How to transfer data from android to iPhone: instructions

If you decide to switch to the iPhone, for a quick start in the new system you will need to carry out data transfer from Android to iOS. We tell you how to do it quickly using one special application.

To completely duplicate your applications, uploaded files and documents for the new iPhone, use the following instructions.

Data transfer from Android to iPhone

To quickly transfer data, you need to install the connection between the devices

The data transfer procedure from Android to iOS is quite simple, so even the child will figure it out. Nevertheless, I will describe the key stages, my own plugs and claims to the transfer methodology.

  • First you need to download the “transfer to iOS” application to your Android Smartphone. You can do this right on Google Play.
  • Now activate the iPhone, set the initial settings and on the recovery screen select data transfer from Android.
  • Launch “transfer to iOS” to Android and set the connection between smartphones according to the instructions and select data for transfer.
  • After 8-10 minutes, depending on the volume of data and the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, will be transferred and will appear on your iPhone.

iOS allows you to transfer not so much data, despite the fact that part of the declared it still does not tolerate

It is important to understand that you can transfer a rather limited data spectrum:

Despite the fact that you can transfer contacts from an android to the iPhone without difficulty, no alarm clocks, nor applications, nor notes are tolerated. At least this is not visible on the data selection page. However, a backup copy from the Android Smartphone, which is copied on the iPhone, contains data on the applications established by you earlier. So at the time when copying is completed and you will find yourself on the iPhone desktop, you will be invited to install all your applications.

“All applications”. this, of course, is said loudly. Despite the fact that the iPhone really pulls up some part of the software installed on your Android, for some reason it happens very selectively. over, I’m talking about free applications, not about paid. But even they were not established in full.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone | Apple Support

How to transfer a phone number to a new iPhone

If you insert your SIM card into the new iPhone, it automatically recognizes your phone number. And as soon as the device caught the network, you can receive calls and go on the Internet, the conditions of your tariff at the mobile operator will not change.

Another thing is if your SIM card is too small and does not fit the SIM card tray in the new iPhone. In this case, do not try to cut it yourself-it is better to contact your operator, where you will be given a SIM card of the right size. As a rule, in cellular operators this service is free, but someone can take money for this.

Modern iPhone uses Nano SIM instructions for transferring data from iPhone to iPhone 13 or from Android to iPhone 13

2) We connect an old iPhone or smartphone on Android and the new iPhone 13 on USB to PC.

3) launch Anytrans and wait for smartphone initialization. Yes, when connecting Android Smartphone to Anytrans, you will need to enable the USB debugging function. Usually the smartphone itself offers to turn on this function. Also after starting Anytrans on a smartphone, he needs to allow access to various data types.

4) Select the old iPhone or smartphone on Android and the new iPhone 13. Click on iOS in the upper Anytrans panel to transition to data transfer. Click on Content to iOS, she is in the middle. You can immediately see what data is available for transfer from the old smartphone to a new.

What can copy Anytrans? Music, films, ringtones, gallery with photos and videos, books, contacts, messages, call history, calendar records, archives, documents.

6) We agree with the transfer of data from the old iPhone or Android to the iPhone 13. Or vice versa (also you can). Select the data you want to see on the iPhone 13. Wait for the completion of the process.

Anytrans is not a one.time program at all. It can be used in the future as a convenient file manager for your smartphone. Make backups of the necessary information, ringtones, applications, videos and so on.

Anytrans also knows how to transfer data from any smartphone in iCloud and iTunes, which can also be very useful, especially when moving to iPhone with Android.

How to throw off contacts from Android on iPhone using a SIM card

Perhaps the easiest way to transfer contacts from android to the iPhone is to save numbers on the SIM card and its connection in the new smartphone. However, it is important to consider that SIM card can store a maximum of 255 contacts, and if you need to transfer more information, use other methods.

First, make sure your contacts are saved on SIM. To do this, open the “Contacts” application on the Android Smartphone and go to its settings.

Select the item “Import/Export of Contacts”. “Export to the drive: SIM”. Then you will be invited to choose where you want to copy contacts: from the phone book, Google, WhatsApp or other messengers. Mark the necessary contacts and confirm your choice.

If there are notes on SIM, to transfer them to the iPhone, it will be enough to put the card on the new smartphone. To download contacts in the ICOUD or Gmail account, you can go into the settings and select the “Contacts”. “Improve SIM contacts” item.

For one contact on the SIM card, only one name and one number will be saved. Contacts with additional information are saved as different records. Simply put: if you have three different numbers for one person, then on the SIM card they will persist as three different contacts.

