How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung S20 / S10 / S9 / S8 / S7

[Conclusion]: When transferring data from the iPhone to the Samsung S20, S10 or other Samsung Samsung smartphones, you may need transmission of data such as messages, contacts, photographs, WhatsApp, Video, Music, call magazines from the iPhone on the Samsung phone. Read further to find out how to quickly and easily switch the iPhone data to the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the last Samsung smartphone when the Samsung Galaxy S20 was released, you can buy a new Galaxy 20 instead of the iPhone, when you will have a new Samsung S20, how to transfer data from the iPhone to Samsung S20 / S20 / S20 Ultra? Perhaps you will use the Samsung Smart Switch to synchronize data from the iPhone to the wireless Galaxy S20, but in fact: you cannot transmit messages, photos, videos, music and messages from the old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 (Plus), correctly?

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In this article, we will teach you how to transmit all the data and files, including contacts, photos, videos, music, text messages, call history, WhatsApp messages and much more with iPhone 4 / 4s 5 / 5s / 5s / 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / SE / 7/7 Plus / 8/8 Plus / X / XS / XR / 11 for Samsung S20, as well as Samsung S10 / S9 / S7 / S7 / S5 / Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 5 and other Android phones.

Samsung Smart Switch and cable data (Phone Software)

  • Samsung wireless transmission from the iPhone using Samsung Smart Switch: contacts, calendar, notes, application list, call log / black list, bookmarks, watches and Wi-Fi.
  • Data transmission from the iPhone to Samsung using Phone Switch or Phone Transfer: Contacts, Messages, Photos, Video, Music, Message of WhatsApp, Application Data and much more. over, the telephone transmission tool also supports data transfer between Android, iOS and Windows.

Go further and find out how to transmit data from the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20!

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A detailed guide on how to synchronize data from the iPhone on Samsung Galaxy Fold

Install Phone Toolkit. Turn on PC

Download Phone Toolkit. Switch and install it on your computer (PC with Windows or Mac). Run it and on the screens of greetings, select the option “Switch”.

Connect the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Fold to PC

Connect the old iPhone and the new Galaxy Fold to the computer using two USB cables. Ideally, your iPhone should be indicated as source, and samsung. as an appointment device. You can use the “turn” button to change them.

IPhone file transfer to Samsung Galaxy Fold to convenience

Now select the data type that you want to move (contacts, text messages, calendars, music, video, photos, call magazines). Then click the “Start transmission” button.

Additional Information

If on the iPhone you used the Apple subscription, transfer it to the cable or somehow, perhaps you should not: Apple Music is the only apple application that is also available for Android (you can download the market in Play), and your subscription to it will be active, as well as access to all previously acquired albums or compositions.

How to migrate your WhatsApp data from iPhone to a Samsung phone

Also, if you use “universal” cloud storage facilities available for both the iPhone and Android (OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex disc), then access to data such as photo, video and some other from the new phone will not be a problem.

The tool that you will need to copy the iPhone data in the Galaxy S10 / S10 in 1 click

iOS Toolkit. telephone switch is a professional software used to transmit data between devices. The “Data” mentioned here consists of music, videos, photographs, text messages, contacts, call history, documents, applications and data of applications, etc. D. With it, you can flawlessly transmit data between iOS and Android devices, for example, transmit data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S10, copy iPhone contacts to the Samsung Galaxy S10, synchronize data from the Samsung Galaxy on the iPhone XS (MAX) / X and T. D. The main functions to which you can access are included:

  • Data transmission between the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phone directly.
  • ICLOUD and ITUNES transfer of backups to Android devices is easy.
  • Supports backup, iPhone on Mac or PC with Windows.
  • Transfer of calls, contacts, messages, calendars, music, photos and videos.
  • Compatible with almost all iPhone and Android devices.
  • This tool for transferring from the iPhone to Android can be used in future phones of the Galaxy S11 series Samsung.

Three simple steps are enough to complete the translation. First download and install the phone switch to the Mac or Windows computer for free.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. Smart Switch app.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. Smart Switch app. Everything can happen in life. For example, the need to change your iPhone to a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series. In this case, the user has a logical question: how to quickly throw your data from the old phone to a new one with a minimum of time spent and effort? A convenient and quick solution to this problem is offered by a special Smart Switch utility, which in 10 minutes, for example, right in the store, will transfer data from your old smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy just purchased by Samsung.

