How to throw files from iPhone to computer

How to throw files from iPhone to a computer is a question that is interested in many users. Very often, the owners of the smartphone interact with various documents, photographs, music. If there are auxiliary tools, transfer information to a computer and back will not be difficult. Thus, you can save the memory of the device and also ensure their reliable safety.

Data synchronization. transfer of information from one device to another. There are several methods of copying files. This is often done through a USB cable, which is directly connected to PC. The cord is complete with each phone, if it is faulty, USB can easily be bought at the store. Two operating devices are connected by a cable, after which the connection icon should appear on the screen. As soon as the iPhone is visible in the list of available devices, you can start synchronization.

iPhone is one of Apple’s most popular multifunctional devices

Another method is the use of Wi-Fi router. This method is suitable for all Apple devices. Before throwing files, it is necessary to install on PC a new version of iTunes.

note! Download iTunes from the official website of Apple. Otherwise, there is a risk of establishing malicious.

Using Aityans, it is worth remembering that the program is a data storage that is directly related to the gadget. Remote files in iTunes will be cleaned from the smartphone the following synchronization. The transfer of important documents to a computer will help save and restore their copies. Starting from the iOS 7 operating system, users can throw up the Internet files. To do this, connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. ITUNES is opened on PC and connected to the desired smartphone. With the right order, the iPhone will be displayed in the “Devices” section.

iTunes is a convenient and simple program that allows you to store content

How to enable the recorder on the iPhone and iPad

How to enable a recorder or how to write an audio on iPhone? After starting the application, a working screen appears on a white background with existing records. A black strip with a red touch button is placed in the bottom of the screen, repeating the “home” button in size and appearance.

After pressing the button for the start of the record in the black frame, the inscription “New Record”, the time sensor and the sound path will appear. During the operation of the recorder, one working button will remain, which is a circle with a red square in it. In this mode, you can only start recording and complete it by pressing the red button.

Important! The mode is suitable for recording short information or in order to save recorded by separate files.

If necessary, selective recording, but it is necessary to save it in one document to expand the black working screen. The “pause” and “resume” buttons will appear. In the pause mode, you can listen to the recorded information. During the recording, you can work with other smartphone applications by clicking on the “Home” button. The recorder will continue to record in the background.

To record a telephone conversation with the iPhone, a special application or device is required

note! Record on iPhone, iPad can only be information from external media. If there is a need to record a telephone conversation, Apple technique will not help this. In the basic configuration, such an opportunity is absent. This can only be done through additional installed applications. The company is particularly seriously related to the confidentiality of personal information.

How to synchronize Apple Watch?

Select the Apple “System Settings” menu, click “Apple ID”, click “ICLOD” in the side panel, select “ICLOUD DRIVE”, press “Parameters”, then select the recorder in the application list of applications. On the iOS or iPados device. Open the “settings” [your name] iCloud and turn on the “recorder“.

All the auditions listened can be found in the Sound_Recorder folder. You can find it by going into the conductor and finding the Miui folder, in which the folder we desired will be located.

How to send an entry from an iPhone recorder to a computer or other device?

You can transmit an audio recording from a recorder to another mobile device by MMS message through the “Share” button.

One mmm is about 7. When transmitting a file to another iPhone, Imessage Messenger should be used. then it will be possible to avoid financial expenses completely.

Sending a PC record is more difficult, but a couple of effective ways still have.

Through e.mail

This method will bring the result under two conditions:

To send the recording, click the same “Share” button and select the “Mail” option.

Then, in the “Who” field, indicate the mailing address to which you have access and send a letter.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer. Photos, Videos, Music

Say exactly when the message comes, you can’t. Most often delivery takes a couple of minutes, but can stretch out on the clock. Open any of the two mailboxes on PC: the one used by the Mail application, or the one to which you sent a letter. In the first case, the message should be sought in the “sent” folder, in the second. in “incoming”.

As soon as you find the right letter, save the audio recording contained in it on the computer.

Through itunes

If you correctly make iPhone synchronization with iTunes, records of the recorder will be transferred to the hard drive PC. How to perform synchronization?

Launch iTunes, connect the gadget to the PC and proceed to the device control menu by clicking on the icon with the image of a smartphone.

In the “Settings” block, select the “Music” section.

Put the checkpoint “Turn on the voice entries”. This is very important: most often it is precisely because of the lack of this checkmark that users cannot copy the recordings from the recorder on PC.

Click “synchronize” and run the exchange of data.

How to Record PUBG Gameplay on PC Using iPhone/iPad

When all 5 synchronization steps end, leave the device control menu and find a record from the recorder in the media text. In order not to sort out a whole playlist, you can immediately proceed to the “Voice Records” section in the “Musical Playlists” block.

Find the record from the recorder you are interested in, click on it with the right mouse button and click on the point “Show in Windows conductor”.

So you will find yourself in that folder on a hard PC disk, where all voice recordings in ALAC format are stored.

You can also find this folder by walking along the path C: users1musicitunesitunes media. It is called “Voice Memos”.

Downloading recordings of the recorder from iPhone to a computer using iTunes

We will synchronize the recordings of the voice recorder in iTunes, we will need the installed iTunes program and a USB cable for our iPhone.

If iTunes is not installed, follow the link. http: // www.Apple.COM/ru/iTunes/download/, pump and install;

Run iTunes, connect the iPhone usb cable to the computer. Click on the phone that will appear in the “Devices” section

In the “Overview” tab, we put a checkbox “Manage music and video”

Further in the “Music” tab, we put the boxes: “Synchronize music” and “Turn on voice records”. Press the “Apply” button.

