Safe methods 4 for transferring files from iPad to PC without iTunes

If your iPad is not enough for storage space, you can transfer large files from iPad to a computer for backup. Later you can free the iPad space without data loss. IPAD file transfer to PC seems to be a simple question. But do you know the easiest and safest method?

If you are tired of rewriting iTunes, iTunes errors and other iTunes restrictions, perhaps you can find the best solution here.

Let’s read and follow how to transfer files from iPad to PC without iTunes for free.

Professional method of posting photos from computer to iPad

When you need to transfer all the photos from the computer to the iPad or vice versa, the transmission of iPhone data is a universal method of synchronization of photos between your iPad and computer. You can also manage photos and streamline them, for example, delete photos in package mode, find duplicates of images, transmit them in package mode, etc. D. In addition, you can also view the photos of Heic and easily convert HEIC to JPEG.

  • Transfer several photos from a computer on the iPad as part of the package process.
  • View Heic Files on PC and convert HEIC to JPEG without an additional program.
  • Competently classify your photos from different albums, saving your time and effort.
  • Synchronize photos between iOS, iOS and computer devices, etc. D. With one click of the mouse.

After you installed the iPhone Data Transfer on your computer, you can run the program. Connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable to scan photos found in the program.

Select the photo icon in the menu of the left side panel and wait for a while so that all the photos are displayed in the main intese. After that, you can see that all photos are distributed into different groups.

click add and find photos you want to import. Check photos and click the button button. He will transmit selected photos from a computer to your iPad in package mode.

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Alternative solutions for transmitting iPad files

Here are other solutions that you can use to transfer iPad files to your computer. However, there are some restrictions that may arise in the process of transmitting iPad files.

Alternative 1: AirDrop files software

Airdrop can only transmit files between Apple devices. Thus, you cannot transfer files from iPad to a computer with Windows. In addition, Airdrop can transmit music files only once at a time. So this is not convenient if you need to transfer various songs from AirDrop.

Step 1 Run Airdrop on both Apple devices.

First connect to a strong wireless network. Launch Airdrop on your iOS device and Mac computer, if necessary. For people who transmit files to a device that is not in contacts, you should first activate “Allow me to detect”.

You can use the “share” function to transmit iPad files. Otherwise, you can also drag the files into the main Airdrop integration.

An alternative to software for transferring files iPad 2: ICLOUD DRIVE

Each Apple user can get 5 GB of free space. Thus, you can use ICLOUD DRIVE as software to transmit iPad data for storing and transmitting iOS data. In addition, you can turn on the iCloud Photo Library for automatic synchronization of new photos.

Step 1 Enter ICLOUD on Windows or Mac PC

Download iCloud from the official website of Apple ICLOUD if you do not install it on your computer. Enter your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2 IPAD file transfer using iCloud Drive

Later, find a folder with the name “ICloud Drive”. After that, you can freely send files between the iPad and your computer. In fact, the iCloud Drive is more like a platform with which you can store, read or edit files.

Sometimes photos may not synchronize with iClouds can find ways to solve this problem here.

Alternative software for transferring files iPad 3: Google wheels

You can use other cloud online drives to transfer certain files from a computer on iPad, iPhone and iPod. For example, many people choose Google Drive and Dropbox for sending files via a wireless network, although the online transmission program with iPad mainly depends on the speed of the wireless network.

Step 1 Launch Google Disk on your iPad and computer

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First open the online storage, for example, Google Drive, on your computer. Then you can start this application on your iPad.

Step 2 IPAD files via Google Drive

Download files from your desktop. Then you can download certain files directly to your IDEVICE. In addition, you can also exchange iPad files by URL.

Alternative 4: Email software software for IPAD files

For people who need to translate several documents, photos or videos, using email is a good way. This is not worth too much time to transfer files. All you need to do is upload iPad files in the form of investments. Then you can receive email and upload files to your computer or iPad directly. In addition, you can send messages to yourself for the transfer of photography or document, as well as.

Using more than 5 iPad programs to transfer files you can freely transfer files and control them between your iPad and computer. The next time you need to transfer the iPad files, you can try more solutions instead of using only iTunes. Just read and find the easiest way to transmit with iPad in accordance with specific files that you want to convey.

