a way to transfer WhatsApp to another phone with a full story

When buying a new smartphone, WhatsApp users often have problems with the transfer of chats. The program integral cannot be called intuitive, but still several ways to preserve old dialogs have provided for the developers.

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All users at the first launch of the messenger are recommended to configure backup copy. This option periodically saves all the chats along with files on a user device or in the cloud. The last place of data storage is preferable, t. to. Smartphones and tablets often break and because of this access to data can be lost forever.

Transfer of archives from android to iPhone


The data transfer function with WhatsApp is available in the messenger using email. The user will require the presence of a valid electronic mailbox.

  • Open WhatsApp on Android, and go to the application settings. Select a section with chats. In the window that appears, click on the point. the history of chats, and press the button. the export of chats.
  • Choose the story of conversations. In the message that has appeared about the addition of media files that will increase the size of the exported chat, select the departure. with or without files.
  • After the window appears with lists of transmission methods, the item ‘new message’ or ‘letter to yourself’ is selected. Press the item Send. Go to the iPhone to the mail account, where the letter is sent.

The disadvantage of this method is to send through the mail, it will turn out one chat at a time.

Local copy

To restore correspondence in WhatsApp from Android on the iPhone:

  • Create a copy in the settings of the messenger (settings. chats. reserve copy. copying). Download to iPhone WhatsApp, but do not open it. Android connect to a computer via USB-shnour (mode-file transfer).
  • In the Windows conductor, open the internal memory of the device, and go to the ‘WhatsApp’ folder. Transfer the ‘Databases’ catalog from the application folder to the computer. Disconnect the device from PC.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer and move the copied folder with chats to the WhatsApp catalog, which is located in the internal storage of iPhone. Disconnect the device from PC, run the messenger, press ‘Restore’ in the pop.up window ’.

Google disk or icloud

To transfer the WhatsApp archive from android to the iPhone will have to use other methods, as these are different platforms not interacting with each other.

But to transfer the WhatsApp archive from Android to Android via Google will turn out:

A reserve copy is created in the messenger settings and is unloaded into a cloud service. The new gadget enters the Google account, opApp opens, and a previously created copy is restored.To restore the iPhone messages with the iPhone, you need to use Ayclaud. The principle is the same as on androids.

Why transfer data from iOS to Android

In its blog, WhatsApp said that the transfer of data from iOS to Android is one of the most popular and expected functions. The company noted that zealous work was carried out with manufacturers of devices and operating systems in order to make the function safe, accurate and eliminate the loss of data during the transfer process. Data transfer will occur using a cable, which eliminates the entry of data into a backup and to the company itself. Everything that is in the history of correspondence will be transferred: messages, images, voice messages and videos.

Now the transfer of data between devices will occur faster and without loss of data

To transfer the WhatsApp data between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, you will need the USB-C-Lightning cable. It comes complete with new iOS devices. It is worth paying attention to the applications and versions of WhatsApp, which should be installed.

  • On Samsung Galaxy: Smart Switch 3 application.7.22.1 and later versions, as well as WhatsApp 2.21.sixteen.20 or higher
  • On iPhone: WhatsApp version or higher.

Do not forget that the phone numbers should match both devices, and the new Android Smartphone should be updated to the latest version of OC and dropped to factory settings.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (and vice versa)

A modern joke says that people are divided into two types. The former are already making backups, and the second ones have not yet had time to come to this. If you like to live on the tip and treat the second group, good news is for you. Restore photos, correspondence (including whatsApp) and the list of contacts will be obtained using the DR program.Fone. This applies to both randomly deleted data and files missing due to a smartphone breakdown.

We strongly advise you to store everything in the “clouds” and not resort to the help of third.party applications, but sometimes it is vital. Dr.Fone. a program for Windows and MacOS operating systems and is designed to work with smartphone insides. Works with devices running Android and iOS. The main screen of the application consists of several utilities: Recover, Transfer, Repair, Switch, Erase, Unlock and pairs of others, including Restore Social App. The task of each of them is reflected in the name. Transfer will help with file transfer, and recover with their restoration.

