How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 13

How to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android: Proven Ways

How to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei or Honor? Apple has flooded many countries with its products, and today most people have apple equipment equipment. But it happens that a person decides to move from one company to another. And those who change the iOS OS on Android are definitely interesting how it is possible to transfer information from the iPhone to Huawei or Honor. This includes the transfer of photos, videos, files, contacts, accounts. It will not be difficult to make such a procedure, but we must try and find a really easy option on how to throw information. There are several functional ways that will help to do this efficiently, quickly and efficiently.

To store the icloud backup, each Apple ID user when setting up ICLOD is provided with 5 GB of free cloud space. ICLOD cloud storage account is used to easily restore all the information on any iOS device. There are some preliminary conditions for copying iCloud.

A complete list of preliminary requirements that are fulfilled before transferring contacts from iCloud to Android:

  • The iOS device should be quite charged in advance, otherwise a sudden shutdown can lead to damage to files.
  • The presence of an active and stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi network) to avoid connecting problems.
  • It is convinced that for the account there is the required amount of free space.
  • Next, you need to start the “settings” of the iPhone, select the “name” at the top, then enter the iCloud and press “backup”.
  • Turn on the ICLOUD BAKKUP switch and press Back up Now.

How to throw data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover ?

Mi Mover is a service for transferring files to Xiaomi. At the same time, the phone from which the information is sent is capable of being any, the main thing is that Android stands on it. To use the service, you have to:

  • Download and install the program on both phones;
  • run the application and press the “Send” and “Get” button on each device;
  • Scan with a phone with contacts, QR.code (the code will appear on the second smartphone);
  • After installing the communication between the devices, it remains to select the files that need to be sent;
  • and start the transmission process.

The time of receipt depends on the quantity and size of the transferred files. At the same time, it is allowed to send only a phone book, applications, a call journal and the history of messages.

Gmail. our everything!

Your smartphone is connected to Google mail? It activates the function of synchronization of data? Then you just found for yourself the easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. Let’s figure out what exactly needs to be done:

  • Disconnect synchronization with an apple cloud, it is icloud. You do not need to touch the phone book, we do not delete it;
  • Then we go to the settings, go to the menu item, marked in the screenshot;
  • In the next window, click on “Add account”;
  • Now in the presented fields we enter data from our Google account and click on the “Next” button;
  • In the next window, you must choose what exactly you want to synchronize. The presented options: mail; Contacts; Calendars; Notes.
  • We activate the necessary points.

Congratulations! From this very moment, all your data selected above are synchronized with the Google account. If you connect your smartphone on Android to it and activate synchronization, they will appear on a new gadget. As a rule, this option is included by default.

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How to throw data from iPhone to Huawei?

The main drawback of the described approach is that both devices participating in the transfer of information are required to be near. This is not always possible, so users should find out how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Honor other methods. There are many like:

In a word, various options that allow you to achieve the desired result in a short time, a lot. Just look for a little and choose the optimal approach.

using the Google account

The first method is suitable for people who already have a Google account (if this option seems convenient, you can register for those who have not yet had time to make their own account). When everything is ready to throw off the contacts from the iPhone on Android, it will remain:

  • go to the iPhone settings;
  • Switch to the section offering to tie an account;
  • log in to the Google profile;
  • select files and information for synchronization;
  • Save selected parameters.

Then it remains to open the used account on another smartphone and gain access to the received contacts.


The second method of transferring data from iPhone to Huawei will require the use of Yandex service.Moving. To download contacts, you will need:

  • install the program on the phones;
  • log in to the Yandex account (or register);
  • When using the IOS program, follow the instructions until the PIN code is obtained;
  • When using on Huawei, go to the settings and select a item offering a move;
  • Then it remains to introduce the previously obtained PIN code;
  • The rest will happen automatically without the participation of the user.
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It is important to emphasize that it is impossible to use the described method without creating and using the Yandex account account.

through iCloud

The use of a cloud storage from Apple also has its own disadvantages, but if you follow the following instructions, you can achieve the desired result:

  • The first step is to enter the iCloud on a smartphone;
  • Here you should find the “Contacts” section and click on all data that needs to be transferred;
  • Then you need to press the icon located below with the image of the gear;
  • In the menu that opened with a list of available actions, the “Export VCARD” item will be;
  • Then it remains to complete the export process and go to the Google account;
  • It is enough to import the received entries here here.

Mobiletrans program

Mobiletrans. a universal telephone service that allows you to throw several types of files at once. To transfer contacts, you will need:

  • install the program on the computer;
  • Connect both phcs to the PC;
  • wait until the devices are displayed in the program integration;
  • carry out the basic connection setting (following the instructions and system messages);
  • Select the files that need to be postponed by placing ticks next to them;
  • start the process and wait for the completion of the transfer.

