Using email

Here you can take absolutely any email address. So, it is necessary:

  • go to your page in the mail;
  • click on “New letter”;
  • attach files to transfer to iPad;
  • send to yourself to your address;
  • go to the mail through the Apple gadget;
  • download files to internal memory.

It is important not to go beyond the boundary dimensions. Each service has its own. If all the information could not be transferred at one time, you need to re-execute the manual with the remaining data. Suitable for PCs with any operating system.

How to download photos and other data from iPad to computer via iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive. help you store and sync iPad data on your computer. To start working in it, you need to download and install the program, and then restart your computer. When you turn on the technology again, the software will start automatically, the icon will appear in the list of the “Application Panel”.

transfer, photo, ipad, computer

  • open the program;
  • log in using your Apple ID details;
  • the settings menu will appear on the screen;
  • adjust the parameters you want;
  • go to the “Settings” iPad;
  • next iCloud ➢ Photos ➢ iCloud Music Library ➢ enable.

Photos will be “uploaded” to the cloud and will be available on disk From your computer in the “iCloud Photos”. “Downloads” folder. If you need to upload pictures to the cloud storage again, the “iCloud Photos”. “Uploads” algorithm is used to access them from the iPad. Just a couple of seconds and photos. in the cloud, ready for viewing from a laptop on iOS.

Nuance: Only photos or bookmarks in selected browsers can be transferred via iCloud Drive. The method is suitable for linking iPad-Mac and iPad-Windows, starting from version 7 and higher.

iMobie AnyTrans

The main purpose of this software is to simplify the transfer of video and other content from iPad to computer and back. Its only drawback is the English-language interface, but this does not pose a particular problem. Need to:

  • connect devices to each other;
  • in the menu, click the icon with the desired action (the icons are so clear that it is difficult to make a mistake);
  • decide on the elements to transfer.

Information is transferred from device to device with lightning speed. With the help of this program, files can also ply between two Apple gadgets, to iTunes and back, to any device on iOS, specified by the user (for example, iPhone).

Paid software, suitable for Mac and Windows. During the download, you need to purchase a license for your OS on your computer. You will need a license for authorization in the system.

How to Download Movies and to iPad from Computer via iTunes?

iTunes is a software specially designed for copying media files from iOS devices to Windows PC and Macbook. It remains to find out how to upload a movie or photo to iPad from a computer using this program.

  • launch iTunes;
  • click on the name of the iPad;
  • open the “Shared files” section on the device, select the desired file, for example, a movie;
  • drag and drop folders from PC to the list of devices on iPad.

Done. The copied movie can be watched on the iPad in the video section. Other media files are transferred in the same way.

To copy folders via iTunes to Apple’s PC, you need to update macOS to the latest generation. If you are using a Windows computer, the operating system must be at least Windows 7.

Important: this way only files and.mp4 formats are copied. If the files on the PC are of a different format, the tablet will display a record that copying failed. Exit. convert files to another format.

EaseUS MobiMover

This software is an improved alternative to iTunes, free and with great functionality. Designed specifically for Windows PCs. It is better to download it from the official site. The application supports audio, video, photo files, as well as contacts, messages, bookmarks, etc.

To transfer all this stuff from a computer to an iPad (including the mini 5 model), you need:

  • connect both devices with a cable, start the program;
  • connect it to iPad;
  • go to the Click Transfer tab and select the transfer direction. there are only 3 options: from PC to Apple gadget, in reverse order, between two iOS devices;
  • decide on folders and files to copy;
  • click Transfer to confirm your intentions.

Now you can open the gallery and watch videos.

Ways to Transfer Files from iPad to Computer and Vice Versa

How to upload photos and videos from iPad to computer (and vice versa) if you don’t have a USB cable at hand? Internet can be used.

By the way: in order not to lose the manuals, the article should be immediately saved in bookmarks.

How to download a movie or video to iPad from computer

The instructions will be especially interesting for fans of TV series. To keep your favorite movie always at hand, you can use one of the suggested guides for copying.

How to upload videos and photos to iPad from a computer without the Internet?

Such a need may arise at any time when using iPad, for example, if you want to have your favorite music videos or a portfolio with a full set of photos at hand. If suddenly the Internet is not available, a USB cable will do.

In this case, the branded tablet will act as a flash drive. You need to connect 2 types of equipment with a cable, the PC will see the tablet in the form of a flash drive. Then you need to copy everything that is necessary there / from there.