Let’s try the Restore Social App, which is responsible for creating a backup, recovery of chats and the WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers transfer. First, the program will determine the connected smartphone and synchronize with it. Immediately after that DR.Fone will offer to choose instant messengers that you want to restore, transfer and another device (even Android Smartphone) or make a backup copy.

We are interested in the opportunity to transfer chats to another smartphone. We connect another phone and click on the “Transfer” button. Android phones should be converted to USB-laying-for this the application provides convenient step-by-step instructions for a wide spectra models, including Samsung, Sony, HTC and Huawei, as well as instructions for various versions of Android.

Your iPhone (smartphone from which the data will be transmitted should be indicated on the left, and your new phone. the one to which you send messages. should be shown to the right. If not so, press the Flip button to switch them. You will be warned that the process is irreversible: that is, the history of the WhatsApp phone, where the data is transmitted, will be replaced by new data.

Follow any indicated hints. for example, you may be asked to update WhatsApp to the latest version. When the process is completed, click OK to continue. After completion of the data transfer, you must find that the history of your chats was successfully transferred along with invested files.

Dr.Fone. a real combine for working with messengers. In one click you can make a backup of WhatsApp or export the chat data to the computer.

#WhatsApp data transfer from iPhone to android (Samsung) official (move chat to android)

The applications have other features. it allows you to return the remote text messages, photos and other content back, and also eliminates errors on the iPhone or iPad. One of the striking examples. if the device constantly shows the screen with Yabloko, is rebooted or completely “caught” the black screen.

The minus of the program is a paid base. The annual subscription to the Restore Social App will cost 30, while unlocking the utility forever costs 40. Nevertheless, this is a powerful tool that performs the declared functions. It is compatible with the iPhone and more than 6,000 Android smartphones and works with different types of files. The program will come in handy for those who want to transfer the WhatsApp data from the iPhone to Android and vice versa, restore photos and documents even when they seem lost forever.

Title: Dr.Fone. Restore Social AP Publisher/Developer: Wondershare Price: 29.95 Compatibility: for Mac, for Windows Link: Install

Using icarefone

icarefone. application for transmitting, backup and recovery of WhatsApp chats. Let’s look at how to use it to transmit WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

Download and install iCarefone on your computer running Windows.

Connect both smartphones to the computer and open Icarefone. iOS WhatsApp Transfer.

In the application on PC, select “WhatsApp Transfer”, and then select the original (“Source”) and the final (“Destination”) device. The starting device will be your Android Smartphone, and the end will be the iPhone.

Press the “Transfer) button to start the transfer process.

After the end of the process, you will see the message below.

In this article, we examined the two best ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

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What is the complexity of WhatsApp data between smartphones

Users are constantly faced with problems when transferring WhatsApp data and other instant messengers from one smartphone to another. over, in the case of transferring information from iPhone to iPhone through a backup copy, in which, it seems, all data should be saved.

The problem is that internal WhatsApp files are often not tolerated even through backups. Then part of the correspondence is not copied, as luck would have it. the most important, then the attachments will be corny, among which valuable photos and videos will be lost.

That is why in this instructions we talked about how to transfer correspondence and the rest of the information from WhatsApp from a smartphone to a smartphone correctly. Transfer so that absolutely all data from the old smartphone are on the new. It doesn’t matter, it is necessary to transfer the WhatsApp data from the iPhone to the iPhone or from the iPhone to the old Android-smartphone with outdated firmware. This is the main plus of a method that is much more effective compared to the transfer of data by other utilities or manually.

To transfer WhatsApp data between smartphones, we will use the Mobiletrans WhatsApp Transfer utility. It also allows you to transfer data between iOS, Android and Windows Phone bypassing iTunes, Samsung Kies and other similar programs.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

The Apptrans app is available four main sections:

whatsapp, iphone, android

This application is a real combine for working with applications

  • App Transfer. used to transfer applications from iPhone to Android and vice versa;
  • App Restore. allows you to restore applications data. For example, to restore WhatsApp data from a backup of iTunes or from Google Drive on the iPhone (the only application that can);
  • App Backup. performs backup both all applications and individual data;
  • App Install-allows you to install applications, as it has once been able to do it.
whatsapp, iphone, android

We are interested in the opportunity to transfer WhatsApp chats from one phone to another. We connect two phones and select the “App Transfer” menu. Android phones should be converted into USB-laying-for this the application provides convenient step-by-step instructions for a wide spectra models, including Samsung, Huawei, as well as instructions for various versions of Android.

