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(Phone on PC) How to transfer photos from Galaxy S8 to a computer

Samsung is known for its high.quality camera to create impressive photos, there is no doubt that this function is highlighted by Samsung among all Android phones.

Speaking about Samsung, I also have excellent experience using the Samsung phone, with my Galaxy S8, which I used to photograph during meetings with my family and friends. After the meetings, I noticed that I took too many pictures, and they take all the place on my phone, and I really do not want to delete some of the photos. This is why the idea to transfer photos from my Galaxy S8 to the computer occurred. Thus, I can still store all the photos, having enough space on the phone.

But transferring a photo from a phone to a computer is not as simple as it seems, there are important things that you should know and take into account before doing this. If you are in the same situation mentioned above, or you just want to create a backup copy of your photos, I will share with you everything that I know about how to transfer photos from phone to computer.


Transfer of photos from Samsung to a computer with the best software

If you want to find a simple and quick way to add photos to a computer, you can use Aiseesoft Mobiesync, Mobiesync. Professional software for transferring files from a mobile phone. You can transmit various files, such as photos, videos, songs, contacts, etc. D., With samsung to a computer.

  • Transferring photos from Android phone to one click.
  • Synchronize files such as photos, contacts, messages, videos, audio, etc. D.
  • Data synchronization between phones and a computer, as well as between mobile phones.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP and iOS 12 or more.
  • Support for popular Android phones, such as Samsung, Huawei, HTC and TC. D.

How to transfer photos from Samsung to a computer using Mobiesync

Step 1 Connect Samsung to your computer

Download, install and run mobiesync on your computer for free. Connect your Samsung to a computer using a USB cable. Then your device will be recognized and you can see the information in the integration.

You can see that all files are listed in the categories on the left side panel. Click on the type of photo to find and pre.viewing photos.

Step 3 Transfer of photos from Samsung to PC

Select the photos you want to transfer and click “Export to PC” Transfer photos from your Samsung to a computer.

If you want to add photos to your Samsung, you can click “Add File (s)” in the upper menu to add photos to your phone.

Smart Switch doesn’t work? Here is the elimination of problems

Despite the fact that with the help of Smart Smart Switch everything looks wonderful, many users report problems related to the fact that Samsung Smart Switch does not work. Here are some common problems with Smart Switch:

  • Samsung Smart Switch is incompatible with the Android or iPhone device.
  • Samsung Smart Switch sometimes stops the error annoying process.
  • Samsung Smart Switc often gives a failure.
  • Data transmission errors with, including lack of data.

Search and elimination of faults for Samsung Smart Switch. Transfer by phone

If you are faced with the fact that the aforementioned Samsung Smart Switch does not work, you can restart Smart Switch and repeat the attempt, delete, and then reinstall both a mobile and desktop version, but these things will definitely detain data transfer. And what you do cannot guarantee the correction of Samsung Smart Switch. To eliminate Samsung Smart Switch malfunctions, Samsung Smart Switch alternative may be required. As well as AISEESOFT, telephone translation is strongly recommended.

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Galaxy Note 10: How to Transfer Photos & Videos to Computer w/ Cable

Contacts photo media Contacts photo Video audio
Music playlist Cinema TV show Musical videos Podcasts itunes u Melodies Audio books Voice notes
iOS on Android
iOS on iOS
Android on iOS
Android on Android

Compared to Samsung Smart Switch with Aiseesoft Phone Transfer, you will not encounter errors or errors. In addition, it seems that it is easier to use Phone Transfer for data transfer. Using Phone Transfer, you will never worry that Samsung Smart Switch does not work.

  • Professional software for transmitting a phone data that will help you directly transfer data between the iPhone and Android phone in one click.
  • Transfer the old phone data to a new phone.
  • File synchronization when switching between iPhone and Android phone.
  • Fast and easy to use.

Step 1 Insatall and Lauch Phone Transfer

Download the Phone Transfer program to your computer and click the FoneCopy file.exe to install it on your computer. The installation process is very fast. After that, start Phone Transfer.

Step 2 Connect the devices and select the file type

Part two: how to transmit and reserve data using Samsung Kies

If your smartphone / tablet to Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc. D.), You can download kies, and if your phone is from Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or later version), you need to download kies 3 ,

1 install Samsung Kies and connect the phone to the computer

By downloading kies, open it on your PC and connect the Samsung phone using a USB cable. Then Kies will automatically find your phone.