Cloud storage

You can upload photos to your PC from any device if you have a cloud storage application installed on it. The user just needs to transfer photos from the tablet to the cloud, and then download them on the computer. The advantage of such services is the safety of user files, as well as the ability to obtain free disk space. The following articles will cover the main functions and tools of the most popular cloud storage.


The activated iCloud sync function assumes automatic uploading of photos and videos to the “Media Library”, which can be viewed on the Icloud website. Here, the user can also work with contacts, notes, reminders and other data from all devices that are logged in with the same account and this function is enabled.

If syncing with iCloud is not turned on, you need to do the following:

Go to your account, and then select the item “iCloud”.

In the window that opens, move the toggle switch to the right opposite the “iCloud Photo”.

After this procedure, you need to go to the “Photos” application and wait until all files are fully downloaded to the “Media Library”. The speed depends on the available internet connection. The transfer has been successfully completed, now all that remains is to find them on the Ayclaud website.

    Open the iCloud website. Enter your Apple ID and account password.

Having selected the necessary file, the user can also add it to the album, share or delete.

Transfer photos from iPad to PC

The process of transferring photos from the tablet will not cause any difficulties for the user, because for some methods there is no need to even connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable. In addition, some applications offer additional useful functions.

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC

Apple tablets are famous not only for their performance, but also for the quality of the main and front cameras. This is why users often have a huge collection of photos on their device. How to transfer them to a computer for further editing or storage?

Windows explorer

  • Connect iPad to PC via USB cable. Click “Trust this computer” on the tablet screen.
  • Go to “My Computer” and find the iPad in the list of connected devices.

In the next window, the user can see several folders. Their number is always different and depends on how many files are currently stored on the device, as well as their location. The “100CLOUD” folder contains files synced from iCloud. We are interested in photos from the internal memory, so choose “102Apple” or “103Apple”.

You can copy the desired file either by simply dragging it into another window or onto the desktop, or by calling the quick menu with the right mouse button and clicking “Copy”. Then select the section or folder where the copied photo will be saved, and right-click. “Paste”.

Please note that you cannot edit or delete photos on iPad through Windows Explorer. To do this, you need to use iCloud or iTunes.


Transferring almost any files from iPad is possible without the help of iCloud. To do this, the user will need a third-party file manager, a kind of analogue of the standard iTunes program. The following article describes how to transfer photos from device to PC using the popular iTools manager.

Using a computer when working with files on iPad is very convenient, especially if you turn on automatic syncing with your iCloud library. However, the user can turn to newer ways of storing files, for example, to the cloud.

Download and Install iTunes

To move photos from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows 10 computer, you need the iTunes app. This is a special program that makes the Apple device available in the Windows file manager and in the Photos application. To download and install iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Launch your browser;
  • In the address bar, enter:
  • Click Download Now;
  • Click “Save”;
  • When the file download is complete, click “Run”;
  • Click “Next”;
  • Check the boxes of the required parameters, and click “Install”;
  • Click Finish.

How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad using the Photos app in Windows 10

Another way that you can transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to your computer is the Photos app. Please note that this method will also work only if the “iTunes” application is installed on your PC.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a Lightning to USB cable;
  • Launch the “Photos” application from the Start menu, desktop or taskbar;
  • Click the “Import” button that appears in the upper right corner of the window that opens;
  • Select the photos you want to copy and click the “Continue” button;
  • All the pictures you choose will be copied to the Photos app.

How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad using Windows 10 file manager

You can transfer photos from iPhone and iPad using File Explorer. Please note that the Apple mobile device will only appear in the Windows file manager if iTunes is installed on your computer. To transfer photos:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a Lightning to USB cable;
  • Launch File Explorer from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar. You can also use the Windows E keyboard shortcut to launch File Explorer;
  • Click on the arrow next to the “This computer” folder;
  • In the menu that opens, select the iPhone or iPad that is connected to the computer;
  • Open the built-in storage by double-clicking or double-clicking on the touchpad;
  • Go to the DCIM folder;
  • The folder that opens will display all the images stored on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Select the photos you need to transfer to your computer. To select multiple images, hold down the Ctrl key. To select all the photos stored in the folder, use Ctrl A.
  • Select “Copy to” at the top of the window;
  • In order to select the folder where you want to copy the photos, click “Select location”;

You can also copy the necessary photos using the Ctrl C key combination, and paste. using Ctrl V.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone and iPad to Windows 10 Computer

When a huge number of pictures accumulate in the memory of an iPhone or iPad, users are forced to move them to the cloud storage or to their PC. However, not everyone knows how to do this. In this article we will tell you in what ways you can move photos from your Apple device.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone or iPad Using iCloud

To transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to your computer using iCloud, follow these steps:

  • Launch your browser;
  • In the address bar, enter:
  • Click “Download”;
  • Click “Save”;

Transfer Photos and Videos From iPhone iPad To Windows PC 2020 FAST AND EASY!

