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On computer

You can also copy chat data from your account to your computer. The computer version of Telegram is similar to the mobile one and is very convenient for business chats, that is, in situations where communication is necessary in the course of work. In addition, in the desktop version, it is easier to maintain a channel and publish information. over, you can use several profiles at once.

  • The first way. To move data from the Telegram application to a computer, you must first of all download the desktop version of the application, which is available at the link on the messenger website: The required OS and client are selected on the page. The site contains third-party applications. Then you need to enter the profile, chats and channels will be displayed in the desktop version.
  • Second way. For those who do not want to install the application, the web version of the program is available at:

transfer, apps, another, phone

How to transfer apps from one android phone to another phone

On the phone

It is not difficult to transfer Telegram to another phone, you just need to take into account the peculiarities of each of the operating systems.

transfer, apps, another, phone

For the iOS platform, the messenger can be downloaded from the link:

How to sync Telegram on all devices

Synchronization in the program occurs automatically, no additional actions are required. The main thing is to log into the account in which the chats are stored, including the “Favorites” tab.

How can I transfer Telegram to another phone and synchronize

Telegaram is a rapidly gaining popularity messenger. The application is used by millions of people. Its main features are fast work and public channels through which you can share information with subscribers. Of course, when you change your smartphone or SIM card, you want to save the data. We will describe in detail how to transfer all chats and channels from Telegram to another phone, and the possible difficulties that arise, as well as ways to solve them.

Transferring Telegram to another device

Data transfer to Android or iOS smartphones is automatic. You just need to download the application and log into your profile. All data is stored in the account, so after authorization, previously created chats and subscriptions will be immediately available, with the exception of secret dialogues.

transfer, apps, another, phone

Possible problems

Telegram is a high-quality and developing messenger, however, difficulties arise when working with it, for example:

  • Password. As a rule, a smartphone or a computer are gadgets with a long lifespan. Permanent authorization in the messenger is not required, which makes it easy to forget the password. But its restoration will not take much time either. You just need to enter the phone number, enter the security code from the SMS and come up with a new password.
  • Old software. Due to incompatible software, the Telegram client may not install or will work intermittently. But this is also solved by updating the software.

Transferring files using Google Drive

Google Drive cloud storage allocates 15 GB of memory on a remote server for free. Using the Google Disk utility already built into many versions of Android, you can save everything you need not only on your smartphone, but also on the Internet. In addition, the program itself allows you to share files from disk and give access to them to whoever you need.

Previously, you could use DropBox to transfer files, but since it is much easier to use Google Disk Drive with Android devices, now it is more relevant. In the latest firmware of the Android operating system, the DropBox utility is no longer built-in, although it was widely used before.

Transfer using backup

In order to back up all data on your Android smartphone, you need a Google account. Thanks to her, the smartphone will gain access to the storage on the Internet, where it can create an archive of all the data that is on the smartphone.

After archiving, it will be enough to log into your Google account from another smartphone and simply restore the archived data from the cloud storage. Thus, contacts, messages, applications and all other data that were on the device during the creation of the backup archive will be transferred. In addition, Google stores all information regarding applications. For example, progress in games on another device will also be saved.

Transferring apps and other files to another smartphone

You can also transfer applications using SHAREit. this is an application with a user-friendly interface, which is designed specifically for transferring pictures, music, files and entire applications to another smartphone. Thus, SHAREit can transfer applications to another smartphone with full functionality. The program itself uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for sending, which greatly speeds up the process.

  • SHAREit is completely free and can be downloaded from Google Play. The application is safe and widely used all over the world. The second smartphone must also have SHAREit installed.
  • When you open the application, it greets you and prompts you to “Get Started”. Next, you write your name or nickname in the line above. how others will recognize you and choose an avatar. Then just choose “Log in to SHAREit”. It is also possible to log in with
  • Once you have entered the application, it will begin a quick tutorial on how to transfer files. We are more interested in the “Send” button. Click on it. After that, there is the option to select files, videos, applications, photos or music in the top bar. In my case, I settled on applications. After that, I clicked on Hello Pal, which I needed to send to another smartphone. A number “1” appeared near the blue “Selected” button at the bottom, which means that one file has been selected for sending. Then click “Send”.
  • After that, the smartphone starts searching for receiving devices. In order to get the file on another device, you must enable the SHAREit login. Often, the application already detects such a device as ready to receive files, but it is better to also turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and click on the “Receive” button on the first screen of the application.

