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Google Authenticator Migration for the New iPhone 7

I just got a new iPhone 7, but when it has recovered, it lost all my two.factor authentication codes Google Authenticator. I still have them on my old phone, as I can port them to my new iPhone 7?

transfer, google, authenticator, another, iphone

You made an encrypted backup of iTunes of your old device? Helps save all passwords, maybe it also helps to store Google Authenticator data.

No, the encrypted backups of iTunes do not include 2FA tokens in Google Authenticator. Thus, backups of iTunes are not a good solution to this problem.

From what I discovered, you will need to use the option “change” on each of your applications / sites with support for two.stage authentication. Most likely, for this you will first need to enter each account using the current two.stage check process (therefore, use backup codes or your old phone).

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your tokens from one device to another. Only Google offers the opportunity to transfer a secret key to another smartphone: you need to switch to a two-stage page of confirmation, click “Change the phone” and scan the QR code on your new device. Please note that this parameter works only with the Google account. For all other accounts, you must turn off and turn on 2fa again: go to the account settings and turn off 2fa (you will be asked to specify OTP generated by your old phone). As soon as you turn off 2fa, you can give out a new token on your new iPhone.

Thanks for your contribution. The need to turn off 2FA, and then turn them on on different sites, will take me a few days, since there are a period of time on some sites, before 2FA can be unlocked. It’s so bad, incredible!

Google authenticator. Independent application for storage and generation of tokens codes based on a disposal password protocol (TOTP). Google Auth can be used by various independent and non.related services and applications.

Google G-Suite (e-mail, calendar, disk, etc. D.), Which can use several different two.factor protocols and applications (including Google Auth above or SMS) for authentication at the entrance.

In the case of number 1, there is no “simple” method of backup and restoration of tokens, which is developed specially. However, there are hacks and workarounds, including applications such as Authy and the screenshot of the barcodes of tokens (Yeech).

In the case of number 2, G-Suite provides reserve or static emergency codes to which Norcal refers to higher, allowing the entrance to the system when the authentication device / tokens generator is lost or inaccessible.

This is what I open right now. Google Authenticator is so safe that if my iPhone is stolen, I can never enter the secure sites 2FA. Ever. This is so incredibly stupid. Why am I using 2fa again?

I was in the same situation when I updated from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s. Unfortunately, I can’t associate all this with my Google account and enter the system on a new device. Even if you connect your iPhone via iTunes and make a backup, and then restore a backup, it will not transfer the data to the new device.

You must manually add them to your new device.

Since then I have stopped using Google Authenticator and tried Authy. I like every aspect of this.

Although this is an old (erroneous) comment, it is worth noting that Authy is compromised and is no longer considered safe, at least not so safe for Google authenticator.

transfer, google, authenticator, another, iphone

How to Move Google Authenticator to New Phone

Hmm, if I missed something, Google has the simplest ways to return codes. In fact, this was the only easy process that I had when I lost all my data from my old phone.

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Setting up the New Phone

This topic up your New iPhone to have all of the Google Accounts You Had on the Old One.

There is One Choice, Which is to Decide Whather You Want to Keep the Codes on that Old One as Well. You’re Prompted to Choose that or Removing the Codes, and the You’re Done.

Access recovery

In order not to restore Google Authenticator in the future, be sure to record the forming codes and keys after installing and setting up the application, including reserve/keep the QR codes of sites that you visit by printing them on a printer or photographing on a smartphone/camera.

If you do not want to create a new Google account due to the special importance of data on previous sites, you can personally contact the technical support of each of them or write to the administration by describing the problem in detail and providing all possible evidence. This method does not always work. Part of the sites provides the possibility of obtaining backup codes.

Transfer authenticator from iOS to iOS, from iOS on Android and vice versa

The Authenticator application will show a short message on a blue background with the inscription “Accounts were recently exported” at the next time the application launches. You can also view the list of all import and export operations in the latest actions section. It contains more detailed information, such as the number of imported / exported accounts, the date and time of the Author of the Google e.mail for the Authenticator account. You will also find a link for resetting a two.stage check in your Google account if you think that it has been hacked.

In the version of the Google Authenticator application for iOS, there is still no account transmission function. I hope that this will happen in the near future, because I myself want to protect myself from future failures, keeping all 2FA codes on two different devices. The likelihood that I will lose both phones at the same time is quite small.

Tip for professionals: Use your old spare smartphone and install the Authenticator application on it to further reduce the likelihood of loss of access to 2FA codes and block your account to zero to zero. Keep it in an office or at home just in case.

Right now you will need to enter each account that you have using the identifier, password and code 2FA, and repeatedly score 2FA codes on a new phone. This will require removal of 2FA protection with the specified account after entering the system, its re-inclusion and re-scan of the QR code from the new phone.

Google did not share any time scale when they are going to release a new update, so you can only guess.

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Thanks a lot! This in my opinion is the only way to carry normally info.

But I do not find everything completely and do not find everything! But in this way, you can transfer everything once and for all without bothering!

Good afternoon! I have Google Authenticator on the phone. How to see this secret code? I understand what you described. This is when installing Google authenticator on the phone. And if already installed. Where to get the code?

I understand this is not when installing the program, but when binding the account to the program. It is when you include two.factor authentication, they give you this secret code.

Does not solve the problem if you need to update the firmware on the phone and somehow import codes after updating. You have to re.reach each account again.

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How to configure Google authenticator, what mistakes are

Before transferring Google Authenticator to another phone, you need to study the setting instructions, if there are any errors in it, the application will issue non-existing codes. If the application began to issue codes that are not perceived by the service to which the input was input, then the problems can be in the wrong perception of the presentation application, that is, it may be late for a minute or more, then the code will not be perceived anymore.