  • When the file download is complete, click “Run”;
  • Check the box next to “I accept the terms”;
  • Click “Install”;
  • Click Finish. Your computer will restart and the iCloud window will appear automatically;
  • Enter your Apple ID;
  • Enter your password;
  • Click “Login”;
  • Click the “Options” button opposite the “Photo” item;
  • Check the box next to “My Photo Stream”;
  • Uncheck the box next to “Upload new photos from my PC”.
  • Click “Finish”;
  • Click “Apply”.

If you did everything correctly, now all the photos that are in your iCloud will be downloaded to your computer.

If you still have any questions, ask them in the comments.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Instructions: iPad new computer

Download and install iTunes for your version of the operating system on a new computer. Learn more about installing iTunes on Windows.

A window appears where you need to enter the Apple ID (the same as the mail you registered with) and the password for the account.

All. They will write to you that you have authorized N computers out of 5. In order not to quickly exhaust the number of computers available for authorization, I recommend, if possible, when changing a computer, deauthorize the computer in the same way through this menu.

We connect iPad to iTunes on a new computer. On the left we find Devices. We are waiting for the iPad to be determined.

Click on the iPad name with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select: Transfer purchases. Remember that there must be enough free space on the computer disk.!

It starts copying apps from your iPad to your iTunes library on your new computer. Books will also transfer from iPad to computer.

As you can see, after this manipulation, we were able to transfer applications and books to a new computer. But what about Music, Movies, TV Shows, Photos and other useful media content?

The best thing we can do in this situation is:

a) save content to computer using iTools

b) download it again to iPad via iTunes

How to sync iPad with a new computer

In the comments, they often asked questions: “How to sync iPad with a new computer?” or “Bought a new laptop, sold an old one. how do I sync my iPad with a new laptop?”. I even promised in the Respondent that I would write a separate instruction, since the question was “frequent”.

We’ll pretend we have the worst case. The computer is completely new, and there is no way to save the data from the old one. But the data from the iPad must not be lost. What to do in this case?

Please note that the instructions below are valid for any generation iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. 🙂 Mentally, instead of the word iPad, substitute the device you need from Apple.

Transfer Media Content from iPad to iTunes

Let’s get started. iTools is a very useful tool. What we will once again be convinced of. We wrote about it in detail. Download iTools and install it on your computer. Close iTunes. Opening iTools.

Open the section Media. Music. Let’s do it on the example of music. (Videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. are done in the same way. Photos are simply found in the Photos section).

Select the required files. And press the “Export” button. In the screenshot below, it is highlighted in orange.

Select the folder where you want to save the music. We save.

The only drawback of all this is that if there is a lot of music, then it is better to save albums separately in folders. Otherwise, it is more difficult to find later (it is better to immediately sort by artist or album in iTools and carry out the export operation several times).

We do steps 2-4 for all other media content (videos, TV shows, podcasts, etc.) that needs to be saved.

Delete exported files in iTools from iPad.

Open iTunes. And upload all the content back. For example, following the instructions “How to upload music to iPad“.

After all the aforementioned frauds, you can again sync iPad with iTunes without any problems on a new computer. We have completed the main task. we have not lost anything on the iPad! Plus they brought iTunes into working order! 🙂

And what to do if you have access to media content in iTunes on your old computer?

You can simply transfer it from the old to the new one, I wrote about this using the example of transferring data from my old laptop to a new Macbook.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) to Mac using AirDrop

The main condition for transferring files via AirDrop is that devices (iPhone or iPad and Mac) are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, both devices must have Bluetooth enabled.

AirDrop works flawlessly since iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

On your Mac, open Finder and go to AirDrop.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Photos app. Go to the required Album and click the Select button in the upper right corner.

Select a photo or video to copy to your Mac (photos and videos can be swiped without lifting your finger).

Click on the Share icon in the lower left corner.

In a few seconds, available devices for AirDrop will appear in the middle of the screen on the left.