How to transfer data, passwords, contacts and another from the old phone to the new Android and iOS

Hello everyone, when changing your phone, we have a lot of problems. And it’s not about buying a new and selling old devices. And this: how to transfer contacts, chats, photos and another to a new phone? All answers in our material. Go!

Contacts, passwords, calendar data are stored in your Appleid and Google/Samsung/Mi and other accounts. But we will carry out the transfer with the participation of the iPhone and Google’s account.

So that everything is exactly transferred:

  • iOS: “settings” → “upper field with your name” → “icloud”. Here we arrange flags near the necessary data: passwords, messages, contacts and another.
  • Android: “Settings” → “Accounts” → “Google Account” → “Synchronization of Account”. And choose what you want to synchronize.

Important: synchronization between several devices on iOS/iPados occurs in a second (you only need the Internet), in Android you need to see if automatic synchronization is included and whether it occurs without Wi-Fi (using mobile Internet).

Accounts: Google. in iPhone. icloud. in Android ? Apple allowed to add Google accounts to iOS, but ICLOD is not.

So now you do not need special crossings for transferring contacts and calendars from smarts with a robot on board to an apple. But when the iPhone is transition to Android, there will be no such convenience.

Photo/video. Here is generally complete freedom:

  • iOS: there is iCloud and “strangers” cloud services. For download the application (Yandex.Disk, google drive, google photo and others), log in, synchronize data. Then: download the same application to the new device, authorize and that’s it.
  • Android: The essence is the same, but most likely synchronization with Google Drive is already present. But in general, it is very convenient to download Google photo, everything is intuitive and very convenient there, no extra folders. photos and videos immediately on the screen. The latter also applies to the iPhone if we are not talking about iCloud.
  • Telegram. ideal in this matter. There is no need to do anything additional. authorization and ready. Platforms do not matter.
  • Whats’App: First, we create a backup on the old device, and after that we log in to the new. And in any other order-otherwise nothing to save.
transfer, data, phone, iphone

Important: backups can be used on devices: Apple-Apple, Android-Android. It is due to the fact that copies are saved in Google Drive and ICLOUD, and they are not friends with each other.

  • Signal: You just need to log in, copies are created on their own, but also transferred only inside one platform.
  • Viber: History is repeated. You can create a backup copy, but it will also be available inside the Apple-Apple/Android-Android platform. By default, copies are not made, check the settings in advance.

Achievements in games can also synchronize. We check in advance in Appleid settings, there we look for the line “Game Center”. Android: Open Google Play Games and check, authorization and preservation happened automatically. If you immediately refused and so on, then nothing has been preserved for you. You can try to enter through Play games, but most likely your merits will be reset, but there are also happy outcomes. Where you have already created an account using e-mail or some kind of social network, it won’t work.

This follows the advice: immediately agree to save the game process in the Play game in the future or on a new phone. Naturally, the whole thing is impossible to synchronize between the apple and the robot.

transfer, data, phone, iphone

Applications accounts. Well, here you yourself know: you need to log in and ready. If you did not create an account at once, then it will often be impossible to transfer the achievements. If you click “Create an account”, then most likely all selection/settings and TDs are canceled, but now you have your own account. But there are many applications where such a deferred entrance is possible. everything will be saved in a new account as it should. The same story comes out as with games.

In general, I already wrote about my transition from Android to the iPhone and how it was all. I even talked about what I really don’t like in the iPhone. It would be interesting to know your opinion on this topic.

Conclusion: you can transfer a lot. Inside the platform. everything is generally, but you need to take care of everything in advance and put checks in the right places. Be careful and as always: take your time. Like everyone!

How to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone

By default, you cannot transfer WhatsApp from an Android to the iPhone for one simple reason. It consists in encrypting messages that uses messenger. The fact is that the chats are protected by End-to-End, which is why you can read them only on two devices-the sender device and the recipient device. However, this does not mean that you can’t break into this chain at all. Especially if you have a special program, such as Tenorshare icarefone Transfer.

Tenorshare icarefone Transfer can carry any chats

How To Transfer Data From iPhone To iPhone

Both phones should be connected to a computer at the same time

Confirm the phone number to which the WhatsApp account is attached to complete the transfer

transfer, data, phone, iphone
  • Confirm the transfer of the phone number to which the WhatsApp account is tied;
  • Wait for the completion of the procedure and turn off the smartphones from PC.

The purpose of Tenorshare icarefone Transfer is to transmit a backup with chats from one device to another. In fact, the utility in this case acts as a backup converter, making a backup of WhatsApp with Android can be recognized and can be used on the iPhone. Thus, there is nothing unlawful of this. It’s just that the creators of this utility have done a good deed and actually completed the work of whatsApp developers who could do the same, but for some reason did not want.

