Simple ways to download films on iPhone

Each of us on a long road or on the way home from work is looking for something to occupy. You can read a book or news, listen to music in contact or play games. But what if you are already tired of all this? And if there is no Internet, then most classes are inaccessible: watching rollers, communication in contact and online games.

To save yourself from boredom, you can watch a movie or series. But most of us use Internet services to watch films, such as online cinemas or contact. How to add video to iPhone? In this article, we will analyze all the ways how to upload any video file to an apple device.

It is worth starting with the fact that there are only a few ways to throw a film in memory of the iPhone. All of them are similar, but there are only small differences in the process of downloading files.

Difficulties when downloading films

Due to the specifics of the iOS program code, the standard transference method cannot be implemented if the device has not been unlocking the Jailbreak method (jailbreak). But this intervention in the software automatically deprives the user of the guarantee on the smartphone, as well as the further use of licensed software.

There are several points that you need to know when working with the iPhone for subsequent loading

  • Closed code in iOS excludes intervention and work with internal files;
  • Inner library of Codecs h h.264, which supports MP4, M4V, MOV formats;
  • Software Providing for the work and transfer of video content;
  • additional software for watching films, which includes non.standard codecs;
  • Codigaters installed on a personal computer for conversion to the desired format.

When preparing a smartphone for moving video files, consider the resolution of the matrix and the sound quality of the connected headset. This will help create a file with optimal weekends.

How to upload photos from PC to iPhone using alternative file managers?

To download photos on the iPhone, you can use the Chinese alternative to the iTunes. iTools. After installing this utility, it is necessary to act as follows:

Connect the mobile device to PC and start the program.

When itools will determine the device, go to the “Photo” tab of the main menu.

Click the “Import” button and select a folder through the “conductor” with pictures that you want to download.

Downloading photos through itools one at one time.

Confirm that you want to copy the folder on the device. click “Yes”.

Do not try to understand the question. it is compiled “crooked”. Russification. the real problem of the ITOLS application.

Wait for the end of imports and you will see that the photos appeared in the gadget’s memory.

Photos downloaded via iTools also cannot be successful directly from a smartphone. only through a computer utility. But then what is the advantage of an alternative manager over iTunes? The advantages are as follows:

  • Through itools to the gadget, you can throw off as many folders with photos. In the case of iTunes, loading a new folder will lead to the removal of the one that was downloaded before.
  • Itools does not force the user to conduct synchronization. This not only allows you to save time. this also makes it possible not to worry about the safety on the device that the user erased with PC.
transfer, films, computer, iphone

If necessary, throwing photos on the iPhone one should use another alternative data manager. ifunbox. You can download the utility here. The Ifunbox program is good in that it allows the computer to determine the “apple” device as a flash drive.

transfer, films, computer, iphone

Copying the images on the iPhone via ifunbox is necessary:

transfer, films, computer, iphone

After connecting the smartphone to the PC and starting the utility, proceed to the “Fast Toolbox” section in the main menu.

transfer, films, computer, iphone

Click on the icon “Photo”.

Click “Import” and drag the pictures that you want to copy into the window that appears.

At the end of imports, the photos will be on a mobile device.

IFUNBOX will be able to work correctly only on the computer on which itunes is installed.

Warning Users: You should not resort to the services of several alternative file managers for iPhone! This can lead to a failure, as a result of which all the photo albums of the gadget will be empty, and the pictures will be available only one in the section of the “photo” of the same application of the same name.

How to transmit books from a computer to iPhone or iPad using iTunes

The case is a little different with books. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on iPhone and iPad, this is iBooks, Bookmate and Aitchek. Go on the relevant links to get detailed information about this process.

Download and install the latest version of ifunbox.

Open the program and connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer. In order for ifunbox to see your device on the computer must be installed iTunes.

The device will be determined in the program and you can throw off absolutely any files on it using iPhone or iPad like a flash drive.

Throw off the files that you need to “transfer” to the “General Storage” folder.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there are no flash drives at hand, but you need to throw off an important file with a “weight” in a few gigabytes. Not by mail to send. iPhone or iPad, coupled with IFunbox, copes with this task perfectly. the files are not damaged and are thrown away safely and safe.

