more. In fact, you can download it for free and transfer photos from iPhone without any instructions.

    During your daily use of your iPhone, you may often need to transfer all types of iOS files, especially iPhone photos. When you get your new iPhone or iPad, you will surely want to transfer many valuable photos from your old iPhone to your new iOS device. Do you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone or iPad?

    You can transfer various iOS files from one iOS device to another easily using iTunes or iCloud. Plus, you can rely on professional iOS data transfer tools to get the job done. This post will introduce 4 effective methods to help you transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone.

    How to Directly Transfer Photos from iPhone

    Choose the correct version and click its download button below to quickly install this iOS photo transfer software to your computer. Launch it and then connect both iOS devices to it with USB cables.

    You need to click “Trust this computer” on your iPhone screen to make sure they can be successfully recognized. After recognition, you will see some basic information about one iPhone in the interface. Here you need to make sure that this is the original device. You can click the iPhone model at the top center of the interface to set the source device.

    All commonly used iOS files are listed in categories on the left control, such as photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, and more. To transfer photos from your iPhone, you need to select the “Photos” option on the left. Then you can view detailed information about each image in the right preview window. You can double click on it to open the picture.

    Click Camera Roll or Photo Library to select the iPhone photos you want to transfer to another iPhone or iPad. Then click the “iPhone” icon and select “iPhone / iPad” to start copying photos from one iPhone to another.

    After a few seconds, all selected iPhone photos will be transferred to another iOS device. If you want to transfer other iOS data like videos, music or messages, you can use similar steps. To add computer files to your iOS device, you can click the “” button. Here you can also backup iPhone data to computer by clicking on computer icon.

    Transfer iPhone Photos to Another iPhone without Computer

    If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without a computer, you can use iCloud to sync iOS data. The following guide will show you how to do this.

    Step 1: Unlock your old iPhone and open the Settings app. Click on your iCloud account at the top and select the “iCloud” option. Scroll through the download to find “Photos”. Click on it and turn on “iCloud Photo Library”. In this case, all the pictures you take will be automatically uploaded to the iCloud service.

    Step 2: Now you need to go to your new iPhone or iPad. Open the Settings app and sign in with the same Apple account here. Click on your iCloud account and then select the “iCloud” option.

    Step3: Click “Photos” and then turn on “iCloud Photo Library”. Here, you can select “Optimize iPhone Storage” or “Download and Keep Originals” to start transferring photos from your old iPhone to this new one.

    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone Using AirDrop

    If you want to transfer multiple iPhone images to another iPhone, you can use the AirDrop feature. paratrooper provides an easy way to transfer iPhone photos

    Airborne also offers an easy way to transfer iPhone photos. But you can only use this method to send iPhone photos to Mac.

    First, you need to enable AirDrop on both iOS devices. Unlock your iPhone and swipe from the bottom screen to bring up Control Center. Click “AirDrop” and select “All”.

    Open the Photos app on your source device. Here, you can select specific photos that you want to transfer to another iPhone. Click the Share icon in the lower left corner and then select AirDrop as the transfer method.

    AirDrop will appear on the target iPhone and ask if you would like to receive these photos. At this point, you can retrieve and save them in the Photos app on your new iPhone.

    We talked about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone in this post. After reading this page, you can get 3 easy ways to get your job done. If you have any better way, you can share it in a comment with others.

    Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone via iCloud

    iCloud. is a cloud service that Apple has released to help users expand internal storage capacity and transfer data between Apple devices. The data iCloud can sync with the new iPhone includes Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Reminders, Safari History, Apple Pay, and Keychain. If you want to transfer everything to a new iPhone, iCloud backup is best.

    Way 1: how to sync purchased content from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

    To transfer purchased music or videos from iPhone to iPhone, open a new version of iTunes, expand the Account menu, and click Sign In. Enter your Apple ID, which you use to purchase content on your iOS device.

    Go to “Account” “Authorization” and click “Authorize this computer”. Then use the Lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer, go to the File menu in the upper left corner, select Devices, and click Transfer Purchases From [device] to download iPhone purchases to your iTunes library.

    Then remove the previous iPhone and connect the new iPhone to the computer. In the main iTunes interface, click the iPhone icon in the top ribbon, go to the Summary tab, and select the Manually manage music and video checkbox under Options. If you want to sync music from iPhone to iPhone, go to the Music tab in the Summary section, select the songs you want and drag them to the On My Device area in the left column.