Manual transfer

If you no longer want or cannot drop the iPhone to factory settings, transfer all the necessary files and data manually. To transfer mailboxes, contacts and calendars, add accounts through “Settings” → “Passwords and Accounts”.

Now handle the photo and

transfer, data, phone, iphone
  • Connect Android to the computer and copy all the files you need on it. For MacOS, use the Android File Transfer program, open it and go to the DCIM → Camera folder (camera).
  • Connect the iPhone and transfer with iTunes or Finder (MacOS) all photos and videos.

Is it worth switching to the iPhone

Face ID. perhaps the best invention of Apple

Despite these shortcomings, I like iPhone. Apple mobile operating room is very logical and intuitively clear. Here are the main arguments that made me stay on iOS:

  • I make less errors when typing, car administration works better.
  • Applications do not stop working out of the blue, and their functions are not disconnected when overflowing the cache.
  • Updates for most applications first go to iOS, and only then on Android. Even Google most often releases an update in the App Store than in Google Play.
  • Applications ask me if I want to be tracked and collected by my data. So Apple really cares about my confidentiality.
  • Face ID is a super-circular thing. There is simply no more convenient verification system, you just don’t notice how it works.
  • Pares with other Apple devices, iPhones gain new functions. For example, now I can copy the text on the computer, and insert on a smartphone, or take a call to the iPad.
  • Updates for iOS go to all devices at once, and I do not need to wait until the manufacturer wakes up and releases an update for my smartphone.

Objectively iPhone is a smartphone that is really made for people. It seems that he was created so that the user does not, God forbid. Android is not on Android. Of course, I do not think that Google developers did it on purpose. Most likely, all those shortcomings of Android, which are not in iOS, exist due to the architectural features of this particular platform. But, in fact, what is the difference to me why it happens that way?

After all, I just want to use my smartphone, I do not want to clean the cache to work, I don’t want to know what cache is on Android. So the iPhone may not be very convenient in the initial setting, but it is very convenient in the further use. And, you know, I am ready to get confused once so as not to fool myself in the future.

You can discuss as much as you like about the quality of Google services, but deny the fact that Google Chrome. One of the best browsers all the time is simply pointless. Every day, millions of people around the world use it, regardless of the platform of their devices, especially since the reasons for this are enough: fast work, simple and at the same time convenient integration, excellent synchronization between devices. But this all fades compared to the main advantage. extensions.

You probably already know that recently Apple and Google are very actively canceled by Russian users. However, they not only limit the work of their services in Russia. They go further than the law obliges them, and remove the application of local banks from their stores that have fallen under sanctions. As a result, neither in Google Play or the App Store you will no longer find Sberbank online. But it is at such moments that you begin to rethink your values ​​and understand what really matters and what. No one.

Alice from Yandex. This is the best Russian.speaking voice assistant of those on the market. She quickly responds to questions, gives them the right answers, very nicely cuts off, and her voice is almost impossible to distinguish from human. The robot in it is given out only rare problems with stresses in words. But even at the same time she has practically no equal. Accordingly, if you buy some kind of column with a voice assistant, then only Yandex.Station. Another question is what exactly, because in the assortment of Yandex there are already as many as 7 pieces.

Everything in Apple products is great except the price.

I have IMAC 27, Makbook M1. Everything in Apple products is fine except iPhone. Around 2012 he went to Android. There was an attempt with the iPhone 11, I could not sit on it more than one day. After android. as if he had returned in 2012 updates and price. Samsung, for example, produces patches every month, the price is comparable.

6 years ago tears with a wretched iOS on a beautiful robot. I never regret. Both systems are used, but as the main android of course.

As I liked in the same previous one, such an article is “the matter is not better and what is more suitable, what is more like”. Yes, price is the main thing that is not even that scares away, but (I don’t know if there is such a word in russian ulcer). it takes away the process of buying iPhone. I am an ordinary citizen, a disabled person, that is, a pension and a salary below the average. I am killed by the idea of ​​giving 200 Baku for a bootelphone of 5-6 years ago-of course, more practical for the same grandmas to buy a new Android with a year of warranty.

The price of flagships is comparable. But there are beautiful devices from OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi for a very reasonable budget. And if you consider the BU, then you can take last year’s flagship Samsung inexpensively.

Quote: However, the binding was not the most convenient. Unlike Android, where the NFC works in both directions, the iPhone does not just allow you to attach a “plastic” to the back cover to write down payment data in memory. This is very inconvenient, because you have to score all the information manually. Rave. The card can be added quite conveniently and quickly to Wallet from most banking applications on iOS!!

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