Connecting to a memory chip (Service Center)

If the Android device is in very poor condition and it is not possible to reanimate it, but you need to extract the data, then you need to find a service center that can connect to the memory chip and extract all the data.

Troubleshooting instructions

The material will be presented from simple to complex. this means that at certain stages you will need additional knowledge, you will be given additional information. articles to be studied!

Connect USB keyboard and mouse
to Android via OTG adapter

Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android to access your data and try to pull them all out.

Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen on it and you can control Android with an external keyboard and mouse.

Google account.

Did you enter your Google account at the time of Android purchase? Then maybe not everything is as bad as you think, if synchronization was performed. Go to one of the services to recover data:
Phone book in Contacts
Photos in Google Photos
Google Keep notes

Copying data with ADB
(with Root)

If you have Root rights and there is USB debugging, then you can try to recover the data as follows:

  • Run the Windows command line
  • Writing commands
    adb shell
    cd /data/data/com.Android.providers.contacts/databases/
    and looking for the file contacts.db or contacts2.db
    We copy this file using the command to the phone’s memory
    cp contacts.db / sdcard
  • We connect the phone as a flash drive and copy it to a computer or copy it using adb. adb pull /sdcard/contacts.db
  • We open this file through the service

Controlling Android with USB Debugging Enabled

Below are several ways to see what is currently displayed on your Android on your computer screen.

Synchronization Programs

Almost every Android manufacturer has their own utility:

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Htc
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei

Let’s take a look at data recovery using Samsung as an example:

  • Launching Samsung Smart Switch
  • We connect the smartphone to the PC
  • We create a backup by clicking on the “Backup” button
  • After creating a copy, go to the conductors to the place (click the MORE button and go to the settings to find out the path), where the backup is located and find the Contact.spb file
  • Open the file and at the prompt “Open with” select the Kies program
  • A program with contacts will open in front of you

It’s easier if you buy or temporarily rent from someone a smartphone of the same brand as your broken one in order to synchronize. This applies not only to Samsung, but also to other manufacturers, so as not to perform additional actions as described above.

How to transfer apps to a memory card in Huawei?

How to transfer apps through settings

  • Find the “Applications” tab in the settings.
  • Select the utility for the transfer (the main thing is that it is not systemic, otherwise you will not be able to transfer it to the SD).
  • In the menu that opens, click on the “Transfer to SD card” button, and wait for the result.

How to connect Huawei to computer via USB?

To get started, connect your Huawei device to the USB connector, an icon will appear on the notification bar, indicating the connection. Next, on the phone, lower the notification panel and click on the current connection. In the list that appears, select the type. HiSuite and wait for Windows to install the drivers on the new device. May 4, 2018.

How to transfer files from Honor to computer?

Import Photos and Videos from Android Phone to Computer

  • Turn on your phone and unlock it. Your computer will not be able to detect your device if it is locked.
  • On your computer, click the Start button. and then select Photos. to open the Photos app.
  • Select Import From USB Device and follow the instructions.

How to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Samsung?

Now import contacts from old Android phone to new Android: go to Contacts and select Settings Import / Export Contacts Import. Select SIM card as import source. The contacts will be downloaded to the device. Please note that the memory capacity of the SIM card is not large. May 17, 2018.

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Honor?

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor using Bluetooth wireless technology or Wi-Fi:

  • Go back to the phonebook app from the new device.
  • Going to the export menu, click on the item that allows you to transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other gadget.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei?

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei / Honor via Phone Clone?

  • install the application on two smartphones;
  • in the new phone, select the “new phone” option to upload information to it, connect to Wi-Fi or scan the QR code on the previous device;
  • in the old phone, also select the “old phone” option.

How to transfer photos from phone to computer?

Now let’s get down to action.

Transfer Data Android to Huawei

First, connect the cable with one side to your smartphone and the other to a USB port on your computer or laptop. Then you will hear a beep about pairing devices. Now you need to unlock your smartphone in order for your computer to access it. On a smartphone screen with an unlocked screen, you can see something like the following:

transfer, data, samsung, huawei

If nothing appears on the screen after connecting, it does not matter. call the shutter and you will see a connection message.

After clicking, a menu will appear with the ability to select a connection.

