How to transfer a photo on the iPhone from a computer: 5 simple ways

How pleasant it is to spend time with loved ones watching family photos that keep the most reverent moments. Unfortunately, modern trends are such that we store the main array of pictures on PC or in cloud storages. In our article, we will tell you how to throw a photo on the iPhone from a computer to share them on social networks or print it using the Mimigram application and assemble a whole photo album.

One of the easiest ways to throw on the iPhone photo from a computer is to use the iTunes program. All that is required of you is to open the “Images” section on PC and create a new folder in it, where you need to transfer the necessary photos. Next, you should take a few simple steps:

  • connect a smartphone to a computer;
  • Open the iTunes application and section “Photo”
  • synchronize iPhone and PC;
  • select a folder with the necessary photos;
  • apply changes and wait for the end of the copy process

It is important to note that as soon as you downloaded the photo, it will not be possible to delete images with the iPhone. To delete images, it is necessary to remove synchronization in the iTunes program and accept changes.

Using Yandex.Disk. a great way to download a photo from a computer on iPhone. For download, you need to install a special program on PC and smartphone. Further on the computer you need to open Yandex.Disk, create a new folder and copy the necessary pictures from the gallery into it. After that, it remains only to turn on Wi-Fi and start the application on the phone. Here you will find a new folder with photographs that are easy to save in memory of the smartphone and upload to our printing application.

This service allows you to store, edit and throw photos from a computer to iPhone. To postpone the pictures, you need to take a few steps:

  • create an account in Google;
  • install the application on the PC and enter the input;
  • In the settings, indicate which folders with images must be loaded;
  • After installing the program on the smartphone, input and save the photo.

The advantages of Google photo are the ability to store an unlimited number of photos, edit them at your discretion, create collages and share pictures on social networks.

Standard way to download photos from a computer on iPhone. All that is necessary to attach the smartphone to the PC using the cord, in the “Computer” section, find the required device and the DCIM folder and transfer the photo copied from the gallery from the gallery.

This method of throwing from a computer photo on the iPhone is also quite simple. You will need to go to the social network with PC, create an album and upload the necessary pictures there. It remains only to log in to from the phone and save the images. Remember that, as a rule, when downloading photos from the social network, their quality worsens somewhat. And this means that ordering a photo book or photo in the frame in the Mimigram application will not work. Therefore, we recommend using this method last.

How many photos and videos in the iPhone memory take

The usual photo shot on my iPhone 6s takes 2.5-3 MB. The minute of the video is approximately:

Of course, on modern smartphones, photos in JPEG format and video file with the expansion of MOV will weigh much more. We already wrote about how, together with the iPhone 7 and iOS 11, Apple introduced new Heif/HEVC formats to compress photos and videos, respectively. When choosing in the settings of the iPhone camera, the “high efficiency” capture format format and videos will begin to take significantly less space without loss of quality, but this will cause certain problems with compatibility on old Apple devices and inability on devices under the control of Android and Windows without installing special utilities, or without converting into the usual format.

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Therefore, many users who constantly share photos and videos and do not want to have compatibility problems still continue to use traditional JPEG for photo and h.264 for video. As a result, the iPhone C 64 GB memory on board quickly ends free space. Therefore, it is necessary either to throw a regularly shot material on a PC hard drive, on which the space also gradually decreases, or use cloud technologies.

Everyone loves albums

Albums are a great way to organize and collect your memories. The next time you want to show someone photos from your previous vacation, you will not need to scroll through thousands of photos. Just go to the album with the inscription Holiday, and there you will find your photos that are waiting for you.

While some people love to call their albums by months and years, others prefer to organize photos on topics. What type are you? How do you organize your photos? Feel free to share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

How to transfer photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad

If you have not previously synchronized your device with iTunes, you will not be able to use the function of wireless synchronization using Wi-Fi in iTunes, and you will need to connect the iPhone cable. First of all, make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer to continue this operation.