This article contains 5 representative programs of iPod photos on Mac. Thus, you can easily and quickly transfer the photos from the iPod to the MAC for backup or further control.

transfer, files, ipad, itunes

This is the full guide to transfer EPUB books to iPad to Mac. You can read and choose your best iPad EPUB transfer for Mac here.

Here are 7 simple ways to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. And you can get universal software for transmitting iPhone photos to quickly solve this problem.

Method 3: transferring files from computer to iPad using ICLOUD DRIVE

Download and install iCloud for Windows on PC. Reload the computer after installing iCloud. iCloud will open automatically. If not, you can find iCloud from the Start menu.

Step 2. Enter your account iCloud

Enter your iCloud account using Apple ID and password. You need to turn on the iCloud function manually. Select “apply” to save changes. At the first use of iCloud, you can get 5 GB of free ICLOD storage space.

Step 3. PC file transfer to iPad without wires

Open the conductor. Select “This computer”. You can see ICLOUD DRIVE, ICLOUD PHOTOS and other related iCloud folders. After you save new photos and videos on the PC in the iCloud folder, you can also receive and upload files on the iPad right in the air.

How to transfer files from PC to iPad mini without itunes?

File transfer steps on iPad without iTunes. Install TunesMate software on your PC / Mac. After starting the program, connect your iPad to it. Select the tab to which you want to transfer files from PC to the iPad at the top, for example, “Music”.

Transfer from your computer

transfer, files, ipad, itunes
  • Connect the iOS device to the computer and open iTunes on your computer if it does not open automatically.
  • In iTunes, click the “device” button, then click “General access to files” on the side panel.
  • In the list on the left, select the Pages application and click add.
  • Select the document and click “Add”.
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File transfer between iPad and computer using iTunes

General access to files is a new function in iTunes, which helps users transfer files between iPad and computer. It does not require a network, but rely on a USB cable for file exchange.

Step 1 connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable and start the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2 Press the iPad icon in the upper left corner after it is detected and go to overall access to the files from the left side panel. Applications supported by this function will be listed in the applications of the region.

Step 3 Select the right application. To save files on the iPad, go to the files on the hard drive and drag them to the necessary documents area. If you want to upload files with iPad, hold CTRL and select all the files in the area of ​​the region, and drag them to the desktop.

Attention: iTunes cannot transmit all files between iPad and PC. In addition, copyright files can also be blocked.

transfer, files, ipad, itunes

Copying a video from a computer on iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Apple provided only one version of copying media files, including video from Windows or MacOS computer on iPhone phones and iPad tablets. using iTunes (then I assume that iTunes is already installed on your computer).

The main restriction of the method is to support only and.MP4. over, for the latter case, the format is not always supported (depending on the codecs used, the most popular. h.264, supported).

To copy the video using iTunes, just perform the following simple actions:

  • Connect the device if iTunes does not start automatically, start the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the device list.
  • In the “On my device” section, select “Films” and just drag the necessary video files from the folder on the computer to the list of films on the device (you can also select the “File” menu. “Add the file to the media text”.
  • If the format is not supported, you will see the message “Some of these files have not been copied, as they cannot play on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding files to the list, click the “Synchronize” button at the bottom. Upon completion of synchronization, you can turn off the device.

Upon completion of the copy of the video to the device, you can watch them in the Video Appendix on it.

How to transfer music from an iPad computer from iPad Music Transfer

Installation and launch of iPad Music Transfer

Launch this software after installation. Connect the iPad mini / air to a computer using a USB cable. Then the software will automatically find the iPad and show the iPad library in the left side panel.

Add music from a computer on iPad

Click “Music” iPad from above. He will show real music on your iPad in the correct integration integration integration. Then click “Add V” in the upper corner and select “Add a file / folder” to add music files from your computer on iPad. You just need a few seconds, you will find the songs that you have chosen from a computer that was imported to your iPad.

iPad Music Transfer software is useful for transmitting music from PC to iPad mini / Air, it can also help you copy music from a computer to iPod and t.D.