What to choose from the list? Since we will be transferring images, select the item “Camera” or “Transfer photos” (we highlighted them above in the screenshots). In this case, you will not see unnecessary folders of the device’s file system, which can only interfere. However, if you want to transfer additional files, for example, some folders, then you need to select “File Manager” or “File Transfer”.

What are we doing all this for? Starting with Android 6.0 and higher, access to the file system of the device using a PC or laptop is closed until the user gives the go-ahead. And this was done in order to protect user data, because it will be impossible for third parties to get close to the file system of the device, if its desktop is protected by a password or other type of protection. All in all, another useful step towards protecting against Android.

On the desktop of a computer or laptop, open the “Computer” section (or “My Computer”. as it is more convenient for anyone). Find our smartphone and double-click on it with the left mouse button.

Next, we open the internal memory of the device, because photos taken with a smartphone are usually saved on it. If images are saved on a memory card, select it. it will also be displayed.

What do we need?

USB cable (some also call it a charging cord. it also serves this function). This can be a micro USB or USB Type-C cable. in this case, it does not matter. The main thing is to have the cable at your fingertips.

How to transfer a photo from a phone to a computer: step by step instructions

Most users use their own smartphone to take pictures, especially since some flagship touchscreen devices shoot so well that they will envy “soap dishes”. At the same time, not everyone knows how to transfer the resulting images to a computer. We’ll show you what to do.

Here is a list of photos. We select the necessary ones, you can several (hold down the Ctrl key and select) or even all at once (CtrlA).

Press the right mouse button and select “Copy” (CtrlC) in the context menu. Or “Cut” (CtrlX). depends on the need.

Now you need to select a folder on your computer where you will transfer files. We have this, for example, the “Photos” folder located on the C drive. Open the folder, right-click on an empty space to bring up a menu, and select “Paste” (CtrlV).

Awaiting the transfer of images. It may take some time if there are a lot of photos.

If you need to transfer a photo to a smartphone from a computer, do the same, only the transfer will be carried out from a PC.

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How to Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung S21 / S20

Last updated February 2, 2021 by Jason Ben

We always love getting the latest and most technologically advanced gadgets for ourselves. The only problem is that with the increase in the amount of data in our smartphones day by day, many people have difficulty transferring data to their new smartphone.

When you look at the latest smartphones available, one name that stands out as the best is Samsung S21. This is why, whether you are using Huawei or any other smartphone, it is worth updating. Today we will tell you some of the cases when you might need to transfer data from Huawei phone to Samsung S21.

Why you may need to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung s21?

Some of the situations in which you may need to transfer data from Huawei to s21 include:

  • Upgrade to Samsung S21
  • Breakage of the Huawei smartphone
  • Using your Huawei smartphone only as a backup

As you can see, there can be many reasons to start transferring data from Huawei to Samsung S21. With that in mind, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort these days transferring data from your Huawei smartphone to the Samsung S21. With Switch Mobile Transfer, you can do it in 4 easy steps. What’s more, there isn’t a big learning curve for understanding software. This ensures that you can transfer data quite easily.

How to Transfer Data from Huawei Phone to Samsung S21 Phone with Switch Mobile Transfer?

We will outline the exact procedure that you can follow to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S21 phone.

  • A computer
  • USB cables
  • Samsung s21 and Huawei smartphones

Step by step guide to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung s21:

Download and install Switch mobile transfer on your computer:

The very 1st thing you should do is download and install Switch Mobile Transfer on your computer. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. The installation procedure is also self-explanatory.

Connect both phones to your computer:

After that, you must connect both smartphones to your computer. After you open the Switch Mobile Transfer software, you must select the Phone to Phone Transfer option. This will allow you to easily transfer data between both phones.

Step 3Selecting the sender and the receipt for the smartphone:

After the phones sync correctly, you should be able to see the Huawei smartphone as well as the Samsung S21 in the Switch Mobile Transfer software. The sender’s smartphone is on the left and the recipient’s smartphone. on right. If the smartphones are not positioned correctly, you can use the toggle button to decide which smartphone will be the sender.

Step 4 Initiate Transfer:

After that, you have to select the types of files you want to transfer. Once you have done this, you must click the Start Transfer button. You must keep both smartphones connected until data is transferred.