The downloaded recordings of the recorder can be seen in the “Voice Records” section located in playlists, or in devices.

How to throw an entry from the iPhone recorder to a computer without iTunes

How iTunes works, but how to throw off the audio recording from the iPhone to the computer if this program could not cope? This can be, if you need to drop a file on a computer lasting more than 10 minutes. In this case, you can use the I-FunBox program. The algorithm of action is the same as through itunes:

  • Download program to computer.
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer using a cable.
  • Launch the I-FunBox program.
  • In the program, go to the menu “My computer”.
  • Select “iPhone”, then subparagraph “Voise Memos”.
  • After the list of recordings of the recorder opens, select the right.
  • Click on the file with the right mouse button.
  • Click on “Copying on PC”.
  • Determine the folder where you need to drop the file.
  • Press “save”.

After that, the audio file will go to a given folder. The downside of this method is that one will have to throw records from the recorder one at a time.

Record from the recorder can be dropped on a computer via iTunes

The second method is more convenient, but available only in case of postponing audio information from iPhone to Mac. Apple programmers provided their equipment with a contactless and quick way to exchange data through Airdrop.

To quickly move information from one apple device to another, you need:

  • Launch the Software application.
  • Go into the desired audio recording, touching it.
  • Open the menu under the “” button.
  • Select the “Share” item (after that, a list of devices that are in the immediate vicinity of the iPhone will appear at the top of the pop.up working screen).
  • Click in the name of the recipient, then “ready”.
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Note! If the right device was not found, it is necessary to check if Airdrop on the devices is turned on. If the function is turned on on all devices, and gadgets do not see each other, you should try to place them as close as possible to each other.

Airdrop is the fastest way to transmit data from one apple device to another

How to transfer voice notes from iPhone to Mac via iTunes

ITUNES is well known to Apple users both for multimedia management software for both Mac and Windows operating system. Users can use it to manage and play audio and video files on the computer. But some of them may not know where to find a voice note in iTunes, so they do not know how to synchronize voice notes on iPhone with iTunes. Here are the steps so that you can quickly learn to do this.

Step 1 Make sure your iPhone is correctly connected to the Mac using a USB cable. Launch iTunes on your Mac and click your phone icon when it appears at the top of iTunes to see information about your phone.

Step 2 If you want to get voice notes from the iPhone on the Mac, go to the “Music” section to conclude the tab and install the flags before synchronization of music and turn on the voice notes.

Step 3 Finally press the synchronization button in the lower right corner to start synchronization. As soon as it is completed, you will have all the notes in the voice notes, and then you can drag the notes of the vocals directly to your Mac.

Option 1. ITUNES synchronization

The use of the iTunes program is necessary so that the owners of Apple devices can download music without problems and not only both from gadgets to PC, and vice versa.

However, it is worth warning that sometimes, in the process of data transfer, failures may occur during which some audio recordings can be lost.

transfer, iphone, recorder, computer

In general, to download the dictaphone record from the iPhone on the PC via iTunes, you first need to install this program if this has not yet been done, as well as a USB cable for data transmission.

Further, everything happens as follows:

  • To a computer, via a USB-shener, iPhone or iPod is connected.
  • Then the iTunes program starts.
  • On the left side you need to find the “Device” section or click on the icon with the image of the phone, which is located at the top. This is necessary in order to open the menu of this section.
  • Next, you will need to go to the “Music” tab.
  • Then, a checkmark is noted the points “Synchronize music” and “Turn on voice records”.
  • Click on “apply” to save settings.

Downloaded immediately to display in the ITUNES program, in the “Music” or “Voice Posts” folder.

As a rule, all files on PC are stored in the Itunes Media folder. However, this folder can have another name. It all depends on the software PC.

Frequently asked questions about transferring voice notes from iPhone to computer

In what format is used iPhone voice note?

On the iPhone, voice notes are saved in the format of the M4A file. In addition, the MPEG-4 codec is used when recording voice note. When playing audio files, the iPhone Voice Memo application uses the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or Apple Lossless Audio Codec codes. Since the Voice Memo application records only sound, instead of mp4, M4A is used.

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Can I combine voice notes?

There is currently no official way to combine the records of voice notes. But do not be discouraged. applications and other opportunities can help you integrate voice notes. You can use audio converters or editors such as Fonelab Video Converter Ultimate. In addition, you can use Fonelab Screen Recorder to record and play voice notes in order.

You can download voice notes on Google disk?

Yes, you can download your voice notes on Google disk. IOS and Android devices can download audio recordings, including voice notes, on Google disk. To do this, load and install Google disk on your iPhone, then click the plus button in the lower right corner of the screen. Secondly, click “Download”, then find and select the voice notes that you want to save on your computer. Thirdly, open the Google disk in your web browser on your computer and enter the system using the same Google disk account that you used to download your voice notes. Finally, select the voice notes that you want to convey, click with the right mouse button and select the “Download” menu.

transfer, iphone, recorder, computer

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Given all of the above, we can conclude that the transfer of voice notes from iPhone to PC is possible and simple. Now you can not worry about voice notes when you know how to transfer voice notes from iPhone to a computer. over, the realization that the approach you use is successful and effective, consciously calms your mind. With this in mind, we strongly recommend Fonetrans for iOS, because it includes everything you need to transfer. It’s time to move voice notes and save them in a safer place, while reducing the amount of memory used by your iPhone.

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