How to import contacts with SIM to Xiaomi

The desire to find the answer to the question of how to import contacts with SIM on Xiaomi, or in the reverse order. the result of a well.founded need that is common among the owners of smartphones.

  • Purchase of a new smartphone;
  • The desire to ensure additional security in the issue of preservation by number;
  • Ease of use when contact numbers are more convenient to share from the memory of a smartphone;
  • The need to transfer contacts from a Google account or in it, etc.

Transfer of contacts from the old phone via SIM card

If you want to transfer the list of telephone numbers from the old to the new Xiaomi smartphone, then you can do this using a SIM card. The SIM card consists not only of plastic-a special chip is built in it, and on the outer part you can find golden contact sites-thanks to them, the smartphone sees a SIM card. As a rule, in this chip there is a certain memory cluster in which the operator has built its firmware, and which stores SMS messages and a phone book.

An ordinary SIM card stores a limited number of phone numbers. To transfer the necessary contacts from the SIM card, first they need to be imported to the mobile operator card card. This is done in the settings of an old phone or smartphone. Speaking for the button phone, then everything is simple-you just choose a certain number of numbers and in the parameters find either the “transfer” or “export” button and click on the “SIM card”.

On old Xiaomi models, exports are made in another way. You need to go to the menu and clamp the touch button with three horizontal lines. The settings menu will open in which you select the “Import and Export” section.

At this point of settings, you can choose as export from a SIM card or drive, as well as imports on a SIM card or drive.

In the first cases, the phone book will be recorded in memory of the operator’s cards, and in the latter. on the memory card or the internal storage of the device in the form of a book.VCF, which is useful if there are many numbers and they do not fit on the SIM card. In this case, the book can be recorded not only on the old Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, but also on most button phones Nokia, Samsung or Fly.

Xiaomi Redmi note 4 backup or import export contact

Mortgage of contacts from the phone to SIM

Often, a SIM card is used as a backup vault of contacts, therefore it becomes necessary to copy numbers on SIM. It must be borne in mind that SIM cards memory cells are limited-they allow you to store only up to 8 characters of the name, because long names will be circumcised. Also, the total memory of SIM card is limited to 200-300 contacts, depending on the model.

To export contacts to the SIM card in Xiaomi, you need to perform the following actions:

Go to the contacts. using the “Phone” company application, the contacts tab, or the contacts “Contacts” directly:

To call the number management menu, you need to hold the left touch button on the phone for a long time (three strips). As a result, the corresponding list will appear (see. The drawing is below) in which you need to select the Import and Export section:

Select the export and section of the export on the SIM card. If two cards are installed, select the necessary:

The device will inform how many free places are left to save contacts on the SIM card. Click OK to go to export:

Select a number or several, which must be saved on SIM, using checkmarks. You can also use the button to select everything:

After confirmation, the numbers will be copied to the SIM card.

For Xiaomi 9, it is advisable to install the Mi Mover application. If it is not installed initially, then it can be downloaded in Play Market.

For greater safety of contacts, it is recommended to use the cloud services of Android and Miui, which allow you to store and transfer the phone numbers without a threat of their loss.

Goldway is an excellent store on AliExpress, where you can buy the original Xiaomi devices and accessories for them. Reliable, cheap!

Contact display problems

When copying, not everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, after export, part of the numbers or contacts in Russian disappears. To prevent this from happening, you should go to the “Settings” and select the “Display” item. Here the user can configure various display options. Experts recommend including options:

As a result, the user will have a copied contact book in which all the people recorded with the phone numbers will be displayed.

Contact transfer to Xiaomi using CSV file

A simple way to transfer contacts if possible create a CSV file with contacts. To create such a file, you can use the My Contacts Backup application for both Android and iOS. At one time, this application helped me transfer all contacts from iOS to Android.

  • You create a CSV file with contacts;
  • Then you can send this file to your mail;
  • Download and run on the Xiaomi smartphone;
  • Keep contacts.

SIM card transfer

This is a common way to quickly transfer all contacts to a new phone. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” and open “System applications”.
  • Open “Contacts“, then “Import/Export”.
  • Then click on “imports with SIM” and choose which card it is planned to transfer the number (SIM1/SIM2).
  • A list of numbers saved on the SIM card will appear on the display. Select the right one and press “move”.

On a note! The disadvantage of this option is that the SIM card has a small amount of memory, so many contacts with its help will not be able to transfer.

How to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

We already have an article on the transfer of contacts within one device on our site. Today we will discuss the transfer of contacts from one device to another. Why is this being done, I hope it is clear to everyone, so we immediately move on to action.

In fact, there are quite a lot of different ways to postpone contacts, but in our opinion, functionality copes with its task perfectly.

The following menu will open, where you need to click on “share contacts” and choose a transmission method, we offer “Bluetooth”:

transfer, contacts, xiaomi, redmi

Open the just downloaded file, select a place to save, for example, “only phone”, and confirm importing:

Contacts will be in the smartphone phone book.

If for some reason it is necessary to create a file with contacts on the phone in order to further operate with it on a computer or somewhere else, use the instructions above and get to point two, then return here.

As soon as the export ends, a notification will appear in the curtain. The file with contacts will be available through any file manager or computer in the “root” device:

Possible problems in displaying contacts and ways to eliminate them

Sometimes some problems arise when moving contacts. Most often, Redmi 4x owners and cheaper smartphones complain about them. If after a number of numbers they are not displayed in the list of contacts, then this problem is quickly solved. The fact is that the new smartphone with factory settings by default does not indicate the method of displaying contacts. Therefore, we move to “Settings”, select “System Applications”, “Contacts” and “Display”. Here you can choose any of the ways to sort records.

There are a lot of ways to transfer contacts from one Xiaomi to another. If there are not many subscribers in your phone book, then the easiest way will be to throw their numbers using a SIM card. If there are a lot of contacts, any of the other methods described: SD card, Google and Mi account, application, etc. D.

Direct transfer from device to device

If you think that the “All.seeing Eye of Google” is watching us and clean the smartphone of any mention of automation and synchronization services, there is a way to direct data from the old man to the new Xiaomi. To do this, you only need to download from any proven source of the Copy My Data and Cloneit application.

APK file is installed on both devices. When starting, the old smartphone is marked as “Sender” or “Sender”. And the new one is like “Receiver” or “Recipient”.

After that, the Xiaomi device with the status of the recipient is being searched on a defender smartphone, the types of data transmitted are selected and sending begins.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Gmail in Redmi

The convenience of applications is that they allow you to copy absolutely all user information, including messages, applications, photographs and music.