Why do iPhone need Bluetooth

Apple products differ from devices of other companies by many advantages, the main of which are constant updating the system and a reliable data protection system. But still, the main set of functions and capabilities is similar in all gadgets from different manufacturers. All smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth technology, one of the functions of which is a wireless data transfer between devices. However, it is this Bluetooth function that is excluded on the iPhone. the developer explains this by protecting the copyright to information. We will figure out the question that at the dawn of the appearance of “apple” devices on our open spaces was asked by all users. then why do I need Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Connecting various devices that there are more and more developing technologies. that’s what Bluetooth will need in iPhone. You can connect with it:

  • telephone sets;
  • wireless headphones;
  • audio and video equipment (some televisions, docks, automobile tape recorders);
  • keyboards;
  • “Smart” bracelets and watches;
  • monopods;
  • Various devices for the “smart home” (lamps, locks in the doorway, heating system).

How to connect a wireless device

To connect the device, you must first check the compatibility of the accessory with the iPhone model. Then you need to perform the following operations:

  • Before turning on the Bluetooth on the iPhone, turn on the third-party headset and activate the Bluetooth module in it with a visibility mode, carefully following the instructions. Then we start setting up the connection.
  • Activate Bluetooth on iPhone. To do this, you need to enter the main menu, go to the Bluetooth tab and draw a green slider in active mode.

You can also turn on Bluetooth in a faster way. call the control point by running a finger from the bottom up on the screen (raise the curtain), select the desired icon and press it on it.

To check the activity of the Bluetooth module, you need to pay attention to its icon in the upper right corner of the display. If it is white or black, the module is active if gray is not turned on.

  • iPhone will start scanning and show active wireless devices that are in the visibility zone, which is about 10 meters. Select the desired accessory and connect to it by allowing the creation of a Bluetooth pair.

This connection will be saved in the iPhone memory, so to re.use the accessory you will only need to activate Bluetooth on devices. The conjugation will take place automatically.

In order to turn off the unnecessary device, in the Bluetooth settings, select it among the list of connected equipment and click “Disable”. Play for little money on the Internet casino from 10 on popular gaming devices from Novomatic.

In the future, you can instantly resume the connection. If you are no longer going to get involved with this accessory, select “Forget the device” in the settings menu.

Problems when connecting

The main reasons for the failures when connecting devices include:

  • discharged batteries on any of the mating gadgets;
  • turned off Bluetooth on one of the devices;
  • too much distance between devices;
  • obstacles to communication (for example, wall);
  • Functional malfunctions in the work of Bluetooth.

In the latter case, to eliminate the problem, you can turn on and off both devices or remove the Bluetooth pair and create it again. Also, before using Bluetooth on the iPhone, you can update the software on the device to the latest version.

Through the cloud

Any cloud service allows you to quickly convey photos between devices. You can use the company iCloud, and Dropbox, and Google Drive, and other analogues.

It is necessary to unload photos into a cloud through a browser or application and create a general link to saved files. After that, it remains only to transfer the link to the addressee.

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The disadvantages of the method are: the need to have an account in the cloud service, for unloading and viewing it is better to have an appropriate cloud client, the photo will take a place in the cloud.

At the same time, the sender and the recipient do not need to be near the data transfer.

How to transmit photos from jailbreak

Those who are already familiar with Cydia will be able to find a tweak called Celeste 2 there there. With it, we will be able to transmit data on Bluetooth in our iOS mobile device.

The second version of the utility has been thought out and processed, and you can find it in Bigboss Repo. The main drawback of this method: Twik is paid and not too cheap.

Using the utility, we will be able to accept and transfer data from devices that work under the control of a wide variety of operating systems. There is support for almost any extensions.

After installation on the screen, a tweak icon will appear. It is also recommended to activate Gremlin Import.

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Settings using “Airblue Sharing

    We will use the Cydia application, which is an analogue of the company “App Store”. You will need to install it on your iPhone or PC, use the Cydiainstaller link.NET/Download/.

Wi-Fi photo postponing

Of course, Bluetooth is a very convenient technology, however, the speed of its work leaves much to be desired. What if photos are a couple of gigabytes? She won’t cope with large volumes of information, as do not try, the speed will not become higher.

How to Transfer Picture, Music, Video & Data from Laptop to Phone Via Bluetooth

If you plan to throw photos in large volumes, then in this case it is best to use Wi-Fi. There is a wonderful application that allows you to easily transmit photos using this technology. This is Wi-Fi File Transfer.

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Transfer of photos

Thus, you can easily broadcast the photo from the iPhone on the iPhone. Even on Android this is possible, but sometimes difficulties arise. In any case. try! If you have difficulties, you can try other methods described below.

How to transmit files from iPhone via Bluetooth?

IPhone users are content with all possible functions of smartphones, including a revolutionary fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5s. But they are definitely deprived of one opportunity. to transfer files via Bluetooth from the “apple” smartphone, unfortunately, you can’t. Such injustice becomes a stumbling block to the potential buyers of the iPhone, but few know that you can transfer files from the iPhone via Bluetooth using the Airblue Sharing Twik from Cydia.

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How To EASILY Transfer Videos From iPhone To Android!

Jailbreak’s adherents can rejoice, because only they will open so simple, but in the case of the iPhone amazing function. And those who did not dare to “hacked” their device may again think about it by reading our detailed instructions on how to make a jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasi0n7. By the way, it is a great FAQ with her, having studied which, no one will have a question about Jale.

As for the transfer of files from the iPhone via Bluetooth, then everything is simple. we buy Airblue Sharing Twik from the Bigboss repository for 4.99 and use it for pleasure. Yes, the expansion is not cheap, but there is no alternative at the moment.

It is very easy to use the Airblue Sharing tweak. in order to transfer the file from the iPhone via Bluetooth, you must touch the desired file for a few seconds until you see a pop.up window. You can choose and transmit absolutely any files, whether it be music, photos, videos, contacts and much more. “Others” mean files with any extension that you can find using the iFile Twik that gives access to the iOS file system.

Airblue Sharing works without the need to configure anything, immediately after downloading the possibility of transferring files via Bluetooth is activated at the system level. If we talk about the capabilities of the tweet, then everything is truly cool: the data transfer rate reaches 1.7 MB/s, the connection automatically turns off after the transmission, thereby the battery charge is consumed less, and the support of many third-party applications is carried out. Users also note the possibility of transferring several files at the same time.

Airblue Sharing allows you to transfer files to almost any device equipped with a Bluetooth module. Table operating systems are supported: OS X, Windows and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems: Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and iOS. On other iOS devices, file transfer is possible only if the installed tweak of Airblue Sharing is available on them.

How to throw photos from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

So that you can throw the photo via iTunes, the “ICLOD photo” function should be disconnected on the accepting device. In the settings, open your account, go to the ICLOUD section, go to the “photo” and turn off the function. or immediately go to this section and disconnect from there (see the picture).

Save photos from the first iPhone on some folder on the computer and run the iTunes program.

Click on the stitching of the phone and go to the “Photo” section. Activate the synchronization function and indicate the folder where the pictures were saved. Click on the button. “synchronize”.

These were the fastest and most useful ways to transfer images from one iPhone to another. Add the page to the bookmarks so as not to forget them.