I must say that the utility can transfer information to the Galaxy smartphone not only from Apple mobile devices, but also from any Android device, and also knows how to connect Galaxy and PC. In addition, IPhone backup is supported by iCloud. That is, the developers did everything so that users can painlessly transfer their data to Galaxy with almost anything, very quickly and as simple as possible. In this material, we will consider the method of transferring information that requires the connection of two smartphones using OTG cable, while you will not need a computer.

To perform this operation, you will need: two smartphones (in our case-iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy) and OTG cable.

Charge the Galaxy battery at least up to 50%. this is the minimum in which we advise you to start data transfer operation.

Install the Smart Switch utility on Samsung Galaxy by loading it from Google Play or from here.

Make sure there is the required amount of memory on the internal drive of the Galaxy smartphone. Smart Switch utility does it on his own, the user does not need to look for statistics.

At the first launch, the utility will offer to choose the method of transmitting information-upload a backup from iCloud or import directly from the iOS device through the cable. Select the second option.

Take both smartphones and connect them to each other using Lightning ⇔ USB cables (from the iPhone 6) and USB ⇔ OTG (from Samsung Galaxy). Communication will be established in 10-15 seconds.

Select the sections you need. you can turn it on or disable (separately) messages of messages, contacts, galleries, videos, call logs, notes, alarm clock, etc. D. That is, if you do not need to copy all the data, but you just need to transfer the address book from the old device to a new one, Smart Switcher is suitable for this.

There is one restriction: the music bought in iTunes will not be copied.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Data From iPhone to Android(Samsung). FREE OFFICIAL Method

From the launch of the process to the complete end of the import, it takes place, at most, ten minutes. Galaxy during this time can lose a noticeable part of the battery charge (not in vain at the very beginning, we warned about the need to charge it up to at least 50%), but this happens for the most part due to the fact that the Galaxy in the OTG cable recharges the Donor smartphone From your battery.

The data transfer process occurs quickly enough, even if you have a lot of photos in the collection. and video files. As you have seen, this procedure, moreover, is as simple as possible.


Samsung contacts from the iPhone can be made manually, one number:

If you have lost the iPhone or damaged its screen, do not be discouraged, you can do without the gadget itself. To carry out contacts to Samsung from the iPhone, open the computer and run the iTunes program:

  • Register the Google account;
  • Go inside and perform synchronization;
  • Now repeat the steps 4-6 from the first instruction.

Synchronization through PC

Dr. Fone is a convenient and undemanding utility. Users like it for the simplicity of use, an understandable integration even taking into account the absence of the Russian language, but the most important plus. you can transmit not only contacts, SMS and calls about calls, but also media content.

  • Connect the Apple iPhone to PC Cable and enter ites.
  • A connected gadget will appear in the Device section. Click on it and select Info.
  • Next, click “Sync Contacts with” Sync Contacts and specify Google Contacts. Save the result by clicking on “Apply” (Apply).
  • If such synchronization was not previously carried out, then the application will require data from an account in Google services. go into the one that you plan to use on your Android Samsung.
  • After the loading of data into the Google cloud, it remains to enter the Samsung settings and find the account item. Select Google’s account and perform synchronization. data from the iPhone will be unloaded into a new gadget.

Data transfer method 3: manually

If you were not able to transfer all the data from Samsung to the iPhone automatically, then transfer the missing.

transfer, data, iphone, samsung
  • Files can be sent to the cloud storage, and then download on the iPhone, or use the wired connection to the PC for the same purpose.
  • Contacts can be copy (export) on the old device. All manipulations are carried out through the “Contacts” menu, and then the file with them can be transferred, for example, to your own instant messenger or email, and insert (import) on a new phone.
  • I will add to manual transference and adjustment of applications. Perhaps you have to launch iOS versions of utilities and manually enter your username and password. For example, this is a way to transfer notes from Samsung to the iPhone if they are saved in some separate application like Evernote.

As you can see, despite the fundamental differences of Samsung and iPhone, you can transfer the information between them simply, especially if you adhere to the instructions. I am sure that you can handle it quickly, and fully enjoy your new device with your files, applications and contacts.