  • Transfer any songs from a computer / Mac to the iPad mini / air, iPhone and iPod.
  • Migration of music among iPad, iPhone and iPod.
  • Copy all or selected music from the iPad to any computer and synchronize music from iTunes.

If you want to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, you can study some simple methods and guidance.

Find out how to restore iPhone data without iTunes in this article. restore iPhone data using the simplest way and enjoy.

In this article you will find the easiest way to transfer music from iPhone to Mac, you can find powerful software.

You are wondering how to get free iPhone applications? The article explains everything to get the necessary applications for the iPhone.

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how to transfer files from iPad to PC

In addition to transferring files from iPad to PC, you can also create backup copies of the iPad on PC and in iTunes Library for subsequent use.

Connect the iPad to the computer via a USB cable, and the program will automatically find your iPad.

After the connection, all the files of your device will be found. You can find the desired file by clicking on the type of file on the left side.

After selecting the necessary files, click the “Export” button at the top.

If you want to transfer them to your computer, select “Export to PC” and indicate the destination folder in which the exported files will be saved.

If you want to make a backup copy of these files on iTunes, click “Export” to “ITUNES Library”.

Thanks to this iPad Transfer, you can easily control your iPad files without losing any data. You can import photos / video / music / contacts and others from PC to iPhone / iPad / iPod. He even transfers files between two iOS devices. It supports the latest iOS 9 and iPhone SE, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6/6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod and so on.

  • File transfer, including EPUB, PDF, contacts, music, films, TV shows, music videos, photos, etc. D. From a computer on iPad
  • Export of files from iPad on PC and in iTunes Library
  • Data transfer between iPhone, iPad, iPod with one mouse click
  • Support for all iOS devices, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone Se, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
  • High compatibility with iOS 9.3

How to transfer and download videos to iPad without iTunes

This message will show you different, but simple ways to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer. Here you will find a suitable option for you.

If you want to create backups of iPhone contacts in a safe place, you can synchronize iPhone contacts with a computer. Just find a great way to transmit contacts using Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate.

It is difficult to transfer SMS from Android phone to the new iPhone? This article tells how to easily and safely transmit SMS from Android to iPhone.

Too much music stored in iTunes? How to transfer music from iTunes to Android? This message will show you how to effectively use iTunes music for Android.

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Transfer of any files to iPhone and iPad (free)

Thanks to the new Imazing “Fast transfer” function, copy music, photos, films, text documents and files with Mac and PC on iPhone or iPad easily and conveniently than ever. And all this is completely free!

Fast transfer. new Imazing function. Drag the files or folders to the image of the connected iPhone or iPad, and Imazing will display a list of compatible programs. You just have to choose which program to import content into. This is a completely new approach to managing files that gives you full control over them.


Send music to your phone without synchronization with iTunes. Audio files compatible with iOS can be copied both in the standard music program and in players, for example, VLC.


Drag a short music track to Imazing, and the program will help send it to the iPhone as a ringtone.

Creating a family photo album on iPad is easier! Dry the program with photos in the JPEG or PNG format at the program window. Imazing will do everything else.


An interesting movie or a series will help to pass on the road. Copy video files in Apple TV or players, for example, Infuse or VLC.


Copy books in EPUB and PDF formats to the IPad program program. Well, for comics, you can use the free Comicflow application.


Add all the necessary contact cards quickly (.VCF) in the contact “Contacts” on the iPhone.


Transfer entire file folders to the mobile device. Support for goodreader, doocations and other file managers are supported.


Improte content into programs that support the Function ITUNES: Acrobat Reader, Apple Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Excel and other office and entertainment applications.

Easeus is a developer specializing in useful applications for Apple technology users. Its products most often do not offer some new and unusual functionality, but it helps easier and easier to cope with everyday tasks that cannot be done using standard tools. For example, Mobimover Free 3.0 for Windows and MacOS solves the problem of data transfer between devices, backup and work with various data on mobile devices. In general, all those tasks that usually catch up with the owners of the iPhone and iPad and recklessly postponed by later.