    Note. This method is available for movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and other purchased music and videos. What’s more, if you select the automatic sync option in the Summary tab, all purchases will sync to your new iPhone and existing data will be deleted. This method can also transfer data from iPad to iPad.

    Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

    iTunes. it is the traditional way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Apple released iTunes in 2001 as a media library. Users can purchase music, videos and apps from iTunes. As Apple continually introduces new features, iTunes has become the mobile device manager. When transferring everything from iPhone to iPhone, you should know the following tips:

    iTunes. it is a desktop application available for Windows and Mac computers. You need to download and install it on your computer. But don’t worry; it can be downloaded for free from the Apple website.

    What you can sync with iTunes includes albums, music, playlists, videos, movies, books, podcasts, audiobooks, contacts, photos, calendars. iTunes cannot back up content from iTunes and the App Store, files synced from iTunes, photos stored in the cloud, Touch ID settings, information, and Apply Pay settings. If you want to back up your activity, health and keychain data, you must use an encrypted iTunes backup.

    It uses a USB cable to transfer data between iOS devices and computer.

    You can now understand that there are different ways to transfer purchased content and other data using iTunes.

    Way 2: How to Transfer Information from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

    If you’ve turned on Wi-Fi sync in iTunes Overview Options, put your iPhone and computer on the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, connect your old iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

    Click the Device icon after iTunes recognizes your iPhone, then go to the Information tab and check the boxes next to Sync Contacts, Sync Calendars, Mail Account, and more as you like. After clicking the “Apply” button, the information will be sent to your computer.

    Step 3. Wait for the process to complete, disconnect the old iPhone, and then connect the new iPhone to the computer. Then sync the relevant information from your computer to your new iPhone. Congratulations, you have now completed the transfer of information from iPhone to iPhone.

    transfer, information, iphone

    Way 1: how to transfer contacts, calendars, mail, photos, reminders or notes from iPad to iPad

    To transfer your old iPad to your new iPad, go to Settings, iCloud, be sure to sign in to your iCloud account and enable the data types you want, such as Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Safari, Home. Wallet and keychain. As soon as your old iPad is online, the corresponding data will be synced to your iCloud account.

    Step 2. Then switch to your new iPad, go to the iCloud screen in the Settings app. If you’re signed in to a different iCloud account, tap Sign Out and then tap Sign In to sign in with the Apple ID and password associated with your old iPad.

    Make sure your new iPad is connected to Wi-Fi and flip the toggle for each option on the iCloud screen to ON, the data will sync to your new iPad automatically. When prompted, click Merge to merge data from your old iPad with existing data on your new iPad.

    Way 3: How to Transfer Material from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes Backup

    Use the Lightning cable to connect your old iPhone to your computer. Launch the latest version of iTunes and click the “Device” icon in the upper left corner after your device is recognized.

    Click the Summary tab in the left column and navigate to the Backups area in the right window. Be sure to select the This PC option and then click the Back Up Now button to back up everything to your old iPhone.

    Step 3. Wait for the process to complete, remove the old iOS device and then connect the new iPhone to the computer.

    Also, go to the Summary tab on the left and click the Restore Backup button in the Backups area. Select the last backup file in the pop-up dialog and click the Restore button to start transferring everything to your new iPhone.

    Note. If your new iPhone has data, you’d better make a backup first, as this will erase all existing data on the target iPhone. ITunes backup is also a good option for transferring old iPad to new iPad.

    Tutorial to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone X / 8/7/6 / 6s / SE / 5

    “I just got my new iPhone X, Animoji is really awesome, but I ran into a problem, I downloaded a lot of important data on my old iPhone 6, especially my favorite game app, you know I have been playing it for many years. How do I transfer this content and apps to my new iPhone? Please, help “. ;

    Every time Apple releases new mobile devices, some people will look for ways to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone in forums and social media. If you’ve searched the web for this question, you’ll find that iTunes and iCloud are the most common ways to make this work.

    It’s true that iTunes and iCloud can transfer staff from iPhone to iPhone; however, many people still do not understand what data they can transfer and how exactly to do it. Do not worry! We will answer these questions and provide all the necessary knowledge you need to know about these iPhone file transfer tools. Plus, in this guide, we’ll share additional features to help people who don’t like iCloud and iTunes switch from their old iPhone to their new iPhone. If you’re ready, let’s start the journey now.

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