How to transfer app and other data to a new Android smartphone?

Transferring data to another smartphone with the Android operating system is extremely simple and does not require special knowledge. But, at the same time, there are several ways to do this. Let’s consider them in turn.

“The appearance of the settings and interface in the screenshots may differ from yours due to a different version of Android and the installed theme. At the same time, the algorithm of actions is completely similar. My device: Samsung J5 2016 Android 6.0.1. ”

How to transfer data to another smartphone if there is no Internet connection?

It is much more difficult to transfer data without the Internet. You will also have to separately transfer contacts, media files, messages and other data. If you accidentally deleted the photos you want, or there was a failure and you lost them, this article will help you restore them.

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Sending files via Bluetooth with Root access

Superuser or Root access allows you to freely transfer applications and even system files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Even the entire Android system can be transferred to another smartphone. But, the important point is that superuser access removes the warranty from the phone and can cause critical errors. Also rooted devices cannot use official apps. Therefore, you cannot make a backup copy.

Other ways to transfer apps and files from one smartphone to another

The most reliable shipping method is PC. Moving apps and media over the wire is much safer and faster than other options. To do this, connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable and turn on the storage mode on your smartphone.

It’s even better if everything you need is stored on a memory card.

Features of data transfer from Android

The standard method for transferring data to any Android device is Google Backup. For the convenience of users, the developer has provided for the synchronization of calendars, contacts, applications, Gmail settings and even account information between gadgets, as well as copying any information to “Google Drive”.

Starting with Android 5.0, the function of transferring not only user data, but also applications has been built into smartphones. In later versions. from 6.0 and higher, it has been expanded to include these applications, as well as system settings. And users of the Google Start launcher now have the opportunity to copy in the cloud and then transfer to a new phone, a desktop layout while preserving the visual design (wallpaper), the location of icons and widgets, and the folder structure. The backup is stored on Google Drive, with 25 MB of free space allocated by default for each application. That is why using the service tool is the easiest and most affordable way.

NFC / Bluetooth

Another simple and equally convenient option for moving applications between Android devices is popular with users. To use it, you will need to perform the following actions simultaneously on both gadgets:

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to the “Network” or “Wireless networks” section;
    transfer, apps, another, phone
  • Turn on NFC or Bluetooth;
  • Activate “Android Beam”.

Now you need to place the devices in close proximity to each other. On the working device, mark the files that you want to transfer and start the process by pressing the “Transfer” button.

Mi Cloud for Xiaomi phones

This option can be used by owners of Xiaomi smartphones. It allows you to transfer any amount of data between devices located at any distance. To use this method, as in the case of Google services, you need a Mi account and configured synchronization with Mi Cloud.

In general, the transfer procedure should look like this:

  • Go to the official website to create a new account or log into an existing account;
  • Install the “Mi Cloud” program on both smartphones;
  • Accept the user agreement, come up with a password;

When the preparatory phase is completed, you should proceed with the migration of applications. This requires:

  • Activate Wi-Fi connection on both devices;
  • Enter “Mi Cloud” on your old smartphone, select the required applications;
  • Log in to the cloud service on a new device and confirm the reception;
  • Start the transfer process and wait for the process to complete.

To make sure that the procedure is carried out correctly, you should check the number and size of the received files and compare them with the initial values. By the way, through the “cloud” service, you can transfer data from Xiaomi to any other device connected to the Internet. The main thing is that authorization is performed in the Mi-account tied to the smartphone, in the memory of which the necessary files are stored.