Users who made Jailbreak their devices were lucky. Thanks to the huge selection of Cydia tweaks to work with the file system, they can unpack files using special managers, download files from Safari and much more. A striking example of such a tweak is Ifile file manager. With other useful tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the installed jailbreak, you can familiarize yourself with this link.

How to transfer the video to the iPhone using a cable

For this method you will need iTunes.

  • Connect your device to PC using a cable.
  • Open itunes.
  • Find your device in the list.
  • On the left, click on the “Program” item.
  • Now find VLC right on the right.
  • Drain the video you need, TV shows and other files in the VLC Documents field. You can also click on “Add the file”.
  • It remains to wait for file download.

How to download a movie on iPhone with jailbreak?

You can download a movie on iPhone / iPad with Jailbreak in the most familiar way to Russian users-via a torrent tracker. The most famous Torrent Twik from Cydia is ITRANSMISSION 4 (repository-Big Boss). ITRANSMISSION is installed on any iPhone and iPad modifications with iOS version above 7. Using itransmission is easy:

After loading, start the program by clicking on the icon.

Press the button with “” in the lower left corner and indicate the path to the “torrent” file type.

Adjust the loading parameters. You can configure the type of connection, speed priority. After you decide on the settings, the file downloads will begin.

At the end of the load, use one of the file managers for the iPhone with Jailbreak (for example, Ifile or Readden Documents) to access the downloaded file. From the file manager you can launch a film in any of the video players installed on the gadget.

The advantage possessed by the owners of the hacked iPhone is obvious: they do not need to contact a computer at all to download their favorite movie. However, not all users are in a hurry to put torrent trackers into business-this method of loading also has noticeable disadvantages:

  • Download the file from the Internet leads to impressive loss of traffic, which is usually provided with mobile operators in a very limited number.
  • ItransMission (like other trackers). a very energy.intensive application. Therefore, the user will one way or another feel chained wires. not to the computer, so to the outlet.

View without downloading

If you do not have the opportunity or desire to use one of the above methods, you can always watch a movie online. However, you will have to pay for the use of the Internet, according to the tariff.

There are paid applications with a large number of films and programs. Among them can be distinguished by Netflix. The first month of the application works free. Then you make a subscription. Netflix works not only online, but also offline.

In addition, there are paid applications that allow you to reset the files from the device to the device: from the iPhone on the iPhone, from the computer on the iPhone and T. D. One of these programs is Anytrans. She moves any files: photo, video, music. The program has one drawback: to use it, you will have to disconnect from iCloud. You will receive a warning as soon as you start writing files.

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone Easily? [Including iPhone 12]

Here are 7 ways to reset a movie from a computer on iPhone. You can choose the most convenient for yourself. If you need help, be sure to ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article.

How to Transfer From Computer to iPhone. No iTunes (Fastest Way)

How to reset video from a computer on iPhone via iTools?

When using this method, the action scheme is similar to the use of iTunes. In particular, you will need to perform the following:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Connect your phone via cable.
  • In the program we open the media tab, then click the video.
  • After that, drag the necessary videos to the program area.
  • To request the installation of the converter if the video does not match the MP4 format.
  • Install the converter and wait.
  • After installing the video, it will be converted and downloaded to your iPhone.

Loading via nplayer

Another way is to use players. Among which the most popular is NPlayer. Work with him is as follows:

  • Download and open the application.
  • Open the Network tab and enter the resource address from which we want to download the video in the IP settings.
  • Next, select the necessary files and click “Download”.
  • Downloaded videos appear in the “Loading” tab.

Any Trans. ITUNES alternative

The program works on the same principle as iTunes, but in use a little easier.

But we note that the official version of the program is paid. But you can find pirate what to do is not recommended.


You can use the official YouTube application. You can also download video through it.

Thus, the main ways to download and continue to watch a video or movie on your iPhone 5. There are other applications, but these are most convenient and popular.