You can easily clear the recipient’s smartphone data by selecting the Clear data before copying option before starting the transfer.

After installing the software, the data transfer procedure will take only a few minutes. Switch Mobile Transfer’s interface is pretty easy to understand, which ensures that you can transfer data right away.

So, if you want to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung 9, you can easily do it in a few minutes with Switch Mobile Transfer. All you have to do is just follow the 4 steps we highlighted above.


Install the Yandex application in advance and register your own account. The Yandex program has a function called Yandex.Move. It will allow you to transfer all information from iPhone to Android in just a couple of minutes. Then follow the points:

  • open the main menu;
  • remember your PI, it looks like 4 digits;
  • find a button called Yandex.Move;
  • click on it;
  • select the components you want to ship;
  • install the same software on Android;
  • sign in;
  • enter PI;
  • start the sync process.

After that, everything that was selected before will be downloaded to the phone. The action will be successful with a stable internet connection. It doesn’t matter what it will be. mobile traffic or Wi-Fi.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei or Honor Completely

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei or Honor? Apple has flooded many countries with its products, and today most people have an apple technique. But it so happens that a person decides to move from one firm to another. And those who change iOS to Android are exactly interested in how it is possible to transfer information from iPhone to Huawei or Honor. This includes transferring photos, videos, files, contacts, accounts. It will not be difficult to make such a procedure, but you need to try and find a really easy option for transferring information. There are several functional ways that will help you do this efficiently, quickly and efficiently.

MobileTrans program

The first step is to download the MobileTrans program to your phone. You can find it in Google Play or the App Store, depending on the operating system on the device. MobileTrans is a free virtual software that allows you to transfer information between multiple carriers.

You download it, go through registration or authorization. Then enter, select components for duplication, save. You will also need to download the second device and log in with the same nickname. There the files are unpacked

via iCloud

Transferring contacts via iCloud is not time consuming. iCloud is cloud storage. The principle of operation is simple: on one device, files are uploaded to it, and on the other, they are uploaded. ICloud is in any iPhone, it is convenient to use, the tools are simple and straightforward. In order for everything to work out, you need to follow the sequence of actions given in the instructions below.

  • Enter the cloud.
  • Find the “Contacts” section there.
  • You will need to mark the ones you need to transfer. There is also an icon in the corner that allows you to mark all positions at once.
  • Click on the gear in the upper corner, which will allow you to export contacts to Vcard in a few seconds.
  • Then it remains to transfer contacts to another phone. The easiest way to do this is with a computer. Save them to file on computer and transfer to Android Huawei or Honor.

After opening this file on the second phone, the numbers will automatically appear in the phone book. The operation will be successful if all points are observed.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Huawei or Honor via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a modern development from Huawei. It makes it much easier to transfer music, videos, photos or phonebook contacts between your old and new phone. The program is in great demand among those who decided to change their iPhone for the products of the Chinese corporation Huawei.

The transfer process takes just a couple of steps:

  • install your application;
  • in the device to which you need to upload the data, during registration, select “New phone”;
  • in the device from which you need to throw off the data, when registering, select “Old phone”;
  • on your old device, select the content you want to drag and drop to Android;
  • start the process;
  • wait until the end.

Do not turn off the Internet or turn off your smartphone while the Phone Clone program is running.

using a google account

With the help of the global Google system, it is possible to do useful and necessary operations. One is to move components from one repository to another. Further instructions on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Honor through Google services.

  • Select the files you want to transfer to Android in File Explorer.
  • Export them to Vcard and send by message via Gmail. If there is no profile, then you can make a new one, it will not take much time and effort.
  • Go to Google via Android.
  • Open the file and the contacts will be on the phone. They are automatically added, so no additional saving is provided.

The option is simple and does not take much time. A separate plus is the use of the Google platform, which is used by more than half of smartphone owners. This simplifies the file transfer process.

5 Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei

Below is a list of the current methods by which it is possible to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei:

  • through the Google Account, the account of which is open on your phones;
  • using the Yandex.Moving system;
  • dropping everything to the iCloud cloud;
  • using the MobileTrans program;
  • iTunes and Google in order to duplicate existing contacts in the phone book.

These are reliable and proven methods that have been used by thousands of users.

iTunes and Google to transfer contacts

This method to transfer components from iPhone to Android is popular, free and fast. To make it work, follow the step by step instructions:

  • download and launch the iTunes application;
  • then go to the “Information” tab;
  • click the “sync with” button;
  • enter your username and password;
  • click the “Confirm” button;
  • Synchronize your Android with this account;
  • after the completion of the process, all information will already appear on the device.

This method is done in a matter of minutes, it is constantly used by real apple fans.

MobileTrans program

MobileTrans is a universal telephone service that allows you to transfer several types of files at once. To transfer contacts, you will need:

  • install the program on your computer;
  • connect both phones to the PC;
  • wait until the devices are displayed in the program interface;
  • carry out basic connection setup (following the instructions and system messages);
  • select the files that you want to transfer by checking the boxes next to them;
  • start the process and wait for the transfer to complete.

The speed of transfer depends on the amount of information being transferred, so it is impossible to predict in advance when the process will end.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei or Honor?

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei or Honor? A similar question is asked not only by ordinary users, but also by employees of the mentioned Chinese company. That is why they designed and built a simple, user-friendly application that allows you to instantly import contacts from one device to another. Phone owners only need to download and install the service, after which they can use it. True, it has certain drawbacks, so it is worth additionally considering alternative transfer options.

using a google account

The first method is suitable for people who already have a Google account (if this option seems convenient, you can also register for those who have not yet managed to create their own account). When everything is ready, to throw contacts from iPhone to Android, there will be:

  • go to iPhone settings;
  • switch to the section offering to link your account;
  • log in to your Google profile;
  • select files and information to sync;
  • save selected parameters.

After that, it remains to open the used account on another smartphone and access the received contacts.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei?

The main disadvantage of the described approach is that both devices participating in the transfer of information must be located nearby. This is not always possible, so users should figure out how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Honor using other methods. There are many similar ones:

  • cloud services iCloud and Google;
  • Email;
  • special mobile applications.

In a word, there are many different options that allow you to achieve the desired result in a short time. You just need to search a little and choose the best approach.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Huawei or Honor via Phone Clone?

The easiest way to quickly transfer information from iPhone to Android is to use the new app from Huawei. It’s called Phone Clone. Using it will require:

  • download the program and install it on both smartphones that need to be synchronized;
  • specify in the settings the receiving phone as “new”, and the sending phone as “old”;
  • connect both devices to a single Wi-Fi network;
  • select the files that need to be transferred;
  • start the sending process;
  • wait for it to complete.

via iCloud

Using cloud storage from Apple also has its own drawbacks, but if you follow the step-by-step instructions below, you can achieve the desired result:

  • the first step is to log into iCloud on your smartphone;
  • here you should find the “contacts” section and click on all the data that you want to transfer;
  • then you need to click on the gear icon located below;
  • in the menu that opens with a list of available actions there will be an item “export VCard”;
  • after which it remains to complete the export process and go to your Google account;
  • here it is enough to import the received records.


The second method of transferring data from iPhone to Huawei will require using the Yandex.Move service. To download contacts, you will need:

  • install the program on phones;
  • log in to your Yandex account (or register);
  • when using the program on iOS, follow the instructions until you receive a pin code;
  • when using on Huawei, go to the settings and select the item that suggests moving;
  • after which it will remain to enter the previously received pin-code;
  • the rest will happen automatically without user intervention.

It is important to emphasize that it is impossible to use the described method without creating and using a Yandex account.

iTunes and Google to transfer contacts

To drop contacts using iTunes, you will need:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • enable the mentioned service on the PC;
  • connect the iPhone to the computer and wait until the program recognizes the device;
  • having opened the page with phone data, you need to switch to the “information” tab;
  • in the window with the offer to synchronize, tick the box, then select Google in the menu that opens;
  • log in to your account and click the “apply” button;
  • after which it will remain to log into the Google account on Android and allow synchronization in it.

The rest will happen without user intervention.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor and Huawei via Phone Clone

  • open the software on both the old and the new gadget;
  • on Honor and Huawei, select the new device mode;
  • on Samsung, indicate that this is an old phone (you will take files from it);
  • then select all components or selected files for transportation to another storage;
  • start the sending process;
  • depending on the amount of information, it will take 2-7 minutes.