Synchronizing data through a Google account

When you turn on a new (or factory-reset) device for the first time, the system will offer to restore data (including games and programs) from a backup stored on Google Drive. To download software using a similar method, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions that appear on the display;
  • When a window appears prompting you to complete the setup by copying the data, press the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen;
    transfer, apps, another, phone
  • To start the recovery process, check the “Copy from cloud storage” option;
    transfer, apps, another, phone
  • The system will offer to log into your Google account to access the list of backups of all Android devices associated with this account;
  • To download specific data, select the model of a valid smartphone and click on it;
    transfer, apps, another, phone
  • Next, you should select the type of data that you want to restore. in this case, you need to check the box opposite the “Applications” item.
    transfer, apps, another, phone

Start the transfer by pressing the “Restore” button and wait for the process to complete in order to fully use the applications, as on the old device.

How to transfer apps from one Android to another

Smartphones have long ceased to be a means of communication and turned into a repository of personal information. In the device memory, users store notebooks with contacts and addresses, notes and articles, “keys” for entering various services. With the help of the gadget, they create interesting photos, shoot videos, and even control their weight. But sooner or later, the old device is replaced by a new one. a more modern one with an impressive set of functions and a significant amount of memory.

Using a memory card

Newbies should love this way of moving apps from their old phone to their new one. It involves copying files to a microSD card. The process is as simple as possible and can be completed in a matter of minutes. For this you need:

  • Open “Explorer”;
  • Select the applications you need;
  • Press the button “Copy to memory card”.

Then remove the drive from the old device and insert it into the new device. This will allow you to immediately open the desired program. For convenience, you can start the reverse process. copy data from microSD to internal storage. By the way, on most phones you can install Android apps directly to the SD card.

Titanium Backup

If Android devices are rooted, then you can move applications and other data between them using the backup program “Titanium Backup”. The program allows you to create / restore backup copies of applications and move them between Android devices.

To easily and easily transfer files, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Download the utility from Google Play and install it on both phones.;
  • Run the program on the old device and call up the menu by pressing the button of the same name and select the “Package” tab;
  • Click on the “Back up all user applications system data” tab and select the applications that you want to transfer to the new smartphone;
  • Tap on the “Start batch operation” item, as a result of which all the selected files will be copied to the internal memory or SD card of the new device;
  • Then go to a new phone and run “Titanium Backup” on this device;
  • Enter the menu in the same way, find and expand the “Batch processing” tab;
  • Select the option “Restore all missing applications system data”

As a result, the transferred files will be installed on the new Android phone.

How to restore apps and services on a new Android smartphone

Now, before proceeding with the transfer of data, you need to do the following:

  • Restore the battery charge to about 60-70%. It is possible and higher, but this is the necessary minimum to ensure that the data transfer will be successful.
  • Make sure your old phone is fully functional and that you can quickly unlock it.
  • Log into your Google account on your old smartphone by entering your email address and password in the device’s settings.
  • Go to Google account settings and copy data.

transfer, apps, another, phone

All that remains is to make sure that the old phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and put it somewhere nearby.

Next, we will tell you how to restore applications on a new phone. You need to turn on your new smartphone and wait until the user manual with learning elements appears on the screen. The content of this manual may vary slightly depending on the model, but in general everything is quite simple and straightforward.

transfer, apps, another, phone

The system will prompt you to log into your Google account, and itself will offer to restore data from your old smartphone to a new one. all you need to do is be careful and take your time. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and start copying data. Here you can restore absolutely all the data that you transferred to the cloud a little earlier during the backup.

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How to transfer SMS from Android to Android

Although SMS messages are rarely used for communication nowadays, they are still important. through them, users receive alerts from applications and various companies. They store passwords, account data and other important information. The good news is that the standard Android transfer of data applications also allows you to copy SMS messages, as you can see for yourself by looking at the previous screenshot.

You can also use the proven SMS Backup Restore utility, which is distributed free of charge in the Play Store. You will need to download this application and run it, and then everything is more than simple and understandable:

  • Create a backup on your old phone, save it on the Google cloud.
  • Install the same application on a new phone, click “Restore” and select the backup file created earlier and placed in the cloud.

transfer, apps, another, phone

This method is good because it is suitable for absolutely all versions of Android, and it is relevant for any smartphone model. In general, it is universal. In addition, in addition to SMS messages, in this way you can transfer data on incoming and outgoing calls for the entire time, which is also useful at times.

How to check the amount of data to transfer to a new phone

You can use Google Drive to estimate the amount of reserved data that the system will transfer to a new device. For this:

  • Go to the Google Drive app.
  • In the upper left corner, click on the three stripes to go to the control panel, and here select “Backups”.
  • Inside you will see all the previously created copies. This includes all application data, as well as call log, device settings and SMS messages.

Transfer Apps from Android to Android via Bluetooth [3 Methods]

transfer, apps, another, phone

Google will not allow you to view and somehow interact with this data. it cannot be edited or changed in any other way, but this method will quite allow you to estimate the volumes.

How to transfer calendar from Android to Android

The previous method also works for the calendar. Google has provided the ability to synchronize this application as well. You can also transfer the calendar from Android to Android using third-party applications, but we do not recommend doing this. the regular Google tools are more convenient and secure.

How to Transfer Apps from Phone to Android Phone

For users of the Android operating system, transferring applications with data is not a problem. this operating system in its modern form provides several tools at once to solve the problem. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at:

First of all, let’s take a look at the official guide from Google, as this is the safest and most stable way to “transplant” data.

How to enable a backup service to transfer apps from phone to phone

Data backup is a function that allows you to create a backup copy of all files, settings, applications and account data that are stored on your phone. This function allows you to restore this data to another smartphone at any time. It’s easy to activate it:

  • go to settings;
  • go to the “Accounts and sync” menu;
  • activate the corresponding slider. here you can synchronize individual important applications or refuse to sync if you do not want to transfer certain applications.

transfer, apps, another, phone

It should be understood that the settings interface and even the location of individual options may differ for different versions of Android. Smartphone manufacturers are also making a difference. in some cases, custom skin designers and artists also rearrange elements. The search bar saves the day, with the help of which you can instantly find any setting. this is an incredibly convenient feature that not everyone knows about.

Transfer contacts from one Android phone to another

The first and easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to Android is to back up your data to your SIM card. For this:

  • Open the “Contacts” app.
  • Go to “Options”, then select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Import / Export Contacts”.
  • Select “Export”, and select the SIM-card as the storage for the created file.

Now you will need to insert this SIM-card into a new phone and in the same way go to the “Import / Export Contacts” menu, but instead of export choose import. Select the SIM as the import source and the data will be instantly downloaded to your phone.

The second method is using a Google account. To do this, you need:

  • Log in to your smartphone in your Google account.
  • In your account settings, go to “Backup”.
  • Scroll down, select “Google Account Data”.

transfer, apps, another, phone

Here you need to put a tick next to the “Contact data” item, and if necessary, you can select other data for copying. documents, calendar, tables, etc.

To transfer contacts to a new Android phone, now you just need to turn it on and log in to your Google account. the system will do the rest automatically.

ES Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file management solutions on your smartphone or tablet. It has many useful functions and tools, and also allows you to transfer software to another device, and this is done as follows:

Turn on Bluetooth on both phones.

Launch ES Explorer and click on the “APPs” button.

Tap and hold your finger on the desired icon.

After it is marked with a check mark, select “Submit” in the panel below.

The “Send using” window will open, here you should tap on “Bluetooth”.

A search for available devices will start. Find the second smartphone in the list and select it.

On the second device, confirm the receipt of the file by tapping on “Accept”.

After the download is complete, you can go to the folder where the APK was saved and click on the file to start the installation.

The application was transferred from an unknown source, so it will be scanned first. When finished, you can proceed with the installation.

This completes the transfer process. You can immediately open the application and fully use it.

How to transfer apps from phone to phone

There are situations when necessary applications disappear from the Google Play Store. and downloading them from third-party sources is not always safe. Therefore, the best option would be to transfer this APK from the device on which it is installed. Next, we will consider the available options for solving this problem.