Tap the icon of the Mac that appears and the file transfer starts. The downloaded files will be available in the Downloads folder on the Mac.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, USB stick or external hard drive

IPhone owners with little storage space are sometimes amazed at how quickly their smartphone runs out of space. Most often, this problem is encountered by lovers of photos and videos, as well as fans of Live Photos.

True, it can be easily solved. you just need to activate the function of saving backups to the cloud storage, for example, to the iCloud Photo Media Library (although the service is paid). Users who are interested exclusively in free unlimited services can use Google Photos or Yandex.Disk.

In addition, photos can be backed up to a desktop computer. However, a 128 GB Mac is clearly not enough for this purpose, so you often have to use external drives.

How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows computer or external storage using a cable

Connect an external storage drive (USB stick). If you are going to transfer a photo or video simply to a computer, skip this step.

Make sure the connected external drive appears in Windows Explorer.

Connect the iPhone or iPad from which you want to transfer photos to your Windows computer using a cable.

When connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer, the device should be recognized as an external device.

Click on the icon of the connected Apple device.

Go to Internal Storage → DCIM.

If instead of the DCIM folder, the message “This folder is empty” is displayed, unlock the connected iPhone or iPad and click the Allow button on the notification that appears.

After that, the DCIM folder will appear in Windows Explorer.

All photos and videos will be placed in system folders like “100Apple”. Copy the entire contents of the DCIM folder or selected photos and videos to your computer.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to Mac using the Image Capture app

Launch Image Capture on your Mac. To open the program, enter its name in the Spotlight search (you can use the hot keys ⌘Cmd Space).

Once launched, in the control panel on the left, find the iOS device and click on it. All photos and videos stored on the iPhone or iPad appear on the screen. Now you can manually select the pictures you want to save on the external hard drive, or select all at once by clicking on ⌘Cmd A.

By default, pictures are saved in the Pictures folder. Call the drop-down menu and click on “Other”. Now select the folder on the external hard drive where you want to save the photo.

Optionally, you can delete photos and videos from your iOS device when you move them to your Mac. To do this, check the box next to Delete after import in the lower left corner.

Click on the “Import” button and wait until the photos or videos are saved. If your hard drive supports USB 2.0, and there are a lot of photos, the whole process can take much more than a few minutes.

How to transfer photos from iPad to computer

Modern gadgets take high-quality pictures that are convenient to view not only on the device itself, but also on the large screen of a desktop computer. In this article, you will learn how to transfer photos from iPad to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

How to transfer photos from iPad to Mac OS X

If you are using an Apple computer with Mac OS X, then the process of removing photos from the iPad will be a little more complicated. To do this, you need a program called Image Capture. This program should open automatically when the iPad is connected to the computer, but if this does not happen, then it can be opened manually, but more on that later.

So, in order to take a photo from an iPad to a Mac OS X computer, connect your iPad and go to the “Image Capture” program.

If the program “Image Capture” does not open automatically, then start it manually. To do this, you need to use the built-in Spotlight search in Mac OS X. Click on the search icon (upper right corner of the screen) and the search box that appears, enter the query “Image Capture”. After that Spotlight will find the program you need and offer to open it.

After opening Image Capture, pay attention to the left side of the window. Here, the Image Capture program displays all the devices that are currently connected to the computer. In order to upload a photo from the iPad to your computer, you need to find the iPad in the list of connected devices and click on it.

After that, you can start working with photos that are stored in the memory of the iPad. First you need to select the folder where you would like to drop them. Open the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Image Capture window and select the appropriate option. For example, you can select the “Pictures” folder.

Now you can upload photos to your computer. In order to drop all the photos in the iPad’s memory into the previously selected folder, just click on the “Import All” button. If you want to upload only some photos to your computer, then select them with the mouse and click on the “Import” button.

It should also be said that the DragDrop function works in the Image Capture program. This means that you can drop photos from iPad by simply dragging and dropping files from the Image Capture window.

How to transfer photos from iPad to Windows computer

If you use a computer based on the Windows operating system, then it will be very easy to throw a photo from the iPad. First, you need to connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable. If you don’t know which cable to use, just grab the cable you use to charge your iPad.

Once connected, the computer will detect your iPad and a new drive will appear in the My Computer window. Go to “My Computer” and open this drive.

After that, you will see the “Internal Storage” disk, open it and.

After that, a folder with photos that are stored in the iPad’s memory should open in front of you. In order to drop these photos from the iPad to your computer, just drag the files with the mouse to any folder.