  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to a Windows computer using the original USB-Lightning cable (or USB-USB C) and open the iTunes application on your computer.
  • Click on the iphone or iPad icon, which is located right next to the music tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Go to the device page in iTunes

It is necessary to enable synchronization of the photo

Select the folder where your photos are stored

Now, if you go to the Photo application on your iPhone or iPad, you can access all the photos that you have chosen for synchronization on your computer.

If you have photos in Heic format, you may be useful an article than to open it.

However, the connection of the iPhone or iPad to the computer through the wire gradually goes into the past. If you do not want to rely on the USB-Lightning cable to transmit content, you can enable Synchronization by Wi-Fi in iTunes for wireless data transmission. However, for this to work, your PC and iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to transfer a photo from iPhone to Mac

Transferring photos from iPhone to Mac is quite simple. To do this, follow the simple instructions:

Move photos to folders: How to MOVE (not just copy!) photos from the camera roll to Utiful folders

  • Connect the iPhone to the Mac computer via Lightning.
  • After that, open the photo application on Mac.

Unlock the iPhone to start importing photos.

Select the folder where all the photos will be uploaded.

Press the import button in the upper right corner.

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I connected my iPhone to a computer using a wire. Perhaps this is the first time that the Lightning wire came in handy-USB-A. We have repeatedly recommended buying you this. Take it while the dollar allows.

Where are the photo files on Mac

After the import of the photo from the iPhone on the Mac will be completed, all the photos will be in the photo application. Throwing files on an external medium will not work.

To find the files of the photo on the Mac, you will need:

  • Open Finder on Mac.
  • Next, click on the icon of your account on the right (house icon).
  • Then go to the image and find the Photos Library file.Photoslibry.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and click show the contents of the bag.
  • Next, open the Originals (Masters) folder, in which your photos will be stored.

Click show the contents of the package and view folders with photos.

All files are sorted into folders, let it not bother you. There is another important nuance. all photos are in the original. If you used the editor photo on the iPhone, the changes in the folder will not be displayed. Be careful.

transfer, photo, folder, iphone

Important: in no case do not change the name of folders and applications. Do not interfere in the structure and sequence of folders inside the Photos Library package.Photoslibry. This can negatively affect the application of the photo on the Mac. Thus, you risk losing all photos on your computer at all.

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How to copy an image or video from files in photography on iPhone or iPad

If you uploaded images or videos to the “files” application on the iPhone or iPad, you may be wondering if you can copy them to your photographs library. The answer is positive, and we will show you how to do it.

First open the “Files” application and go to the folder containing multimedia files that you want to move to “Photos”. In our example, we use the “loading” folder, but files can also be easily copied from other folders in files such as Dropbox or ICLOUD DRIVE.

After you find a multimedia file or files, you will have several different options.

If this is one photo or video, click on it to open its detailed viewing.

If you want to select several files on the iPhone, click the button with a multi.flower (three points in a circle) in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Select”. (On the iPad, just click “Select”.) Then install checkmarks on those elements that you want to copy in “Photo”.

In any case, when you open one element or several elements selected, click the “Share” button, which looks like a rounded rectangle with an arrow directed up from it. On the iPad he is in the upper right corner of the screen. On the iPhone it is located in the lower left corner.

In the pop.up list “Share”, click “Save the image” or “Save the video”. If you have chosen several elements, click “Save X Elements”, where X is the number of selected elements.

The next time you open the “Photo” application, you will see images or videos that you saved from files in the album “Recent”. Note. To save the video in the “Photo” application, it must be in the exact format that supports the “Photo” application. Apple is not entirely clear which video format will be played in photographs, so you can be limited by copying video created on Apple devices. By the way, this process goes in both directions. If you want to copy photos or images from photos to files, select them in the “Photography” application, click “Share”, then select “Save in files”. You can also use this method to copy multimedia to your iCloud Drive or Dropbox. Successful copying!

We lay out photos in the iPhone on folders

A month ago, we learned how to upload photos to the iPhone from the computer, after this instruction is performed in the photo application, a photo archive section appears in which all pictures, pictures and wallpaper are mixed with mix. Today we will post photos in the iPhone by folders, this is done exclusively for convenience.