The transfer speed depends on the volume of information transferred, so it is impossible to predict in advance when the process is completed.

iTunes and Google to transfer contacts

To throw off contacts using iTunes, you will need:

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  • include the mentioned service on the PC;
  • connect to the iPhone computer and wait until the program recognizes the device;
  • Having opened the page with the phone data, you need to switch to the “Information” tab;
  • In the window with a sentence, you should put a checkmark, after which select Google in the menu that opens;
  • log in in the account and click the “Apply” button;
  • Then it remains to enter the Google account on Android and allow synchronization in it.
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The rest will occur without the participation of the user.

Transfer of applications to an SD card without a ROOT-line via PC

Root-right is granted when the usual user regime cannot perform any actions. The transfer of programs is not a complex procedure that pursues, therefore it can be performed without special conditions through a laptop or PC. Next, we will tell you step by step how to transfer applications to the Honor and Huawei memory card.

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To get started, go to the application store and download the Activity Launcher. Activate the developer mode through the internal setting “On the phone”. To do this, you need to constantly click on the assembly code 10-15 times. To perform debugging, the developer’s regime is required. Next, go to the system section, look for the line “for developers”, click on it. At the very bottom there will be a debugging point that needs to be activated by a slider with a shift.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

For physical contact, you will need a regular USB cable, however, make sure its integrity and performance.

AFTISS_B2 is a script whose image needs to be downloaded from the Internet. On the search, he is in the public domain. It is necessary to place it in the system sector on the disk “C”. The script is turned on by double click.

After the opening on the screen, the permissible values ​​of the volume of the flash drive are displayed. By default, this is from 25% to 75%. Select the desired value and run the script into the work. Do not turn off the PC. After the scanning and evaluating the memory card slots will be written “completed”.

Next, pick up the phone and turn on it previously installed Activity Launcher. Go to the column “Last Actions”, select the subparagraph “All actions” and wait for the end of processing. Next, switch to the settings of all applications. Activate a item next to which there are no gear icons.

The last stage is to choose programs. From the list we select unnecessary or large in volume, at the top we change the storage and click “Ready”.

Wait for the end of the process. When interruption, data may be lost.

When using SD less than 10 class, glitches and lags are often observed. If it is possible to choose a high.quality flash drive, it is better to choose 10 class and above.

How to transfer music tracks

If you store musical tracks in the form of MP3 format files to the phone’s memory, transfer them not to be difficult. It is enough to copy the tracks to the computer, and then, using a convenient file manager. on a new smartphone. If they are stored in the iTunes library, we perform the following actions:

  • Download on the computer and install the Google Music Manager program;
  • In the settings, we indicate that the files are placed in iTunes;
  • Files are unloaded into a cloud storage. Now you can listen to them from the new smartphone by opening access to this storage.

Listening to music from the “cloud” is possible only if there is stable Internet access. If this is not suitable for you, you can use special applications for the transfer of audio files, many of them are conditionally free.

Using a Google account

The option of transmitting contacts through Gmail is suitable for those who have an account on this service. over, you can not copy, only a phone book, but even bookmarks and information about the user.

  • We go to the iPhone settings, go to the iCloud section and disconnect the synchronization of contacts there.
  • Then we open the section mail and addresses, select accounts.
  • We prescribe all the necessary information for access and mark the points that you want to synchronize. Click on the “Next” button and take the device with the Android OS.
  • We open the settings section on it, go to the “General” tab.
  • Next, select accounts and synchronization and mark the option with a box that is responsible for automatically conducting this operation.
  • Add the account again, enter information for the entrance and get contacts on Android device.

The method is quite fast, convenient, not requiring the use of a computer or other programs, but there are a minus. all contacts are copied at once, which means that those that are not needed will have to be removed manually.

Transfer of data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the program. the option works on gadgets with the MIUI platform. At the same time, it is possible to send a media file only with Android. PHONE CLONE is uttered on all smartphone models, including iPhone. To use the program, follow detailed steps:

  • Download the application to both devices;
  • Open the widget and click on the “old” and “new” mobile, depending on the situation;
  • Make the phone connection via Wi-Fi or scan a special icon;
  • Determine the list for sending;
  • Confirm the operation.

Hidden chips, functions and capabilities on Honor and Huawei phones using this method, the Internet will not write off. Synchronization of the phone book, photos and videos will not lead to megabytes expenses.

Connecting Honor 10 to the computer is most conveniently via a USB cable if you just need to copy files. If other actions are required to perform, then the Hisuite utility will come to the rescue, where the whole variety of different functions for the user.

When connecting Honor 10 to the TV, the most effective way is to connect via HDMI. This is easy, effective, affordable. So the user of the smartphone will receive full access Honor 10. In addition, not every TV has a Wi-Fi module, but only expensive models, so if such a connection is not relevant for everyone, then every modern TV has HDMI. If the HDMI adapter is not, then it is better to purchase it, since the 3rd method of connecting a smartphone to a TV using USB is far from the best way, since only those files that support TV will play.: