How to track the location of the phone Android

Quite often, users arise situations when it is necessary to urgently find the device. For example, lost your own smartphone, or worry about the child, so you want to know the place of his stay. And almost all the devices have such a useful function, that’s just how to track the location of the Android phone?

It is individually for every person. The most banal cause is the loss or theft of the mobile device, and especially if important data is stored on the phone. And with the help of special services for tracking, you can not only determine location, but also remotely clean all materials.

The situation is the tracking of a phone of another person, knowing his password and login. Please note that in most cases it is an illegal procedure! But such a method you can calculate the attacker, find a missing loved one and even save the child.

Google Find My Device


Find My Device is the official Google tool to track the lost phone or tablet on Android, it does not need to be installed. All you need to do. go to the Find My Device website using your Google Account. The site will automatically try to determine the location of your phone.

In the recent update, Google introduced new features on the search page: You can quickly find any registered device on Android directly in the search results, as usual you are looking for any information. If you enter the phrase “where my phone”, Google displays a small map above the search results.

Track the lost device can be from someone else’s phone. This uses the Find My Device application. There are included using the guest mode and the account in Google. Now you can track the lost device, make it call or delete data.

You cannot find your Android in this way? It can be 2 reasons: it is not connected to the Internet or disabled.

How to track the phone if lost

What you need to do if the phone is lost, how to minimize the consequences, is it possible to find a gadget if it is turned off, what are the services to determine. RIA Novosti, 10.03.2022

Moscow, 10 Mar. RIA Novosti. What you need to do if the phone is lost how to minimize the consequences, is it possible to find a gadget if it is turned off, what are the services to determine the location of lost Android and iPhone, how to block and delete data. In the material RIA Novosti.How to find the lost phones using the smartphone you can manage your money, pay bills and purchases in stores, store files and t.D. Because of this number of functions, the loss of the phone becomes a serious problem. Musture yourself and avoid negative consequences allow certain services.AndRidactive location (up to several meters) Android smartphone can be easily defined if it has access to the Internet (Wi-Fi or Mobile data) and the geoposition transmission is activated. If one of two conditions is not executed, then special services will not help find the lost smartphone.The most popular and frequently used service when losing a gadget. Find My Phone. It allows you to find any phone or tablet on the Android operating system only if it is logged in to Google an account on the device. In this case, through the Find My Phone, you can not only find the location of the smartphone on the map, but, if necessary, block it or delete all data. Also through such a service, you can enable a loud beep to determine the exact location of the phone.Samsung has developed a similar service built into the phones of this brand. Find My Mobile.IPhone-based way to find a lost iPhone. use a specialized application “Find iPhone”. Analog application Find My iPhone is also quite accurate, but for its operation, the phone must be connected to the Internet.To find the iPhone through the application, you need to enter your iCloud and select the “Find iPhone” option using a computer or other mobile device. Next, the application will open on which the location of the lost gadget will be indicated by the location. Also on this map you can track all its movement.Through IMEIIMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an international serial number that is not assigned to a specific smartphone, but to each radio module. If the phone supports the installation of two SIM cards, then it has two IMEI numbers.The name of the serial number may vary depending on the mobile phone model. The unique electronic number can be designated as IMEI, MEID (international mobile equipment identifier) ​​or ESN (electronic serial number).Mobile operator can calculate phone location if you provide a SIM card number or IMEI phone. But the company can do this only at the request of law enforcement agencies.What you need to do when you lost the phone loss telephone. If the phone is turned off, then geolocation will not help.Next you need to block all the phone data or remove them at all. You can do it through the Find My Phone service. This is an extreme measure with the loss of the phone. It is particularly relevant in cases where the information stored on a smartphone, in no case should fall into other people’s hands. These can be personal or corporate secrets, passwords from important services, access to accounts and other.But block or delete all the data will be able to when the phone will be connected to the Internet. If the device is not online, it will execute the command as soon as you receive access to the worldwide network.Blocking SIM-mapping in the hands of someone else’s phone, and with him and full access to the phone number, the attacker can issue himself for the master of the smartphone and easily execute and confirm any operations, send SMS messages, change passwords and T.D. Therefore, when losing your phone, you need to quickly contact the support of the cellular operator and explain its problem. Often, an employee of the Organization requests certain information from the opponent, which confirms that it is the owner of a SIM card. After successful verification, the phone number will be blocked.While the SIM card is not blocked, potential fraudsters can also try to “dilute” the environment of the lost telephone. Therefore, the disappearance also needs to be prevented.”SIM card is a subscriber identification module. Clause 25 of the Rules for the provision of telephone services, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 9, 2014, the subscriber’s obligation to report the loss of the identification module’s loss operator. In accordance with paragraph 114 of the specified rules, the Subscriber shall be obligated to pay for mobile communication services provided by the communication service operator until the receipt of the service notification is received about the loss of identification module. This means that if someone finds a lost SIM card and take advantage of it, then before the moment that has not lost the factor of the SIM card, all services rendered will pay the owner of the SIM card “. Julia Tundikova Комментарии и мнения владельцев, head of the department of informing and consulting on the protection of consumer rights FBUZ “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Republic of Mordovia”.Cut the bank cardsworthphone keeps personal information about a person. Often there is access to bank accounts thanks to specialized applications or binding a bank card to the phone number. To transfer money to another card, you only need to send SMS with confirmation code. Therefore, when the owner is lost, the owner, in fact, provides an attacker access to its bank accounts.In such cases, it is necessary to immediately untie bank cards from your account. This is relevant in cases where the phone was stolen, and it was not possible to block through the Find My Phone service.Malefactors can use the e-wallet of the former owner, as in some cases bypass the phone protection (password, graphical key) is not difficult for them.Change passwords “If you are losing your phone, you must promptly change the email password. Because it is the most accounts in other resources that are bred. Having access to email fraudsters can easily access many profiles and documents if you store their copies in the mail or in the cloud.You also need to change passwords in all accounts, even if applications were not installed on the same social networks on the phone, most likely, the input was performed through the browser and the data could be saved there “. Explains Ilya Kurkin, Dr. Web Company expert.Do you need to contact the police situations when you independently found the phone, you can contact the nearest police station. Law enforcement agencies know how to find a stolen phone at the serial number. IMEI. It must be specified in the document documentation.In the police station, you need to write a statement, explaining everything that happened.There are no cases when the thieves disassemble the device on parts and immediately throw out SIM cards and a radio module. In this case, track the location of the phone will be impossible.Recommendations Experts In the event of a loss faster to return your phone, experts recommend to perform several actions: Alexey Vereshchagin believes, head of the subscriber equipment analysis and support department of the Beeline network, it is worth setting up in advance “at least a minimum blocking and unlocking phone: using a numeric Code Password, Graphic Key, Biometry Reader. Fingerprint, Face Biometry Reader.As a rule, any of these methods, according to him, “adhered to the introduction of a numeric PIN-code unlocking phone”. Numeric password must be activated “and not to represent simple logical combinations, type 0000, 1111, 2345, 2468, 036”.The expert notes that in some models, telephones can also be configured to autonoming the data after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter unlock code, remotely submitting a loud beep and displaying the message about the owner. In addition, some smartphones offer a special function that works as follows: “When you try to make it yourself, it will be necessary to reset to the factory settings, it will be necessary to leave the OS account with the presentation of your password”.

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What to do to find the phone in case of loss

First of all, a good habit will constantly keep the alarm clock. On most models, this will allow you to find a phone if you lose it at home, the battery will sit on it and you will not be able to call it. Just keep your morning alarm clock included, and do not start it in the evening. Many models will allow the sound, even if they are turned off.

Another important thing is to bind to account. Regarding the manufacturer, enter your account. Then you can find your smartphone through special services.

How to track the phone through google account?

But find your lost or stolen phone on Android, to which the Google account was prudently tied, it is really possible. even if the location service is disabled on it. Make it is not more difficult than to remove the graphic key; All that is required from the owner is a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or another smartphone, connected to the Internet, account account and a bit of patience.

The user who lost the device and wants to know where it is now, should first remember whether he made synchronization with Google account. If I did not have time, I did not want or forgot, about the methods listed below can be forgotten, go for a new phone and try not to repeat the same errors. then it will be possible to engage in other urgent problems: restore remote photos on Android or find the best movie catalog and TV series.

With satellite

To view on Google map, where there is a misfortune of Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS or any other smartphone on Android, you need to:

  • In the field that opens, the user can familiarize himself with the latest associated with the actuators on the device and understand, it is stolen or still turned off and forgotten.
  • If the geolocation on the smartphone is enabled, the owner will see the card with the location pointer to the location of the device. In addition, it will be able to find out the current battery charge level and the network name to which the device is connected.
  • If the geolocation on the device is disabled, it will not be possible to find it on the card: the online service will give the appropriate warning, and the user will have to look for other search options.
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Tip: If you are lost several devices tied to one Google account, the owner can track the location of each of them in one window, simply switching from one tab to another.

Clear apparatus

If on the image on the Google map it turns out that the Android smartphone is located in the direct access area of ​​the owner, but it does not exit it anyway, it should, without closing the previously described page, take advantage of another beneficial function, which is called: “Clean”.

This can be done as follows:

You can call both one phone and somewhat simultaneously. The service is provided by Google absolutely free and can be used as many times as the user is required.

IMPORTANT: Both options work only if the smartphone is enabled. otherwise Google will show notification of the impossibility to detect the device.

Device blocking

Another option available on the same page and recommended if the device was stolen or lost and is far from the owner. Lock:

  • Leave for a found or attacker a message that motivating to action and contains contact details. mail, phone number, address, and so on, then click on the button “Block”. All information entered will appear on the screen of the smartphone.

Tip: If you find or return the phone is not possible, the owner can only erase personal data. it is possible to do this by using the corresponding button at the bottom of the same page.

Other programs for finding a missing phone

In addition to standard tools and Google Maps, the lost device can be signed using special antivirus applications. Module “Anti Thief” is built into Kaspersky and Avast. In the basic editors, this module is disabled, but are activated literally in one minute, including after the gadget’s missing.

Open www.Kaspersky.RU, Log in under your credentials,

In the “Devices” section, select the phone to track.

Remotely available lock and control functions. If the attacker did not remove the antivirus, from the camera stolen phone can be made photo.

To find out the actual location of the device, log in to the Avast website.Ru.

Select a device and click “Find”: Antivirus will build a device movement route.

On the stolen device, you can erase the data, display the message to the locked screen, turn on the alarm.

Note. You can download individual applications to control the location of the gadget. they are quite a lot. But be careful. to give the program full access to your device data is not always. Focus on Google Play rating and user reviews.

Family Locator. Tracking mobile devices for the whole family

Family Locator from LIFE360. GPS tracker to track the phone. Based on its name, the application will be especially useful for a family with several gadgets. Family members become “circle” and agree to track the phones in real time. Participants “Circle” will be displayed on the map, in the application, in the form of small icons. Thus, in real time you can watch where everyone is currently.

Prey Anti Theft. three in one

The Prey Anti Theft application is impressive in that it is possible to protect three different devices using one application. You will have the opportunity:

  • Submit an alarm from a missing phone,
  • take screenshots if the device is used by other persons,
  • Block Android device at any time.

As soon as you download the application, it instructs how to use the PRY account to track the phone. Actually, the application is free and does not require additional purchases to access functions.

Lost Android. Remote Phone Connection

Lost Android will allow you to remotely connect to the missing phone via the application website. From here you can:

  • Erase confidential information if you are afraid that your phone will not return to the owner’s hands,
  • send messages to the phone in the hope that someone will find and return it,
  • Redirect any missed calls to another number and log on the calls made by calls, messages or photos made by your phone.


For quite a long time in Android there was no way to track stolen or lost smartphone. Therefore, the vendors themselves came up with their services and implemented them into phones. Such solutions were HTC, Samsung and other large companies. But now in the operating system itself there is a built-in function for finding a phone. It is called Android Device Manager and allows you to remotely manage the phone that is connected to Google Account, through a special website.

With the help of this system, as in the case of iOS, it is possible to find the phone on the map, block, delete data from it (and from the SD card too) or call it, even if the device changed the SIM card. Single condition. It is so that it is connected to the Internet and in the system there was still your account. Of course, it is necessary to enable the option in the settings. Go to the settings. Security. Device administrators and enable Android Device Manager (remote android control).

Do not forget to enable Android remote control in security settings. Otherwise the service will not help.

How to find a lost phone

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Today many people just can not do without the phone. Modern phones serve not only to make calls, so if the phone disappeared, it becomes not necessary for yourself from the thought that someone else’s person will gain access to personal information. This article will tell you how to find a lost phone so that you can protect the personal data and calm down.