Do not break contact between mobile devices or try to turn them off during transfer. This will interrupt the transport of packets over the network and cause corrupted content to arrive at Honor / Huawei.

It is also possible to transfer components manually. Then you go to the explorer, select the folders with a tick, click on the share button, and choose the transfer method. Of the proposed:

  • post office;
  • Bluetooth;
  • messengers and more.

The downside is that if there are a lot of files on the medium, you will have to mark it manually for a long time. Also, files will take a long time to download to mail or via messenger, since they are large. Often the Internet cuts and compresses the real quality during transmission, this is also worth considering.

via bluetooth or wifi

Another method of how to transfer data from Samsung to Honor is to use wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensors. To do this, go to Huawei or Honor in the phone book, select the menu, click on import. Choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect to the second device, and confirm the transfer of components.

using a google account

The first option is with a Google account. It is the lightest. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the Google account on the old device;
  • connect to the internet;
  • go to account settings;
  • select sync contacts;
  • log into the same account on the new media and repeat the action.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Honor and Huawei

When changing a mobile phone or tablet, it is important to fully transfer your savings over files for the entire period of use. One of the important blocks of content inside a phone is contacts. The transfer is especially important if you have been using Samsung for a long time, and a large phone book has already accumulated there. Consider a few options to help move subscribers to Honor / Huawei.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor and Huawei completely: instructions, methods

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor? Instructions for this action are important for those who purchased a new device. In addition to frequently used applications and contacts, almost every gadget has a block with videos, photos and audio files that have been accumulating for more than one month. And when you pick up a new smartphone, these components are often missing. In 2021, there are special programs that massively transfer content from one medium to another. In this article, we will look at how they work and how to use them.

export to storage

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

This method involves using a computer or laptop. Open the phone book, select the section with additional options, and click on managing contacts. In the menu that opens, select the item. export to storage. Regardless of which option you choose, the action will be completed quickly. If the first method doesn’t work, try the second and third.

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor Completely

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor is a question that interests many. In particular, this problem becomes relevant if you have changed your mobile device to a new one and do not want to lose the information contained in the phone. Below we will consider what methods you can use in order not to lose the necessary data.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a special program created by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and designed to transfer information. It does not matter between which operating systems the transfer takes place. The application will perform the operation even if the old phone was on iOS and the new one was on Android. The main advantages of the utility:

  • All data can be transferred to any phone.
  • Free use of the program.
  • No internet connection required, you can use QR code.
  • The highest transfer speed reaches 1 GB per minute, which will allow you to quickly transfer all data, including photos, contacts from the phone book, notes, etc.

How to use Phone Clone? Pre-download the utility from Google Play or on the official website of the application. You will have to install it on both devices. Let’s study the instructions using the example of Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P Smart:

  • Run the program on your old phone and click on “This is the old Phone”.
  • Do the same operation on a new mobile phone and scan the offered QR code from it.
  • The final step will be to select the information you need to transfer. Check the boxes and wait for the operation to complete.

The application works on devices starting from Android 4.0 and from iOS 6.0.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Honor and Huawei

After considering how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei, we will study how to save contacts. Usually the phone book is stored:

  • On a SIM card. This option is not often used. This is due to the presence of restrictions. it is allowed to store a certain number of contacts, you cannot add a picture to a specific record, and there are no additional fields for entering information.
  • In the memory of the smartphone. Using the presented storage method, you will open all the functions in the contact book.
  • In the accounting profile. In fact, this option does not differ from the one presented above and provides identical capabilities, allowing you to make any changes. A distinctive advantage is that you can synchronize information through your Google account between any devices. Mostly on Android phones, this is the standard way to store.

using a google account

The first method is considered the most convenient in terms of transferring the necessary information. To import from one gadget to another through the Google service, do the following:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Go to options.
  • Find the section “Accounts and sync”.
  • Find Google in the list and enter your profile.
  • Go to the phone book and go to settings.
  • Further, the item “Import / Export”.
  • Then click on “Import from storage” and click on the Google account where the contacts will be transferred.