Connect both smartphones and turn on the debugging mode on Android

Your iPhone (or any other smartphone from which the data will be transmitted should be indicated on the left, and your new phone. the one to which you send messages. should be shown to the right. If not so, press the Switch button to switch them. Then you need to click “Transfer Now”, and then select whatsApp. It will be necessary to purchase a Pro version, in free this functions will not work.

At this stage, we had to buy a paid version

The most interesting begins here. First, the application will ask you to make a backup copy of WhatsApp chats on a new device, even if they are not there. Strange, but come on. After that, another version of WhatsApp will be installed on the phone (the utility will do it automatically), which will need to be accessed to the storage to restore data.

The application itself will install a special version of WhatsApp during transfer. Then it can be removed

Restore a copy of your chats in the custom version of WhatsApp, after which Apptrans will begin to transfer chats from one phone to another.

The application will make a backup and begin to move the chats

Surprisingly, despite all the unusual process, as a result, all WhatsApp chats along with invested files, photos and videos were on a new device.

It seems that at first it seemed somehow difficult, but thanks to the hints that can constantly be seen on the computer screen, no questions in the process of transferring chats arose. If something is not clear, you can always use the instructions from the developers.

Given that the official method of whatsApp correspondence from the iPhone on Android is not, on the contrary, it is really cool.

The minus of the program is a paid base. The annual subscription on Apptrans will cost 3 100, while subscription for 3 months costs 2,800. With such a pricing policy, if you really need to transfer the WhatsApp chats, it is better to take it for a year at once. At least we checked this application, and it really works (which is even surprising, to be honest).

However, some Apptrans functions are still available in the free version. For example, the ability to make a backup copy of the application or restore data from a backup program.

Some functions are also available in the free version

So the application should be tried, even if you do not need to transfer any chats. It is convenient that it is available both on Windows and Mac.

Transfer via Google disk

Google disk is a cloud storage that allows you to transfer a backup of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. If you enter the new phone from a new phone, you can find that past correspondence is not preserved. In order to carry out the transfer of correspondence on the old phone with the iOS version, you need to perform these actions:

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • In the upper right corner, you need to press the threefold icon.
  • From the proposed list, select the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Chats”.
  • Select the point “Reserve copy of the chats”.
  • Choose Google disk.
  • Choose the frequency of copying, in this case it is better to put a box opposite “daily”.
  • Select the “Google Account” item and click on the “allow” button. If there is no attached Google account, you need to select the “Add account” section and enter your data.
  • If you need to move the video files, select the “Add Video” section.
  • After action, we make a “backup” button on the blue button.
whatsapp, iphone, android

The transfer of data to the cloud storage via Google can take some time. Когда резервная копия выгрузилась на Google Диск нужно ее скачать оттуда. To do this, take a new smartphone with the Android operating system and perform these actions:

  • Download WhatsApp and go under the old login and password.
  • Enter the number for verification and agree with the conditions of use.
  • Click on the “Restore” button and enter your name.

Now you can use the WhatsApp application from a new phone while saving all correspondence.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone to Android | Wutsapper


Another effectively decisive problem under consideration in the framework of this material is the instrument is the name Wazzapmigrator. Compared to the above DR.Fone process of transferring WhatsApp from the iPhone to the Android devices is not so simple in the Migrator, but the cost of the means described below is incomparably less than the software from Wondershare.

For the effective operation of the proposed further software, it is necessary on the ITUNES computer. If this has not been done earlier, install this branded decision from Apple to work with iOS devices with PC.

    Connect the iPhone on which the subject to transfer the WhatsApp is installed to the computer.

Be sure to without encryption.

Install the VAZAMECTORTOR utility on PC,

In the internal memory or on the removable drive of a smartphone.

Go to the Extract from iTunes Backup directory, touch Media, and then confirm your choice by slipping OK in the lower right corner of the screen.