If there are a lot of images in the iPhone photo archive, then to search for the desired picture you will have to turn over the entire archive, spending a certain amount of time to search. But after restoring order and sorting photos by iPhone folders, the time to search for the image will take much less. Let’s proceed to consider the example, the name of the catalogs can assign your.

one. To form a gallery in the phone, we created a folder on the computer, which was called “Pictures“, In this catalog we create 5 folders and call them:”Skis“,”New Year“,”Wallpaper“,”Beach“,”Nature“”. 2. All the images that are already available on the computer are scattered from these 5 folders. If there are no pictures on the computer yet, you can take pictures using the phone camera and move the photo from the iPhone to the computer. 3. Connect the iPhone to the computer, start iTunes 4. And we perform synchronization of photos from iTunes, we have already taken place synchronization points in the article “How to Delete a photo from the iPhone?”, Therefore, after clicking on the link, go to the item and follow the instructions.

As a result, the photos in the iPhone will be laid out in folders, starting the photo application, you can use the created sections.

Note. If before performing the instructions the section of the photo archive in the iPhone already contained images, then they will be erased and replaced with new pictures.

In newer versions of iOS, it is possible to create albums for photos by means of the phone itself or the iPad tablet, without the help of iTunes, more in the instructions. “We lay out photos on albums in iPhone and iPad”

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Creating photo albums in iPhone and iPad

In our past issues, we have already considered how to create folders in the iPhone or iPad and lay out the games and programs on these folders, the performance of these actions made it possible to get rid of the mess on the work screen of the device. Today, using the same iPhone and iPad’s, we will learn to create our own albums with photos. We will organize photo albums or folders with photos using the standard application “Photography”.

As devices for the preparation of today’s instructions for creating photo albums, iPhone 4s were used with iOS 6 firmware.0 (Thanks to Dina!) and Apple iPad 2 with version In earlier versions of iOS interges, it was not possible to sort photos in the iPhone with standard means. In the first versions of iOS, lay out photos on folders, in the application of photography, it was possible using a computer, at the time of synchronization with iTunes. Modern firmware allows you to create photo albums directly in the device. We offer to consider the process of creating photos for photos separately for iPhone and iPad:

Photo albums in Apple iPhone, so that the instruction was perceived more clearly, I will explain what we will do now. we will create a new folder in the “Photography” application and fill it with some pictures from the section of the photocheat. This method of creating photo albums in the iPhone can also be added to iPod Touch players users.

We launch the “Photography” application and click the button with the image of the “” “” “”, which will create a new album in the upper left corner. After pressing the button, the program will suggest introducing the name of the created album. We introduce the name, we introduced a “Tuzik”, and click. save.

Now you need to add photos to our created folder, for this we go to the section “Photolip”, which contains many photos shot by the iPhone camera. We celebrate the photograph of our Tuzik, located in an armchair, and click the button. ready.

That’s all, our new folder with photographs was created, if you press it, we will see all the photos of our dog previously selected earlier.

transfer, photo, folder, iphone

Photo albums in Apple iPad streamline and sort your photographs by folders you can also in the iPad tablet. This is done in the same standard application “Photography”. You can create albums not only for the shot photos, but also for the pictures stored in the device. In the example of the iPad tablet, let’s try to create an album for collected photos of cars:

We go to the “Photography” program and click the button. change (right top corner).

By pressing the change button, the button will appear on the left. the new album, which should be pressed, enter the name of our auto album and save.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer in 2 Min!

All actions are almost the same as in the case of iPhone. Choose our cars and click. ready. The only difference is the presence of the button to choose all the photos that there was not on the phone.

That’s all, sorting the photo in the iPad made, all the images of the car are in a separate folder.

Now you know how to create an album in iPhone / iPad and streamline all photos and pictures in your phone, tablet or player. And all this without the help of the iTunes program.

transfer, photo, folder, iphone

By making new folders and albums in the iPhone or iPad, the user gives the impression of duplication, but I think, in fact, the folders made only keep photos of photos. Although it is possible to conduct an experiment and make sure that photos are occupied in the created folders of an additional amount of memory!

Record is published in the heading of instructions with iPad tags photo, iPhone photo, folders. Add a constant link to the bookmarks.