Call your phone. The simplest way to find a lost phone is to call it from another phone. And in this way you can find any phone, and not just a smartphone. Ask a person close to you to call your phone or do it through a specialized Internet service, similar to WheresMycellPhone.COM or FreeCall.COM (in this case, you need to type the phone number from the computer). [1] x source of information

  • If there is no man near you, which can send a text message to your phone, do it through specialized service on the Internet, similar to
  • Also in the text message sent you can refer to remuneration for the return of your phone. It will be an additional incentive for a person who has found your phone, contact you. [3] x source of information
  • Never panic. Panic will only aggravate position, as you can not focus and think clear. [5] X source of information
  • Sit down and think where you were and what they did before the discovery of the phone disappearance. Remember when you used the phone last time, and then restore your further actions.
  • If before the phone’s loss, you went to a restaurant or to the store, ask for employees, do they have your phone (perhaps it found some kind of visitor and transferred an employee). If so, describe the phone or tell the employee of your phone number so that it calls him and make sure that it is really your device.
  • To work with the device manager, log in to your Google Account (this can be done from a computer or mobile device). Google Device Manager immediately displays a smartphone location on Google map. Through the Device Manager, you can also block the phone, make a call on it or delete personal information.
  • Find out the latest registered location of your smartphone; To do this, open the Google page.COM / Settings / AccountHistory. Then click “Visited Places”. “History of History”. But keep in mind that this method implies tracking a device for Wi-Fi and mobile signals, and not through GPS, so the location of your smartphone will not be indicated as accurately as when using device manager.
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Search for BlackBerry smartphones. In the BlackBerry device, as a rule, special tracking applications are not preceded. Therefore, owners of such smartphones should be subscribed to one of the third-party tracking services, for example, on Berry Locator. This service will cost you at 6.95 (600); With it, you can send a text message to the lost smartphone and find out the location of your device. [8] X source of information

  • Log in to your icloud account (from a computer or mobile device) and click “Find My iPhone”. The location of your smartphone will be displayed on the map, with which you can monitor its movement.
  • Find My iPhone Function will allow you to enable a special beep in your iPhone (such a signal warns the surrounding people that the smartphone was lost or stolen), send a text message to your iPhone with contact information or remove personal information from a smartphone.

Act with the mind and stay safe. If you think your smartphone was stolen, do not try to return it yourself. Report the steal to the police so that the competent authorities will be engaged in this offense. Keep in mind that independent attempts to return your phone can lead to trouble or even a threat to life.

Phone search applications

If for some reason you do not want to use regular search tools or you need additional functionality, it is worth paying attention to third-party phone tracking applications. Often they are not free and work on a monthly fee. However, it should be. Otherwise, it is worth thinking why the developers of such a useful application suddenly turned out to be such generous.

Sometimes you need to look for not only the phone, but also a person

And they will store all your data necessary to search for the phone, on your server. This is also worth thinking. After all, someone will always be aware of your location. Be sure to carefully read the privacy policy before registering if you decide to use a third-party application.

How to find out where family members are

Again, before determining the location of another person, even a family member, it is worth finding out if he will not be against. He must be at least a course of tracking its location.

LIFE360: Family locator, GPS tracker. a free app, designed for families, allows you to track where all members of your family are located, defining the location of their phones. Thus, even if one of the participants lose his phone or something will happen to him, others can instantly find out where he is.

It will be useful not only in the city, but also in a hike, when with a person can happen something and it will be necessary to come to his help. However, to send a location it will be necessary to connect to a network that can not be found in the forest or in the mountains, but sometimes finding a person will be significantly easier.

Phone Protection Application

CERBERUS PHONE SECURITY is created to prevent the stealing data from the stolen phone. If you are worried about the fact that your phone will steal or you lose it, and someone will pick it up, Cerberus can be the best application for you.

It offers many security features that allow you to get remote access to a lost or stolen device. You can turn on the beep, delete the data, block the device and even make photos from the front camera to detect thieves.

This application can also be used as a family locator with various functions for adults and children. It is not free, but, as I said above, it should be. Otherwise, the data on movement can be used against you.

Where’s My Droid is a phone search application

Where’s My Droid is a free app (but with paid features) to search for your phone. It allows you to search for your device, send a command to publish sound, take a photo of the area, track the location of the GPS, install the password and in the most extreme case erase all the data.

This is a powerful tool, but not completely free.

Please note that most of these features are available only for paid participants, so you probably have to spend some money to get the maximum return from this application.