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When starting Mobimover Free 3.0 and the iPhone or iPad connection to the computer, the user gets the opportunity to choose one of four ways to interact with the application: find out brief information about the device, transfer data from a mobile device to a computer, between the old and new device, and open a file manager for working with data from different types. Mobimover supports files of approximately 30 types: music, ringtones, audio books, playlists, recordings of the voice recorder, films, videos, clips and series, photos from the device and from photography, contacts, messages, books, bookmarks and the history of the browser Safari.

For me personally, the main scenario of working with Mobimover Free 3.0. Work with photos and contacts. For several years in a row I used the iPhone with the maximum amount of memory, so I never really thought about the number of accumulated photos. What was my surprise when their number exceeded 25,000, and many of them are duplicates shot in attempts to catch the perfect frame. Cleaning so many pictures on the device is too difficult and long, so I constantly put off it. Mobimover allows you to put the smartphone gallery much faster and easier in order. A similar situation with contacts: if on a smartphone or tablet they need to be cleaned one at a time, in Mobimover you can select several at once and they will remove them wholesale.

Backup and data transfer between devices are also conveniently made in Easeus Mobimover. For example, the application can monitor the changes on the smartphone or tablet regarding the created backup and not rewrite it, but quickly make the necessary adjustments. There are no significant restrictions on the use of devices. Smartphones are supported from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X, tablets. starting with the iPad 3 and second.generation iPad mini. System requirements for computers are also loyal: you need the operating system not older Windows 7 or OS X 10.7 and installed iTunes. What is important, the application itself is free. The Free prefix in the name means not limited functionality and the need to buy a full version, but the possibility of using for personal purposes. The paid version differs only by access to the support chat and permission for commercial use of the product.

Content update. the main methods of copying files on iPad

Apple products are not too simple in everyday use. in particular, even the process of conventional data transfer to devices under iOS control is carried out only using the iTunes program. However, despite all the statements of the compoirer about the impossibility of applying a different method, you can find out how to throw up files on the iPad, with without synchronization or without ites at all at all. Several methods can be distinguished, which are often disposed of in individual cases. Which of them is the most convenient and effective, to solve the user.

You can use various methods of copying files on iPad

Classical way

If all you need is to download music, films or photos to open the relevant files with basic programs, then the best option would be the operation of iTunes. Using the program is extremely simple. you need to enter the appropriate section (video, audio, photo). Now you need to find the “File” item and select a line in the base menu called “Add the file”, and then open the required folder in which the content you are interested in is located. It remains only to confirm the desire to perform synchronization, and after a short period of time, the necessary files will appear on your iPad.

However, using synchronization is not always convenient. A typical example when there are already over a thousand photos on the mobile device, and you need to download only a few pieces. Even knowing how to copy the files on the iPad, you will spend a lot of time, and when performing such an operation on a strange computer, you can simply not wait for the end of checking the entire contents. The solution is extremely simple. you need to open the “Program” section and find the “General files” tab in it. Having found a media player or a tool for viewing images, just add the necessary files to it and complete the work with the iPad.

In addition, some programs support the simplified loading of files via Wi-Fi without a wire connection of the tablet to a computer. To do this, you need to find the appropriate application menu and open the data of wireless data transmission section in it-most often it is called Wi-Fi Drive. Some programs require the creation of a login and password. such a measure provides maximum safety, not allowing to connect to the iPad to outsiders. After the procedure is performed in the menu, a web server address will appear, which can be entered from a computer included in the wireless network. After the opening of such a server, the simplest integer will be available to you, which will allow you to download the required files.

Knowing how to download files on iPad without synchronization, you can download the necessary data to a computer from a gadget. It is necessary to repeat all the actions in the indicated order, however, to choose the data in the memory of the mobile device and transfer it in the opposite direction. The only minus of copying without synchronization. the transferred files will be available only in specific applications and will not be opened by other programs.

Non.standard solutions

Some users do not want to calmly agree with the restrictions imposed by manufacturers and choose their way. To obtain open access to any files, you need to make Jailbreak, after which you will need to install a specific application. Among the most common file managers for the iPad, you can highlight:

Find out how to download the file on the iPad using a specialized file manager is quite simple. after starting it, you will just need to find a mobile device connected to the computer and open its contents. In some applications, you will also need to choose the “Documents” section to get unlimited access to the content used by various programs on iPad. There are a lot of advantages of disposal of file managers. they make it possible to create new folders to conveniently group multimedia and other files, allow you to search, and also significantly accelerate the process of transferring data. By the way, they can be operated without jailbreak, but in this case your tablet will become a large flash drive on which it will be possible to transfer information by getting access exclusively from a computer.