After that, on the new gadget, go to the “Contacts” application and go to the parameters. Select import again and click on “Export from storage.” In the list that appears, find your Google account and complete the sync.

via bluetooth or wifi

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor using Bluetooth wireless technology or Wi-Fi:

  • Go back to the phonebook app from the new device.
  • Going to the export menu, click on the item that allows you to transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other gadget. And find it on your new smartphone.
  • Confirm pairing and grant the desired sync permissions.

export to storage

The last method for transferring the presented information involves the use of a drive. In fact, the instruction does not differ much from the options described in the article. Also go to the desired application and in the parameters select the section “Export to storage”.

Then the system will prompt you to select the contacts that you want to transfer, you can check all. After the procedure, a new file called contacts.vcf will be created on the smartphone’s memory card. It contains all saved phones. To find the file, go to the root directory of the drive.

Transfer the created file to a new gadget via a computer by placing it in the folder with the phone book or in the root directory of the memory card itself. Then, on your device, in the Contacts app, select Export from storage. The system will scan, find the desired file and complete the operation, and users will save contact information.

Photo sync with cloud service

Cloud services are the main helpers for those who like to store a lot of photos and videos for a long time. You can transfer files one-time, or you can connect periodically saving data to the cloud storage.

Use Google Drive. a storage from Google. All data located on the virtual drive will be under the reliable protection of Google

To upload photos to the service, log in to your Google account, then open the Drive app. On the left side of the screen, find the “Add” button, in the drop-down list, click on the “Create folder” option.

In the created directory, also click the icon. select the required images on your phone and click the “Download” button.

Files downloaded in this way will be available for viewing on a smartphone and PC. Data can be safely deleted from the memory of a mobile device. now they are stored on a virtual disk.

Sending a photo via mail or messengers

The last option that we will consider is the use of mail or instant messengers. It is suitable for sending a small amount of photos with light weight.

To send images using the messenger, open any of them, the computer version of which is installed on your computer, and send the photos to friends or to yourself. Then go to the desktop version of the program and find the file, right-click on it and select the “Save As” option, then select the folder to store.

You can do the same with mail. Write a letter to yourself or a friend, attaching several necessary files to it. Log in to the mail service from a computer browser and open the letter with the files. Download them in the usual way.

How to transfer photos or other data from Samsung to computer

Samsung gadget manufacturers are striving to create a single system from a smartphone and a home or work PC. This is convenient for fast file sharing and synchronization of programs, for example, mail or instant messengers. Therefore, for Samsung smartphones, there are several ways to transfer data to PC.

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is a dedicated PC photo transfer system for Samsung Galaxy series phones. Using the utility, you can transfer any data to a smartphone connected to a PC via a USB cable, as well as synchronize the work of almost any service. For this:

  • Download and install the utility on your PC.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your device using a USB cable. The computer will immediately detect your device.
  • Run the program. Open the Photo section among the options on the left side of the screen.
  • All photos from your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Check all the pictures you want to transfer. Click the Save to PC button.

That’s all! All necessary data has been copied to your computer.

How to Copy Photos from Samsung Phone to Computer

Sometimes the phone memory is not enough to store all important information, all photos from parties or videos from a vacation. Fortunately, data from your phone can be transferred to other media, including a PC. If you are wondering how to transfer pictures from Samsung phone to computer, there are several ways to do it.

Transfer photos via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an option for synchronizing devices with each other. Turn on the option on your smartphone, then search for active devices on your PC. As soon as the smartphone is detected by the system, click on its name with the right mouse button and select the line “connect”.

In the appeared interaction window, click on the line “Send or receive files via Bluetooth”. Click on it and select the Receive files option.

Open your mobile gallery and mark all images for transfer. Then click the “Share” button, choose Bluetooth as a channel. Mark your PC in the list of devices to which we will send pictures. It will take a few minutes for the files to be sent, after which they will all appear in a special folder on your PC.

Data transfer via USB cable

The most convenient way to transfer via a USB cable is to use a separate software, for example, FoneLab HyperTrans. This program allows you to synchronize the work of your mail, social networks, work programs between your PC and smartphone, as well as transfer any data: photos, videos, presentations, music, and more. Using the utility, you can access documents on your computer from your phone, or answer a phone call from your computer.

