Method We connect the smartphone to the computer via a cable

If the Apple iTunes player is installed on the PC, you can transfer photos from the iPhone to the computer through a cord through it. To do this, the iPhone must be connected to the PC using a data cable.

ITunes will open immediately after that, and you need to confirm the permission to exchange files. You also need to allow the exchange in the message on the smartphone screen.

After that, you can exchange data by selecting the “Media” tab on iTunes.

We use cloud storage

This is a universal method that is suitable for all models, even very old ones.

Let’s consider using a cloud storage linked to a Yandex account. To use it, all you need to do is register an email on After that, a space in the cloud storage will be automatically allocated, which can be entered through the site

After that, you need to install the Yandex.Disk application on your smartphone. To upload a file to the cloud, just select the desired photo (one or several) and click on the upload icon, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Then click “Next”.

Then select and click the Yandex.Disk icon in the service feed. After that, you will be logged into your account. You can click “Download” in the lower right corner or first “Select folder” in the lower left corner. Photos will be uploaded to cloud storage.

You can then download them to your PC. To do this, you need to enter the site and log into your account using the login and password of your Yandex account. Then select the folder where the photo was uploaded, select the desired file and click on the download icon.

To free up space in the smartphone’s memory, you can then delete the photo from the smartphone and from the Yandex account.

In addition to Yandex, cloud storage is also provided by other services, for example, Dropbox.

Method Using the “iCloud Photos” function

This function is available for smartphones running iOS 10.3 or higher. You need to go to “Settings”, then select “iCloud”, “Photos” and activate the “iCloud Photos” function. It is necessary to set up iCloud on all Apple devices of the user.

On a personal computer with a Windows operating system, you need to install the “iCloud for Windows” application, which can be downloaded from the website For Windows 10, the program can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

When installed on a PC, the application creates a folder with the same name.

With iCloud Photos, you can upload files from iCloud cloud storage to your PC, where you can save them. On the smartphone, to save memory, they can then be deleted.

ICloud Photos is very convenient, but only suitable for gadgets with the latest version of the operating system.

Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

The phone memory becomes full quickly if you store all your photos and videos in it. Therefore, from time to time there is a need to transfer the necessary photos to the memory of a personal computer (PC).

Let’s consider several ways how to transfer or simply download photos from iPhone to computer. It is assumed that the Windows operating system is installed on the PC.

Method Use WhatsApp

If the app is installed on multiple phones or tablets with a SIM card, you can use the app to transfer the file from the iPhone to another device, which may have a different operating system, such as Android.

Then, by connecting this device to a PC via a data cable (i.e. using it as a USB flash drive), you can download the file to your computer. You can also download the file to a USB flash drive by connecting the OTG cable, if the device configuration allows it.

Summing up Modern technologies provide many opportunities for data exchange between apple devices and a personal computer. This article lists just a few of them. It is characteristic that for most of the methods you do not need to connect the cable to transfer data from the device to the PC.

All the methods described are suitable for downloading not only photos, but also videos to a PC.

Using messengers

In messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp, people not only exchange text messages, but also multimedia files. As you know, messenger clients are designed not only for smartphones, but also for computers. Thus, it is possible to transfer data from iPhone and then open from to PC.

Download the messenger client (for example, WhatsApp on your computer and smartphone). Create an account if you haven’t already created one. Then follow these steps:

How to transfer files from iPhone to Windows Pc ��

  • On iPhone, start a chat with your own number.
  • Select a file and send it.
  • Go to the messenger on your computer.
  • Open the previously created chat.
  • Download uploaded files.
  • For many people, this method will seem the most convenient. However, messengers have one drawback. they compress files. That is, the sent video will come in reduced quality compared to the original.

    How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

    You will need to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network and make sure that iCloud has free space for all the files that are currently on the smartphone.

    Open the settings and go to your account with your Apple ID. Here go to iCloud, you can immediately see how much free space in the cloud storage.

    How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)

    Go to “Backup”, if the checkbox next to the option of the same name is in the active position. the bottom will show when the last backup was made. Create a new one by clicking on the corresponding button. Until the process is completed, do not disconnect your smartphone from the network. The time usually does not take more than five minutes. but depends on the Internet.

    Important! This is where automatic iPhone backups come in. It is advisable to enable this option always, so that in case of unforeseen circumstances everything can be quickly restored.

    Why Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer

    Anyone can add to this list. It all depends on the personal preferences of the user, but the fact remains: many people really need to transfer files from iPhone to computer.

    Because the iPhone’s operating system is proprietary, not everyone is able to transfer data seamlessly. In addition, the transfer methods differ markedly depending on the operating system of the computer. Windows requires some action, MacOS requires others.

    Via iTunes

    This is the main option to be considered first. Apple itself recommends using iTunes for data exchange.

    ITunes was originally conceived as a media player. But later it grew into one of the few tools for connecting iPhone to PC on the Windows operating system.

    To use this transfer method, you need to download iTunes to your computer. You can download the program absolutely free. And due to the fact that Apple has a global distribution, the software will be available in Russian.

    Please make sure your computer is running Windows 7 or higher before downloading iTunes.

    After downloading the required distribution kit, you need to open the exe-file to start the installation. After the end of the process, you will need to follow several steps from a simple instruction that allows you to transfer files:

    • Connect iPhone to PC via Lightning to USB cable.
    • Confirm trust in the computer.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Activate connections.
  • Select the type of files you want to transfer. For example, a photo.
  • Press the “Synchronize” button, having selected in advance the folder for placing the data.
  • Click on “Finish”.
  • After performing the specified manipulations, the files will be in the specified folder. Of course, this transfer method is not the most convenient when it comes to transferring a couple of songs or videos. But these are Apple’s limitations.

    If you need to move data to a computer to store a backup copy, you can confirm the creation of a backup in the iTunes section “Backups”.

    Just do not forget to specify “This computer” as the place to save, not “iCloud”. Otherwise, the files will be uploaded to the cloud.

    By Email

    In addition to instant messengers, you can use email services on PC and iPhone at the same time. Therefore, to send files:

  • Click the “” button to add the file.
  • Send a letter.
  • Open mail on your PC through a browser and download the files.
  • You can send a wide variety of information by email. It can be photo, video, audio or documents. over, email services do not compress files, unlike instant messengers.

    IPhone Backup to iTunes

    Someone may correctly point out that a backup on a Windows computer is also created through iTunes. We described this method in some detail earlier. But at the same time, the option of creating a backup via iCloud went unnoticed when using the same iTunes program.

    So. Connect iPhone to PC via cable and launch iTunes. Next, go to the “Overview” section, check the iCloud icon and click the “Create a copy now” button. If iTunes has already been authorized under Apple ID, all data will begin to be uploaded to Apple servers. But remember that this method of saving requires an internet connection.


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    Speed ​​revolution

    Fast transfer is a new feature of iMazing. Drag and drop files or folders onto the connected iPhone or iPad and iMazing will display a list of compatible apps. You just have to choose which program to import the content into. This is a completely new approach to file management that gives you complete control over them.


    Drag and drop a short music track into iMazing and the program will help you send it to your iPhone as a ringtone.

    It’s easy to create a family photo album on iPad! Drag the folder with photos in JPEG or PNG format into the program window. iMazing does the rest.

    iMazing and fast data transfer

    Easily transfer music, videos, photos, documents and files to iPhone or iPad. for free!

    Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Latest version: 2.14.4. Last updated: Sep 24, 2021 Latest version: 2.14.4. Last updated: Sep 24, 2021 Latest version: 2.14.4. Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021


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