How to transfer chats from WhatsApp to iPhone. Conclusion

Backup in icloud

Creating a reserve copy manually

You can at any time backup of your chats manually.

Go to the WhatsApp settings reserve copy Create a copy.

Automatic backup

You can choose regular automatic copying by pressing automatically and choosing a backup frequency.

This action will create a backup copy of chats and media files in your account ICLOD. You can enable or exclude video files when creating a backup copy. The creation of a backup in ICLUD can take some time, depending on the speed of connection to the Internet and the size of the copy.


  • You must enter your device with the same Apple ID that you use to enter icloud.
  • You should have an IOS 10 or more operating system, and the iCloud Drive should be active.
  • You should have enough free space in iCloud and on iPhone. The volume of free space in the iCloud account and on your phone should exceed the size of the backup of at least 2.05 times.
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If you are worried about the consumption of cellular data, we recommend that you create a backup in ICLUD only when you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

transfer, chats, whatsapp, iphone

Method #1 (the simplest and most effective). transfer of WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

The easiest and most recommended way to transfer all WhatsApp with Android on the iPhone or the latest IPhone version is a special tool. icarefonetransfer. It is easy to use and can transfer your WhatsApp chats in just a few seconds. You do not need to know too much technology, software can instruct you.

Let’s see how to make a translation using a video newspaper:

As you can see, the algorithm of action is extremely simple:

  • After confirming some pop.up windows, you need to make a backup of WhatsApp data on the source device. Do this as shown in screenshots:
  • To save your security data, you need to confirm the WhatsApp account, which you used to create a backup, entering your phone number and the country’s code below, and then click “Confirm”:
  • Then enter a 6-digit code of confirmation of WhatsApp, which you have just received from the official WhatsApp. Click “Confirm”.
  • After confirming that your data is safe, the program will automatically generate data that can be restored for your target device.
  • You need to enter your account to make sure that the data is visible when the WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone is completed. After some time, your WhatsApp data has been successfully transmitted:

View and restoration of backups

Reserve copies of data from instant messengers created using Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer are stored in a separate folder on a computer disk and are displayed in the integration integration. Here you can familiarize yourself with the following information: the size of the backup file, the date of its creation, the version number, the name and model of the mobile device on which the procedure was performed.

The saved information is available for viewing and/or recovery, it is not necessary for the same device, but precisely working under the control of the same mobile OS as the “original source”. Android or iOS. unnecessary and/or outdated copies can be removed at any time.

Wait aid. transfer WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone using an application to restore social networks.

However, there is another way to succeed in this undertaking. The technology is exciting because it always moves forward, always improves. Some technical guru somewhere in the world saw this problem and corrected it using the software they developed.

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer. This name.

  • After loading and installing on a PC or Mac, run it and make sure that your Android and iPhone are connected via USB cables at the same time.
  • On the intense there will be aWhatsApp ‘or’ what’s new?’On the menu, select the right one and continue whatsApp translation (in addition to WhatsApp, you can also use this program to transmit these social applications such as Line, Kik, Viber and WeChat, between iPhone and Android.)
  • The program will find Android and iPhone. Make sure Android is on the left side, this is source for transmission and iPhone is a device for appointment.
  • Click the transference for launching the process.
  • Keep your devices connected and wait for the completion of whatsApp messages.

As soon as this is done, your conversations will be visible on your iPhone, just!

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone| iPhone to Android 2022

This is a pretty technical option, but if you follow the instructions, you will achieve your goal.

In the technological industry, very few things do not have a solution. The Internet is created by a person and therefore can be changed according to our will. If I wanted a new type. If I really wanted to, its creation would be purposeful, but very possible. Such is the beauty of modernity, nothing is impossible. Take, for example, how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone at the beginning of this article looked impossible.

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Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android (Samsung) || Move Chats to Android


DR program.Fone is a tool that allows you to easily transfer data from instant messengers from one iPhone to another smartphone running iOS and Android. In our example, we will consider the principle of transferring VOTSAP from iPhone to iPhone.

Please note that after transferring chats from one iPhone to another, from the first device all correspondence will be removed.

How to transfer WhatsApp to iPhone using software

One of the most convenient ways to maintain correspondence on the new iPhone is to use special programs. For example, Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer: a Russified version can be downloaded for free. This software is good because it does not require the use of the developer mode and allows you to perform the desired operation in just a few clicks.

First, connect both smartphones with USB cables to the computer, on which ICarefone for WhatsApp Transfer is installed. For the iPhone, it is better to use the original cable. Make sure the program recognized them.

Now you need to create a copy of all data on the source device. To do this, click the “Create a new backup” button “.

It remains to transfer it to the iPhone: for this, the WhatsApp application should already be installed on it. The program will ask you to enter the phone number to which the messenger is tied.

After that, all information from the backup will be restored on the “apple” smartphone.

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer

To copy WhatsApp for Android to a messenger client for iOS, you will need to resort to the use of soft developers. One of the simplest and most effective in solving the problem under consideration and the program that proven among users is the Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer from Tenorshare.

    Follow the link above, click “Download for Windows” (or “Available for MacOS”) on the web page that opened. Wait a little to the completion of the installer loading the Messenger transfer means to your PC disk.

    On the initial device with Android OS Activate the “USB” debugging mode.

In addition, on the iPhone, install the Apple AppStore WhatsApp, but do not rush to log in to it, and if this is already done, reinstall the messenger in order to exit the account.

How to carry out an iPhone to Samsung

  • Turn on the Samsung device. When a request appears, connect the device to the iPhone using a cable.
  • Follow Samsung SmartSwitch.
  • When a request appears, scan the QR code displayed on a new device using the iPhone camera.
  • Click on your iPhone and wait for the completion of the process.
  • Continue setting up your new Samsung device.
  • When you switch to the main screen, open whatsApp and enter the application using the phone number that was used on your old device.
  • When a request appears, press import and wait for the completion of the process.
  • Complete the activation of a new device, after which the chats will become available.

Note. Your data will continue to be stored on the old device if you do not wipe it or do not delete WhatsApp.