How to upload photos from iCloud to Computer. Simple ways of instructions

ICLOUD is a cloud service from Apple, which provides all users of 5 GB of free space.

Files in this cloud can be easily synchronized with a computer or smartphone.

Configuring automatic photo transmission, you can instantly transmit pictures to the cloud and open them on the computer.

This allows you to free a large amount of memory on the iPhone.

With it, you can transfer not only photos, but also audio recordings, video, documents.

In the cloud, there is a function of marking geodata in the photo, the ability to find a lost gadget and many other useful options.

Upload photos to the cloud from the phone

Download through the app

To add a photo to the cloud storage through the application, you must:

Load through the gallery

To send photos to the storage from the gallery, you need:

  • Open photo album on gadget.
  • Select 1 or more pictures.
  • In the settings (in some smartphones, the button is on the top panel) click on “send”.
  • In the list of programs to choose the desired.

Suspending photo download in icloud

often unloading photos in the repository, can brake online traffic or plant the battery faster. That is why the function of downloading photos in ICloud does not work when saving the energy of charge. So, step by step instructions for stopping the unloading of files:

  • Open the film on the iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the very end.
  • At the bottom it should be shown how many photos and video was downloaded to the library, then click on the “Pause” button.

Please note that after this photo will stop persist in iCloud. How to return or continue unloading files. for this you need to do the same and click on the “Resume” button

So, in order to download, save or pull out all available files in the ICloud storage, it does not need much time and special skills. Enough to follow the instructions and take into account all the nuances.

Create a local backup iPhone and iPad

Modern iPhone and iPad have large data storage. Get ready for preserving their backup you will need hundreds of gigabytes of free space. It is better to remove unnecessary applications from gadgets, before creating a local copy. You can also save a copy file to an outer hard drive.

To find out how much a local backup will occupy on a computer disk. Open the settings on the device. About this device. IPhone / iPad repository and look at the figure in the “Used” paragraph.

Download everything on iPhone, Mac or iPad

Suppose there was a subscription to iCloud, where photos were kept in source quality, and on the iPhone to save space they were in a compressed form. Then the photo and video can be downloaded to the device’s memory, if there is enough space in it. If, let’s say, there are 300 GB data in the cloud, and 128 GB of memory in the iPhone or iPade, it will arise.

The path to save the data Next: “Settings” → “Photo” → ICloud → “Saving Originals”.

Another option is to download Mac into memory through the photo application. The path is: “Settings” → “PHOTO” → “Download originals on this computer Mac”.

If the computer on Windows, then you need to download the iCloud application, go to “parameters” and select “Photos”.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvieva / Wylsacom Media

How to download photos and videos from general albums icloud

If the pictures you need are stored in shared albums of friends or acquaintances, you can quickly download them to your device.

On the iPhone or iPad, open the Albums section. General Albums in the photo application and find the album you need. Check the desired number of pictures and click Share. Save Image.

On Mac Open the General Album section in the photo application and find the album you need with the data. Select one or more photos and click the Import button.

On Windows-PC in the iCloud application, find the right album and save the data from it to any local folder on the computer.

Now you can save locally any photo and video from Apple cloud.

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How to save data from iCloud Drive on a smartphone or computer

Create a local copy of the data is simple enough, the main thing is to have enough free space on the smartphone or computer to save all the necessary data.

View Available Space You can connect the setup path. the basic. iPhone repository (on a smartphone) or . about this Mac. storage (on the computer). To save data from the cloud, act according to the instructions below.

On the Apple Smartphone or Tablet, do the following:

▶ In the Overview section, open the iCloud Drive folder.

▶ Select one or more folders you want to save. Do not forget about the convenient selection gesture with two fingers.

▶ Open any local folder on the iPhone, clamp your finger from scratch and select the Insert menu item.

▶ Wait for the end of the process and do not close the application. Data Copying may be interrupted due to IOS features.

On Mac computer, do the following:

◉ Run the Finder application and go to the ICloud Drive section from the side menu. The section turns on and disconnected in the settings of the Finder application. At the same time, data sync should be enabled on Mac (System Settings. Apple ID. ICloud. ICloud Drive)

◉ Find one or more desired folders in the cloud and copy them in any convenient way (COMMAND COMMAND COMMUNICATION, CONTEX MENU, DRAG-AND-DROP).

◉ Open any local folder in the Finder and insert the copied data from the cloud (Command V key combination, context menu).

When using the web version of ICloud, you need to do the following:

Open the ICLOUD DRIVE section and select the data you want to save.

Click the Save button to download data to your smartphone or computer.

How to unload photos from iCloud on PC

Important! To automatically move images from the iPhone in the cloud, you must enable photo thumbnails on the device.

For Windows, there are two main ways to gain access to iCloud photos. Consider each of them.

Through the web version

Quick way to download photos from storage via browser.

  • Go to the cloud site → Sign in your Apple ID account.
  • Go to “Photo”.

Through the program

The PC program has its advantages:

Consider interaction with the application on Windows 10.

    Install the program → Enter your Apple ID.

Important! To automatically sync, you must enable “my photo traffic” in the iPhone parameters (“icloud” → “Photos” → “Unscreak my photo thumbnails”).

Copying and saving photos on the PC Windows OS, Mac

To copy a photo from a computer, go to the “Photo ICloud” folder and follow the instructions.

  • Highlight the necessary photo with two clicks of the left mouse button.
  • Click on the dedicated fragment right mouse button.
  • In the submenu that opens, select the “Save As” option. Check in what format you want to save the photo. Click on the selected icon.
  • Mark the location of the copy.

You will receive a picture of a snapshot that will automatically save in the selected end folder

To delete a snapshot or document, after selecting the required files, click on the marked field with the right mouse button and select the “Delete” option. File moving to the basket.