How to transfer photos from iPad to computer using iCloud

You can also use other ways to throw off photos. For example, you can use the My Photo Stream feature, which allows you to sync photos taken on your iPad or iPhone with your computer.

In order to use this function, you first need to go to the settings of the iPad and in the “iCloud. Photo” section enable “Upload to My Photo Stream”.

After that, you need to install the iCloud client on your computer and enable import from “My Photo Stream” in its settings.

As a result, all the photos that you take on your iPad will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

You can also upload photos to your computer using other cloud storage. To do this, you need to install a client application on the iPad to work with the storage you selected. After that, the photos can be sent to the storage directly from the “Photos” application.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows and Mac, via cable and Wi-Fi

If you need to copy photo and video files from iPhone to your computer, there are several simple ways to do this: you can do this both via cable, Wi-Fi, and the Internet.

This guide details the various ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows or Mac OS, as well as additional information that may be useful in the context of the topic in question. May also be helpful: How to open a HEIC photo file on a computer.

How to Copy Photos from iPhone to Windows Computer or Laptop

The easiest and fastest way to transfer videos and photos from iPhone to Windows is to use the cable. the one you use to charge. The steps will be as follows:

  • Connect your iPhone with a cable to the computer and unlock the phone if it is locked.
  • On the iPhone screen, you can see the request “Allow the device to access photos and videos” or “Trust this computer?”, Allow access if such a window appears.
  • After a short time, Windows will configure a new device and your iPhone will be available in File Explorer.
  • In the explorer, open Apple iPhone. Internal Storage. DCIM, inside there you will find additional folders that contain your photos and videos, which you can copy to the location you need.

Usually this method works without any flaws, but sometimes a problem is possible, the essence of which and the solution is described in a separate instruction: What to do if the Internal Storage and DCIM folder is empty on the iPhone when connected to a computer.

Transferring photos from iPhone to Windows computer using iTunes will not work (but copying in the opposite direction is possible). If the cable method does not suit you for some reason, go to the section on online photo sync.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

Similar to the previous methods, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to your MacBook, iMac, or another Mac OS computer using a cable (but there are wireless methods, which we’ll also touch on):

  • Unlock your iPhone and connect with a cable to your Mac, if necessary, click “Trust”.
  • The iTunes applications will open automatically on the Mac, we do not need it.
  • Open the Photos app on your Mac or laptop, on the left, under Devices, select your iPhone. In the “Import to” field, select where to import the photos.
  • If necessary, select specific photos that you want to transfer to iPhone, or click the “Import all new objects” button.
  • By default, photos will appear in the Imported Items section, or in a new album you created in the Photos application. If required, you can export the photo as a file from this application at any time.

Also, in the “Devices” section of the “Photos” application, you can check the “Open Photos” item so that in the future, when the iPhone is connected, this application will open.

On Mac, this is not the only “built-in” method for transferring photos from iPhone, you can also:

  • Use AirDrop file transfer on your iPhone (open the desired photo, press the Share button, turn on the AirDrop function (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned on on both devices).
  • In the latest versions of Mac OS, you can open the context menu on the desktop (tap with two fingers on the touchpad or right click with the mouse) and select “Import from iPhone”. “Take photo”. The iPhone will automatically launch the camera, and after taking a picture, it will immediately appear on your Mac.

Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone over the Internet

Using cloud services to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to other devices, Mac and Windows computers is very convenient and simple, you can use:

  • Apple’s own iCloud Photos sync: Simply turn on iCloud for Photos in your Apple ID settings on your phone to automatically upload them. These photos will be accessible on a Mac computer in the Finder, through a browser or from a Windows computer (for the latest options, see How to log into iCloud from a computer).
  • Considering the fact that iCloud does not give much space for free, and I have 1 TB in OneDrive and this service is integrated into Windows 10, I use it exactly: install the OneDrive app on the iPhone, turn on automatic synchronization and your photos are always available online or on a computer with the same OneDrive account.
  • If you previously used Android and Google Photos, you can install this application on your iPhone and it, as before, will upload the photos and videos you have taken to your Google account in original quality within limited storage or in a slightly compressed form, but without storage size limits.

If you prefer any other cloud storage, most likely it also has an iOS application with the ability to automatically transfer photos to the cloud for later access from a computer or other devices.