Transferring applications from Android to Android

Before starting, I would like to note that the first two methods transfer only APK files, and also do not work with games that save the cache in the internal folder of the device. The third method allows you to restore the application, including all its data, using a previously created backup.

How to transfer apps from phone to phone

How to transfer apps from phone to phone:

APK Extractor

The second method practically does not differ from the first. To solve the problem with the transfer of software, we decided to choose APK Extractor. It is tailored specifically to our requirements and does an excellent job of transferring files. If ES File Explorer does not suit you and you decide to choose this option, do the following:

Go to Google Play Store to APK Extractor page and install it.

Wait for the download and installation to complete. During this process, do not turn off the Internet.

Run APK Extractor by clicking on the corresponding button.

Find the program you need in the list and tap on it to display a menu where we are interested in the “Send” item.

Sending will be done via Bluetooth technology.

Select your second smartphone from the list and confirm the receipt of the APK on it.

Next, you should perform the installation as shown in the final steps of the first method.

Some paid and protected applications may not be available for copying and transferring, so if an error occurs, it is better to repeat the process again, and if it reappears, use other transfer options. In addition, keep in mind that APK files are sometimes large, so copying takes a long time.

Google Account Synchronization

As you know, downloading applications from the Play Store becomes available only after registering your Google account.

On an Android device, you can sync your account, save your data to the cloud, and back up. All these parameters are set automatically, but sometimes they are inactive, so you have to enable them manually. After that, you can always install the old application on a new device, launch it, sync with your account and restore data.

Today you were introduced to three ways to transfer apps between Android smartphones or tablets. All you need to do is perform a few actions, after which the data will be successfully copied or restored. Even an inexperienced user can cope with the task, just follow the instructions given.

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Saving media files

Please note that transferring vibe data to another phone using the options described above, you will lose photo and video files. These methods are effective only for text messages. You will have to move the media manually by copying the pictures to an external medium.

How to transfer Viber to a new smartphone

It’s easy to save Viber conversations when you change your phone. This can be done both in the program itself and in third-party applications that require installation. Let’s take a closer look at each of the mechanisms.

So, the first way to transfer vibe to another phone, saving the correspondence, looks like this:

  • Open the application and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We find in it “Backup”, click. The program will offer several ways to save information, the easiest way is to send material to Google Drive from the android by clicking on the Google icon. In the field that appears, select the account to which the data should be sent, and click “Send”. IOS owners need to send data to iCloud (similar algorithm to Google Drive).
  • After choosing the location, we are waiting for the end of the copying process. Note that it is best to back up when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Mobile Internet can “eat” a lot of money.

After that, the application from the old phone is allowed to be deleted.

Using third-party programs

You can make a Viber backup using special programs. We suggest taking a closer look at the “Titanium BackUp” application, which will allow you to archive data.

  • Download the program from a site convenient for you and open it by choosing Russian.
  • In the window that appears on the screen, click on “Backups”.
  • We are looking for vibers in the list and select it.
  • We see the “Save” button, click on it, wait for the copying to complete.
  • Install the program on the device where we want to transfer the correspondence.
  • We transfer the “TitamiumBackup” folder from device to device in a convenient way (from a flash drive or “cloud”).
  • Open the utility on a new smartphone, go to Menu / “Accounts” and click on “Backups”.
  • Find Viber / “Restore”.
  • We see the pop-up dialog box, select the “Software data” item in it.

After that, in the main menu of the phone, you will find a vibe, opening which you will see all correspondence, including group ones. In this case, reinstallation is not required.

From smartphone to computer

In order to transfer Viber data to a PC or laptop, you need to set up synchronization.

  • Download and install vibe for your computer.
  • We go through the registration process, indicating that the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • When the installation is complete, the Synchronization message will appear automatically. Click on her.
  • Open the vibe on your phone and click on “Start”.

Done, data is in sync. Steps for tablets are identical.