Documents 5. one of the most common file managers for iPad

But still the use of file managers for iPad is associated with unpleasant moments. In particular, it is quite simply possible by chance to delete a system file, without which normal firmware operation is impossible. After that, you will have to reinstall the operating system, risking losing information saved on the device. In addition, in some cases, file managers may not get access to the necessary data. this usually happens if the developer of a particular application decided to impose additional protection on the content used in it.

It is also necessary to say that installing a file manager on a computer does not cancel the need for iTunes. Without this application, it will not work to work normally with the gadget. especially if you want to reinstall the OS or solving other problems. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the disposal of file managers in the most extreme case when it is impossible or extremely inconvenient to use the traditional methods of transferring files.

What method should be used?

To understand how it is better to use data to transmit data, you must first determine whether it is convenient for you to use standard synchronization through iTunes. If so, no other actions need to be taken, since the copying method itself is very fast and effective, otherwise you will have a choice again. If you can upload files to any application using the transmission through common files or Wi-Fi, you should dwell on this method. And only in extreme cases you can recommend a jailbreak and install a file manager who will access you to the device memory content.

Method III: How to transfer files by synchronization of iPad and iTunes

The iTunes app is created exclusively for IDEVICES, including iPod, iPhone and iPad. When you synchronize your iPad with the iTunes application, you can perform a safe backup of files. You can also restore backup copies of files from iTunes.

Here are the steps used in this method of file transfer:

Step: Launch the iTunes application in your system. Connect the iPad to the computer via USB. iTunes will automatically find iPad.

Step: Find the iPad icon in the iTunes integration and click on it. Select “Photos” and click “Synchronize photos”.

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Select “Copy photos” from the option, and then select “Select the folder”. This will open a local computer file.

Select the “My drawings” folder and click the opening menu list to copy photos from the computer on the iPad.

When transmitting films and musical files via iTunes, you will receive a reminder that all existing films and music files on the iPad will be deleted after creating a backup on a computer. Deleted files will be synchronized with new synchronization made above.

For calendars, messages, bookmarks and contacts, you can carry out transfer from the backup of iTunes to your iPad only after restoring the entire backup of iTunes.

Computer file files to iPad using iTunes

Just find a detailed transfer of a computer file to iPad using iTunes with a specific file type. If you need to transfer different types of computer files to the iPad, you need to do the same procedure several times.

  • one. Add the computer file to the iTunes library.
  • 2. Connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable.
  • 3. Select the iPad device in the iTunes menu.
  • 4. Select a category file for loading iPad in iTunes.
  • 5. Check the Sync type field.
  • 6. Transfer the selected PC files to the iPad by clicking the “Synchronization” or “Apply” button.

How to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes

A few years ago, Apple for some mysterious reason decided to completely delete the file transfer function from iTunes. Now you are forced to use a confusing approach, in which the “Photography” application is used instead. It also complicates copying arbitrary files on iPad or iPhone and vice.

For me, as an experienced iOS user, it was a great inconvenience. Due to the size of the screen, my iPad 10.5. the best device for watching movies and shows. I need a way to copy the video on the iPad to watch many of them. Since iTunes is no longer a viable solution, tools have become the only option. Ifunbox and Fileza come to the rescue. Together, these two tools allow me to copy arbitrary files on my iPad and PC and from them, as well as play video in players, such as VLC, without the need to perform the synchronization process that causes a headache. First of all, it is important to note that this approach requires you to hack jailbreak. I stopped on iOS 12.4, to continue to enjoy the convenience of this approach. If you hacked Jailbreak, follow the following actions to find out how to transmit and use files on iPad or iPhone without iTunes.

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Filza is a reliable solution for file management. This gives you almost the same control over the iOS file structure as on the standard iOS device. This is a hacking application, which means that you will need to install it from Cydia.

You will need to click on the search icon in the lower right corner of the Cydia interaction.

Enter Filza in the search bar, then select Filza.