Additional Information

Some additional information to help you transfer photos from iPhone to computer without any problems:

  • On modern iPhones, photos are captured and transferred to the PC in HEIC format, which is currently not supported by Windows by default. However, if you go to Settings. Photos on your iPhone and at the bottom of the settings in the “Transfer to Mac or PC” section, enable “Automatic”, then the next time you copy photos to your computer via cable, they will be transferred in a supported format (in fact, the option by for some reason does not always work).
  • If you wish, you can purchase a special USB flash drive for the iPhone or an adapter for connecting memory cards and use them to copy a photo, in detail about this in the article: How to connect a USB flash drive to an iPhone or iPad.
  • There are ways to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to TV (even without Apple TV).

Using iCloud functionality

In addition to using third-party resources, you can transfer images using cloud solutions. First, the user needs to set up a photo library.

  • Click on the iCloud icon. If it is not there, then go to the “Settings” item, and then at the bottom find the cloud application.
  • Check the amount of free memory in the storage. By default, the user has the right to use 5GB.
  • Click on “Photos”.
  • Next to iCloud Music Library, move the slider to the right to enable syncing. All photos will be uploaded to the cloud service.

How To transfer photos from iPad to PC

  • After that, the user can log into iCloud via PC to access the images from the computer.
  • Turn on your computer. Open your web browser. Go to the official storage site
  • Sign in to your current account.
  • Click on “Photos”. All saved files are on the right.
  • Mark the images by pressing the Ctrl (Command) combination LMB. A down arrow icon will appear at the top. click it to download the file.
  • To automatically move photos in the storage, you need to move the “My Photo Stream” slider to the right.
  • convenient storage;
  • wide functionality;
  • the ability to set up shared access to devices.
  • limited amount of memory;
  • availability of paid services;
  • iCloud support from IOS 8.0 and above.

Instructions for Windows 7

  • Check the box next to the phrase “Always execute for the next device”.

Wi-Fi transfer

You can move photos wirelessly. The steps are the same as with iPhoto.

  • The first step is to enable the device synchronization mode via a wireless connection. To do this, connect your device to your PC and then turn on iTunes.
  • Select the connected device. It can be found on the left.
  • Click on the “Overview” tab, then “Options”.
  • Check the box next to the inscription: “Synchronize device via Wi-Fi”.

Synchronization over a wireless connection must also be configured on the phone itself.

  • Open settings.
  • Select “Basic”.
  • Click “Sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi”.

Now with two-way sync, you can move, add files without using a cord.

  • fast synchronization;
  • you can transfer files without a cable connection.
  • Internet is required;
  • there may be problems when synchronizing different versions of Mac OS and IOS.

Transferring photos through iTunes

The main program for editing, managing Apple media is iTunes. First of all, the user needs to download it from the manufacturer’s official website. and then install.

Step-by-step instructions for moving

  • wide functionality;
  • access to all types of files;
  • device firmware update supported.
  • requires detailed configuration of the directory for exporting data;
  • can only be used on one device;
  • sometimes it may not recognize the device.

Using the import function for Windows

Instructions for transferring photos from iPhone to PC:

  • Unlock your tablet, smartphone, if you have a password.
  • Connect the USB cable to your mobile device, then to your personal computer.
  • Allow PC access. In the iPhone dialog box, click Trust Device. On some devices you need to select “Allow”.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac OS?

You can transfer a photo from a mobile device to a Mac OS system as follows:

  • Connect the IPhone to your computer, laptop. Make sure the phone recognizes it, installs all drivers on the PC.
  • Using the built-in SpotLight application, enter the query “Image Capture” in the search line. Follow the result.
  • A new window will open with photos on the device.

Select all the photos you want to transfer to your Mac, and click “Import”, in a pre-prepared folder.

  • no need to download third-party programs;
  • easy to use for exporting photos;
  • operating systems quickly recognize each other.
  • only photos are available;
  • some photos may be damaged or not found.

IPhoto app

You can transfer photos from iPhone to your computer using the iPhoto utility. All smartphones from Apple support it.

  • Connect your phone to PC.
  • The application will start automatically on the IPhone and PC.
  • A list of photos will appear in front of the user. Highlight the amount you want.
  • In the upper right corner, import files via the button.
  • After moving the photos, the program will offer to delete the original photos from the iPhone, you can agree or refuse.

Important: deleting the original photos from your phone will significantly free up space. In case of transferring to another disk, it is recommended to confirm the process of erasing files.

  • convenient directory for storing photos;
  • fast file import;
  • easy to use;
  • there is a built-in editor.
  • the ability to integrate with
  • supported only for version x and older;
  • narrow functionality of the photo editor;
  • no filter setting.