2 Samsung files using Samsung Kies

After the icon of your phone appears in the window, select “Contacts”, “Music”, “Photos”, “Video” or “Podkast” separately. Then select the files that you want to transmit, and click the “Save” button in the upper menu to copy them to your computer.

Note. If your phone has contacts, music, video, etc. D., The corresponding icons will appear in Samsung Kies. If not, then there will be no these items. And you can click “synchronize” to synchronize them with your outlook.

3 backup data from Samsung Kies

Click “Reserve / Restoration” “Reserve Data” and click “Select all the elements” or data that you want to make a backup copy. Then click “backup”.

Tips: You can also click “Restore data” to restore Samsung data with Samsung Kies.

And why the computer connected to the Samsung Galaxy phone may not see it when connecting via USB?

It turned out that although our electronic assistants are equipped with multifunctional capabilities, when connecting a USB cable requires the intervention of a person who must configure this compound.

The USB connection is multifunctional, which allows you to solve different problems, so when connecting, you need to choose the current function for a given moment from the following:-file transfer;.USB modem;. MIDI;. image transmission;. Only charging the phone.

Most often, when connecting a phone via a USB cable to a PC, a smartphone, having gained access to a computer power, immediately activates the charge of its battery, thereby “turning it off” all other USB-connection functions.

SMS transfer methods from Samsung phone to computer

The easiest way to move messages from phone to computer. This is the use of special programs that are phone managers. Using these special programs, you can copy any information from the phone on PC and vice versa. For this purpose, Samsung phones such as Samsung PC Studio, Kes or Smart Switch are suitable. These programs can be downloaded and installed on your computer for free. We will dwell on the second of them. Smart Switch, with it you can make a backup copy of SMS correspondence. To do this, start the Smart Switch program, connect your phone to PC using a USB cable or in another convenient way. Your smartphone will be displayed in the program window. You will only need to select the “Backup” item and indicate the path where it should be made. By default, the backup will go to the “Documents”.

To restore your files, you should select “Restore” item

Methods for transferring information from a Samsung phone to a computer and arising errors

The first method is through USB

The easiest way to transfer information from the phone to the computer is to connect the latter using the USB wire. First of all, you need to connect the USB cable, which goes, as a rule, complete with your mobile device. Usually, this is the only action that needs to be performed, since on most devices, the connection is automatically carried out.

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If this does not happen, then perhaps to display on a computer, Windows requires additional software. You also need to make sure that all drivers are installed and work correctly. Perhaps the connection happened automatically, but the computer is not tuned to notify about it. In this case, you need to look at the taskbar or in the conductor the presence of a connected new device.

If your computer still does not want to see a smartphone, then try to install a special application or utility, for example, SideSync synchronization program. It will help not only recognize your phone with a computer system, but with its help you can easily make a backup copy of your phone book, check and update software and much more.

The second method is wireless

In addition to the first method, in the age of the Internet you can use the wireless way. But this method is not entirely effective when moving large.volume files. Information can be moved using a direct wireless connection of the smartphone to the computer, and using file exchange services on the Internet.

You can simplify the task of moving files using cloud storages. For example, from giants such as Yandex, Google or Mail. In this case, the information will not be stored on your smartphone, but on the server to which you can connect at any time and from any available device. The only drawback of this way of storing information is that when losing connection to the network, your data will be inaccessible until the connection is restored.

Using one of the described methods, you will never lose the number of friends and acquaintances, your favorite photos and videos, important messages and other files.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

How to connect Samsung Mobile with USB to computer and transfer files

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Ways to move contacts from the Samsung phone to a computer

The first method is through the conductor

Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB. How to do this, we said in a last article. To determine the phone, the computer does not need additional drivers, if this does not happen, the reason may lie in the irrelevant version of Windows Media Player. Next, in the contacts menu on the phone, select the Import/Export button, then select. “Export to the CD memory card”.

After that, open a memory card on a computer. It will be highlighted by a red frame. This folder has a VCF extension, a similar format is read by Microsoft Outlook, so we open it using this program. Next, we save to the place where it is most convenient for us to store this information.