To get started, download and install FoneLab HyperTrans on your PC.

Connect your phone with a cord to your computer.

Run the program. Information about the connected device will appear on the screen. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of actions that are performed with the data on it.

We will need a photo section. In it you can add or delete images, create albums and transfer photos to other media.

Mark the required photo and the action you want to perform with it. To transfer to PC, select “Export to PC”, then specify the folder where you want to place the photos, and click OK. All selected files will be moved to the directory you specified.


Especially for users of Motorola smartphones, the company’s specialists have created a software tool called “Motorola Migrate”. The application is available for the Android operating system version 4.1 and higher.

The software allows you to transfer data from any Android devices running the operating system version 2.2 and higher. It is noteworthy that the oldest models are also partially supported, but the portability is somewhat limited. For example, on some devices, only contacts can be transferred.

Transfer data from one Android device to another: move seamlessly

Got a new Android device? Well, congratulations. Most likely, now you will want to transfer data and files from your old device to it. As practice shows, transferring photos, music and videos is not at all difficult. Sometimes users face some difficulties in those cases when there is a question about transferring other information, or rather, contacts and installed applications. But depending on the device used, you can solve the problem with built-in or third-party tools, which you will learn about later.

Transferring phonebook contacts

First of all, let’s talk about the most important thing. transferring contacts. Unlike old-style smartphones, for example, those that worked on Symbian OS, in Android, with the transfer of user data, everything is much easier.

Option two. Export to a memory card

If you are one of those users for whom the Internet is not available at the moment for some reason, or simply want to transfer contacts manually, then you need to export them. This method is relevant only if both devices have a slot for memory cards.

  • Open the Contacts app on your Android device.
  • Go to the settings menu and find the item “Export contacts” or similar.
  • Export contacts to a separate file and save it to your SD card.
  • Move the SD card to the device to which you want to transfer the contact information.
  • Go to the “Contacts” application on the device to transfer.
  • In the application settings, find the item “Import contacts” or similar.
  • Import contacts from the memory card to the internal memory of the phone, specifying the path to the file with the exported contacts.

Transferring Music Files

You probably won’t want to complete your music collection from scratch on a new smartphone. Even if you don’t use Google Play Music, this program is the best way to transfer music.

The best way to do this is with a computer. Play Music stores up to 50,000 audio tracks. After that, you can play them on any of your devices by logging into the application. Open Settings in your browser and upload your music to the Google Play Music app for your computer desktop. On your new smartphone, log into your Play Music account and all the music will be in front of you.

You can save these tracks in the cloud or download them to your device for local access, so as not to depend on the availability of an Internet connection.

Google Play Music will help you move your music.

Option one. Using the Internet and your Google account

All you need to do is register a Google account and log in to it from your device, on which “Backup” and “Automatic recovery” should be enabled in the settings. After that, all contacts from the phone book will be automatically added to your account. If you log into your account from another device, for example, a new one, the previously saved contacts in the account will be copied to the phone book. Convenient and simple.

Transferring SMS and MMS messages

Transferring text messages is usually the most difficult and volatile process. The best option for this task is the SMS Backup Restore app. It downloads messages to the microSD card, if there is one on the smartphone. Alternatively, you can transfer SMS to a computer and then use the application to restore them on a new smartphone by connecting it to the computer. Testing has shown that the program copes with its work and all messages are successfully moved. Detailed instructions for working with the software are presented in the article. How to transfer SMS.

It is best to stop using SMS and MMS services altogether and switch to third-party instant messengers. For example, in Messenger, all you need to do is simply sign in to your account and all your messages will be at your fingertips. The same can be said for WhatsApp, Viber and others.

You should not erase data on an old smartphone until a new one is set up. Thus, all data will always be at your fingertips.

Xiaomi and Redmi

The popular manufacturer Xiaomi offers several tools for transferring data between smartphones at once. this is the Mi Mover application. Mi Drop and Mi Cloud. The former and the latter are great for dealing with large amounts of data, while Mi Drop is geared towards transferring selective files. It is also worth noting that thanks to Mi Mover, data can be transferred from Android of any other manufacturer, but only to Xiaomi. In some cases, it can even be very useful.