Click “install” in the upper right corner.

This will load Filza from the Cydia repository and install it. Now it will be available to you as a regular application.

Install iTunes if you haven’t done this yet. The reason is that the Apple mobile device is part of the iTunes application for Windows. Without this, Ifunbox will not work properly. Visit the ITUNES installation page here. Then scroll down and click “Windows”, where it is written “Looking for other versions?»This will give you an ordinary iTunes application instead of a version of Microsoft Store with errors.

Download and install IFUNBOX. You can get it to the next link. Just click where it is written “V3.0 “. For installation, just twice click the installation file and continue the usual installation process.

Part Three: Copying files on PC and iOS device and vice versa

Connect the iOS device to the computer using Thunderbolt / USB C or 18-pin connector.

Make sure your iOS device is unlocked. Enter your password or use Touchid if you tuned it.

Open the IFUNBOX on the desktop. First, the download screen with the inscription “Connection to your device” will be shown. After that, you will be presented by the integration shown below. If you want to click on the toolbar first first.

Now click the “user file system”.

You can choose any file copy folder. However, I propose to use the “loading” folder. Later it is easy to access Filza. Choose this folder now

Click Copy with PC. You will get into the folder menu

Click the file that you want to transfer to the iOS device and click “Open”.

If you correctly performed these steps, file transfer will begin in ifunbox.

Part Four: Copying files to a computer from iOS device

Perform all the steps indicated above. However, in step 5, do the following:

Step 5a. Click the file that you want to transfer to your computer.

Step 7a. Select the folder on your PC to which you want to transfer the file.

Part Five: Using Filza to access your files

How to Transfer Files between iPad iPhone and Windows 10 Computer without using iTunes / Software’s

Filza. a very reliable file manager. He has a lot of functions. But today’s leadership will only be devoted to access to the video file that you copied.

The first thing to do is go to the “loading” folder. IFUNBOX and FILZA represent the structure of iOS folders somewhat different. In Filza, you will need to go to VAR / Mobile / Media / Downloads. Look at the following screens to find out how to get there.

When you find yourself there, you will need to change the default application for your video files. Many file formats are not supported by either a standard player or a Filza player. If you uploaded a application for a video player, such as VLC, you can choose it by performing the following actions:

2C. Scroll down to choose the preferred video player, then click on it.

Now, by default, the video of this format will open in this player.

How to send files from a computer to iPad (s): luigi opdido. Luigi OPDIDO- owner and technician of the company repair company Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruze, California. Has more than 25 years of experience in repairing computers, updating, restoring data and removing viruses. The Computer Man Show is also conducting more than two years! on KSCO in Central California.

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In this article, we will tell you how to copy files that are on a computer running Windows or MacOS on an iPad; Such files can be used without connecting to the Internet. You can copy files through iTunes, iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Google disk.

Connect the iPad to the computer. To do this, connect the iPad charging cable to the iPad charger and one of the computer ports.

  • If there is a message that iTunes needs to be updated, click on “Download iTunes”. When itunes is updated, reboot the computer.
  • Apple intends to abandon iTunes starting with MacOS Catalina (this system is released in the fall of 2019). On MAC computers, instead of iTunes will appear Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcast. [1] X source of information in Windows can still be used by iTunes (at least for some time). [2] X Source of Information

Click on the “device” icon. It has the form of iPad and is located in the upper left of the iTunes. The iPad page opens.

Click on overall access to files. You will find this option on the ITUNES left panel; It is marked with an icon in the form of the letter “a”.

  • Applications Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Imovie and Garageband have folders in which projects are stored. this means that almost any files can be transferred to such folders.

Scroll down and click on the file. You will find this option in the lower right corner. Windows or Finder (Mac) window will open.

Go to https: // in web browser. The entrance page to the iCloud account will open.

  • If you have already entered your iCloud account, miss this step.
  • If two-factor authentication is activated, an iPad will display a 6-digit code, which must be entered on the computer.
  • If a message appears with a request to confirm what you trust in the device, click “Trust” both on the iPad and on the computer.

Click on “Download”. You will find this icon at the top of the page; It looks like a cloud with an arrow directed up. Windows or Finder (Mac) window will open.