The second method is through the Google account

To do this, go to the “Settings” section and in the list of accounts, select “Google”. Next, indicate our account or select “Synchr. all”. Thus, your subscribers are synchronized with Google and Gmail

After that we go to our account, then. by mail, open the letter “Contacts”. Using the “Additionally” tab, we export the contacts to your computer in the right format.

The third way is through the Smart Switch program

This program saves not only contacts, but also other important files, as well as many applications from your smartphone. First of all, you need to download the Smart Switch program, choosing the right version according to your OS and start. In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” item, then. “Archive Elements”, in the list that appears, put the flag opposite the “Contacts” line. Then click the “backup” and wait for the end of the process.

transfer, data, samsung, computer

As for most modern Android devices, there are many other applications and programs for copying data from phone to computer. For example, Samsung Kies. But, in our opinion, it will be more convenient for automatic updating the firmware on the phone.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

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Instructions for connecting the Samsung Galaxy smartphone to a computer via a USB cable.

So you have a personal computer and smartphone Galaxy. For their pairing through a USB connection in the phone kit, a USB cable is necessarily present. We will use it and put a USB connector into the computer’s nest, and the MicroUSB or USB Type-C Cabbel connector in the smartphone nest.

In the case of the first connection of the Samsung phone to the computer using the USB cable, the computer automatically downloads all the necessary drivers for the connection and transfer of files via the USB channel, and the message “Installation of the device driver” will appear in the lower part of the computer screen ”.

Computer screen. after connecting the phone to the computer, a message will appear on the driver’s installation on the PC screen.

After successful installation of the driver, the second message “The device is ready for work” will appear “.

And on the phone screen will open a window in which the request “allow access to data on the phone”. Here you need to click on the “Allow” button.

Screen. click on the “allow” button.

Further, all actions will be carried out from a personal computer (PC).

After receiving a permit for access to the phone files on the PC screen, the Avtobata window will open. To work with the phone files, select “Open the device for viewing files”.

Computer screen. click on the “Open device for viewing files”.

After that, the standard application of the Explorer file manager will start, where the position of your smartphone will appear in the computer section, in our case, “Galaxy A50”. To enter the section of the memorial device of the phone, you need to click on the “Phone” position in the right side of the conductor screen.

Computer screen. click on the PHONE position.

After that, the conductor will show all the folders of the memory of your phone, where all the information of the smartphone is stored. Now the smartphone gives us admission to 18 folders of the phone memorable device with which we can work: view files, copy and even delete them from the smartphone memory.

Computer screen. a type of root directory of a smartphone memory consisting of 18 folders. We open the DCIM folder.

Next, we describe the structure of the phone storage. The Android operating system has a strict structure of the smartphone memorable device, where all its folders have the same name and purpose for all smartphones with Android OS ANY manufacturer.

The most popular for us will be the following folders:. DCIM. storage of videos, photos and screenshots shot by a smartphone;. Download. a folder for storing files downloaded by a smartphone from the Internet;. movies. folder for posting video files for viewing on a smartphone;. Music. folder for placing audio files for listening on a smartphone.

transfer, data, samsung, computer

First of all, we open the DCIM folder, where files with photos and videos filmed on a smartphone are stored.

There are three dadns in this folder so far:. Camera. for storing photos and videos shot on a smartphone camera;. Screenshots. for storing screenshots of smartphones;. Magnifier. Files of the Lupa application/ Magnifier.

Computer screen. type of DCIM open folder.

The next folder where the smartphone puts all the files downloaded from the Internet is called download.

Computer screen. open the download folder.

Let’s open it. Now in this folder there are:-Audio file mp3 format-“Mishkina-Kasha”. This is an audio book n.Nosova “Mishkina Porridge” Graphic file of JPEG format. “Scan0547_ Count 317 from 15_03_2021” MP4 video file. “Shurpa Uzbek (360p)”. This is a video of preparation of Uzbek cuisine “Shurpa” and 2 folders with audiobooks “Mishkina Porridge” n.Nosova.

Computer screen. type of download folder.

There are special folders that are called Music (for music) and Movies (for video) on a smartphone for placing files and video films on a smartphone. Here you can copy your favorite videos and audio files from the computer for further viewing and listening to them using the phone.

Computer screen. for posting a video there is a folder of movies, and files with music. the Music folder.