How to transfer from iPhone to Android: contacts, photos and other data!

Tired of iOS? Going from iPhone to Android is very simple! Just follow our tips and you will learn how to transfer contacts, photos, music and much more!

You bought a new brilliant Android telephone? Welcome to the community! You will like it here. But where to start? The transition from the iPhone to Android may seem confusing or on the contrary, depending on what steps you will take.

In this lesson, we will show you the best ways to transfer all data from iPhone to Android. First, we will consider simple methods that can work or not work depending on the phone. Then we will consider more specific tasks that are suitable for anyone to switch from iOS to Android.

IPhone messages to Android (for example, Samsung) using ISMS2Droid

If you want to transfer messages from the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, then the ISMS2Droid application will suit you. But keep in mind that it works only for an unencrypted SMS database. Encrypted SMS databases are not compatible with this application. It is important to have an iPhone SMS database file on your Android phone before this process. To do this, you need to make a backup copy of your iPhone using iTunes (as you usually do) and find this file in the ITUNES backup folder, and then transfer it to the local Android storage.

Download the application from the Google Play Store and run it. Select the SMS Import option on Android “.

Click the “Messages Import” button on the integse and find the IPhone SMS data database files.

In the emerging window that appears with a request for confirmation, click “Improve everything” / “Choose by contact”. Wait a while when the conversation is loaded.

Select the necessary conversations from the list, marking them with flags, and click “OK”.

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Messages will be imported after a while, and you will see the “imports completed” the message on the screen. Click OK and everything is ready.

How to copy e.iPhone e.books for new iPhone via iCloud

This option is transferred to the iPhone iPhone to iPhone X/8/8 Plus implies the need to make a backup copy of all data, but only through ICLOUD.

  • On the old iPhone in the settings, in the accounting records. iCloud, you need to translate the slider opposite the “Reserve Copy in ICLUD” to an active position. After that, click on the backup creation button right now.
  • On the new iPhone X/8/8 Plus, it is necessary to restore data from a backup made in iCloud.

Additional Information

If on the iPhone you used the Apple subscription, transfer it to the cable or somehow, perhaps you should not: Apple Music is the only apple application that is also available for Android (you can download the market in Play), and your subscription to it will be active, as well as access to all previously acquired albums or compositions.

Also, if you use “universal” cloud storage facilities available for both the iPhone and Android (OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex disc), then access to data such as photo, video and some other from the new phone will not be a problem.

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transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android via Gmail

In this method, I will tell in detail how to transfer contacts from the iPhone on Android with the help of Google Gmail mail service. I note that this is the easiest way.

First of all, to use the phone on Android, you will need a Google account. If you do not have it yet, go to the main page of Google and select the option “Create an account”. You can also do it right from your smartphone, but it is more convenient to do it from the computer.

After you have created your Google account, go into the iPhone settings and go to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section in the menu. Here you need to enter your Google account. Press the “Add account” button. Select Gmail and enter your data for the entrance.

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Then your iPhone will ask what sections of your Google account you want to synchronize. Make sure the section “Contacts” is selected. Now your iPhone and Android smartphone will begin to synchronize contacts with each other. Here you need to be patient and wait. If you have a lot of contacts, it can take some time. Be sure to make sure that both smartphones are connected to the Internet to synchronize contacts.

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It should be noted that the iPhone will not tell you when your contacts are synchronized. To make sure they are transferred, go to the Google website contacts from your computer or other device, enter your account and check the contact list.

As soon as your contacts are synchronized, go to the phone book on your smartphone-Android and all contacts should in place!

Iskysoft Phone Transfer

This program is installed on PC (suitable for Windows and Mac) and copies the following data:

  • Contacts;
  • SMS;
  • Calendar data;
  • Call stories;
  • Some applications (depending on the platform);
  • Media files.

To perform the procedure, the following will be required:

Microsoft Outlook

In this option, we will consider a service that allows you to work with a large number of notes. To do this, we need the ITUNES program and the Microsoft account.

To correctly configure the exchange of information, you need to add your account in the application on both devices. To work with iTunes, pre.turn off the synchronization of notes with iCloud in iPhone settings. We recommend that you study the method 1 in the next article. Only in our case you need to move the toggard to the left.

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    Open the iTunes program, connect the phone to PC using the USB cable and click on the iPhone icon in the upper menu.

The last step will be the transition to Microsoft Outlook to the Android Smartphone to the Reminders folder. From there you can view and download the necessary data.

By the same principle, you can connect to the device and accounts of other services. For example, Yandex, Yahoo, Exchange and others. Then all data will be synchronized with applications on both devices.

How to Access Apple iCloud from Android

MY Contacts Backup app

Usually, in my manuals, I start with ways to describe how to do everything you need manually, but this is not the case. The most convenient way, in my opinion, way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is to use a free application for My Contacts Backup (available in AppStore).

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After installation, the application will ask for access to your contacts, and you can send them by e.mail in VCARD format (.vcf) to yourself. The ideal option is to immediately send to the address that there is access to Android and open this letter there.

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When the letter is opened in the form of a VCF contact file, by clicking on it, an automatic import of contacts on Android device will be made. You can also save this file to your phone (including transfer from the computer), then go to the contacts on Android, and already manually import there.

Note: the My Contacts Backup application also knows how to export contacts in CSV format if you suddenly need such an opportunity.


In this option, you will need to resort to the help of a computer. First you need to carry out the transfer of files from the iPhone to PC (since copying photos with Android often does not cause problems). You can do this with iTunes or other specialized programs. This process is described in more detail in our separate article:

After that, it remains to connect the Android smartphone to the computer and transfer the obtained media files to the device memory. To carry out this procedure, it is only necessary to provide permission by pressing the OK button in the window that appears on the screen.

To carry out the transfer of photos from mobile devices on different operating systems, you can use several ways. The simplest ones are the use of programs and services, while direct copying from the device to the device via PC can cause difficulties, mainly due to iOS.