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To eliminate this error, you need to go into the program settings and check the synchronization of the time. When it does not work, synchronization is required, if it operates, it means that the problem is the program, you need to contact support.

The support service in such cases asks leading questions like the number of coins in the account or any little things that a person who constantly enjoys the account knows how his own thoughts.

What is Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a popular smartphone service often used to generate codes when using two.factor authentication (F2A). The essence of the system is as follows.

A special application is installed on the mobile device. At the entrance to the account, Google service or other services, it generates a disposable 6- or 8-digit digital code, which is entered with the user name and password. In fact, this is an access system using two keys: one of them remembers, the other stores on a medium (phone, flash drive, etc. P.). Even if scammers find out identification data, they will not be able to enter the account. To do this, they will need to get physical access to a smartphone or tablet.

Sites that the user uses regularly provide him with a common secret key. It is preserved in the Google Appendix Authenticator and is introduced with each next authorization. And since there are many such resources, respectively, secret codes are gaining a whole list.

  • Next, execute the Print and Save the Code command, that is, print and save the cipher that will appear under the quick identification code (QR). It may be needed in case of loss of access to a mobile gadget.
  • After that, a six.digit combination of numbers will appear on the main screen, which will be updated every 30 seconds.

STOP Using Google Authenticator❗(here’s why secure 2FA alternatives)

The first step is to install an application on a new phone

First you need to install the official Google Authenticator application on a new phone. This program generates a confirmation code with which you will access your account. You can download the application for free via Play Market.

After that, you need to switch to the browser and open the Google account personal account. You can do this both on the phone and on the computer.

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Transfer Google authenticator to a new phone

Google has recently updated its version of the Authenticator application for Android, adding a way to import and export. 2FA. Codes scanned the current on a new phone. This is a long.awaited sign, because other applications, such as Microsoft Authenticator and Authy, support this function. I have it for a long time.

On the other hand, in the iOS application for iPhone and iPad, there is still no transmission function. Since there is no news from the end of Google about when it is presented. Before the update, it became easy to transfer the Authenticator application from Android on Android, but this cannot be said when it comes to iOS on iOS or between Android and iOS anyway.

Google Authenticator transfer with Android to Android

First you need to open the Authenticator application on your new Android phone will be met with a certificate screen explaining how Google authenticator works. Then you will be asked if you want to postpone accounts. If you do not see this screen by default and you get on the main screen, just click on the three.point menu icon to select the parameter. Bearing of an account.

Click import accounts here if you want to transfer 2fa codes from the old phone to this phone and press the export of accounts if you want to transfer 2fa codes from the old phone to a new. Let’s look at both options in turn.

At this stage, you will need to enter the password of your smartphone for security reasons so that no one can export the data to your phone without your resolution. It is not immediately clear what this screen means, because it does not indicate that the phone password is entered here or something else. Just an empty field. You spent in vain for several minutes, instead entering the password of your Google account. You also cannot take screenshots of this page, again for security reasons.

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Now you should see a list of all accounts stored in the Authenticator application. Select those that you want to transfer to a new phone and choose the next. Download and install the Google Authenticator application to your new phone and scan the QR code that you see on your old phone at this stage. All two.stage authentication codes selected from the old phone will be transferred to a new phone after the scanning automatic completion.

On a new phone you need to select settings. Transfer of account. The import of accounts of accounts and do not click the plus icon to scan a new QR code, as usual. These two options of QR codes do not match.

Understand the side of safety

Unlike some other 2FA applications, Google stores all the data locally on your phone in an encrypted format, so they are safe and reliable. Even in case of lost my phone in case of theft or hacking, these data cannot be read. You can and must delete data from your phone using the Google Find My Device application available in Play Store.

Since online data is not stored in a cloud on a remote server, the codes are not synchronized on two devices at the same time. Although some can annoy this a little, it is actually much safer. For example, when you scan 2fa in Authy on one device, it automatically appears on another device on which you have Authy. Although Authy also encrypts data and takes precautions, the data is still in the cloud and move through servers.

The transfer of 2FA tokens in this way is tedious and performed manually, but takes less than a minute and is much safer.

Authenticator transfer from iOS to iOS or between iOS and Android

The Authenticator application will display a short message with a blue background with the inscription “Accounts recently exported the next time you run the application. You can also view the list of all incoming and outgoing accounts in the framework of recent activity. It contains more detailed information, such as the number of imported / exported accounts, date and time of activity, as well as the GOGLE email identifier for the Authenticator account. You will also find a link for resetting two.stage authentication in your Google account if you think that it has been hacked.

In the version of the Google Authenticator application for iOS, there is still no account transmission function. I hope you come soon because I want to protect myself from future unforeseen incidents, keeping all 2fa codes on two different devices. The probability of losing both phones is very small at the same time.

Tip from a professional: Use your old spare smartphone and install the Authenticator application to reduce the likelihood of loss of access to 2FA code and a complete closure of the account. Keep it in an office or at home, away from prying eyes.

At the moment, you will need to enter each account by indicating your identifier, password and code 2FA, and manually score 2FA codes on a new phone. This will include 2FA security from the specified account after entering the system, its re-inclusion and re-scan of the QR code from the new phone.

Google did not share the schedule when a new update is released, so no one can guess.

Smart trick for backup copying of two.stage authentication codes

Just take a picture of the screen with a QR code and save it in a safe place. You can either encrypt the data and save it in the Microsoft OneDrive personal storage, which will encrypt and protect them for you, or just take a paper copy and store it in autonomous mode. In any case, now you have a real QR code in your hand, and you can scan it at any time using any 2FA application that you prefer. Of course, the safe preservation of reserve codes. The traditional method that uses most people. Your Google Authenticator codes stopped working? Try this quick correction.