Transferring Viber to another phone while saving the correspondence

When buying a new smartphone, people often face a dilemma: how to transfer information without losing important data? The question concerns not only photos and videos, but also dialogues from instant messengers. From the article you will learn how to save and transfer Viber data.

How to act when changing the number

You can transfer the vibeer’s history to another phone even if you decide to change your SIM card. In order to save the history of correspondence, follow the following algorithm.

First, you need to change the number on the old device, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • We select the item “Settings” in the menu, click on the inscription “Account”.
  • We find the item “Change phone number”.
  • Enter a new number and click “Continue”.
  • Then you will receive an SMS with an activation code or a call, which is optional.

Now you need to create a backup copy in the way we already know, download the vibe to a new device and restore the history.

  • Open the vibe, go to the “Menu” (the “” button at the bottom of the screen) and select “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Account” option and click on “Backup”.
  • Click on the “Restore” button, mark “Restore now”.

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

Transfer Chat for iPhone

Actions for transferring backup data to a new iPhone are almost the same as manipulations for androids.

A backup copy is made in the same way, and is restored on a new device in the following way:

  • We connect from the new device to iCloud. To do this, open “Settings” / “iCloud”. we log on to the device via Apple ID. After that iCloud will turn on automatically.
  • We activate the vibe.
  • The program will prompt you to restore the backup.
  • We select “Restore now”, go to your account and see that a replacement has occurred: all correspondence with your contacts is in place. While the process is in progress, the screen may flicker black, this is normal.

By the way, you can restore stickers in a similar way.

  • Go to “Settings”, select “Account”.
  • Click on the “Purchase” button, click on the “Download”.

We’ve figured out how to reinstall Viber on your phone without losing data. We figured out that it is very easy to transfer the data of correspondence from your vibeer to another phone. This feature is available for both iOS and Android phone owners. There is more than one method of data transmission, each user can choose a convenient one. The main thing is that after the completion of the process, your favorite application will work smoothly, delighting you with new conversations.

Mi Mover

For owners of Xiaomi phones, the developers have created an application “Mi Mover” for Android, which allows you to transfer data from an old device to a new one.

The service provides cloning of information: images, videos, music, documents, messages, contact book, call log, calendar events, notes, alarms and even used applications. Before starting data transfer, the Android application calculates the volume of the selected files, dividing them into groups: images, messages and contacts, programs.

The interface is well thought out, there are no unnecessary functions or buttons that could spoil the data stored in the smartphone’s memory. Owners of Xiaomi phones also do not have to manually deal with the tedious transfer of information.

TOP 4 apps for transferring data from Android to Android

If you need to copy all the files and data available on your Android smartphone, specialized applications are used. They have a set of features that allow you to avoid manually transferring files from one phone to another. For example, if you bought a new gadget, but do not want to upload files to it yourself, then use the following Android applications.

Phone clone

A modern application for copying an Android device in the shortest possible time. High-speed data transfer (10 megabits per second) will allow you to quickly transfer contacts, images, messages and necessary files from your old Android phone to a new one.

The encryption system is responsible for the security of the transmitted data. Requires a Wi-Fi connection to start the cloning process. The application will ask you to choose the installation path, as well as view the history of operations.

Phone cloning. data transfer for Android

This Android application will allow you to transfer data from your old iPhone to a new Android device (and vice versa). The program copies any kind of data: select the files you need and start the transfer using a special mode.

The transfer process is simple and secure, so users do not need to worry about the safety of personal data. Supports cloning of different models of smartphones on Android OS. High speed data transfer allows you to get information on your new Android phone in the shortest possible time.

CLONEit. Batch Copy All Data

Universal Android application for transferring data (12 types: from messages to system settings, bookmarks in the browser, and so on) from one gadget to another in two steps.

You don’t have to plug in a USB cable from your computer to your Android phone. Data transfer is fast. up to 20 megabits per second. The application protects the copied information, so do not worry about data leakage.

Built-in useful functions will help you remove unnecessary programs, clear memory. The transfer process begins by scanning the QR code on the sending and receiving phones. You can transfer personal data in 5 minutes!